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The Kern County Chapter of E Clampus Vitus ®
Don "Sawdust" Johnson
PXL -- XNGH 2007
Don 'Sawdust' Johnson -- XNGH 2007.

Our 2007 Humbug, Don Johnson was born in Bakersfield on March 5, 1960, and is a life long resident of Kern County. Very much the outdoors kind of guy, Don's interests are camping and Clamping, and he attends several ECV events each year. Don has joined our ECV Brothers for the Southern Tri-Chapter, Grand Council, the Bean Feed, Turdstock and TRASH, to name a few. At 2008's Grand Council, a very proud Don Johnson was inducted into the Dumbillican Brotherhood.

When forced indoors, Don's a diehard Rams fan, and when REALLY forced indoors, he's a great supporter of Kevin Harvick on the NASCAR Circuit.

Our esteemed XNGH has also had a rich family life. By the end of his tenure in 2008, he and his widder Jeannie had been married 28 years, and had raised two sons, Jeff and Jason, now in their twenties. Aside from putting up with Don, Jeannie continues to support Don in all his Clamping endeavors. To earn a living, Don is a load builder for a Kern County lumber company, hence the name "Sawdust," a Clamp-sobriquet that fits him like a tailored red shirt.

Sawdust became a Clamper in 2001, under the sponsorship of Humbug Wes Kutzner at Bald Eagle Ranch in Havilah. About Clamping, Don has this to say, "The people I have met through clamping have become very good friends, and Clamping has help me overcome my shyness."

To that we say, "Satisfactory!" XNGH Steve Born, who encouraged the Graybeards to make Sawdust Vice Noble Grand Humbug in 2006, says that when something needed to be done during Steve's tenure in 2005, Don "Sawdust" Johnson was always willing to do it and always carried through. Don's work as VNGH, particularly during the massive Six-Way Clampout, was extraordinary. His accomplishments as Humbug included two Clampouts, the Bob Powers erection and the establishment of the commercial web services that support our cyber pages. Satisfactory, indeed.

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