Peter Lebeck Chapter #1866

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The 1880 Onxy Store
Onyx, California - Fall 1995
Onyx Store and Monument.
Onyx Store - 1880

William Scodie, born in 1827 in Prussia, originally
moved to Keyesville in 1856 and opened an
eating establishment. He relocated to this area in 1861
operating a way-station from his house. Stocking his
front room with supplies, he sold to locals as well
as miners and freighters passing through to the
Argus Mines in San Bernardino County.

This store, originally called the Scodie Store,
was constructed in 1880 under the supervision of
Captain Andress, a local rancher. In 1889, the name
Onyx was chosen by Scodie after the Post Office
Department declined to use the name Scodie due to
its similarity to Scotia (in Humboldt County).

Scodie died in 1898, but the store he founded
continues to serve residents and travelers alike.

Dedicated by E Clampus Vitus
Peter LeBeck Chapter #1866
September 10, 1995

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