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Cool Ride?

From Doc Charter's Memorial


Posted - 5.7.12

Doc Charter Memorial.

There will be two memorial services for our departed Brother Dale "Doc" Charter, the first one being this coming Saturday, May 12th in Wofford Heights south of Kernville at the Elks Lodge at 6901 Wofford Heights Blvd, Wofford Heights, CA 93285. (760) 376-6564. This service starts at 11:00 a.m. and will host Dale's friends, neighbors and family. It is the easiest service to reach if you live in Kern County.

Dale's second memorial will be the following Saturday, May 19th in Rialto at the Sunrise Church, 2759 Ayala Drive, Rialto, CA 92377. (909) 875-5566. It will be hosted by the Rialto Firefighter's Association with a reception to follow at the nearby home of Dale's daughter Tricia. Dale was a Vietnam Veteran and retired as a crew chief and paramedic from the Rialto Fire Department. Honors will be in accord with these traditions. This service starts at 1:00 p.m.

Doc was very proud to have been a member of E Clampus Vitus, and he served as Noble Grand Humbug of Peter Lebeck chapter in 2009. While I realize that the Rialto service is the same weekend as Grand Council, Dale's Widder, Marti Charter has asked us to attend both memorials if we can, and to dress in our best Clamper Regalia. A representative from Peter Lebeck will be speaking at both services.

Marti Charter.


Marti Says, "Thanks for all you love and support! I would really love to see you there. If you have more questions please call me at 805-709-7218 or 760-376-2196. Thank you all for caring! -- Marti"


Use the links below to access Yahoo Maps for each location then click on "get directions" and type in your address.


For Wofford Heights:

From Hwy 178 take the exit north towards Kernville (CA Hwy 155). Wofford Heights is about 6 miles up the road. The Elks is on the right-hand side; big red wood building, just past the Chevron station.

For Rialto:

Exit the Foothill Freeway (Hwy 210) at exit #70 and head north on West Ayala Drive for about one mile. The church will be on your right before Ayala T-Intersects with North Riverside Avenue.

--MGM, PXL NGH #51



Posted - 4.26.12

Click on Joe's Nose for the Flyer.

Peter Lebeck's 2012 Spring Clampout starts tomorrow but the Clampground opens today at noon. So pack up 'yer Jack, Jenny, Murgatroid or Elvis, and get your animal up to Inyokern for a good time and a firm erection! DWC (Dickhead Weather Central) is predicting some great weather with plenty of sunshine and daytime highs in the mid-70's to 80's, and nighttime lows of about 50 degrees.

The food will be great, with Chile Verde served Friday Night to keep you warm, and three more meals on Saturday including our famous Ribeye Dinner complete with all the fixin's.

And if that isn't enough abuse for you, make sure to make it to the Friday Night's CLONG SHOW -- a perfect time to display your talent (or lack of it), and a golden opportunity to show your PBC why paying the rub wasn't such a hot idea. And once he's finally earned that Redshirt, we'll even let our newly minted Brother buy raffle tickets fo Saturday Night's raffle, and go "Gazing with the Stars with Tom." That'll really teach him!

But seriously, Bro's, a PXL Clampout is some of the most fun you can have with your pants on. We're calling this one "Return to Walker Pass," in light of Sunday's planned rededication of our previously desecrated monument to Joseph Rutherford Walker, at the summit of Walker Pass. So won't you join us for this one? We're freeway close and we've got all the beans you can eat. Just click here or on Joe Walker's face to download the flyer.

Email MGM.

--MGM, PXL NGH #51



Addendum -- Posted - 4.21.12

The PXL Paw. The PXL Paw.

The Passing of Doc Charter. "It is with sadness that I must tell you that Dale passed away at 1:30 today. There will be a memorial service for him at the Elks Hall in Wofford Heights for those that may want to attend here and also a memorial service in Rialto that the fire department will be hosting for me. Dates are pending as to both. I will let you know when I know. If anyone wants to make a donation, please do so by sending something to San Joaquin Memorial Hospital's new Cancer Center.

"Dale was diagnosed 10 days ago, and it was so fast that it is hard to realize. It's all so surreal. I will let all of you know when the services are so you may attend if you so choose. -- Love in Jesus!     Marti"

Posted - 4.20.12

Long May it Wave!

Hello Cloggites, and welcome to the "Just before the spring doin's" Edition of the PXL CLOG. This is a particularly difficult CLOG to write because there is a good deal of sadness to discuss and not just the corny drivel I'm usually spewing about this time to get you to prepay and show up to our Spring Doin's. In fact it's damn hard.

XNGH Dale 'Doc' Charter.

It turns out that just last week our good friend and Brother, XNGH Dale "Doc" Charter was diagnosed with end stage pancreatic cancer and given 2 weeks to 2 months to live. After discussing the matter with his wife Marti, Doc decided against aggressive treatment and is now at home in hospice care. The Doc we know is still there, and can recognize his friends and family, but he has had three strokes just since last week and can no longer carry on a full conversation. If you would like to say goodbye to Doc, now would be the time because he will very soon be leaving us for to the Golden Hills.

Doc has a great love for Clampers and Clamping. He is one of the wisest men I have ever known, and there is not a single Brother among us who could not look to Doc for a friendly hand and a solid word of advice. Even after learning of his condition he still intended to make it to next week's doin's and planned to sponsor several PBCs. There's no way he will make it now except in spirit, and we will miss him.

Someone's gotta do something about this guy's shirt before it falls off!

Doc's home phone number is (760) 376-2196, if you would like to wish him well or inquire about visiting him. You sentiments and you company will be appreciated by Doc and Marti.

It's hard to be light-hearted after that but now for the rest of the story.


Even Joe Walker Didn't Get Past the Bear.

Today, Friday April 20th, is the last day to postmark your prepay for the 2012 Peter Lebeck Spring Doin's in Inyokern, California, and qualify for the reduced, pre-pay rate. In fact, being as I'm the head sucker in charge for this shee-bang, so long as Donny finds your dust in our P.O.Box when he collects the mail on Monday AND you don't tell Dickhead, I'll honor the prepay rate for mail posted over the weekend.

And then just to be fair to those of you who can't tear yourselves away from your computers, I'll even leave the pre-pay rate up on the Paypal Portal until Sunday Night. But that's it! Everybody else pays an extra $10 at the door. Those big slabs of marbled Ribeyes we serve for Saturday dinner cost about $100 a piece and we take wasting food - especially the really good stuff - very seriously. Just check out the flyer.

And speaking of the good stuff. This isn't one of those Doin's where we can offer you palm trees, hula girls or froggy boys, but we can offer you some very, very good stuff to eat all weekend long, beginning on Friday night with Timbo and Smalls' "Pork Loin Chops in Chile Verde á la Mamma Mikee." Because what more could you expect from Medium Green Mike's Friday Night Mexican Dinner Clampstravaganza than a Chile Verde Combination to fire you up for what comes next?

Clamper. It's What's for Dinner.

Following Dinner you'll be invited to embarrass yourself among friends at the "CLONG SHOW." Bring a poem, a skit, a song or even just a funny joke or an interesting story. It's our way of encouraging camaraderie and absurdity among the Brethren. And if you brought a PBC, we'll definitely need at least a token contribution from your embryonic would-be Clamper. In fact to learn what they are in for from and what is required of them, make sure to visit the "details page" to download the PBC Handbook, sign-up and learn all about our Doin's.

Our Clampout does not officially start until Friday, but for those of you looking to head our way a day early the gates will open up on Thursday morning courtesy of our host, Bobby Daniels. We will have personnel on site but keep in mind that you are on your own until Friday. It's "BYOP" (bring your own potty) until the Honey Buckets get there on Thursday afternoon. Until then feel free to pee in the desert. Bring shade, water, food and firewood for your burn barrels. Feel free to stoke 'em if you've brought 'em, and don't forget to bring adult beverages for yourself and your fellow denizens of the desert if you're inclined to "nip the creature." We'll also be setting up in a "quiet side - party side" fashion, so choose your ground accordingly.

Mikee's 'No Snow' Guarantee.

So what's the latest word from "Dickhead Weather Central?" Well so far we're expecting pleasant, spring-like weather with a chance of showers for Friday and Saturday. That in itself is pretty remarkable because Inyokern is one of the driest places on the planet and boasts an average of 355 days of sunshine a year.

But no worries. A few clouds never hurt anybody and we are so confident about the weather on this trip and the coming good times, that our Spring Doin's comes with Medium Green Mikee's "No Snow Guarantee." And come Saturday Night, assuming the clouds cooperate and your eyeballs can still focus, we'll even do a little star gazing with Hangman Tom Gray. Now many of you are still perplexed that despite our most friendly invitation to Clamp Okihi, those little green men never did show-up to our Fall Doin's. But no matter. We did attract plenty of Redshirts, and any of them intent on watching out for space aliens on this trip will not be denied a turn at the telescope. Mikee's 'No Snow' Guarantee.

And lastly (and this is not to rag on our Central Valley Brethren), several of us did make it up to 14th Annual Tri-Chapter, held this year at Baker Ranch near Oakhurst. It turned out to be a great time, and getting out was easy, but getting in turned into a real mud fest as you can see from the picture of Gene and Donny yucking it up in the rain. Much thanks to the Brothers who pulled us out of the mud no less than four times to get us into the Clampsite. You'll want to click on the picture of Gene and Don, above to get a better look.

As for the weather, well it pretty much only rained on Friday, and those snowflakes the size of biscuits only lasted a couple of hour before being washed away, but it was some of the funkiest spring "sunshine" I have ever seen -- especially given that we never got above 2500 feet. Sunday we left in shirt sleeves.

Anyway, I don't expect anything like snow up at Inyokern unless somebody wants to buy some and truck it in, but I'm starting not to like surprises. See you next weekend. Email MGM.

--MGM, PXL NGH #51



Posted - 4.1.12

Someone's gotta do something about this guy's shirt before it falls off! Hole Contemplates Construction, 2012.

Thanks to all who made it to the top of Walker Pass for Saturday's Roll-up your sleeves Clamping Event. We had a grand time, great weather and a most satisfactory lunch! As you can see, Hole lead the construction team in his very own version of "The Concrete of Zen." Much thanks also to Humbug Ray Fox and Brother Steve Branch of Platrix for coming up to help and for their chapter's substantial financial contribution towards refurbishing this joint erection from 1963. A new CLOG will be up soon. Make sure to check the Clampdown! Page to see the Walker Pass Slideshow. It's viewable in 1080p HD. Next stop, Easter and Tri-Chapter weekend. --MGM


Posted - 3.28.12


Saturday morning we'll be meeting up at the top of Walker Pass to refurbish the Walker Pass Monument. We'd love to have you join us in his endeavor. Redshirts and their PBCs are welcome as well as anyone who is interested in learning about E Clampus Vitus and would like to meet the Brothers. We're planning on meeting up on the pass at 8 a.m. so if you're headed our way make sure to dress warmly. Bring gloves and bring tools. We'll be providing lunch for everyone willing to help with construction so if you're game drop me a quick note at so I can make sure you get your fair share of Carne Asada, fixin's and liquid refreshment. You'll enjoy the camaraderie. Trust me on that.
--MGM, PXL NGH #51



Posted -- 3.18.12

See the Plaque Design Proposed for the Restoration of the Monument.

Hello Brothers welcome back to the PXL CLOG and Happy St. Patrick's Day! This is a short post mainly because what we've got to say here this week is slathered on a whole bunch of other pages, starting with our Spring Doin's set for April 27-29 at Inyokern in the Mojave Desert. On Sunday we'll be celebrating the resurrection of our Plaque up on Walker Pass, but before we get there we'll be having a whole weekend's worth of Clamper Fun including PXL's Friday Night "CLONG SHOW."

So check out our Humbug's Electronic Invitation Page, and from there move on to visit the Official Announcement Page to download the flyer, sign-up online, and even link to Paypal where your plastic is as good as your dust. You'll find information about our Doin's, Initiation, PBC Handbook, Plaquing, GC Rules and other serious stuff. So check it out!

But before moving on make sure to read these two more quick notes. The renovation of our 1963 Walker Pass Monument Plaque is already underway, but most of the actual reconstruction will be done two weeks from now, Saturday March 31, 2012, starting at 8 a.m. All interested Brothers and their PBCs are invited to join our plucky work party at we gather at the top of Walker Pass to do the dirty deed. That means we'll also need tools, elbow grease and other stuff to get 'er done. We'd really appreciate your participation so if you are interested log-in to Peter's Board and following the "Monumental Work Party" thread on "PXL's 2012 Spring Doin's" Sub-board, and if you have no idea what the heck that means, just contact Brother Russ "Hole" Chapman at to volunteer.

Lastly, don't forget to check out the lushy little Leprechauns in the jackass space above (you always knew we called it that for a reason). And once you're done with that make sure to friend us on FACEBOOK. Just click on the "like" button on the left had edge of the page.

Hey, that's three quick notes, isn't it? So who ever sed Clampers could count?

Email MGM.

--MGM, PXL NGH #51



Posted - 2.26.12

PXL at the Whiskey Flat Parade, 2012.

Hello Cloggites and welcome back to another shamelessly scandalous edition of the PXL CLOG. As always It will be my most humble duty to explain all our most recent goings-on and to give you nothing but the 100% unvarnished truth, but on the other hand, if I didn't stick a whopper in there once in a while how the heck am I gonna keep you awake?

Staff, Doc and Pat Toppings.

So here goes…first of all, I want to thank all of our friends and Brothers who joined us up in Kernville this past Presidents' Day Weekend for the Whiskey Flat Parade. We weren't a big group but as always we left a good impression. The ladies looked marvelous in their 19th Century Finest and had a great time teasing the crowd of some 30,000 visitors -- while the guys looked like a bunch of disorderly tom cats. As for me, I was a total failure at Cat Herding 101. XNGH Don Johnson would give me a history of how our walking group had been organized in the past. I'd start to bark orders for how the guys should line up. And right about then I'd lose total control as our chivalrous Redshirts stepped up to help some Widder with her "wardrobe malfunction."

But I shouldn't have worried too much. As it turns out we are well loved and respected up in Kernville. Last year we won first place in our category; and this year, the announcer in the reviewing stands said lots of nice things about our being a certified (or was that "certifiable?") hysterical society. The crowd kept snapping lots of pictures of the Widders, and they truly couldn't resist taking pictures of Doc who was carrying our new - very, very impressive -- Staff of Relief. Much thanks to Charles Topping for his work on the Staff. I even got an honorable mention of my own as I overheard a little boy ask, "Mommy, mommy, why does that man have a dead raccoon on his shoulder?"

I guess he'll just have to wait 'til he's 21 to find out. (No point in explaining it to him then, his mother would probably have had me arrested).

Anyway thanks again to XNGH Doc Charter and his Widder Marti for setting this up and hosting our little ECV Tribe both during and after the parade. And just in case you're wondering, that picture up above is of Doc and our VNGH Russ "Hole" Chapman discussing the facts of life down in Doc's man cave. I suspect that Hole still has a lot to learn.

Jeannie with XNGH Don Johnson in tow.

Now for more "serious stuff…" While I was up celebrating at Doc's I was speaking to Jeannie Johnson and Marti Charter, who are asking to form a Peter Lebeck Widders' Auxiliary to help raise a little dust for the chapter. I personally think it's a great idea, and it's one more way to open up chapter participation - especially by our women.

We know Jeannie as someone dedicated to the cause as a she's a past Noble Grand Widder, and we know Marti to be dedicated 'cuz she puts up with Doc. Anyway these ladies point out that many of the wives of our newer members would like to have the opportunity to become more involved and would like to know how. Making crafts for sale at Grand Council is way, but another idea proposed by these two ladies is a family Clampweekend. Something not just for the Widders and Redshirts but for the entire family. Now to be fair to Doc, he's been talking about doing something like this for the last two years, and his proposal was for a Couples Doin's up at Camp Whitsett. The weather up in the pines forests above Kernville really is pleasant in August, but the road is treacherous for anyone with an RV. To solve that problem, Brother Hole and his Widder Cathy have volunteered the use of their place in Atascadero for a Mid-July Affair, but whether we can pull this off in 2012 really depends on how much interest there might be in a weekend family get-away.

Marti with XNGH Doc Charter in tow.

Another more likely possibility is a "Widders' Day Out, Stateline Turn-around" set for a Saturday when the boys are out Clamping. I'm not sure how the ladies would get to Nevada but I'm assuming that they wouldn't have to walk.

Anyway if you are a Clamper Widder with an interest in forming the new Peter Lebeck Auxiliary, email Marti at or Jeannie at They've even set up a private Facebook page for the new PXLA. Email Jeannie to gain access. They'll be looking forward to your responses.

Planning for our Spring Doin's is underway, so set your watches for April 27-29, when we'll be camping in the Mojave Desert east of Walker Pass, near Inyokern. This is going to be a very special event for us, and we especially want to invite all the desert chapters within hailing distance of the intersection of State Highways 14 and 178, to join us as we rededicate our first monument, erected in 1963, to celebrate the designation of Walker Pass a as National Historic Landmark.

The back story goes like this: The Sierra Nevada range runs north and south for hundreds of miles along the eastern edge of California with very few places to cross into California's interior from the Great Basin. Back in 1834, when California was still part of Mexico, Joseph Walker was probing the southern part of the Sierras when he discovered a mountain pass between the Kern River Valley and the Mojave. To be fair, even Walker gave credit to the local Indians on this one, but Kit Carson while testifying before Congress called it "Walker's Pass," and it's been Walker Pass ever since.

See the Plaque Design Proposed for the Restoration of the Monument.

I suppose they could have named it, the "Joe Convinced the Locals to Tell'im Where It Was Pass," but that's not quite as dramatic.

Anyway in 1963, the federal government's designation of Walker Pass in 1961 as a National Historic Landmark sparked the need for a commemoration, and this was where the Clampers fit right in. Back then Peter Lebeck was the brand new Kern County Chapter of E Clampus Vitus, and though we had been an official chapter for only two years, we had strong ties with Platrix #2, the Kern County Historical Society, Kern County Museum, and even the Bakersfield Californian; but even more importantly, we didn't yet have a plaque.

So somewhere around this time, a scheme was devised. The existing monument up on Walker Pass would be expanded using colored rocks, mortar, and Clamper Labor, and two plaques would be added: The official government plaque bearing the new national historic landmark designation and a second one by Peter Lebeck and Platrix, the Clamper Brothers who had worked together to augment the original monument.

The erection and the celebration were a success. In fact all was well until sometime before 2008, when the bronze Clamper plaque disappeared. My guess is that it just came loose since there are no tell-tale pry marks or other signs of vandalism where the plaque used to be.

Now if it were a matter of just replacing the plaque that would be no big deal as it's only about the size of a sheet of notebook paper, but the monument itself has suffered some serious deterioration. The portion that was added to display the plaques has held up pretty well, but the stairs appear to be a lost cause.

Walker Pass Monument in 2008.

Check out the pictures I've embedded here in the CLOG. The one on the right was taken by me back in 2008. The stairs still looked to be in pretty good shape despite being over 45 years old. The Clamper Plaque was already missing by then so what you're seeing in its place is a digital simulation.

Walker Pass Monument in 2012.

The picture on the left was taken just last week. No doubt the freezing temperatures at 5,200 feet and the encroaching vegetation have taken their toll on the stairs, but they also look like they were run over by a truck. The main part of the monument has also lost a stone from its face, so even the main part of the erection could use some tender loving care.

It appears that a work party is in order, most likely in March, but we are still assessing whether to do a full repair now or just tidy up a bit and put reconstruction of the stairs off until later in the year. April is out of the question because we have such a condensed calendar. We even had to change the date of our Spring Clampout from the weekend of April 13-15 so as to avoid conflicting with the Central Valley Tri-Chapter. Our original date had allowed us to avoid stepping on both Billy Holcomb and Platrix without going into May when the desert starts to heat-up. Our apologies to Platrix, but we ended up with our doin's on the same weekend as theirs, April 27-29, 2012.

That hardly means that we aren't inviting all of our Redshirted Brothers to join us for our first Clampout of the year. Peter Lebeck is not only a very friendly bunch of guys but we're also a great place to earn a redshirt. While our Brothers range from far and wide, we are especially looking to add members from the Bakersfield Area. So if you have a quality guy in mind - be he a Republican, Democrat or Sasquash -- toss him in the trunk and bring him along. Regardless of where he's from we'll definitely know what to do with him. In the meantime, keep an eye out for the flyer. We'll have it out soon, and don't forget that you can also get what you need off the PXL Website. You'll even be able to prepay using Paypal.

The Humbug lost his button.  Quite a spin, wouldn't you say?

Now for a little administrative stuff. We continue to work on a revision of the Bylaws including a total revamp of our Board of Trustees currently known as the "Noble Grand Graybeards." As presently set-up the Graybeards are responsible for selecting the Humbug and certain officers, as well as acting as a court when it becomes necessary to discipline members. In contrast the Humbug and the officers run the day to day workings of the chapter.

Tom Gray

At the last general meeting in Frazier Park, Tom Gray and I presented several options for reforming the Board of Graybeards, but there was a very strong consensus around the option of a seven man board comprised of the current Humbug, the three most recent ex-Humbugs, and the three Redshirts who would be elected from the membership at large. Redshirt positions would likely be for two year staggered terms, and any PXL Member in good standing could run for election including any ex-Humbug. The proposal that the Hawker and the Gold Dust Receiver be designated as ex officio members of the board was loudly rejected as posing a conflict of interest.

The plan would provide for stability while at the same time introduce a healthy dose of democracy to our board of directors. I was actually surprised that the idea of having an open election for board positions was so vocally supported by the Brothers given that we had had a non-elected board since our incorporation in 1980. Tom and I actually suggested putting restrictions on who could run, such as requiring sponsorship by a Graybeard, but the Brothers were adamant that if we were going to have an election we should open it up to everybody.

Happy Clampers at the PXL WIdder's Ball 2012.

So what now you ask? Well first we need to finish up the new Bylaws and put them to a ratification vote at a General Membership Meeting. We'll also need to take a census of who we are as a chapter so that we have a clearer idea of who is eligible to run and who is eligible to vote. Under the current rules, to be a member of PXL requires that a Brother come in through the HOCO, but the truth is that we have plenty of members who came to us from other chapters. They just felt the camaraderie at Peter Lebeck and adopted #1866 as their home.

The best way to sort this out is to just phone everybody listed on our attendance roster and ask them a few questions going to the issue of membership. I've asked Tom Gray, who is our Clamps Rolestrix, to be in charge of this project, but he's going to need a bunch of phone tree volunteers. So please be generous and donate two or three evening of your time on behalf of the chapter.

Russ Chapman

Normally I'd say that the whole point of all this work is to get us ready for voting for the board by way of mail-in balloting, but if we get this task out of the way sooner rather than later we'll also be able to personally remind our Brothers that they really should make time to join us for our Spring Doin's and to bring their favorite PBC.

Other things we are working on…Our VNGH Russ "Hole" Chapman has begun work our chapter's operations manual to be titled, "How to Serve Clamper - a PXL Cookbook." The idea behind this potential best seller is to create a set of role descriptions and checklists that will give each officer a firm head's-up as to what he is expected to do and how to make the chapter function smoothly. Or as I put it to Hole, "We gotta make it so simple that even a Clamper can do it."

Luis Bouza

Anyway, what I am asking of anyone who has spent time in the chairs is to be prepared to share your experiences with Hole as he puts this thing together. The last thing we ever want to see happen again is for a guy to take on a new office and have no idea - or worse, get no help - about what he's supposed to do next. We have way better things to spend our time and energy on than reinventing the wheel. So 'nuf sed about that.

Our GNR Luis "Vaquero" Bouza is working on organizing our documents and correspondence so that they can be scanned and put "in the cloud" -- which is geek speak for backing up our important papers in an electronic form that will eventually be accessible over the web. The learning curve is steep on this one, but we'd like to create an on-line locker where members and officers can access our records using a set of security level passwords. We're hoping that Vaquero's degree in computer science and his experience selling cloud based products will be a big help to us on this very, very ambitious project.

So that's all for now, but if you're wondering about the band you're heard here playing "Whiskey in the Jar," it's an Irish pop fusion band named "Celtic Thunder." They're very entertaining and seeing as how I "borrowed" their song for a few weeks you really ought to consider ordering their music on line. Here's a Youtube link to their videos: Peace out!

Email MGM.

--MGM, PXL NGH #51



Posted - 2.11.12

The Humbug lost his button.  Quite a spin, wouldn't you say? The Humbug lost his button.  Quite a spin, wouldn't you say?

Just a quick reminder that Peter Lebeck marches in this coming Saturday's Whiskey Flat Parade in Kernville. You are most welcome to join us. for further details just read the post immediately below this one where you'll find times, directions, a map and a link to the official Whiskey Flats Website and Newspaper. To contact our host, Doc Charter just give him a call at (760) 417-0599. See you there!



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