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For a Good Time, Bring Your Best Girl(s) to the Widders' Ball!

PXL's annual Widders' Ball is one of the best times to be had in all of Clamperdom, and when we say, "most especially for the Widders," we really mean it. So please join us Saturday, January 25, 2020, when you, your Widder and her guests can experience Peter Lebeck's "59th Annual Widders' Ball," at the Homewood Suites in Bakersfield.

Our incoming Humbug, Mark "Pokey" Crawford, has promised to make your Widder happy because at Peter Lebeck's annual soirée every Widder is an honored guest. In fact, since Pokey's currently single, XNGW Jayne Hotchkiss-Price - - the Notorious Mrs. Quack - - has committed to keeping an eye on our Humbug Erectus to make sure he behaves himself. She's also making sure the place is done up right, with the guy stuff at a minimum and all the girl stuff front and center. Your Widder will not be disappointed!

One very reasonable rub pays for it all, including our informal midafternoon hospitality lounge, dress-up dinner and an evening of dancing for you, your Widder and your non-Clamper friends. Our shindig features an open bar, and the Homewood offers Hilton business class accommodations at a special Widders' Ball rate that makes peace of mind affordable and keeps the after-party risks off the road.

XNGH Brother Jim Bailey and his Homewood staff always show us a lot of love, and their generosity towards PXL makes it possible for as many of us who would like to come to get together at the Homewood. Honestly, the beds and the staff are great, and if you stay over, they'll even provide you with a hot breakfast!

We've created two easy ways for you to sign-up. Just download our fillable flyer by using this link, then mail in your rub by January 15th. If you use a stamp it saves us the PayPal fees and is always appreciated. The other way is to use our handy PayPal page. Just make sure to fill in the boxes before you click on the fancy pay buttons so we know it's you and not someone else beating your time. Either way we really want to see you this year so don't be shy. Download the flyer for further details, including directions to our party, and then see you Saturday, January 25th starting at 3 p.m.


Period attire à la mid-19th Century or your best Red and Black Outfit is encouraged for dinner.

The rub is $80 a couple and $45 for guests and Redshirts coming stag. Reserve your hotel room by calling the Homewood at (661) 664-0400. Ask to speak to Stacy or Nicole, and mention Peter Lebeck's Widders' Ball to reserve your mini-suite for $79.00 a night plus tax. You can even upgrade your room for $10.00 more.

Early sign-up is encouraged, so don't wait! If you have questions, especially if you have thoughts about driving in on Friday to start celebrating early, call or email NGH Al "The Quack" Price at or (661)-867-2414, or our Humbug Erectus, Mark "Pokey" Crawford at or (661)-993-7907, because other Clampers, their Widders and friends may be interested in joining you. But whatever you do, make sure to get your reservations in as soon as you can. The 2020 Peter Lebeck Widders' Ball is going to be a great party, so don't put this one off and risk missing out!


Looking forward to seeing you at the Ball,


MGM, XNGH -- "Recording No Cyber Before Its Time."
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