Register Here for PXL's 2021 Fall Doin's!

You can use this internet form to submit your registration for yourself and your PBC if you have one. Remember, a PBC must be a willing sucker, be over twenty-one years of age and free of pissiness -- no exceptions. PBCs who choose not to complete the initiation will be asked to leave with their sponsors so choose wisely. It will be a clean but memorable experience for both of you. Submit a separate registration form for each PBC.

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I have read and considered the Liability Waiver Form and hereby agree to accept its terms.

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My PBC has read the Liability Waiver Form and I have reviewed it with him. He understands that he will have to execute a copy of this waiver in order to be admitted to our Doin's.

To leave a message for our Humbug, click "Yes." Double check your spelling, 'cuz we won't! And NO cussin'!

To complete your registration you MUST click on the blue Submit Button below. Then surrender your rub by either clicking on the Paypal Logo to go to our Paypal Page, or mail your dust to, "Peter Lebeck #1866, c/o GNR Mark "Scoop" Mutz, 15011 Lashburn ST, Whittier, CA 90604.

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