Peter Lebeck Chapter #1866

The Kern County Chapter of E Clampus Vitus ®
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Al Price and his Brothers invite you to our Fall Doin's Celebration!

My Brothers!

Join us for our 2019 Fall Doin's and I promise you a real treat. This may be the first time we'll be Clamped out at Indian Hill Ranch in Tehachapi, but it's not likely to be the last. Yes, it's pretty near Brite Lake, and you probably remember how windy that was when we were there in 2018. But Tehachapi has this great option, and Indian Hill Ranch Campground is much more sheltered, plus it has that rarity of rarities at ECV Clampouts - running water! Come to our Fall Doin's and there will be bathrooms and showers, electricity, a fire ring, a dump station and trash bins. There are also two lakes on the property, though we can't promise you this late in the season that they'll have any water, or that the fish won't give you the finger if you try to fry them up.

It's $65 for you and $75 for your PBC when you register by September 13, 2019, and proffer your gold dust accordingly! Register by the deadline and we'll gladly accept your dust as late as the day of the Doin's -- but it will cost you an extra 15 BUCKS if you don't get it in on time.

Remember! Pre-registration is mandatory for this event, and both walk-in and retreads will be turned away at the door unless they have my special dispensation.

So don't delay. If you have a Poor Blind Candidate, be sure he's generously coated in chicken fat then download the PBC Handbook from the PXL Website. Get it to him right away so he -- and you -- can prepare. Make doubly sure he's ready for his "murder boards" with a five minute history presentation, and that he has an excellent bribe that will make you look good in front of the Brethren. A smart Redshirt would let his PBC know immediately that the Humbug is fond of Canadian Club and Seagram's 7, which are a couple of facts that may save both you and him from the pit of despair.

But cheer up, we want everyone to have an awesome time! The Indian Hill Ranch Campground is 15 minutes off Highway 58, and close to town, with easy access for you and your rig, even if your rig is a tent. Join us on Friday afternoon for the Humbug's meet 'n' greet, then for Saturday morning's Graybeards' Potluck Breakfast. Saturday Dinner includes your choice of Ribeye Steak or the chicken that couldn't get away.

BUT WHATEVER YOU DO! Don't forget to join the circus! Petey's Flying Circus Masters Dave "Boulder" Staley and Fred "Flintstone" Fenski will be on hand when our kit arrives on Friday to supervise the set-up of our cook shack and kit. Everyone on hand is invited to join in. It's a great way to get reacquainted with the guys and a good way to put your PBC to work -- since unless he sticks around on Sunday Morning to put it all back in the trailer, he may not get his sheep skin.

And who the heck wants to do it all over again? Uh, never mind. Did I say, "No Retreads!"

See you soon up at Indian Hills Campground!


Your Noble Grand Humbug
Al "The Quack" Price, PXL 1866

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