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Cool Ride?

From Summer '09 Work Party


POSTED -- September 11, 6014 (2009)

...whoa! That's not a BUTTON!

Hang on, Clamp Down and Let's go! For the first time in our chapter's history we are responsible for two overnight weekend Clampouts two weeks apart. The first will celebrate the Inyokern Centennial, and will take place at Inyokern, California two weeks from this Friday, September 25th. The second, known to one and all as the long awaited Southern Alliance V, will take place two week after that on Friday, October 5th, at Cal-Nev-Ari, Nevada; where Peter Lebeck and the ECV Southern Alliance will celebrate the post-World War II founding of Cal-Nev-Ari, a desert community designed to let its inhabitants commute by private plane -- to and from their own front yards.

Now that's a button.

We also have news and photos from our work party / meeting in Bakersfield on August 11th, including a special surprise gift from Brothers "Bee Eye" and "Hoss", and a little special something from our Brother J. Corlew who hosted a Labor Day Celebration at his Silver City Ghost Town in Kernville.

...and his other button.

First up, the Southern Alliance V at Cal-Nev-Ari. By now you've seen the banner ad at the top of our home page and want to know more about the Southern Alliance 4-Way Clampout. Well just about all you'd want to know is already included in the flyer that went out about two weeks ago. If you didn't get it you can download it here by clicking on the link below or on the "Southern Alliance V" link on the upper left hand side of this homepage. We expect this to be a great outing, so if you are not adverse to travel we'd love to see you there. The Brothers from Host Chapter Queho Posse, have picked and prepared the site, but don't expect a lot of amenities like hook-ups, motel rooms and…uh, water. But what we do get is a patch of ground that has been prepared for easy Clamping, and the Holcomb portable Clamp Kitchen is more than enough to service a large Clampout.

...and his other button.

Another plus is that most of the way to Cal-Nev-Ari is freeway, primarily SR 58 and Interstate 15 out of Bakersfield, and Interstate 15 out of Los Angeles. Total travel time and distance from either city is about 4 ½ hours, and 275 miles. If it's been awhile since you've been to Cal-Nev-Ari (Hey, did I just make a funnee?), it is about 30 miles northwest of Bullhead City, down on the little pointy end of Nevada, near the California and Arizona borders, but I suppose you guessed that already -- smartass.

Anyway your best bet on this one is to pre-pay. That way you can order a special event shirt provided that you do it before the cuff-off date of September 25, 2009. After that you can still pre-pay, or show up dust in hand, but check-in will be much faster if you're already on the attendance list.

...and his other button.

In regards to how to fill out the handy-dandy, all-purpose application form … If you Clamp with PXL, make sure you check the box that says Peter Lebeck membership. Any profits from the 4-Way are divided-up based in part on membership attendance, and we need these funds to keep our chapter alive. We are one of the smaller bands of brothers in ECV so declaring your loyalty to Peter Lebeck is one way to keep steaks on the Barbie at the many PXL Clampouts yet to come.

Oh yeah. Make sure you download the final version of the flyer. The one we originally posted turned out to be a draft version which left some stuff out and included some misleading information.

...and his other button.

One last thing on this topic. If you want to see what kind of fun one of these macro-shindigs can be, go to our photo archive and check out the pictures from the 2006 Southern Alliance IV 6-Way at California City, as well as the plaque history page for that doin's. The rope line of two hundred PBCs says it all. We only wish we were permitted to show you photos of the giant bonfire erected for the initiation, suffice it to say that by the time the fire went out not a single PBC remained. If you'd like to download the banner ad so that you can play it in full screen mode on your home computer,click on the link below, and pass it along to the next brother.

Hopefully you guys aren't tired of reading, because our Inyokern Doin's is next. In two weeks, starting September 25th, we'll be Clamping at Inyokern for its centennial celebration. If you're interested make sure you click on the "Fall '09 Inyokern Doin's" link in the link box on the left.

This is your last chance to Clamp with us locally this year, so even if you do get the kitchen pass for Cal-Nev-Ari, you gotta make this one too. And if you're wondering what the heck we were thinking when we planned this outing so close to the 4-Way, the fact is we were asked by the town fathers (and mothers) for help, and we didn't feel like putting them off for 'til their next centennial, seeing as how we missed the original celebration way back in 1909.

The rumor is that we will have a fine set of new candidates for this one, and we really want all of our members to turn out and look them over. We'll also be spending a short time marching in Saturday's Parade down Inyokern's main street and dedicating a plaque at the town community center. So come on down and join the fun, and bring your Clamper finery. After all if you're not Plaquing, you're not Clamping.

...and his other button.

The Clampsite is within a few minutes of both SR 14 and US 395, so bad mountain roads are not an issue, and it's all pavement except for a short, flat stretch of gravel road leading to the Clampsite itself. Again this is another case of dry camp, so bring plenty of water and shade; and noise and privacy are not a problem as we will have the use of a 300 acre parcel for our usual shenanigans.

So how did the work meeting go? Just fine thank you. Thanks to the hard work of our brothers who came out to help, our equipment is now Clamp worthy. The rolling stove tops have been rebuilt with new burners, the trailer has been carpeted, and a rack has been added for safe transport of five gallon propane cylinders. All we need to do now is add some tires and WHAMMO! Our rig is hot to go.

Steve 'Bee Eye' Cox Kyle 'Hoss' Callaway

Speaking of HOT TO GO. We were pleasantly surprised by our brothers Steve "Bee Eye" Cox and Kyle "Hoss" Callaway, who have donated a new PXL Banner to the chapter. Not only do we want to thank these guys for their generosity, but we really do want to fly the flag on this one. So please follow our suggestion and check out the fifty or so photos from the work party get-together. You'll find them on the Innies photo page, or you can just click on this link:

CCF Throws a Wrench in the Works. Timbo Prepares to Weld Gas.

Following the work party, we retired to Bob "D.F." Cordes's abode for a little brewski and some damn fine barbecued chicken. All in all it was a very pleasant experience, but it comes with both some good and some bad. On the good side, PXL remains in the black, and we can be heartened by the new blood and enthusiasm we see flowing into our chapter; but on the not so hot side, there is no denying that the poor economy is hurting Clamper Chapters everywhere including Peter Lebeck. Our cushion is not so fat as it has been in the past, and for now we'll be headed back to doing only one erection per year, as opposed to the three we will have sponsored by the time this Clamping season is over. Here's to hoping that our store does well at the 4-Way, and that things pick up in 2010.

As far as the future of our chapter is concerned, PXL is looking forward to its own 50th Anniversary in 2011, so don't be shy about ideas, by then we hope to be well enough along that we can paint the hills red and put on something really, really special.

Silver City Monument, Spring '09 Erection.

As we say goodbye to summer, our Spring Clampout seems so long ago, but we haven't forgotten our friend and new brother "J." at Silver City Ghost Town. For those of you who didn't get the skinny, our Spring Erection was a double success for PXL as the Flatlander II named our monument "Plaque of the Month," and published the photo you see displayed on our plaque history page.

...LawDawgs Fixin' for a fight! (not really).

As for Silver City it seems to be doing fine. It just hosted a Memorial Day Celebration complete with several Wild West "gunfights" by the Tombstone Law Dawgs, which turned out to include more real "law" than we would normally expect to see. We've included the press release from this last weekend along with a few pictures so you can see for yourself the good work being done by one of our own PXL brothers. And when you're in Kernville, make it a point to drop by Silver City, say "Hi" to J. and support his efforts to keep Kern County History alive.

And if you're wondering about the mysterious initial, well his friends do call him "Jay," but if we did that it would be giving up on that whole James Bond thing he has going on.

So that's it for the CLOG. The next update is in about a week. Until then, see you in cyberspace and peaceout! --MGM

POSTED -- August 18, 6014

So we're back, and here's an important reminder. This coming Saturday, August 22, 2009, from 8:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m., the Humbug has called for a combination work party and general membership meeting. All hands will be needed to make quick work of repairs and renovations that must be completed if we are to whip our gear into shape for the upcoming doin's at Inyokern, California and Calnevari, Nevada, in September and October. Bring your tools and your grubbies because you'll need them.

Look, the Humbug lost his button.

This event is not just for graybeards, we are asking everyone who considers themselves a member of our chapter to come on down and help out. If nothing else you'll gain a good understanding of what it takes to keep our chapter in good marching order. And if your knees or your back don't work so good any more, just show up and cheer the rest of your brothers on. For location information KEEP READING.

The general meeting after the repair-O-rama has been touted as the most important conclave in years due to the dire economic situation faced by all of us. Therefore be prepared to discuss your thoughts on the direction of Peter Lebeck and our activities over the next few years. Finances and what we should charge at future doin's -- and why -- will be important issues so you won't want to miss out on the discussion.

...and his other button.

The work party and the meeting will be held at Bob Cordes's place, in Bakersfield, at 1805 Lawson Rd, just south of the fairgrounds. For those coming from out of town, take Highway 99 to the Ming Avenue off ramp. Lawson Rd is two miles to the east on Ming. Turn right one block before you get to south Union Avenue. Bob's house is half way down the block on your right. Be there by 8:00 a.m., if you can, and bring tools, a chair and your own beverages as usual -- especially that early morning coffee. The Humbug will provide lunch, and we hope to have everything wrapped up by 2:00 p.m. If you have question or get lost call our Humbug, Dale Charter at (760) 417-0599.

...and his other button.

Now for the fun stuff. The plans for the Inyokern Doin's are shaping up fast. We have use of a three hundred acre spread west of Inyokern Airport and will be participating in Saturday Morning's Centennial Celebration in town. We'll plaque, parade and whoop-de-do before returning to our spread and initiating our new members. If you can't make it to Calnevari two weeks later you won't want to miss you last chance to Clamp with us locally this year. Just keep in mind that there aren't no trees. So bring shade, water and PBCs with a good attitude.

To flesh out the details we've created several detailed web pages where you can download the flyer, read the personal invite and inhale the history of Inyokern, California. Just click on the link to the 2009 Fall Doin's on the left or if you're lazy, click right here.

...and his other button.

The same would go for the Four-Way at Calnevari, but we're still waiting to hear back from the host chapter, Queho Posse, which was supposed to provide us with the raw materials that we need to put together similar pages. But even if that never happens, what we do have is an advanced copy of the flyer, put together by our brother Malcolm Vuksich, whom we believed to be from Queho Posse; and we encourage you to print it out and pass it around. So until next time, this is MGM, signing off.

POSTED -- July 16, 6014

We know it's been two months instead of two weeks since our last post, but things have been a bit busy around here, what with the untimely demise of Michael Jackson, and whatever other silly lame jackass excuses we can offer to divert your attention. That said we do have some important information to impart along with some silly stuff, but the serious stuff has to come first so here we go!

The Humbug is Serious About This One.

First off, Humbug Dale Charter is calling all active PLX members and friends to join us for a very important work party and general meeting to be held on Saturday, August 22, 2009, from 8:00 am until 2:00pm. It will take place at Bob "D.F." Cordes' s place just south of the fairgrounds, at 1805 Lawson Rd. in Bakersfield. We thank Bob for his help on this one. Being so close to town will make it a whole lot easier to get the necessary hardware and other supplies we'll need to refurbish our equipment.

Bob 'D.F.'Cordes

While at D.F.'s we'll be working on the trailer, the kitchen and other important parts of our kit to get them ready for the upcoming fall doin's at Inyokern at the end of September and the 4-Way at Calnevari, Nevada two weeks later; so you'll want to bring tools, and wear your comfy work clothes -- the Humbug will provide the munchies.

...and his other button.

The meeting to follow will be the most important meeting of the year where the entire chapter will discuss the upcoming doin's, officers for next year, plans for the future, and the financial issues that have been forced on us by this sh_tty economy. We are calling on all our Graybeards and all our ECV Brethren who consider PLX their home to attend this important meeting. Your officers need your support in these tough times, and not just for our fall doin's, but for the entire upcoming year. Call Dale Charter at (760) 417-0599 for directions and further information.

...and his other button.

Many of you have asked about our upcoming doin's, and all we can say is that we have been providing details as they become available. Our pages on Inyokern have been up for some time, including the flyer and directions; but the 4-Way is a bit trickier, as we are still waiting on Queho Posses, the host chapter, to provide us with enough specifics to go global with our posts. In the meantime PXL has stepped up and provided private planning facilities on Peter's Board for 4-Way chapter representatives to meet in cyberspace. We have also offered our webpages to advertise and provide general information about the 4-Way. Unfortunately it's been two months and we have yet to hear back from Queho Posse or any of the other chapters.

...and his other button.

So for now, read our pages. The new Peter's Procs has been posted this week, and Peter's Board is always available for you to ask questions and post your idea. Speaking of the Procs and the Board, we would like to correct a typo in this month's mailed version of the Procs. For those of you with dial-up, or for anyone seeking to go directly to Peter's Board in the fastest way possible, use this corrected link: We hope to see more of you on the board, especially as we prepare for our upcoming events.

Now for the stupid stuff. We here at the PXL Clog are sick of all the Michael Jackson hoopla, but apparently not as sick as our brother Dickhead, who still seems to be gagging over what he refers to so eloquently as "the putty faced one." So it was with that in mind that we were surprised at how far D.H. will go to honor M.J.

Now we all know that Dickhead is a public defender down in L.A. but we hardly expected him to cajole his clients into performing any kind of M.J. tribute, and especially not one where M.J. escapes the grave and comes back as a zombie disco line dancer. Purely an ironic case of life imitating art imitating life? Or at least the end of life. Or at least the end of life as a zombie might know it. Or as we say here, "Credo quia absurdum." 'Til next time this is MGM, peace out, and don't forget, if you shake it more than once you might as well go ahead and "Beat It."

POSTED -- May 19, 6014

The Humbug lost his button.

The CLOG wants to welcome back all of our Peter Lebeck Brothers who went to Grand Council and put in the hard work necessary to keep the rest of PXL involved and informed. So kudos to Roadrunner, Sawdust, Inspector, Dickhead, Preacher and Doc, and to all the other guys who made our presence possible - we owe you big time.

Special thanks also go out to Jeannie Johnson -- Sawdust's much better half - for her hard work and hospitality. We hear that the "Kenny Young Memorial Spaghetti Feed" went off as planned, and we're only sorry that at the end of the weekend there were no leftovers for those of us left holding down the fort down here in the southland.

...and his other button.

So here's a quick thumbnail of Grand Council courtesy of Dickhead Duncker, PXP: Serious first. ECV continues to recover from last year's major reforms, including our policy on how alcohol is to be handled -- or not handled -- at all ECV Doin's. The sentiment of the Sublime is neither to encourage nor discourage the official serving of alcoholic beverages if done in a reasonable way, but chapters that intends to host slipperies must have all the necessary permits and alcohol riders on their insurance policies, and that can amount to a major pile of dust. These requirements can so drive up the cost of a doin's that the bringing of adult beverages may eventually become solely a private affair, especially at Clampouts hosted by our smaller chapters. Some even fear that for a chapter to encourage a brother to "Bring Your Own Booze," may impute liability should something go haywire. So the bottom line remains: insurance, Insurance, INSURANCE -- and that's assuming that the policies are both affordable and cover the kitchen sink.

...and his other button.

On a brighter note, ECV is working toward putting last year's fiasco behind us, where Grand Council revoked the charters of two ECV Chapters for poor supervision of their 2007 doin's. This year the board recognized two official ECV Outposts that could eventually replace the defunct chapters whose names will not be uttered here. GC also advanced the standing of two current outposts, Snake River, in Idaho, and Umpqua Joe, in Oregon, which moved one step closer towards full chartered membership. We also have to stop here and mention that one of our own, PXL Member Bob "Barbarosa" Haines, through many years of hard work, has been one of the ECV Brothers instrumental in the establishment of the Snake River Outpost. So here's a shout out: BAR-BA-ROSA! BAR-BA-ROSA! (That sed, we hope you are suitably embarrassed. Now go back to work).

...and his other button.

As for the dark side (cue up the Darth Vader music here), some disgruntled members of the disbanded chapters continue to cause trouble. A group, calling themselves "Ephraim's Clampin' Vipers," are showing up at doin's asking to be let in dressed in their own colors, but, so far, ECV members have continued to turn them away wherever they appear. Understand that almost all of these men could simply participate as members in good standing of ECV, but their rejection of the GC standards of good conduct and the rules of initiation has set them apart as renegades, and Grand Council has made a point of denouncing them. All we have to say to them is this: Time to grow up guys, and welcome to Clamping in the 21st Century.

...and his other button.

On a lighter note, here are the promotions: Tom Crawford is our new Sublime Noble Grand Humbug, while our longtime supporter, Glenn Thornhill from Platrix, now inhabits the chair that must remain "nameless," and Gary Glud from Squibob, is the new Sublime Noble Grand Recorder. So congratulations guys, and may providence have mercy on your…well, you know. You'll need all the help and luck you can get. The proctors remain as formerly constituted.

Dr. Sid Blumner, X-Sublime Noble Grand Humbug, and honored brother from Billy Holcomb has been named Clamper of the Year. So many congrats to El Sid from his brothers at PXL, we wish you many more productive years of Happy Clamping.

...and his other button.

And now for something different. The "Dickhead Fan Club" now has a female auxiliary with the "non de sheep skin" of "Lumpy's Irregulars." You really don't have to guess as to the identity of the chartering member, it's "Patrice S. Ducker, Horse Trainer & Ex-Barmaid" -- also know as Lumpy, Mrs. Dickhead and "She Who Must Be Obeyed." Hey, Dickhead! We suspect that Pat's riding crop is not just for effect, but we won't ask if you enjoy it. After all, a sensitive woman is entitled to her privacy.

Anyway, please read on. The last post went up only three days ago. Don't miss the pictures for our latest Clampout. And if you were new to our doin's don't forget to go to Peter's Pictures and check for your mug on the Mugz! Page. Remember its' better than the post office, it's the internet!

POSTED -- May 16, 6014

The bi-weekly Clog Post is back on track. As promised here is a little regular something to keep you connected to your brothers here in Kern County, and here's to hoping that our computer troubles are behind us. We have quite a bit in the works here at PXL, and we want to make it official: We will be having two doin's in the fall.

The Humbug lost his button.

The first will take place September 25-27, at Inyokern, California to celebrate the centennial year of that desert community. We've been promised a roomy Clampsite near the city's airport, and there is the possibility that we will be plaquing the site and marching in the City's celebratory parade, so stay tuned. In the coming days we'll be revamping our website to give you everything you'll need to know to attend our shindig, but if you are in a real hurry check Peter's Board where the flyer is already posted. So now that you know about it, be a good brother and download it, make a few copies, and pass them out wherever you go in Clamperdom over the next few months.

...and his other button.

October 9-11 will see us in Searchlight, Nevada, for the Southern Alliance V, four-way doin's, hosted by Queho Posse and celebrating the community of CalNevAri; one of a handful of outposts created after World War II, where community members used their own airplanes much as the rest of us use our cars to commute between home and work. We'll be able to say much more about this once the brothers involved in the planning get back from Grand Council taking place this weekend up in Sonora, California.

...and his other button.

As for the brothers who are always asking," Where's the pictures, where's the pictures?" Well the pictures from this month's doin's are up, and we were able to take nearly 400 digital snaps of the Clampout and dedication before your ugly mugs up and finally broke our camera. No Mr. Demille we are NOT ready for our close-ups, but check us out anyway.

Look for additional pictures in the coming days as we continue to get caught up. For instance, we still have photos to put up from January's Widders' Ball, and our goody box is still stuffed with some oldie but moldy stuff from as far back as the early 90's. As usual just use the link on the left to access Peter's Picture Pages.

...and his other button.

Our next immediate project is the reintroduction of our email system. If you signed up for a email address at our recent doin's we will be contacting you soon. We are in the process of updating our files and creating easy to follow instructions. If you don't have one of our addresses consider dropping us a line. We are offering this service to our brothers free of charge.

...and his other button.

There are several ways to use it and several advantages. Of most importance is that it works regardless of the internet provider you are currently using or intend to use in the future. So long as you have a connection to the internet you can configure your email program to download and upload email from That means that even if you change internet companies you will always have a reliable email account with us bearing your own chosen Clamper name.

The service also has one more advantage: You can access your email from the road. In a few days we will be placing a link on our home page that will allow you to open up your email from any computer that has an internet connection. While it won't be as fancy or as slick as Gmail or Yahoo, it comes without advertising, and promises to be both reliable and 100% Clamper.

POSTED -- May 5, 6014

Silver City Erection 2009

On behalf of our Humbug, Dale "Doc" Charter, and your brothers here at PXL, we want to thank everybody who made it to out to Havilah this last weekend for our Spring Clampout and especially want to thank those who made the extra effort to attend our erection in Bodfish, celebrating the Silver City Ghost Town.

While not as large a turnout as our fall '08 Clampout at Fort Tejon, we did quite well, coming on the heels of last week's Southern Trichapter and the four other concurrent Doin's going on this past weekend, including that of megachapter Billy Holcomb. Those brothers who came to our doin's were treated to a most satisfactory and relaxing weekend in the mountains, and if you've ever been to Bald Eagle Mountain Ranch then you know that this is a nice place to Clamp and a nice contrast to the nearby desert. Thanks again to XNGH Wes "Preacher" Kutzler for the use of his spread, and Kudos to Graybeards Steve "Dump Truck" Weaver and Keith "Pull My Finger" Fraser for doing the cooking in Timbo's absence. Great job guys!

Innocent PBCs

Saturday saw the successful induction of four new members to the Brotherhood of ECV. Along with Jay "Hunter" Corlew, we are pleased to welcome Blair "Eight Bit" Lonergan, son of our Hawker "Dollar Bill" Lonergan, and brothers (from the same mother) Joe "Bandido" Garibay and Jesse "Zeus" Garibay. Of course we now have to put their sponsors Doc, Dollar Bill and Luis "Vaquero" Bouza, on notice that as sponsors they are now on double super secret probation. But from the attitude displayed by our new members during their initiation we expect that these new brothers will make fine additions to our chapter, and we look forward to Clamping with them for many years to come.

A Corrupting Influence.

Along with braving the perils of Joe Szot's PBC intelligence test, these candidates comported themselves well by serenading the brethren assembled for the Graybeards' Examination with one of the most atonal, asynchronous, and pathetic renditions of "Lydia the Tattooed Lady" ever heard in the annals of Clamperdom. In short, their spirit and perseverance brought down the house, strained many an intercostal, and left no doubt that these men were meant to be Clampers!

Then of course there were the gazintas. Our dear brother Dickhead, in his usual lust for history, uncovered the mysterious background of the gazinta, from its origins in the sleepy pueblos of old California. Of course then the problem was that Dickhead needed a few PBCs to fully demonstrate its principles and show how these devices were exploited in the days of the mining camps. Just click here to see the results.

Luis Bouza.

Moving on to other more serious things, on the cyber side of life we want to welcome Luis "Vaquero" Bouza who is going to lend us a hand in managing and moderating Peter's Board, and doing some of the other projects around here that we have had in mind for a long time. Luis has a B.S. in Computer Science, and though he isn't a web designer and his programming skills are in other areas, between the two of us we ought to be able to figure out some of the things that have eluded us so far, including the breath of features available through our server at Lunar Pages.

Button Love.

At the top of this list is email service that can be accessed from any computer on the internet much like yahoo mail or gmail, only with the advantage of having a email address that can also be accessed from home using any typical email program like Outlook or Outlook Express. Stay tuned, because we hope to have this system up and running, with instructions, within a few weeks. If you signed up for an email account at the doing you will be receiving notice by email real soon.

Button Love.

Grand Council is coming up the weekend of May 15, 16, and 17, 2009. As is our tradition, several of us are heading up early Wednesday, and will be inhabiting our usual corner at the Fairgrounds in Sonora. While we will not be hosting a hospitality room, our trailer and kit always make the trip. Expect the usual Friday night spaghetti feed in honor of our late brother Kenny Young, along with other goodies like Timbo's beans, Kenny con Queso and the usual parade of horribles. If you are interested in tagging along or coordinating, drop Dickhead a line at

Jeannie & Sawdust.

While on the subject of Grand Council, Widder Jeannie Johnson, XNGH Don "Sawdust" Johnson's better half, had a very good suggestion. While there are plenty of Hawkers at the doin's there are very few things that any of the ladies would be interested in buying. She sees this as a good opportunity to raise some gold dust for the chapter by selling homemade articles that Clamper Widders would be interested in buying. While it's too late for this year, there is no time like the present to get started. If you have ideas, skills or things you or your widder would like to contribute give Jeannie or Sawdust a call at home, (661) 393-2289; or email Don at

Remember, your help and ideas are always welcome here. That's all for now. This is MGM, signing off.

POSTED -- April 28, 6014

The Humbug lost his button.

The PXL Spring Clampout start this coming Friday, May 1st, and you won't want to miss this one. The weather is shaping up to be extra special nice, with partly cloudy skies and predicted daytime highs in the low 80's, and nighttime lows in the mid-50's - perfect weather for sipping a little J.D. by the Clampfire and visiting with your brothers.

...and his other button.

Also if you haven't been to Bald Eagle Mountain Ranch in Havilah you're in for a treat. And if you are wondering where it is, you'll find it on the southern edge of the Kern Valley, south of Lake Isabella, about halfway between Bakersfield and Highway 14. Not far at all from any part of the Western United States, Mexico or Canada. And for one low, low price you get a two night Clampout and a Sunday erection, with a free tour of the Silver City Ghost Town in Bodfish!

...and his other button.

Brother it is also not too late to take advantage of our special $5 discount if you mail your dust early this week. Our trusty, dusty Gold Dust Receiver, Joe "Roadrunner" Szot will be happy to accept your offering courtesy of the United States Mail. And while you're at it, whether you intend to prepay or not, drop Joe a line at and let him know you'd like to join us. Steaks are harder to come by in Havilah than road kill, so whatever you can do to help us get an accurate count would be most appreciated.

...and his other button.

So what can you expect if you've never been Clamping at Peter Lebeck? Well we are some of the friendliest brother in all of Clamperdom, and we want to make sure that you come back and party with us again and again. Good food, good friends, plus at about 100 redshirts it's really hard to get lost at a PXL Doin's, so what do you say? Read the next post below for directions on how to get all the info you need, or just click on the flashing Silver City Ghost Town tag above, just below the PXL webpage marquee. See you there.

POSTED -- April 20, 6014

The Humbug lost his button.

May Day, May Day, May Day! This is shaping up to be one of our best doin's in years, and we only have ten days to go! If you haven't sent in you rub, it's not too late. Do it now and save five dollars off our already low, low price for you and your PBC.

Mail your dust to: E Clampus Vitus, c/o Joe Szot, XNGH/GDR, 7345 Mt. Vernon ST, Lemon Grove, CA 91945. Click on the flashing "Silver City Ghost Town" link above to get all the details, including the downloadable flyer, maps and directions. Then follow the flashing tabs at the top of each page to learn about the Clampsite, the Erection at Silver City and the Grand Council Rules of Initiation.

...and his other button.

Even if you missed out last Clampout you will definitely not want to miss this one. Last Fall we had brothers show up that we hadn't seen in years, and we're hoping to welcome them back again. It was a most satisfying and emotional Clampout. Our fall Graybeards' Examination was also super choice and left all of us with sore guts by the time the newbies were done for. This time we are again expecting a number of top quality PBCs who'd better leave us all laughing or they can expect to go bobbing for their red t-shirts at the bottom of Lake Isabella.

Our store will also have some new items for sale: New hats, new shirts, and new sweat shirts with pockets and hoods to keep you warm in the evenings,and also new pins. And did we mention this stuff is new? All should be available at our spring doins.

And for those of you who missed our last email. Here's a little contribution from a survivor of last Fall's Doin's. Let us know after you've watched the video whether you think Corey's sponsor needs a "do over."

POSTED -- April 14, 6014

The Humbug lost his button.

The Spring Doin's is almost here! We're headed for the home stretch as we look forward to Clamping at Havilah and Plaquing the Silver City Ghost Town at Bodfish. Click on the flashing purple sign above for all the details you need including where to send your rub. And remember there is a five dollar discount if you prepay, so hurry, time is running out!

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This last Saturday's General Membership Meeting was very productive. We want to thank those of you who came out for making the effort and for your input. It was also pretty obvious that "Doc" Charter, PXL's Humbug No. 48, is a guy who isn't afraid to work, and, as an added bonus, also plays well with others. Of course we should have picked-up on that from the time that he and No. 47, "CCF" Clemensson, built the last monument and didn't kill each other. This year Doc convinced a contractor friend to donate the skilled labor needed to erect the brick and stucco masterpiece we'll be dedicating at Bodfish, but we know Doc will be getting his hands dirty anyway.

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Doc has some very ambitious plans and has taken a long term view toward development of the chapter. After discussing it with the brothers, he's tabled the tentative Widders Weekend at Camp Whitsett, and with the concurrence of the brethren we will likely be holding a local Fall Doin's at Inyokern, September 25-27, to celebrate the town's centennial. VNGH "Timbo" Gillespie has found us a Clampsite on private land, and we may even be marching in the local parade. A plaquing is also a possibility. Stay tuned for details.

Just keep in mind that the Southern Alliance V in Searchlight, Nevada is still on our calendar for October 9-11 ! As a sponsoring chapter this will make a third official PXL Doin's for the year which is something the chapter hasn't done in recent memory.

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Speaking of Doin's, don't think we've forgotten the 11th Annual Central Valley Tri-Chapter, April 24-26 which occurs the weekend after next and one week before our own doin's at Havilah. Dickhead and several of the brothers are going so if you'd like to tag along contact him through Peter's Board. . You'll find the TriChapter thread on the All Things Clampsidered Board. Prominently featured at the TriChapter are the Beluga Brothers cooking up a storm on Friday Night and Stinky's unforgettable (and unforgivable) Studebaker Rides. Click here to get the flyer.

Lastly, don't forget to check back soon. We'll be posting updates as we approach our upcoming spring doin's, so get excited, get very excited.

POSTED -- April 7, 6014

The Humbug lost his button.

After more than two months off line the PXL Clog is back on the air! As many of you know our computer resources here at Peter Lebeck suffered a serious melt down in January: The equivalent of having the dog eat our homework and barf on our the rug at the same time, but what can we say? We're back and limping right along. So here are our most important announcements.

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First up is a CORRECTION: This Saturday's General Membership Meeting at Fort Tejon, April 11, 2009, begins at 1:00 p.m. and NOT 11:00 am! Sorry for the error. While this would normally be a Graybeards only planning meeting for the upcoming Spring Doin's, our new Humbug, Doc Charter was serious about having periodic meetings where sober contributions from the brethren would be entertained from the floor (an oxymoron if we've ever heard one). So if you have something to contribute, bring your ideas and have your say this weekend. By having the meeting at Ft. Tejon our new Humbug is making a special effort to include all our members from south of the Kern County line, so please make your own efforts to attend. Bring your own beverages and chairs. Doc will provide the pizza. So grab a ride and pass the word.

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Our 2009 Spring Doin's is fast approaching! In just over three weeks -- May 1-3, 2009 -- we'll be gathering at the Bald Eagle Mountain Ranch in Havilah to Plaque the nearby Silver City Ghosttown. The boxed links on the left will provide all the juicy details you'll need including any necessary downloads and where to send your rub. Remember your pre-pay gets you a five dollar discount off our already low, low price. And while Doc has a number of possible activities in the planning stages, our spring doin's at Havilah may be our only local Clampout this year. So unless you can accompany us to Searchlight, Nevada in the fall, you'll need to make our Spring Clampout or missout until next year.

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Speaking of Clampouts, the Central Valley Tri-Chapter Doin's is scheduled for the week before our Spring Clampout, April 24-26, 2009. A number of PXL Brothers are set to attend, so if you'd like to join them email Dickhead or contact him through Peter's Board for further details.

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Our latest Peter's Procs for April 2009 has been posted with details about the Whiskey Flats Parade, Dickhead's ramblings and things in the works here at Peter Lebeck. It's well worth the read. And while your at it, take a look around the site. We're in the process of updating our pages so check back frequently for changes. And while you're at it, don't miss out on the officers' page. Have you ever seen such an ugly group of guys (since our last doin's)?

POSTED -- January 17, 6014

Finally our 2009 Widders’Ball is here! All Clampers and their Widders (or a Clamper’s closest and most warmest relations for the evening) are invited to join us in Bakersfield, this Saturday, January 24, 2009, for the 47th Annual Peter Lebeck’s Widders’ Ball and Demotion Dinner.

The Humbug lost his button.

While we told you all that this was a pre-paid only event; our most honored Gold Dust Receiver, token biter, coin clipper, bookkeeper and principled banker, Joe Szot, knows how you Clampers are and he has offered a special dispensation to all those who appear at the door hat-in-hand asking to be let in. Not wanting to embarrass you in front of your women folk, Joe has instructed the staff at the Crystal Palace Best Western in Bakersfield to ladle on a few extra portions so that no brother who sincerely wants to attend (and proffers the requisite dust) will be turned away. So what are you waiting for? Come on down or miss out!

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Last years’ celebration was a total blast, our only regret was that not everyone was willing to brave the ugly weather after snow and sleet shut down the Grapevine multiple times in the days leading up to our event. Passage from the south and east was left very much in doubt for both comings and goings, and we missed just too many of you.

...and his other button.

This year we are blessed with very mild weather, and Dickhead Weather Central predicts a high of 60 and only a slight chance of showers during the day, so no excuses. If you want the particulars, just click here for the flyer; and don’t forget that we have a hospitality room for visiting before and after the Ball, so drop by early for a libation and visit. We’ll even use the big, flat screen TV to do a little hands on computer stuff with the brothers who are still a little unclear on how to use the internet. We’ll look forward to seeing you there. Dinner starts at 7p.m. And our hospitality room opens about 12 noon, so look for us in Room 191.

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