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Cool Ride?

From New Year's 2009 Back Through 2008.


POSTED -- January 1, 6014 (2009)

To all our brethren and their families, from your brothers here at Peter Lebeck and our families, we wish you a Friggin' Joyous Christmas Season and a most excellent and prosperous HAPPY NEW YEAR! So here's to great times, good cheer and fond memories in 6014, but before we let 6013 slip away, let us take a moment to consider our special brotherhood and its deeper meaning.

Cookie Jack

For PXL this past year has meant the reaffirmation of our special bond. We lost two of our most cherished Greybeards: Jack Hogue and Kenny Young; two Ex-Noble Grand Humbugs who during their stay with us helped see our chapter through some very lean times. And while we have faith that Our Master's Diggin's are a richer place because of these men, that hardly means that we should feel any poorer for Jack and Kenny's new venture among the Golden Hills; for the chapter these brother left behind has gained a special vibrancy thanks to their work and the new spirit sweeping across Clamperdom.

The Humbug lost his button.

Take for instance the young Red Shirts who came into our ranks in 2008. As is our custom at PXL, PBCs are required to help with cooking and other chores, but their most honored task is to help our most senior brothers set up Clamp and settle in. Some of these cherished Clampers have worn the red shirt for thirty years or more, and we are always privilege to have their company because despite the inconveniences that come with age, these brothers make every effort to come to our Doin's to share their memories and Clamper Spirit with all of us.

...and his other button.

So as we watch the incoming PBCs interact with these, our most cherished Greybeards; these tough old Clampers, some scarred by war. We are always struck by one thing: The kindness of each man to the other. The new guys never fully comprehend the significance of what they have been asked to do. Often is it something very simple like washing dishes or opening a bed roll. It is easy to be nice, especially when you want to be accepted. But the Greybeards always understand. For without new blood there can be no new Clampers, no love of the history and the camaraderie that these senior Brothers have grown to cherish. And so the Greybeards are polite to the PBCs. They always express their heartfelt appreciation so that their tradition - our tradition - will continues to grow.

...and his other button.

Clampers, as Clamp Year 1614, is upon us, let us live by this example. To recognize each other as the brothers that we are, to be forgiving of our mistakes, encouraging in our successes, and, most of all, cheerful in our absurdities. So here's to the widders and orphans! But also to our most splendid and cherished Brotherhood.

We look forward to seeing all of you in this coming year, and don't forget our own Widders' Ball, January 24th. The deadline for sign-up is January 3rd, so don't put it off or you'll miss out.

Click to Go to the Crystal Palace for a Virtual Tour.

We need to make a correction to the Widders' Ball Flyer. VNGH Doc Charter, who is in charge of planning our upcoming January 24th Widders' Ball, tells us that the Crystal Palace Best Western has upped it's group rate and can no longer offer rooms for $65 a night. As much as the local management there loves us (Hey, nobody ever believes this when we tell 'em) their overlords have dictated that $74 a night is the best group rate they can offer in 2009. But this really isn't such a bad thing. The room price does include a full American-style Breakfast for two in the hotel restaurant, and they will continue to comp PXL's hospitality suite, where we'll pour you a drink (or two or three) when you show up before and after the Ball. Now that we've told you this you'll realize that this really is a very minor matter. We just don't want it to lead to any misunderstandings when you speak to the nice reservations lady. Where else could you get a great deal like this?

Click on the room picture to go to Hotel's internet page, where you can go on a virtual tour, get directions and make room reservations.

It's so cold I could....

We know it's been cold lately, and we've tried to come up with some appropriate way to comment on it, though appropriate has its limits. So far we are proud to say that our site has managed to stay away from the scatological commentary so commonly spread all over the ECV Gazette (...just think about that for a second). But the cold and the snow on the Grapevine has caused us to make an exception. Now bears are kind of a mascot of sorts for us, and polar bears are associated with cold. And if you were to ask such a bear, "How cold is it?" What do you suppose the answer might be? Go ahead, Mr. DeMille. Click on the bear. He's ready for his close-up.

Up until now our climatological prognostications have relied entirely on Dickhead Weather Central. And truth be known, our own Brother Dickhead's weather reports and predictions have not been too far off the mark. Still we are always looking for ways to improve our weather service here at Peter Lebeck, especially with our Widders' Ball Coming up this January 24th, and we felt we could do better.

So to help address this issue we added a weather "chicklet" just below our navigation links where you can always see the current weather in Bakersfield. And if you click on it, you can also get extended forecast for here and the entire country.

But for your Webgeeks (ahem..."CYBER RECORDERS") that really wasn't enough, and so we have installed a cutting edge, official, Spherical Weather Prognostication Device, so you can always get the best and most absurd weather update available on the internet. Just click on it to get the answer you need, and don't forget to sign up for the Widders' Ball before January 3rd.

POSTED -- December 7, 6013

...and his other button.

Did you hear the one about the Clamper who was half Black and half Japanese and became so confused every December 7th that he attaked Pearl Bailey? Just a quick note before you all stop groaning and decide to go back to your Christmas shopping. We have added two updates to our pages since our pre-Thanksgiving post:

...and his other button.

Our Humbug, "CCF" has penned a thank you to all our brothers who made this past Clampyear possible. Please take a couple of minutes to read his heartfelt missive, and to send him a short personal note. Both his message and email link are posted on the Humbugs' Page.

We have also added a new feature to our links: a 2009 Coming Events Page. It lists the places our brothers are likely to Clamp in 2009, and features links to those events as links become available. Just roll your mouse over the title to see what's hot and what not. This will hopefully give you a head start on planning your Clamp for 6014.

...and his other button.

Don't forget that every day is a Clamping day on Peter's Board. We'd love to have you drop on by and add to the daily hilarity so please join us. It's free, and it easy. Sign-up only takes about two minutes and we couldn't care less whether you can spell or knot -- so come on down!

Read on for other important news. The November 24th CLOG is full of announcements, and remains highly relevant.

POSTED -- November 24, 6013

...and his other button.

It's been a while since out last post, and as the holidays approach, we have a number of things on which we'd like to bring you up to speed. We've been busy since our Fall doin's. The winter weather hasn't meant the end of Clamping, but only a change in the kinds of activities the brothers are about. October brought a special first-time Halloween event for PXL, and the winter months promise to bring even more fun opportunities for us to share our unique brand of camaraderie. November is also a time for rearranging our website, and we've added a few features that we hope you'll enjoy and hopefully will serve us well in the future.

...and his other button.

First up is the PXL Widders' Ball. Set for this coming Jaunaury 24th, at the Crystal Palace Best Western in Bakersfield, this is our 47th annual installation banquet, and is one of our grandest traditions. You don't have to get all duded up and yer widder doesn't have to dress in period style, but it's fun if you do; and if you don't, that's just fine. The important thing is that you come on out and join us.

The ball is a chance to spend the evening sharing our fraternity while celebrating the women in our lives. A buffet style sit down dinner, a DJ, a raffle and other silly Clamper distractions await. If you haven't been and aren't sure why you'd want to come, well, it's about being together with us and just enjoying the moment. You won't regret it, and the rub is very reasonable.

We host a pre-event hospitality room and have arranged for a special room rate at the hotel because as always we believe that Clamping should be a low stress, risk free activity. This is a pre-paid event only so get your dust in before the January 3rd deadline or risk missing out on the fun. Follow any of the links to download the flyer,and don't forget to check out the pictures from last year's event.

...and his other button.

Next up is a an urgent message about Whiskey Flat Days, set for Presidents' Day Weekend, February 13-15, 2009, in Kernville. Many of you recall marching in last year's parade, which won PXL first prize for most distinguished walking group. And who could forget the celebration we had at "Doc" Charter's house after the parade. Well we intend to do it some more in '09, and once again you and your widder are invited.

The urgency comes with the fact that this is the biggest Kernville event of the year and accommodations are scarce. Dale has sweet-talked the owner of the James Camp RV Park and Campground to hold 30 spots for our group up until Thanksgiving Day. The campground fills-up quickly and normally sells out for Whiskey Flat Days so if you don't reserve now you may be out of luck, particularly since the Campground goes on hiatus for Thanksgiving. Their Phone number is (760) 376-6119. Tell them you're with the Peter Lebeck group, E Clampus Vitus, or call Doc at (760) 417-0599.

...and his other button.

October 30th and 31st were red letter days for us (as if you were expecting some other color?), as John "Vortex" Hagelstein, led our glorious Clamper Crew in haunting the grounds of Pioneer Village at the Kern County Museum, during its annual Safe Halloween Nights. This was our first year contributing to this charity and we did exceedingly well, filling over 5,000 little hands with candy courtesy of the brothers of Peter Lebeck. We were even awarded a trophy.

Vortex and his Dad's hat with the trophy.

Our association with the museum goes back many years and some of our chapter's earliest brethren were actually museum employees. For those of you not familiar with Pioneer Village, it is a collection of well preserved historical building from around Kern County, relocated to a park on the museum grounds; and, when there, PXL has a home base of sorts. Back in 1980, the brothers plaqued the old Southern Pacific portable jail, an appropriate Clamper dedication if there ever was one. So it was more than fitting that we were once again able to haunt the old hoosegow as we handed out bags and bags of yummy candy.

Mel with PBCs.

While we're on the subject of Halloween a slightly more risqué note. Our favorite modern major general, "Commodore Mel" Bergman, somehow managed to get himself invited to the annual Playboy Mansion Halloween Party.

So what to do about a costume? Mel found a simple and most satisfactory answer: He just put on his Clamper gear and went as himself. The outfit drew a lot of attention, as Mel got busy and went about trying to recruit PBCs for our Spring Doin's, but somehow we suspect that his recruits don't qualify. The little picture here is just a tiny taste of his efforts. You'll have to go looking inside our website if you want to see the bigger version and check out these PAINT JOBS. All we can say is, "Mel, why didn't you call?"

...and his other button.

Our trusty-dusty PXL website has undergone some much needed improvements, adding both spiff and function. On the spiffy side you no doubt have noticed the new animated banner illustrating some of the things we do at PXL. We even added pictures of some pretty women. We're only sorry we couldn't do a friggin' thing about all those ugly guys, but then again, there must be balance in the Universe. Guess the brothers will just have to recruit better looking PBCs.

On the function side look for some new, much needed "real estate." Now instead of having just one picture page we have several, with space for contributions outside of our own recent Clamping events. We've even given our favorite webbear something more to chew on.

But the best new feature has to be the Mug Page. If you've been to a PXL event over the last year and managed to stay above level ground, you're face is probably up there in all its raging Clamper glory. We've tried to include every brother who would hold still for a snapshot, and while not every picture came out crystal clear, we're pretty proud of our collection. If you want to be included next time or want a "do over," just make it to the next PXL doin's and make sure you're nice to MGM.

...and his other button.

Turdstock V turned out to be the biggest and bestest Turdstock party yet. The weather was perfect, the food was delicious and plentiful, and the lubrication was absolutely bodacious. Next year's plan is again to set up Clamp in Bolando Park, October 23-25, 2009, so tell your boss and mark your calendar.

This year's unofficial event raised over $1,800 for the IRJR's internet site and $500 for the West Virginia Bee Fund. You can also be proud of the fact that the brothers chipped in another $800.25 for Cookie's widow, Linda. Dickhead tells us that she was both surprised and grateful when he and Humbug Howard dropped off the eight hundred dollar check.

...and his other button.

Speaking of JR (aka Jim Reynolds), Jim is home now trying to get some rest and likely hurting like heck. He's missing 90% of his left lung and is understandingly quite tired. Cancer surgery will do that you know. He also has to get used to that new diabetic diet - and he's not liking it much -- especially the part about "no rum & coke." His wife Sally is asking that you let JR rest up, but please send you best wishes and get well greetings to: Jim Reynolds aka IRJR, 114 Pine Street, Salinas, CA 93901.

...and his other button.

Finally Brother Muleskinner from Grub Gulch has started an RSS feed of upcoming Clamper Events. The link to his explanation is just below our index box on the left, and we encourage you to check it out. Peter's Board is already RSS enabled, and we're working on providing the same service for our homepage. RSS is a kind of automated headline service. Once you have it installed you will be able to receive daily updates about Clamper event as they come online, because like the Travelocity gnome we never Clamp alone. -MGM

POSTED -- October 21, 6013

...and his other button.

Turdstock V, the biggest Turdstock party yet, is set for this Friday, October 24th through Sunday at Bolando Park, just south of Hollister, CA. While it is not an official ECV sanctioned event, it has become the biggest, bestest, baddest Clamper potluck of the year, with proceeds going to support IRJR's ECV Webservices and the proposed West Virginia Monument to the founding of ECV.This event is Pre-paid only, so contact Dickhead by Wednesday night at (661) 945-8910, if you should suddenly get the urge to merge. $15 gets you only the most basic amenities, so bring your own booze, food, shelter and clothing, and prepare to share. Download the flier here or from the Turdstock post on Peter's Board.

...and his other button.

This one's for "JR." IRJR, known to his sainted parents as Jim Reynolds, has been hosting the Sandbox, Post Office and other important Clamper web services for about eight years now. This week we learned that Jim is recovering from some radical lung cancer surgery and remains hospitalized.We wish Jim all the best. For those of you who don't know him, JR began running his all important web server back when too many redshirts were telling us that the Internet and Clamping would never mix. Boy did he prove them wrong, According to Dickhead, ‘his wife Sally is asking that you not call at this time, but please send JR your cards and letters. Send them to his home at 114 Pine St., Salinas, CA 93901. Sally will take them to the hospital for Jim to read. Sorry about the secrecy, but this was JR's wish until he knew more about the cancer. Let's hoist a few to JR and wish him well and to get well and cum Clampin' again!'

...and his other button.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! The Brothers of the Piss Poor Bear Wrassler' wish to thank all who attended out Fall Doin's this past weekend of October 3rd. We had great weather, great attendance and a great comradery. Most memorable was the spontaneous motion by the assembled brethren to donate the proceeds from the raffle and auction to the widder of our late, great Cookie Young. We raised over $1,400 all of which went to Linda as a token of our appreciation and to help with the rough spots, as she adjust to life without her beloved Cookie. Cookie's special lamp also gets to remain in the family. After their winning bid, C.C. and B.I., made a gift of the lamp to Cookie's son, our brother, Ken "Crumb" Young. It was a most emotional moment, and an evening full of Deep, Deep Satisfaction.

...and his other button.

So what about them pitchures? We had almost 700 photos submitted from our Fall Clampout and by the time you eliminate all them shaky ones and the ones with the fingers over the lens we still have about 400 left to post. Well nearly all of them are up now, and if you can't find yourself in the gallery either you weren't there or were passed-out out of camera range. As usual the larger versions of these photos, available for download on our site by right clicking on the screen, are dense enough for digital printing, but if you'd like a copies of the original high def versions, just drop MGM an email and he will email them to you. Just specify the format you'd like ( 4 by 6, 5 by 7, etc.), and they will come pre-cropped.

...and his other button.

While you're at it, don't be shy about downloading pics from our site and passing them around to the brothers. PXL is proud of it's doin's and the more redshirts who see what we've been up to the better. Want hard copies? Keep in mind that once you've saved digital photos to your home computer you can use the internet to have them professionally printed. Just upload your pics to a one-hour photo printing site like those available at or A 4 by 6 glossy will cost you about 17 cents, usually with no minimum purchase.

...and his other button.

New graphics, new pages. We're working on some new page decorations to spruce up what we already have and to spiffify some planned photo page additions. First up will be a Flash banner for the bear and donkey box at the top of our index page, featuring photos of the great times we've had here at PXL. If you don't see your face don't feel slighted, we're doing the best with what we've got, and frankly some of your mugs just might mess up our computers.

...and his other button.

Speaking of mugs. A mug gallery has been on our Honey Dew list for some time now, and we hope to have it up before Christmas. So if MGM subjected you to the flash treatment at either of our last doin's consider yourself forewarned. Your mug and moniker will be one of the ones featured. Next stop the U.S. Post Office? Also out photo pages will eventually get the same type of flashing tab navigation that you've been seeing at the tops of our doin's pages. We'll use the new tabs to divide our pictures into categories, including a new page for photos submitted by brothers who have gone to distant Clampouts, and another for Clampouts from the distant past.

Speaking of the past. Reconstructing PXL history is an important part of this site, along with researching the history of our plaques. If you are a brother of PXL or an associate with an interest in doing the detective work associated with this type of historical research, drop MGM an email or call him at (818) 366-7104. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

POSTED -- May 25, 6013 (cummulative)

We miss you Cookie!

Chuck "Keyhole" Frasier, our esteemed brother from Grub Gulch, has posted a montage of Cookie's memorial service. If you haven't seen it, you can download it here by clicking on Kenny's portrait on the left. Other links to Kenny's obit and guest book at the Bakersfield Californian, and personal notes posted to our site, can be accessed by going to Peter's Board > Clamper Alert! > Ken "Cookie" Young, XNGH.

Cookie struck out for the Golden Hills on Monday, May 19, 6013, after a short battle with Cancer. He passed in his sleep following Grand Council Weekend, where he had proudly made his report and returned his office of the Committee of One to the members of the Dumbillican Brotherhood. He is survived by his widder, Linda, son and Clamper, "Crumb" Kenny Young, and his many friends here at Peter Lebeck.

Graveside services for Kenny were conducted by his friend and fellow Clamper, Gene Duncker, PXP; and attended by many of our brothers from throughout the breath of Clamperdom. To those of you who heeded our sign of distress and came to support us in sad times: Thank you.

...and his other button.

Now for the stuff that didn't make the CLOG because of Kenny's sudden departure. First of all, the photos from the Spring Clampout have been up for some time, with more to come. Turkey Tom recently sent along an additional set of photos from the Clampout, and the Humbug and "Inspector Ron" have photos from Grand Council, Cookie's Memorial and the TriChapter that have yet to be processed, so stay tuned.

...and his other button.

This was supposed to be a quiet time for rebuilding our webpages, and while we are not quite finished, a major piece of the work has been completed. While our pages are still best viewed using Internet Explorer, you should now be able to puruse our website using any popular browser on your PC or MAC without feeling like you have embarked on a bad acid trip. And don't forget that Peter's Board has no such issues, so dive right in.

We also have a number of improvements in the works for our web page, but first we have to fine tweak the layouts, and deal with pesky sound issues. We also hope to embed video of our plaquings as part of our plaquing project. In the meantime, if you would like to volunteer to research and/or write the history needed for one or more of our plaquing pages, don't be shy. Just drop us a line here at PXL Webgeek Central.

...and his other button.

Welcome back to all of our Clampers who were fortunate enough to make it this year's Grand Council. Our Humbug, Bob Clemmenson reports that it was a real, real DOOZY! Despite 100° heat, it was standing room only at the fairgrounds in Sonora, California. Peter Lebeck hosted it's usual Friday Night Spaghetti Feed, but this year it was different. Our most excellent Graybeard, Kenny "Cookie" Young, who is usually in the thick of our Kitchen Highjinx, was very much under the weather and battling a very serious illness. Nevertheless he was there to lend a supervisory crusty eye. Together with Cookie's wife Linda, the Brothers from PXL made sure that Cookie's many friends were well fed and had a chance to visit. We are only sorry that this turned out to be goodbye.

...and his other button.

Other big news from Sonora. Our brother and graybeard, Don "Sawdust" Johnson was appointed to the Dumbilican Brotherhood, while our good friend and PXL Brother Bill "Stinky" Williams, from Chapter 4149, was named Clamper of the Year. (Word has it that his Skunk Skin Cap came in a close second). We will be posting pictures from Grand Council Weekend as well as a few other surprises.

And now from the DARK SIDE ... following two days of discussion by the the Grand Noble Sublime with his proctors, ECV now has two fewer chapters after sheepskins were torched for serious violations of Grand Council Rules. New Helvetia #5 and James W. Marshall #49 lost their Charters for failing to meet the GC Rules for Initiations along with several other problems. Check Peter's Board for details.

...and his other button.

To all our brothers who made it to our Spring Doin's at the McCafferty Black Power Range and our dedication at Sageland the weekend of May 2nd, we want to thank you for coming out and hope you had as good a time as we did. The weather was great and the company most pleasant, and the facility was one of the best we've ever Clamped at. Much thanks to VNGH Dale Charter for arranging the venue. Check the Event Photos page to see the purdy pictures.

...and his other button.

We continue to add photos, text and links to our Plaquin' Pages. New additions include the 1994 erection at Cuyama, two erections at Pioneer Village from 1980, the 2004 rededication of El Camino Viejo, and the 2006 Six-Way. We are also especially proud of our 1989 Randsburg erection page dedicated to XNGH Jim Adams.

So please, have a good look and lend us a hand. Without your help there is no way we will ever be able to complete such an enormous project. Please scavenge through your stuff for pictures, keepsakes and old memories, and share them with your brothers. If you know an ex-Humbug who is not participating, give him a call and provide him with our web particulars. This is our history!

Special thanks also go out to Dickhead, Vortex, and Jim and Phoebe Adams, who have made substantial contributions by providing pictures, memoirs and the leg work needed to contact brothers who might know something about this stuff. The work continues. Continue to check the Plaquin' Pages for our most recent additions.

...and his other button.

So what the heck is a "Receivenator," you ask? Well to find out click on the Nav Link on the left, but the short answer is that it represents the start of a new Store Page for our website. While we don't expect a lot of direct sales, we hope to be able to highlight some of those hard to find items that can only be found by glomming our website -- stuff like, the "Receivenator." In the future check back for special order items that can be mailed or pre-ordered for pick-up at our upcoming doin's. Forget about Brown -- see what Red can do for you!

...and this one.

Hey, and we are still pleased to announce that we have our own, 100% PXL owned, site based message board, "Peter’s Board". Now the Brothers of Peter Lebeck have their own spiffy place in Cyber Space. All ECV Brother are invited to join. So drop on by and share in our good fortune. Places have been reserved on our electronic bulletin boards for posting things of general ECV interest, silly stuff, and matters of concern to the brothers of PXL.

...and this one too.

We also continue to compile our new Cyber Database. If you're not in on it you'll miss out on the regular email updates we keep promissing. Plus PXL members and friends can get a free "" email address just for the asking. We've set it up so your Clamper Mail will flow right to your current mailbox without you having to give up your internet service provider. It even works with AOL, so what are you waiting for? Just submit your request to our WebClampMasters. If you're diggin's aren't already on file, we'll send you a short sign-up form that you can also pass along to the next brother, or better yet, click on over to Peter's Board for complete instructions. You'll find them on the board entitled "All Things Peter Lebeck."

What we do for fun. What we do for history.

Last we are looking to add an historical glow to our roisterous pagification. We are working on a collection of photos, locations and historical documentation for all existing PXL plaques from the time of our founding in 1962. We are also working on a page for noteworthy ECV items, starting with that famous hoax, "Ye Preposterous Plate of Brasse." Contact us if you have any leads or submissions. We'll post all worthy submission and return whatever you send us, postage paid. It would make our site a warmer and more satisfactory place to tie up your jackass.

Have a Comment ?

Have submissions, errata, or simply want to punch out our cyber-geeks for plastering your mug across the dark regions of the internet? Do it right here. If your wondering what happened to the old Grizz's Notebook page, let's just say it was last seen on an ice flow at freewebs. The new electronic forum is intended to give us all way more room to vent.

Pete? Get up, time for Round 2!

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We are always looking for good things to add to this site, and for contribution from our members to Peter's Procs, our official chapter news letter. Active members receive the Procs by snail mail along with notices of upcoming events. If it's of interest to you, it may be good enough for us so don't be shy and send it to:

Clamp Crier Gene Duncker,

Have photos, comments or stories about a Clamper event you've attended? The PXL website is looking for pictures and comments to add to our site. Our events will be given priority for posting, but since many of us make it around Clamperdom let's make our presence known. Send your comment and digital photos with descriptions to our two-headed ClampWebmaster:

Ron "Inspector" Naucke and Mike "MGM" Ramirez

Clamper Bling!

Posting is restricted to the limits of good taste (though we've been accused of not having any), and to Grand Council Rules. Contact us if you have hard copy worth posting but needs to be scanned for the internet.

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