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Cool Ride?

Just Before Thanksgiving 2011


Posted - 11.20.11

Important Notice! Important Notice!

Hello, Cloggites, and welcome back to our special delayed edition of the PXL CLOG! We've got some catching up to do so let's get to it.

First on the agenda is notice that on Saturday, December 3, 2011, at 10 a.m., there will be a very important Graybeards' Meeting at the Flintstone Pizza Company in Frazier Park, to be followed by a general membership meeting at 11 a.m. The Graybeards will be meeting in executive session to, among other things, select a Humbug for PXL's 2012 Clamp year. All Graybeards and current officers are respectfully requested to be present. The meeting will begin promptly at 10 a.m., and is closed to the general membership.

Click Here to Download the Agenda.

The General Membership meeting will begin at 11 a.m., once the Graybeards have concluded their business and have something to report to the membership. Agendas for both meetings can be downloaded by clicking on the agenda icon to your left.

Click for Flinstones Pizza Company menu and Facebook Page!

We'll be meeting at Flintstone Pizza at 6032 Frazier Mountain Park Rd, Frazier Park, CA 93225, which is 6.4 miles west of the Frazier Park exit on Interstate 5. This business is owned by Brother Fred Fenski (above second from left), who has been kind enough to open up his place before regular business hours so we can meet, eat, and cogitate, so thank him when you see him. He'll also be firing up the pizza oven so check out the menus by clicking on Fred and Barney and going to Flintstone's Facebook Wall.

If you can't make the general membership part of the meeting don't fret too much. We'll be setting a date for our mandatory annual corporate membership meeting which will taking place in January before the Widders' Ball. This will likely be the most important combined Graybeards and General Membership meeting in decades so you won't want to miss it. Stay tuned for further details.

Space Alien. Space Alien.

Our Fall Doin's at Clamp Okihi was a rousing success. With an above average attendance of about 65 men (I say "about" because we've yet to dredge the river for redshirts), the hard work of Humbug Timbo Gillespie brought us a long way despite having to pick up the reins midterm. It also didn't help that we had to abort our initial plans to plaque Minter Field due to unresolved issues between the airport and the town bureaucracy. While not being able to erect a plaque for our 50th Anniversary was a great disappointment to all of us, our fall doin's was everything we could have hoped for and has put us on the right track when it comes to growing our chapter with pride.

Results of the Yucca-Off  --Happiness!

To start with, the site, the weather and the camaraderie were splendifactorous! If you look up above in the Jackass Space, you can even see a picture of a bunch of us in the Space Alien Lounge waiting to see the aliens. And if you still doubt the fun, then you need to go back and reviewing the pictures from the doin's which will certainly turn you into a believer. A beautifully treed, green lawned setting beside the flowing Kern River was just the start of it. There was the Yucca-off, the raffle, the hijinks under the cozy space alien lounge, and enough great food and friendship to make you hibernate and dream about it for a month.

And then there were the PBCs. We had eleven guys try out for their PXL redshirts, and they all comported themselves with style I can honestly report that not a single sponsor was so badly embarrassed by their candidate that anyone lost his redshirt - for more than a few minutes, anyway.

Fall 2011 Class of PBCs.

So please welcome to our fold the members of our 2011 Fall Classic, starting at the top from left to right are Brothers Peter Endy, Ken Myers, Richard Estrada, Phillip Stadler, Javier Pedroza, Brien Campbell, Nick Muniozguren, Brian Fox, Alden Roberts, Carlos Limas and Richard Valenzuela.

Also from the upper left are Hanging Crewmembers Tom Gray (with his dad, Don "in-urn-est" Gray), Robert Hernandez, Jesse Garibay, our Hangman Russ Chapman, and Andy Vialpando. Thanks to one and all for your fine work and congratulations to our new redshirts!

Now as you know, the CLOG wouldn't be complete without something to remember (and embarrass) them by, so if you really want a closer look just make sure to check out the MUGZ PAGE! But if that isn't enough, I also have proof that none of these guys can sing. You'll find it on Ye Page of Brasse where they have now been immortalized.

XNGH Joe Szot.

Changing focus now, we have some more serious news. As of our Fall 2011 Doin's, and after many years of service, our Brother Joe Szot has retired from his positions as Gold Dust Receiver, Hawker, and Member of the Board of Graybeards.

Joe earned his Redshirt at PXL when he was sponsored by XNGH Gene Duncker in 1991, and rose to become PXL Humbug in 1996. As an XNGH, Joe assumed the Role of GDR in 2005 under Steve Born, and took on the additional burden of Hawker in 2008 under Bob Clemensson. Joe's dedication to the chapter is unquestionable and he leaves some pretty big shoes to fill, leaving much to be addressed at our upcoming Graybeards' Meeting.

Click Here to Download the Szot Retirement Letter.

In the interim, Our Humbug, Timbo Gillespie has appointed XNGH Gene Duncker to serve as acting Gold Dust Receiver and will recommend that the Graybeards elect Gene to fulfill the balance of Joe's term as GDR, GDR being a constitutional office that must filled by the Board of Graybeards. Timbo has also exercised his executive authority to fill the office of Hawker by appointing Assistant Hawker Dale Charter to the position of Hawker-in-Chief for the balance of the year.

As for the rest of us, we owe Joe a debt of gratitude as Timbo makes plain in his letter which you can read by clicking on the icon.

The Humbug lost his button.  Quite a spin, wouldn't you say?

Enough of that sad stuff, time to press on. Our next event will be the PXL Widders' Ball on Saturday, January 28, 2012, the weekend before Superbowl XLVI (that's 322 in dog years). For those of you who watch the NFL every Sunday during football season you already know that Sunday, January 29th is precious in that -- given the absence of football - we can all sleep in, or at least make it up to our Widders for all the time they had to go to church without us. (Mine tells the good padre that I'll make it in just as soon as I get over my cholera.)

That means you'll have no excuse whatsoever to miss the Peter Lebeck Widders' Ball in Bakersfield, where you and your Widder can dance and celebrate the night away and not have to worry about missing a Sunday morning kickoff.

Click for Widders' Ball Page.

Check out the 2012 Widders' Ball link in the links box for more information. By clicking on it you'll get a look at our shameless graphics and be able to access all the information you'll need to sign up and make it to this most important doin's. Get the skinny, get the flyer, and you'll even find a link to a slide show from our last year's event and be able to pre-register using Paypal. And that's really, really important because this is a prepay only event.

In case you haven't noticed, we've placed a strong emphasis this term on growing the chapter in a quality way, and we want to encourage all of our members, old and new, to attend and to bring their friends. We're sure that once you and yours have experienced PXL's hospitality you'll be convinced that Peter Lebeck is one of the friendliest chapters in all of Clamperdom, and you'll want to come back again and again.

So drop by our hospitality room, get to know us, and have snacks and a few adult beverages on us. We've even made it easy to stay over by reserving a block of rooms at the Crystal Palace Best Western at the ridiculously low rate of $65 a night. It's right off Highway 99. Just park your plug and set a spell. Just make sure that you sign-up by January 15th. You'll be glad you did.

And one final note. Our departing Humbug Timbo Gillespie has left us a few parting sentiments about his role as PXL Humbug #50. Just visit the Humbug's Page to read his comments.

Email MGM.




Posted - 10.24.11

XNGH Steve Born and Joanne Williamson.

Golden Hills Announcement for XNGH Steve "Historically" Born. Steve had many friends here at Peter Lebeck and will be greatly missed. He first saw the light of day on December 4, 1951, and left us for the Golden Hills this past Friday Morning, October 21, 2011. He is survived by his wife Joanne Williamson seen here with Steve in happier times.

Steve was a longtime member of E Clampus Vitus and had an interest in western history that was matched by few of us. As a member of Pete Lebeck, Steve accomplished much to advance our cause. On behalf of PXL, Steve coordinated our hosting of the 2006, Six Chapter, Southern Alliance Doin's at California City, which drew an attendance of over 1,2500 men. Steve was also a featured speaker at the dedication of the monument and contributed to the writing of the keepsake. As Peter Lebeck's 44th Noble Grand Humbug Steve oversaw the erection of two monuments in 2005, and also started the PXL Website.

During his years as a high school science teacher with LAUSD Steve mentored many students until health issues forced him into early retirement. He remained an active member of Peter Lebeck until recently when his health took a turn for the worst.

Services in celebration of Steve's life will be held on Saturday, Oct. 29 at 10:00am in the chapel at:
Oakwood Memorial Park
22600 Lassen ST
Chatsworth, CA

His widow requests that Brothers attend in ECV regalia. Further details will be posted on Peter's Board where you can leave a message, or post to his Facebook Page where he is known as "Steven Born." The reception following the service is BYOB.


Posted - 10.22.11

XNGH Steve Born.

We sadly announce the passing of Peter Lebeck XNGH Steve Born, October 21, 2011. We received this notice from our friend and Brother, XSNGH Glenn Thornhill, last night:

"Steve went to the Golden Hills early this morning. Please let the Brothers in PXL know. I will pass on info regarding services as soon as I find out. Thanks.
Steve was really proud of the chapter, and the fact that he was able to be the NGH, and all the hard work so many guys put into it to make the chapter run.


Glenn Thornhill"

Posted - 10.11.11

Thanks to everyone who attended or helped with last weekend's Fall Doin's! It was a great time: Great food, great fun, and great weather at a great location. Did I mention the great camaraderie? Anyway don't just take my word for it, check it out for yourself. Just go to Peter's Picture Pages to look at the photos from PXL's 50th Anniversary Fall Doin's at Clamp Okihi! More later .


Posted - 10.07.11

Clamp Okihi -- Peter Lebeck's 50th Anniversary Fall Doin's-- is here! The gate open Friday at 10 a.m. so come on down! The weather will be great, with daytime highs in the 70's and night time lows in the 50's, and best of all...we've saved a spot just for you!

Posted - 10.04.11

DIckhead Weather Central

Clamp Okihi starts Friday ... so here's the word from Dickhead Weather Central: "According to Yahoo Weather, the prediction for the PXL fall Doin's at Camp Okihi is perfect! It should be 70-80 in the day, with 50's at night. What more could you ask for? Plus, a Yucca-off, lots of great food, brotherhood, and some PBCs to see the light. I for one can't wait."
-- Dickhead

Yucca 1st Place Award.

And don't just take Dickhead's word for it. Our efforts to grow the chapter in a positive way appear to be paying off. So much so, that Hole, our Hangman, is looking for PXL volunteers to help him shepherd a very healthy compliment of PBCs into the not so gentle light. If you are interested in stepping-up your opportunity has finally arrived. Check the Peter's Board Forum for details and contact Hole by PM, phone or email to volunteer.

So… are we there yet, are we there yet, are we there yet? Well, yeah. In fact, the nice people at Kern County Parks have agreed to open the gates at 10 a.m. on Friday, four hours ahead of the normal check-in time to allow us to set-up. So if you are in the neighborhood please drop by, but whether you choose to pitch-in or not, please be mindful of the little flag that mark the sprinkler system. Breaking the sprinkler pipe and heads is a Bozo No-No, and the last thing we want to do is wear out our welcome with the people at the Parks System. They have been very kind to us and have wished us a Happy 50th Anniversary!

See you this weekend - MGM

Posted - 9.30.11 (amended 10.01.6016)

Eli's Jackass Will Show You the Way!

An Important Notice About Late Sign-ups! By order of his Humbuggedness, Timbo Gillespie, the Ten Dollar Discount for early sign-ups has been extended through the weekend. If it lands in our mail box with a postmark no later than Sunday, October 2nd, or if you use our handy Paypal Page to prepay before the plug is pulled on Sunday night, you and your PBC each save $10 off of the gate price. After that, no amount of whining will get you in without the extra dough. (Though we would make an exception for Sarah Palin if she showed up in that tight fitting swimsuit and held us at gun point). So turn on the TIVO, get off the couch and engage your fingers before Sunday Night at Midnight, October 2nd!

Timbo goes for a second spin cycle as Humbug.  Quite a spin, wouldn't you say?

And that's especially true because we're planning an extra special weekend to celebrate our 50th Anniversary as a Clamper Chapter. We have some of the best food in all of Clamperdom for the price. We'll be having Gumbo á la Timbo for Friday Night's Dinner followed right after that by PXL's First 1st Annual Yucca-Off Competition. And Saturday will be just as special as Vaquero, Hole and Mangler work a whole lot of their special super-secret magic after the traditional raffle. So won't you join us for one of the most splendifferous weekends we've had the pleasure of hosting in all of our 50 years? Make sure to read on through the next post for further details.

Don sez...bring meat bt no eggs.

Don "Sawdust" Johnson has asked me to remind everyone that Saturday's Graybeards' Breakfast is a potluck affair -- except for the EGGS. Our traditional Breakfast is one where you bring your meat, potatoes, tortillas and other goodies and we put our Graybeards to work -- BUT DON'T BRING EGGS 'CUZ WE'Z GOT PLENTY. So much so that chickens hate us, and the gals at Chick-Fil-A regard PXL as Public Enemy Number One.

Don will be right in the middle of this mayhem because he's taken it on himself to collect all of your perishable goodies and put them on ice. So look for Don, and deposit your breakfast contributions with him when you get to Clamp Okihi.

And while you're at it don't forget to throw a few items in your duffel for the women's' shelter in Bakersfield. Toiletries, baby wipes and small items like coloring books and crayons for the kiddies would be greatly appreciated. See you Friday!

Email MGM.




Posted - 9.25.11 (amended 9.28.6016)

The Humbug lost his button.  Quite a spin, wouldn't you say?

Hello fellow Cloggites, and welcome back to the PXL CLOG! Well our Fall Doin's is the weekend after next and we just wanted to give you a gentle kick in the groin about signing-up and getting your dust in ASAP. It's shaping up to be a great outing and you really don't want to miss it. Years from now guys will be asking, "Where were you when PXL was celebrating its 50th Anniversary?" When you finally come clean and tell them all about it, they will look upon you in awe, so why have to make stuff up? Besides, you'll have to wait a whole 'nother 50 years for our next 50th Anniversary, and you just might be busy doing something else by then.

Aerial View of Camp Okihi.

So here are the very important particulars. First of all everything you need to get squared away with us is on our special Fall Doin's Page, just click on this link to get there. You can use it to preregister, to pay through Paypal, to see a map, and to link to other important pages like the ones about Camp Okihi and about the Grand Council Rules. And if you're one of those guys who just doesn't want to register using the Internet because it was invented by Al Gore, you can still use the Fall Doin's Page to download the flyer. Just print it out and send in your rub and registration by U.S. Snail.

Get the Flyer!

In fact, downloading the flyer is a good idea even if you do register by computer. The flyer has the schedule and directions, you can use it to swat flies, and you can share it with that PBC you've been waiting to sponsor for who knows how long. But whatever you do just make sure your rub is in the mail by Friday, September 30th, because that's the last day for the $10 prepay discount.

There are some things that make this one special, and it's not just what we have planned. Camp Okihi was the site of our Charter Doin's back in 1962. It's also on the Kern River, and while we don't recommend swimming without a life jacket, you're welcome to bring your fishing gear to try your luck.

On the "You Planned That?" side of things, we have Friday Night's Yucca-Off Contest, to be judged by a panel of experienced dignitaries including Brothers Steve "Iggy" Myers of YB1 and Dave "Warthog" Otero of Chief Truckee, who have volunteered to be our celebrity judges. (We had to regretfully decline the assistance of Paula Abdul due to an already high BA and her inability to pass the physical). And with the enthusiastic participation of guys like Jeff "Roadbeer" Preston of Slim Princess (seen here practicing his Yucca Curls), this ought to be a real fun event. We guarantee having a panel with at least a dozen live taste buds between them to make sure your entry has a fighting chance to garner first place. So let the shaking begin!

Roadbeer practices his Yucca Curls!

Our pre-paid PBC count is up to eight so far. Which is a damn sight better than it's been for a while. We are also encouraged to be drawing new members from within the Bakersfield city limits -- think urban sprawl in newly minted 2X red shirts and you'll get the picture. Our Hangman Russ "Hole" Chapman has some special activities planned for these new candidates, and we can't wait to see him put them through their paces.

Hangman Hole is Perplexed by Pussy.

In keeping with PXL tradition, PBCs will be treated as our guests and will be able to join the brothers for the party on Friday Night, but all PBCs are expected to be of service from the time they land in Clamp to the time they leave. On Friday, PBCs are expected to help the older brothers who lack mobility set-up clamp. PBCs will also be expected to help erect the Space Alien Hospitality Lounge. But this is pretty light duty. Come Saturday morning, the initiation will begin in earnest, and PBCs will be cleaning, cooking and performing. They'll get their first class history lesson from our own, PXP Gene "Dickhead" Duncker, and will have to stand and deliver their requisite historical presentations and bribes before our Board of Graybeards and the assembled Brethren. Roadkill usually has better luck than a PXL PBC, but we expect them to have a good time anyway -- or else!

And remember, if you are sponsoring a PBC, make sure he downloads a current copy of the PXL PBC Handbook. There are things in there he'll be expected to know, and that's even before we fill his head with prevarications, half-truths and embarrassing scatological references. At PXL it's ok for our PBCs to wear black, but make sure yours isn't wearing RED! We'll make sure to fix that later on, as PBCs who survive the Hall of Comparative Ovations will receive a free T-Shirt along with their sheepskins and hatbands.

Jackass with Attitude, Commemorative T-Shirt.

We've made some minor but important changes to the PayPal sign-up page due to the switch from Minter Field to Camp Okihi. Minter Souvenirs are now Camp Okihi Souvenirs. If you preordered a Minter pin, you are entitled to your choice of a pair of Minter Wings, a 50th Anniversary Logo pin, or a refund.

The Infamous Yellow Cup.

As for the T-shirt, NGH Timbo Gillespie asked our brother Eli "F.E." Carrillo to do a complete redesign of our commemorative shirt and he has designed a doozie. It's the six-color Miner and Jackass pictured here, and includes a pocket bearing our 50th Anniversary Emblem. They sell for $20-$23, but if you preordered a Minter T-Shirt at $18, we will continue to honor your preorder at that price. This is a really beautiful design in limited quantities up to 4X so if you want one the time to order is now.

Another hot item is the 50th Anniversary "Yellow Cup" Coffee Mug which we ran out of at the Spring Doin's. Joe Szot has a few on hand, but if you want to make sure that he has one just for you, you need to preorder. In fact you can preorder any one of six mug designs. And don't fret about not having ordered any of these extra goodies when you signed-up. Just use this link to return to the Paypal Shopping Cart Page and order whatever you'd like.

NGHs: Anthony Hardage of sponsoring chapter Lucinda Jane Saunders and Bob Haines of Snake River.

Now enough of that commercial blather and on to more serious s__t. We've been hit with some very bad news over the last couple of weeks. Several of us went up to the Snake River Charter Doin's in Idaho, to celebrate with PXL Brother Bob Haines, who is the Humbug of Snake River, chapter 1811. (You can see the pictures here.) It was a great time with one really, really BAD exception. Our Humbug, Timbo Gillespie shattered his wrist late Friday night, and spent most of Saturday in the emergency room where they were unable to set the break. Tim wasn't due to fly out of Boise until Monday night but ended up cutting his trip short and flying home late Sunday afternoon in need of surgery.

PXL's Tom Gray, NGH Timbo Gillespie and Medium Green Mike Ramirez.

To make matters worse, Timbo is self-employed and has no health insurance. With much effort and time, Brother Tom Gray worked some of his legal magic and was able to find a surgeon who was willing to take a lien against any insurance settlement. And that's the good news. The bad news is that it's taken two weeks for Tim to get his wrist operated on, and he is in a LOT of PAIN. And not just in the wrist. The price tag on this surgery -- not counting preliminary treatments and testing -- is $30,000, and Tim's employment as a 1st Class, safe-cracking locksmith is the kind of physical job that requires two hands and a lot of muscle. And then there is the doin's . . . where, of course, Tim is not only the Humbug, he is also the cook.

Fortunately we have Brothers who can step up to help the chapter and fill-in at a time like this so long as Timbo is able to supervise. Several brother from Orange, along with some of Vaquero's Posse, especially Joe Smalls, are going to help out with prep, purchase and execution of the weekend's cuisine, making sure that Gumbo a la Timbo is still going to happen along with those humongous ribeyes. So don't forget to wish Timbo a speedy recovery. He's worked hard at being Humbug this season and he deserves a break - just not the kind that happened at Snake River.

XNGH Steve Born.

On a sadder note, we are informed by XSNGH Glenn Thornhill that PXL XNGH Steve Born has cancer and continues to decline. Steve was Humbug in 2005 and was responsible for starting our first website. He is also a current member of the By Laws Committee. Steve has entered hospice care at an assisted living facility in Burbank. If you are a friend of Steve's and would like to visit, email or talk to him by phone, he can be reached at Le Bleu Chateau, 1900 Grismer Avenue, Burbank, CA 91504, or at, or by cell: (818) 360-8529. We wish Steve all the best. Your most sincere prayers are requested for our Brother.

Finally our apologies for scheduling this doin's during the Jewish High Holy Days. This is not something we are in the habit of doing. All we can say is that we are sorry for the sloppy way this happened but we were caught with our pants down when the guy who began the year as Humbug resigned without having set a date for the Fall Doin's. By the time we were able to gather up the pieces this was the only open date left in our part of California. The Legendary Big Al Cohan.

Our brother, "The Legendary Big Al" Cohen, who was born on Yom Kippur puts it this way, "Mike, sadly… I am sorry to say that I can't go clamping over Yom Kippur. Not this year, not any year especially after the gift of cancer I got from the Boss. Then cured a few months later."

Now understand that in the spirit of the season Al isn't holding any of this against us because Yom Kippur is about reflection, atonement and asking the Lord's forgiveness, and who isn't in need of that? And with a little luck we may even see Al come by on Sunday Morning to say "Hi," and to wish us well.

Shalom, and see you all soon. Keep an eye on Peter's Board for further updates.

Email MGM.




Posted - 9.6.11 (6016)

PXL's First '1st Annual Yucca-Off!'

Hello fellow Cloggites and welcome to this very important update to the PXL CLOG. We are still on for the weekend of October 7-9, when we will be hosting our 50th Anniversary Fall Doin's, at Camp Okihi north of Bakersfield. This was a necessary change from our previous plans to plaque and Clamp Minter Field in Shafter, but we feel it is one for the better.

Peter Lebeck held its charter doin's at Camp Okihi back in 1962, so this is a very appropriate and nostalgic place to have the final overnight Clampout of out Golden Anniversary Year. The Clampsite borders the Kern River, has perimeter space where we can park RVs, and has a lawn, a fire pit, trees and picnic benches, all of which should make Camp Okihi a splendiferous place to Clamp.

Friday Night's Gumbo.

We're determined to make this an extra special Doin's. Friday Night we'll be having Cajun Style Gumbo with "pain français," a most superlative tableaux to get us ready for PXL's First "1st Annual Yucca-Off." Russ "Hole" Chapman has bribed the border brothers at the Home Depot and will be bringing the Space Alien Welcome Lounge to the party ("Welcome Aliens!"). And Timbo will be cutting off one of those one pound, hand-cut Ribeyes, just for you! And of course who can forget those PXL Super Beans, a pot of goodness so yummy that they won consecutive awards at the LSD Bean Feed in Auburn.

As for PBCs, "Hole" has been licking his chops for six months now, so don't disappoint you friends who are just dying to become redshirts. Our Hangman's tender mercies are to be appreciated by one and all. Just check out the movie in the jackass space at the top of the CLOG.

PXL's Handcut Ribeyes!

So whatever happened to Minter Field? Well we can sum it up in one word. "Politics." While our guys did a great job scouting the site, and it seemed that we were welcome by the community, the airport district on whose land we would have been erecting the monument and the City of Shafter had some unsettled business which caused us to lose our erection.

It turns out that a few years ago the City of Shafter annexed the land occupied by the airport as a way to gain additional tax revenue; while at the same time the airport continued to be owned and run by a political entity independent of the city called an "Airport District." In the time that these two have been joined at the hip they have never fully sorted out their power relationship and PXL ended up getting caught in the crossfire.

Award Winning 'Super Beans!'

At first we were warmly welcomed by the airport, and it gave us permission to plaque the entrance to Minter Field and to Clamp on the old KOA Campground owned by the airport district. The site had shade and was directly across the street from Minter Field. Plus our monument would have been a "gate keeper," backed by a vintage WWII aircraft. But then Shafter told the airport that it was denying us a "conditional use permit" for the KOA, and suggested that we could have a permit at "no cost" if we wanted to Clamp on a hardscrabble spot at the airport with no trees, no shade, no water, just dirt.

Even that wasn't a deal breaker so long as we would have been assured by the airport that our monument would go in the ground in a timely fashion and our dedication and plaquing would not be interfered with by the city. That would have required the airport to pick-up the phone and call city hall, but when it came down to that, the airport got cold feet and bailed.

Space Aliens Welcome!

In fairness to the airport, I think if we had had an extra two months we could have worked through these problems, and gone forward with our plaque, but that's how it is when you're playing catch-up. The guys tried hard, and Timbo and his crew, along with "Sawdust," "CCF," "Hoss" and "Fury," deserve credit for trying as hard as they have in such extenuating circumstances.

And just in case you haven't figured it out by now, the work party previously scheduled for September 17, 2011, is CANCELLED.

Minter Field went Bye-Bye!'

Anyway, the loss of Minter threw me for a loop, and I'll be working to modify the website to reflect our new plans, so bear with me. I'll be headed for Idaho this weekend for the Snake River Charter Doin's which limits my time even more (not to mention that I still have to work). But the big pieces of the website are functional. You can download the new version of the flyer from the Fall Doin's Page, as well as pre-register and pre-pay using PayPal. Remember you save $10 off the gate price for you and your PBC if your rub is in our hands by September 30th. And if you are on our snail mail list you should be getting the revised, hard copy version of the flyer and Peter's Procs by the end of the week.

Check back often for updates. Peace Out !!!

Email MGM.




Posted - 8.22.11 (6016)

Russ's Cute Little Ass

Howdy boys, it's time for another episode of the Peter Lebeck CLOG! Only this time it's being presented by that shameless 50th Anniversary PXL Hangman, Russ "Hole" Chapman. That's me -- with the cute little ass.

In this chapter, Peter's posse is planning to produce much perspiration in preparing the prospective property for our potent and prolific fall doin's, and guess what? I'm in charge of the work detail. So listen up, Bro's!

Big Red, front view.

On Saturday, September 17, 2011, all PXL Members and friends are summoned to form Peter's Work Posse, which will gather at the retired KOA campground adjacent to Minter Field, Shafter, CA. While under the direction of the Hangman (me) and his trusty Vigilantes (them), the posse will range far and wide across the KOA to prepare the land for the forthcoming horde of brethren. Bring your blades of destruction; bring your steeds of labor; bring your ropes and chains. Weeds will be whacked, limbs will be amputated, trash will be thrown out, and roads will be cleared. In the end, there will be piles of dead & dying vegetation and a posse of sweaty, dusy, smirking but satisfied looking posseites looking for allergy relief - so bring your Benadryl. The Humbug also says he'll be having a short meeting afterward so bring your last minute ideas and concerns for the fall doin's 'cuz it's gonna be a great one.

Big Red, side view.

I'll be there at 0700 to beat the heat, but we'll probably be there past noon. So showing up late is better than not, but showing up early is smart. In other words, Hole says, "Get your ass out to Minter on 9/17/11." Take the 99 to the Lerdo Highway exit (about 12 miles north of downtown Bakersfield). Go west for about 1 mile to the Vultee T-intersection. The KOA will be on your left.

Now for a preview of our next episode: PXLs 50th Fall Doin's, a veritable extravaganza of hedonistic and historical pleasures. You should check the Fall Doin's Page for specific details, but here are the highlights:

--Timbo's Cajun Gumbo and French bread.

--The 1st Annual Yucca-off, judged by dignitaries from the Apron and the Kilt Clans¦ Iggy and Warthog.

--If you think you see a UFO in camp, don't worry, our friends were granted Territory status this year (at least that's what I heard on late-night radio while the lights were flashing.

--Education for those who seek enlightenment: In keeping with the spirit of the aviation cadet experience, our PBCs will be expected to demonstrate both mental and manual dexterity in team competition.

--Retreads will be pitted against PBC to see which group can do the most justice to the old Army Air Corps song, "Off We Go Into the Wild Blue Yonder." Here's a link to the lyrics: Learn 'em, live 'em, sing 'em.

--Plaquing of Minter Field with rides to & fro' in Big Red.


Ron Moen.

The State of California has put Fort Tejon State Historical Park on the list of parks to be closed next year. The Fort Tejon Historical Association has the strongest ongoing connection to the park and has put in a bid to take over when the park is shut down. That means that right now, the only way to save the Fort is to have as many people join FTHA as soon as possible. If we can increase the association's numbers the folks in Sacramento might take this bid seriously and name FTHA as caretaker for the Fort instead of just giving it back to nature. If you'd like to help, join the association and send the form letter provided at the FTHA website. Coca Cola is also offering $100,000 for the State Park that receives the most votes on Coca Cola's website. Out of over 400 parks, Ft. Tejon is hovering at around number 23. You can vote multiple times per visit, but the contest ends in September so you need to vote now! As I write this it's a coin toss whether the Fort can be saved. - Ron "Schnapps" Moen.

Posted - 7.16.11 - By NGH Timbo Gillespie (6016)

Timbo's Spin Cycle. Important Notice!

Hidy Ho, Bros, and welcome to the latest edition of the Peter Lebeck CLOG. With all of the hooraw, kerfluffle, balderdash and whatnot that have been occurring, we figured an update was in order. Also an important note: since we pretty well have our ducks in order at this point, the meeting in Frazier Park, planned for July 24th, has been canceled!

Why do you ask? Well, it's because the Fall Doin's is set! And the good news is that you can mark your calendars for October 7th through 9th when we'll be Clamping and plaquing Minter Field in Shafter, California. It's just off Highway 99, west of Bakersfield, and it's a site chock full of historical significance. It served as a major training ground for over 17,000 WWII pilots and airmen, and is one of the birthplaces of racial integration of our armed forces. There is a museum at the airfield dedicated to its history and a number of prospective PBCs, as well.


Both the Minter-Shafter Airport District and the Minter Field Museum have made us feel welcome, and hopefully we can return the favor by drawing attention to this important historical site right in our own backyard. An ECV plaque will be just the thing, and with a few positive press releases we should get a good vibe and some good publicity that will benefit all of us.

Minter Welcomes Redshirts.

So is there a catch? Well, yes and no. The airport district owns the defunct KOA site across Lerdo Highway, and has offered to let us Clamp there for free, but the Clampsite is going to need some work to make sure that we can Clamp safely. It's mainly grunt work clearing debris and cutting fallen tree limbs, but we need to make our site as hospitable as possible, and since it isn't costing us anything but some sweat, it'll make Joe happy.

Minter Loves History!

So instead of a meeting where we just talk about the doin's we're hoping to entice you to join us for a work party in mid-September that will get us ready for a most MAR-VEL-OUS, PAR-TAY!

Being as this is still our 50th Anniversary year, I've decided that we need to make this Clamp, really, Really, REALLY -- SPECIAL. First off, our usual Friday night slop will be replaced by a big old pot of awesome GUMBO! And I mean complete with crusty French bread suitable for soppin' up some of the best stew you are ever going to eat in your life! Mon Dieu! Who knew? And keep in mind that that will be meal number one of four plus a continental breakfast on Sunday.

Warthog does approve!

After making your belly happy with Creole, we will commence our First "1st Annual Yucca-off." That's not a typo, Bro', because our Spring '12 Doin's will feature our Second "1st Annual Yucca-off." After all, who want to be 2nd when you can always be first?

So grab your gallon jars, your towels, and all of your other Yucca accoutrements, and prepares to compete in the most important, splendiferous, Cactus Juice Contest around. And just to make sure everything goes according to the unplanned, our good friend and Brother, David "Warthog" Otero, Keeper of the Yucca, will serve as Yucca Master and Chief Adjudicator. A group of qualified judges will be suitably empanelled but we make no promises as to their sobriety by the time the judging is over. So do your best. We'll do the rest.

The Humbug lost his button.  Quite a spin, wouldn't you say? Grand Impurturbable Hangman, Hole der 1st!

On a less serious note, our Brother HOLE (Grand Impurturbable Hangman Russ "Hole der 1st" Chapman), is preparing a most splendiferous initiation for those lucky enough to be registered as Poor Blind Candidates for this final 50th Anniversary Doin's. The Rumor is that he will be bringing a few surprises, not the least of them being a reasonable facsimile of a flying saucer suitable for attracting space aliens. He'll need a few PBC's to help him "get it up," so to speak, so your best efforts will be appreciated by all in attendance. A great Hangman is a terrible thing to waste.

On a more serious note, we are continuing to rethink how the chapter's bylaws and the roles performed by our officers can best be structured to keep our chapter growing into the 21st Century. Some of that will eventually require a vote of the membership, but as Humbug there are still some things I can do to help this process along, and that includes restructuring the non-constitutional offices like Hangman, Bartender, Cyberrecorder, and Hawker, and also creating new positions that will address the current needs of the chapter.

The Humbug lost his button.  Quite a spin, wouldn't you say? Clamps Hostrix, Louie Bouza

To that end I've abolished the office of "Bartender," and created the office of "Clamps Hostrix." As you all know PXL is a "dry chapter" in that we don't supply alcoholic beverages to our members, but what we do need is a master of ceremonies who can not only honcho the hospitality center (formerly known as "the bar"), but also greet new members, run special events at our doin's, and make sure that the doin's runs smoothly and on time. Surprise of surprises, Luis "Vaquero" Bouza is our new Clamps Hostrix.

The Humbug lost his button.  Quite a spin, wouldn't you say? Clamps Rolestrix, Tom Gray

We also have a need to recruit quality members and to come up with attractive events that will encourage brothers to attend our doin's, so it only make sense that we create an office to fill that gap. So I'd like to welcome Tom Gray, who will occupy the new office of "Clamps Rolestrix." Tom will be responsible for a variety of functions, but his main job will be encouraging and aiding the brethren in recruiting PBCs. As you know, new members are the lifeblood of any organization. Tom's dynamic personality will help greatly in this effort, and we look forward to having large numbers of newbies to usher into the light. Tom will welcome any help or suggestions you may have to offer.

The Humbug lost his button.  Quite a spin, wouldn't you say? Clamps Thespian, Gene Duncker

I have also created the office of "Royal Clamps Thespian" for a worthy brother who will be in charge of the HOCO Ritual Team. He'll be making use of our ability to practice via conference calls so that our HOCO will be memorable to all who pass through the gates of our hall. And who better to fill that position than our own, Gene "Dickhead" Duncker, who has graciously agreed to take charge of this project.

Now, is there a one of you who can say, "Gloriously Gilded or Ignominiously Gelded," three times, really, really, fast? If so, you need to give Gene a call and volunteer for the HOCO Committee. The footlights await!

Lastly we are still planning for a second, 50th Anniversary plaquing of a historic site in Downtown Bakersfield, hopefully in November, to be followed by a dinner at a nearby restaurant where we can all reminisce, tell lies and do all the other things that Clampers do so well.

Things are coming together quickly, so keep your eyes on these pages for updates, insults, chicanery, and contumacy. And don't forget to check Peter's Board. You might even find it…SATISFACTORY!

Email Timbo.





Posted - 6.26.11 (6016)

Timbo goes for a second spin cycle as Humbug.  Quite a spin, wouldn't you say? Timbo goes for a second spin cycle as Humbug.  Quite a spin, wouldn't you say?

CONGRATULATIONS TIMBO! By acclamation of all Graybeards present, Timbo Gillespie was elected our new 2011 PXL Humbug.

It was also decided that Tim will be officially listed as our PXL Humbug going back to the beginning of the 2011 Clamp year, and upon completion of this second term will be entitled to the designation of "XXNGH." This vote was also by acclamation and without a single dissenting voice vote.


Timbo Gillespie.

Greetings to each and every one of My Brothers -

I would like to thank the Greybeards of Peter Lebeck for the trust they have placed in me by electing me Humbug for 2011. It is not a position I take lightly, and I'm truly gratified to have the help and support of our members.

From our most recent meeting and our teleconference it is clear to me that we have a great and dedicated group of members and XNGHs that will help me in the myriad of tasks required to ensure that we'll wrap up our 50th anniversary year in grand Clamper style. The plan at this point is to have a plaquing that will be separate from our Fall Doin's. This will serve two functions. It will allow us to have a single day event that your widders and orphans can attend, and we'll follow up our dedication with either a picnic or perhaps a dinner at one of Bakersfield's great Basque restaurants. For those wishing to overnight it, Jim "Fury" Bailey believes he can hook us up with a great room rate at one of the hotels he manages. The second benefit from having a separate plaquing will be that we can have a relaxed and fun Fall Doin's without the attendant hassle of plaquing at the same time.

VNGH "Medium Green Mike" Ramirez and I are hard at work locating a suitable site for an erection. XNGHs Bob "CCF" Clemensson and Don "Sawdust" Johnson are scouting potential Clampsites. Any and all suggestions, ideas, or whatever else you may cough up are more than welcome. You can reach me through this site, at or at (714) 936-8650.

Joe "Smalls" Rivera, Kevin "Yeti" Oviatt, and some of the rest of Luis "Vaquero" Bouza's band of merry misfits are going to be helping out in the kitchen, leaving yours truly more time to strut around and look officious. Hat's off to you guys for helping with the grunt work!

Again, any input the members have about making the remainder of our 50th year as an ECV chapter special will be appreciated. Keep your eyes on this site for frequent updates as we make progress. What say the Brethren?

Tim "Ptomaine Ptimbo" Gillespie
NGH - - 2011


Posted - 6.23.11 (6016)

Important Notice! Important Notice!

Hello Brother Clogites. Just a few quick notes here, the most important one being to remind you about this Sunday's Graybeards Meeting. The 'Beards will be selecting someone to complete the term of the guy who recently resigned the office of PXL Humbug. All interested members of Peter Lebeck are invited to be present to watch the mucky-mucks demuckifacate, cogitate, pontificate, selectionate and celebrate the elevation of some worthy brother to lead us through the rest of our 50th year as an ECV Chapter.

So be there, Sunday June 26, 2011, at 1:00 p.m., at La Sierra Mexican Restaurant, 3500 Mount Pinos Way, Frazier Park, CA 93225. (866) 443-7719. It's in the town of Frazier Park and we've reserved the back room where both food and bar service are available, so bring your burrito money.

The Humbug lost his button.  Quite a spin, wouldn't you say?

We also owe you all a couple of reports. One from Grand Council weekend and the other from the Umpua Joe Charter Doin's up near Grants Pass, Oregon. But since I wimped out and didn't go, I'm going to have to rely on the words of a couple of my brothers for eyewitness accounts.

Grand Council officially met the weekend of May 20-22, 2011, at Sonora, California. For those of you who are new to Clamping, "GC" is the official annual meeting of the Board of Proctors, which is the governing body of E Clampus Vitus, Inc. Grand Council is also an excuse to gathering all living (as opposed to embalmed) past and present Humbugs of the various chapters of ECV, with much merry making and celebrating amongst the brethren and their widders.

Here's Clampatriarch Timbo Gillespie reports on PXL's participation at GC:

Timbo Gillespie.

"Peter Lebeck 1866 was well represented at Grand Council in Sonora last month. Past Proctor Gene "DH" Duncker, the Lovely Lumpy, NGH Ron Naucke [now resigned] and Widder of the year Jolinda Naucke, XNGH Donny and Jeannie Johnson, Russ Chapman, and XNGHs Jim Adams, Joe Szot, and Bob "Damn It the Cubs Lost" Clemensson, were all there to ensure that all of our Northern Brethren wouldn't forget that the South had risen again.

"The Friday night Kenny G. Young Memorial Spaghetti feed was well received as usual with a lot of the Brothers stopping by on Saturday to lunch on leftovers. The weather cooperated well, with highs in the 70s. Although attendance was down about 30%, most likely due to high gas prices, even Big Oil couldn't keep our Clampers down.

"Russ 'Hole' Chapman made the Peter Lebeck camping area the center of attention with his neon PXL 'vest on a stick,' perched at the top of Hole's traveling flagpole. What a great addition to our chapter to have someone with that much time on his hands! Actually Hole, just kiddin,' though we do intend to nominate you for PXL Seamstress of the Year. Check out this retread video of Russ's vest. That Bro' can sew!

"PXP DH Duncker reports that although the hospitality rooms were somewhat quieter than in prior years, the mood overall was up from the past few years. With no Charters under threat of being pulled, brotherhood seems to have once again become the order of the day. Outgoing Sublime Grand Noble Humbug Glenn Thornhill even got to use the PXL site for some R & R when he wasn't tied down with meetings.

"So, all in all, a good showing and a good time for those Peter Lebeckers fortunate enough to be able to go. Well done, lads and lasses! Once again, PXL boogies in Sonora!"


The Humbug lost his button.  Quite a spin, wouldn't you say?

On the political side Grand Council weekend also means that the proctors elect a new Sublime Noble Grand Humbug and the proctors go into rotation. Each board member serves a limited term. This year we tragically lost Proctor Gene Brown of Slim Princess to injuries sustained in a traffic accident that happened while Gene was taking his wife to the hospital.

You'll also recall from our CLOG posts that the proctors continue to wrestle with problems caused by chapters whose charters have been revoked, and by infringements of our copyrights. There was even talk of raising money for a "legal defense fund." Then there was that business at Norton Day about Growlersberg going rogue and telling the Board of Proctors to 'stick it' - which turned out to be a hoax carried out without the knowledge of the guys in charge at Growlersberg.

Our Brother Dan "Chunky Tuna" McCormick from Doc Maynard up in Washington, has this report:

Dan 'Chunky Tuna' McCormick.

"[T]here was a good turnout of Grand Council Members this year and there was a very positive vibe the whole weekend! By Sublime Decree the new incoming Sublime Noble Grand Recorder is Fred 'Suds' Ludemann. There was one new proctor appointed, Brian Nash. It was determined it was too soon to appoint someone to fill XSNGH Gene Browns proctor position after his sudden passing Monday, May 16th, just a few days before Grand Council, so his position is currently vacant and will be addressed at the TRASH Trek in July.

"One of the most anticipated discussions was about a possible Grand Council fee increases to $200 per year, and possible new fee of $10 per PBC's. It was decided that there would be no increase in Grand Council fees and no per PBC fee would be imposed.

"Members of the current board of Growlersberg Chapter No. 86 submitted all information requested by Grand Council, and then requested to have its Chapter status reinstated. The board unanimously approved the request and Growlersberg is now back to full chapter status.

"There was once again discussion on the importance of insurance and liabilities. We should all understand that these discussions have the best interests in mind for all brothers. The insurance is there to protect all of us!

"There were some other issues discussed but those were the highlights. Our good friend Dingle even made an appearance! All in all it was a great week-end with a lot of good brothers!

"Last and least important was the advancement of Gary 'Frijole Counter' Glud to SNGH and Bob 'Roadkill' Romer to Nameless. After the announcement XSNGH Glenn Thornhill was reportedly seen pointing and laughing as he left the building."


 Humbug Keith 'Longhorn' Long is presented with JD by TG for PXL.

Lastly we do have something to say about the Umpqua Joe chartering which occurred the weekend of June 10, 2011. There were over 300 Brethren in attendance to witness Humbug Keith "Longhorn" Long accept the legal formalities on behalf of his new chapter, Umpqua Joe #1859. It was a most satisfactory affair. Several of our Brothers from Peter Lebeck made the trip up to Gray's Ranch in Oregon including Bob Clemensson, Jim Adams, Charles Topping,Tom Gray and Russ "Hole" Chapman. On behalf of Peter Lebeck chapter, Tom even presented Humbug Keith Long with a bottle of Jack Daniels, for medicinal purposes only of course. It was most cordially accepted, and we congratulate all the guys at UJ for a job well done.

To read a more detailed account, don't miss the latest edition of the Doc Maynard Fool's Gold Newsletter. It's not only full o' facts, it's "thoroughly illustrated," with lots o' purdy piturs if you don't like to reed 2 much.

See you at Sunday's meeting.

Email MGM.





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