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Cool Ride?

Just Before Christmas 2012


Posted - 12.24.12 (Christmas Eve)

PXL Makes Great Flakes!

'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a Redshirt was stirring, not even to grouse. The stocking were hung by the Clampers with care, with memories of Timbo's great beans in the air! For while Clamping is gone with the season for now, it will quickly return with a startling KA-POW! So remember ol' Norton Day is not out of reach, and the PXL Widder's Ball is January 26, 2013!

Ok? SO I stink at rhyming stuff. But that doesn't prevent me from wishing you, your friends and families, on behalf of all your Brothers here at PXL, very Merry Christmas. Be safe, and may the season bring you stockings full of good times and good memories.

Now here's a treat for all of you who check the CLOG regularly. Make sure to check the Clampdown Page for a sneak peak at the Widders' Ball Invitation slide-show. I'll be putting it in a more prominent place soon. It will invoke a few poignant memories, and should also give those of you who have never been to the Ball a good look at what to expect. Merry Christmas!

Email MGM.

--MGM, PXL NGH #51



Posted - 12.21.12 (Mayan Apocalypse)

PXL Climbs Mayan Pyramids!

We want to interrupt this holiday season for this very important public service announcement. The end of the world, which was scheduled today for 11:12 a.m., has been postponed. If you are lucky enough to be reading this, then you'll know that there has been some kind of misunderstanding about the full meaning of the Mayan Apocalypse. Think of the end of "Baktun 13" as just another day in paradise. There are only 144,000 days in a Mayan Baktun unit and today is day 144,000. But since all Mayan calendars start with zero, day 144,000 does not really exist. Please do us both a favor and reset all of your stone calendars to "zero" to reflect the fact that today is the beginning of Baktun 14. Sorry, it's Friday, you still have to mow the lawn, and you still have to buy you mother-in-law a Christmas Present. We'll allow you a shot of Tequila in celebration, but please, no human sacrifice. Your mother-in-law will thank you for it.

The Management.

Posted - 12.08.12 (amended 12.11.12)

PXL Makes Great Flakes!

On behalf of your Brothers here at Peter Lebeck I'd like to wish all our ECV Brothers and their families best wishes during the holidays. Have a Happy New Year, Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Joyous Kwanzaa, and a Funky Saturnalia. Frankly I don't want to disparage anyone's holidays, but here at the CLOG we insist on a two holiday minimum. Personally, three or four is always better for me because there are choice leftovers I don't get to eat any other time of the year. Reheated latkes for breakfast. Killer tamales. Suckling pig. Turkey (redux). And don't forget the pancit!

Link to 2013 Widders' Ball Page!

But it's not like I cook all this stuff myself. You Redshirts must know that I'm not some kind of glutton or something. It' just that I expect you to invite me over to your house for dinner and send me off with a care package. Besides, that way I get more time to work on the CLOG. So grab an extra hefty tankard of wassail, and put another log on the Yule fire, 'cuz here we go!

First up is the Widders' Ball. It's coming up on Saturday, January 26th, and you're going to love what my vice -- and not incidentally, our incoming Humbug -- Russ "Hole" Chapman, has cooked up. There's a new location, improved menu and open bar, plus the much improved (and much shorter) Super Raffle. It's new, improved and Widder friendly, especially for Widders that like to dance.

You'll find plenty of details on our new 2013 Widders' Ball Page, along with links to the flyer, directions, and instructions about how to sign-up by mail, as well as links to our electronic sign-up and Paypal pages. So come on down, and bring your friends. You won't be disappointed. Just remember that space is limited to the first 100 Clampers and their guests so get your prepay and application in soon.

PXL Goes to Work at Fort Tejon!

Now for a little pottyroom philosophizing. I'd like to thank the Brothers who came by last Saturday to help out at Fort Tejón. Our work party was mostly a success. Timbo even managed to rescue our Peter Lebeck plaque from 1972, but I had hoped that we'd be able to complete the two unfinished PortaPotty structures that prompted Superintendent Bylin to call Peter Lebeck for help. Not having gotten them done likely means leaving this project unfinished until spring given how cold it gets at the top of the Grapvine as we drift into winter.

Unfortunately two things were working against us on Saturday. We didn't count on having to spend so much time fixing other people's awkward attempts at carpentry 101, and we just didn't have enough Redshirts to finish the job. With apologies to Jim Bailey, who scouted the project for us, of the seven guys who showed up to work on Saturday, only one was from Kern County.

Click to go to the Pictures!

As many of you have heard me say many times, I really look forward to the day when we'll have a critical mass of Redshirts in Kern willing to support regular PXL meetings and activities in and around Bakersfield. I've had more than one guy over the years tell me I'm nuts. But I don't think so, and I don't think we're as far away from that as some have believed. Don't get me wrong. I value all of our members - or as Doc liked to say, "We're Brothers, aren't we?" But it's also true that our membership numbers from within Kern are on a growth spurt and that has to be a good thing for the future of Peter Lebeck. As far as I'm concerned getting to where we ought to be is just a matter of two things - teaching our Brothers, especially our newer Brothers, to think differently about their role within the chapter; and giving everyone enough opportunities to express who they are and to show that they can contribute to the chapter in a meaningful way.

On that first point, I recall a story Hole told me about his having a little attitude adjusting talk with some of the Redshirts who were helping him during his turn as Hangman, and seeing almost an instant change in how they looked at the chapter.

Actually it makes a "Hole" lot of sense. It turns out that when guys come into a club like PXL, they tend to think of themselves as bystanders. Other guys know all the mysteries and the "new" guys tend see themselves as lucky just to hang around. It's an attitude that can be perpetuated for years, and it can suit a chapter's leaders if all they want to achieve is two Clampouts a year and don't want anyone else telling them what to do. There are chapters like that, but that isn't the course we've chosen for PXL. We want our chapter to grow, and to keep it vibrant we want everybody to participate. To do otherwise is a formula for decline.

So what Hole did was to invite these Brothers into the circle. He seriously asked them for input and ideas as to how to improve the initiation, and that caught them completely by surprise. Suddenly a light turned on. They had a say, and it was no longer "those guys's chapter," but "our guys's chapter," in a much more personal and proprietary way.

CLick here to find PXL on Facebook!

And if the chapter is something that belongs to you, you're going to want to take care of it. That's just human nature.

Which brings me to the second point. Events like the PortaPotty Project and rebuilding the monument up on Walker Pass aren't just work parties. They're ways for our Brothers to take personal ownership. Consider them your invitation into the circle. Work parties are like weight lifting for the Brothers within a chapter, they build moral fiber. By working together, we get to know each other, and our respective strengths and weaknesses. We becomes more capable as a group. Add regular meetings and we can become like Wonder Bread. And that is extremely important, because our plans for the future are to elect part of our board of trustees and to do more than just go camping twice a year. We are, after all, Clampers: Guardians of Kern's historical stuff, and keepers of the CQA. So stay tuned...and don't forget to make time for our events.

Annual Meeting is Coming!

Nearly last but hardly least, I have this very important reminder that our annual corporate meeting is coming up in January, most likely in Frazier Park. I'll be announcing the date shortly, but I'm aiming for Saturday January 12th, the week after Norton Day and two weeks before our Widders' Ball. Prior to the general meeting our Graybeards will meet to ratify our officers for next year. In the General meeting to follow, financial and other reports will be made to the general membership. If you have something you'd like placed on the agenda of either meeting, please email me or give me a call at 818-517-8781.

Lastly, for those of you who do Facebook, make sure to join the Peter Lebeck Group where you can jaw at each other without me getting in the way. Quite a few chapters are doing it, and it is one more way to stay connected as a group. Do a Facebook search for "PXL" or just click on the Facebook Icon on the right. Also Brother Steve "Muleskinner" Schermer is experimenting with podcasts which he's posting on the Grub Gulch website. His latest covers the hoopla surrounding the Norton Day Festivities. Just click on this link: See you soon.

Email MGM.

--MGM, PXL NGH #51



Posted - 11.30.12

PXL PortaPotty Project!

Just a final last minute reminder if you are interested in joining us tomorrow, Saturday, December 1, 2012, for the PXL PortaPotty Project.

We'll be up at Fort Tejón beginning 8 a.m., to complete work on the two PortaPotty Sheds pictured here, plus whatever other mischief we can get into. It should be a fun get together. If 8 a.m. is a little too early for you, come on by when you can. We'll be there.

To find us, take the road on the south side of the parking lot that leads into the park and follow it until you are behind the historic buildings. As you approach the camping area there's a service road to the right of the campground that leads up to the workshop and service area where the sheds are located.

Bring hand tools and an appetite. Expect the weather to be partly cloudy in the morning with a 10% chance of wetness. Temperatures will be in the low to mid 50's so dress accordingly. The chapter will be providing lunch, and I'll be providing something with which to wet your whistle. If you'd like to camp over on Saturday Night, you are most welcome. We are the guests of Stephen Bylin, the Fort Tejón Camp Superintendent.

See you there.

Email MGM.

--MGM, PXL NGH #51



Posted - 11.22.12

PXL wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello Brother, and welcome back to the PXL CLOG! On behalf of all your Brothers here at Peter Lebeck, we wish you and your family a pleasant, memorable and meaningful Thanksgiving.

We know all too well that the holidays can be a stressful time and their significance too easily lost in everything we have to do to get ready. So personally (meaning, in my humble opinion) I think it is most fitting that the season begins with a chance to reflect on the good things that have come to us over the past year. But if we stop there and go no further, then I think we will have missed an important moment to take stock of the past year's challenges and how they have made us stronger, better and richer in spirit.

Maybe for you it calls to mind that child that's gone off to college, or moved out to start her own family. Perhaps it's starting that new job after the economy has sucker punched you hard and forced you to regain your bearings. Or maybe it's the loss of family members or friends who have left us for the Golden Hills.

Thanksgiving invites us to remember that our spirits once took nourishment from so many good things that are now in our past. May they forever abide in fondest memory, and may whatever lies ahead in our futures yield their own goodly abundance. May we share together in all these great things, and may we share this grace unselfishly with each other.

If we can take some time this weekend between the munching and the shopping and the football to reflect on these matters of the heart, it will make it so much easier to enjoy the holidays and honor their meaning. Once again, may you and your loved ones have a Happy Thanksgiving.


Privey Objective!

Now on to chapter business, and a chance to help work off that Turkey Dinner. Please make the time if you can Saturday, December 1, 2012, one week after Thanksgiving Weekend, when we'll be up at Fort Tejon State Historical Park for a very special work party. The park needs our help making historical disguises for a pair of Porta-Pot-TAYS. It may seem silly, but it's really, really important, and here's why.

For an ECV Chapter, plaquing and educating the public about western history is a top priority, but we are also a civic organization. Or put another way, we should always be looking for ways to give back as a group to the greater community. At our meetings we have often discussed finding some community based project where Peter Lebeck might show its civic pride while at the same time strengthening the bond between our Brothers.

Broken Door!

In this spirit, many chapters get together to do community service -- whether it's cleaning up an old cemetery, organizing a "love ride" or some other thing; and now that Peter Lebeck is strong enough to do the same, we'd be showing the Citizens of Kern County that our chapter counts as much as it ever has, that we care about where we live as much as we care about preserving history.

So when this opportunity to help out at the Fort came up, it made a whole lot of sense to just say, "yes."

The state parks went through some serious financial upheavals in 2012, and things got so bad that Fort Tejon was put on the list of parks to be shut down. If you have never been there, you need to get familiar with this place. The park is situated in Grapevine Canyon, at the top of the Grapevine Pass, and is the site of a 19th Century U.S. Army Base. It protects several historic buildings, and it is where our Clampatriarch, Peter Lebeck, lies resting under a sacred oak.

Well the park crisis has been averted for now, but that hardly means there's much gravy to go around. For example, a few months ago vandals kicked in the front door of the historic Officers' Quarters, but instead of fixing it, the park had to board up the front entrance for lack of funds to complete the repair.

What door used to lookl like!

Looking around for money, our friend Stephen Bylin, who is the park's superintendent, hasn't found the money to fix the door, but last year was able to secure a small federal grant to pay for materials needed to spruce up the park. But when I say "materials," I mean stuff like wood, screws and nails. The hitch is that all the labor has to be provided by volunteers.

Stephen bid for the grant with the idea of building a couple of sheds and three of the PortaPotty Condoms pictured here. He bought the lumber and found a part-time volunteer who would do the framing and rough carpentry a bit at a time. Unfortunately about a third of the way through this project, Stephen's volunteer was called up for active military duty and is now serving our country in Afghanistan.

So I say, lets help out the park, honor a Vet, and plan on finishing the PortaPotty Condoms at a very special work party! Come Saturday morning, December 1, at 8 am, or as soon as you can get there, we'll be pitching in to finish disguising the water closets.

We'll also be scoping out the rest of the rough carpentry project, and a few other things that need to be done like fixing the front door of the Officers' Quarters and repairing our little brass plaque from 1972 that was nearly stolen from the parking lot last year.

Broken Plaque!

But top priority this trip is get the PortaPotty Comdoms completed.

For everyone who shows up to help, the chapter will be buying lunch, and I'll be providing the liquid refreshment myself. And if you'd like to stay over and have a few brews by the campfire at the end of the day, we will be able to camp out on Saturday Night to extend that warm fuzzy feeling of a job well done. Just keep in mind that it gets cold up there in early December.

As for what to bring...first of all, bring yourself. Next, bring handtools (the usual suspects, like hammers, saws, screwdrivers), battery operated electric drills-drivers, chargers, bits, measuring tools, saw horses, and extension cords. There is a table saw, radial arm saw and drill press on site.

If you are staying over, bring your camping gear, warm clothing, firewood and maybe a little Jack if you are so inclined. You can call or email me or Hole if you have questions. My number is 818-517-8781. I'll even add a thread on Peter's Board. See you there.

Email MGM.

--MGM, PXL NGH #51



Posted - 10.10.12 (amended 10.19.12)

Team Maggot Wins the Yucca-Off!
Ron Jeremy and Beerstein take 2nd, Luis Bouza takes 3rd in Yucc-Off!

Hello Cloggites, and welcome back to the PXL CLOG! Well it's been over a week since we packed up our kit and headed home from our 51st Annual Fall Doin's. If you were lucky enough to have joined us for the weekend, and if you had half as good a time as I did, then you know what a marvelous time it was. So on behalf of the Peter Lebeck Chapter of E Clampus Vitus, I'd like to thank everyone who joined us and made Clamp Okihi #2 a most Satisfactory experience.

We had seventy-six Brothers and their worthy candidates join us for the weekend, with all but two or three of them paying at the gate. For PXL, being one of the smaller chapters in ECV, these numbers represent high watermarks for any "single chapter" PXL Doin's that we've hosted in the last 20 years and maybe even unto our creation. We had Brothers join us from as far north as San Francisco, and far south as San Diego; Brothers from the coast, and Brothers from the eastern side of the Sierras. We made new friends and had a great time getting reacquainted with familiar Redshirts we hadn't seen in a while. It was most satisfactory to see you all, and we hope to do it again real soon.

Yucc-Off judges: Warthog, Ramrod, Iggy!

I also know from the pained phone calls that I received just prior to the doin's that there were about a dozen of our regular members who just couldn't get away for the weekend. To you I say, "no worries." Your continued loyalty and support means a lot to us. We missed you, but with any luck we'll be catching up on old times very soon - if not at our 2013 Widders' Ball, then at our 2013 Spring Doin's when we'll be headed for the mountains with plans for an erection of historical proportions.

In the meantime I suppose you probably want to look at the pictures that I took at Clamp Okihi. You'll find them on Peter's Picture Pages, or you can just click here. I'm learning to work with the Adobe Lightroom interface which, among other things, makes really versatile, high quality flash catalogs. I've posted over 360 photos that you can view either as a slide show or by clicking through them quickly one by one. If you pause the slide show first, you can grab the slider with your mouse, scrub the entire set of thumbnails and start the show from anywhere on the list. You can also click on the main window a get a larger version of each picture.

New Lightroom Interface!

The one thing Lightroom won't do is get rid of that whole lot of ugly. In the case of this group of photos, it's all that man-flesh. First it was all of those PBCs who hadn't mastered their curriculum and cost their sponsors their shirts - present company included. Then there was the "Apron Walk." ARGGGG!!! So far Adobe has yet to create a Butt Ugly Filter, but they'd better invent one soon, before I toss my cookies.

Speaking of cookies, I have yet to determine the identity of "The Grand Poohba," which, if you recall, tendered a black tie and apron invitation to me and several other Brothers of the saggy butt persuasion. In fact I thought I had figured out who he was until I was earnestly confronted by a fellow invitee whom I had assumed to be the Grand Poobah, who accused me of being the Grand Poobah; all of which left me feeling like a character in an Agatha Christie novel. Could it possibly be that the Grand Poobah was the infamous, "U.N.Owen?"

Probably not, though my olfactory senses lead me to strongly suspect that a certain Warthog might be Mr. Owen. I'm also sure that once downwind he'd strongly deny it. So as they say on the History Channel, "We may never know."

Carlos Lemus Spins Karaoke!

Which brings us to speaking of cookies #2. I have never, ever seen a cook at a Clampout receive an ovation of any kind, let alone the two that Timbo Gillespie received for his Friday Night, melt in your mouth, Post Roast. I say "ovations" and not "standing ovations" because the guys were too full of pot roast to stand up. If anyone had any doubts as to how good this man has been to us over the year they need have only stuck around for Saturday Night's Ribeyes to stay convinced. Thanks Timbo!

Also I don't want anybody to think I left out our Brother Carlos "Spinner" Lemus who provided karaoke on both Friday and Saturday nights to all those Brothers brave enough to step up and impale themselves on the wireless mic. We were laughing our asses off so hard from the CQA that I personally lost about ten pounds off my behind and now need a pillow to see over the steering wheel of my Honda Civic. Damn you "Spinner!" What could you possibly do to top that noise?

Smalls makes his a double diet Coke.

All that sed, Timbo has had some excellent help this year in the person of Joe "Smalls" Rivera. Our Mr. Smalls is a man whose love for all of us and enthusiasm for all things Clamper is unmatched in our chapter, and I sense great things from him as he becomes Kitchen Commander in the near future. In fact Russell Crowe has already asked to play him once Sony buys my screenplay.

I'd also like to congratulate our newest members and their sponsors on a job well done. We had ten new PBCs join PXL at this Doin's, which fixes the number of new redshirts over our last three Doin's at twenty-nine. While that may not seem like a large number for some chapters, for us it represents serious growth. These Brothers have strong ties to the men who sponsored them into PXL, and they represent new blood that will invigorate our chapter for years to come. We also continue to add more members from the Bakersfield area than we have had in many years.

So we welcome the following new PXL Brothers to E Clampus Vitus: Jim Filkins, Louie Ramirez, Ernesto Barreto, Ryan Johnson, Robert Greene, B. J. Bishop, Johnny Esparza, Maurice Vargas, Karl Verren and Dan Ramos. Congratulations to all of you, and thanks for your hard work and for being great sports!

Clcik to see the Fall 2012 Class.

Ryan Johnson Wins the 100 Bucks (finally)!

Saturday night we also hosted our Second "1st Annual" Yucca-Off. First place went to Team Maggot, comprised of Mike Ralles, Gene Duncker, Howard Robinson and Dave "Shaken not Stirred" Bond. Judging by how sweaty they looked by competition time, there appears to have been a whole lot o' shaking and not a whole lot o'stirring going on. A close second goes to the team of Beerstein and Ron Jeremy. Luis Bouza iced a very tasty third. Ramrod, Iggy and Warthog did a great job of judging the competition. Thanks to all!

Of course following the Yucca-Off we had to have a raffle. Much thanks to all the brothers who contributed prizes and stuck around for the drawing, but I also have to thank the Yucca gawds who made everyone exceedingly happy with their prizes, so happy in fact that we had problems giving away the 100 Dollar Cash Prize at the very end of the raffle. It seemed that no one wanted it. It took four pulls before we finally had to beg ex-PBC Ryan Johnson to take our money. Ryan, consider this a good omen, and make sure to use the money to bribe your own PBC.

Bizarre effects of light beer studied at Clamp Okihi!

Before I move on, I just wanted to make a quick point about joining PXL. There was a time not so long ago that our chapter was in not such great shape. The group had a history of being insular, recruitment lagged, and many of our regulars were burnt out.

But then something really invigorating began to happen, and it had a lot to do with the attitude of the Brothers who did not want to see their chapter become a footnote in ECV History. Redshirts who came in at other chapters began to discover the friendliness of PXL. Some of these Brothers lived in the Kern County area but had been recruited by other chapters, and others lived elsewhere, but what they all experienced when they came to one of our doin's was a sense of openness and Brotherhood, and they decided to stick around. As they discovered, hospitality is a point of pride with Peter Lebeck, and the last thing we are is ungrateful to our Brothers who have lent us their support.

Consequently you don't have to retread to be a member at Peter Lebeck. If you want to join, attend our functions, pitch-in, but most of all be a Brother. You'll find your relationships here most rewarding, and best of all, we'll regard you as one of our own. Then again, buying an associate membership wouldn't hurt either.


Panorama Raffle at Clamp Okihi.

Now on to Chapter News.

Visit us on Facebook.

I'll be proposing that my vice-Humbug, Russ "Hole" Chapman, be ignominiously dropped into the Humbug barrel come February when my term expires as Humbug. Russ has done an excellent job for the chapter, keeping me and the rest of us out of trouble. He took over as interim Hawker following the passing of Doc Charter, and has excellent mechanical skills which he put to good use when we refurbished the Walker Pass Monument.

Russ has been generous with his time and resources, has often traveling back and forth between Atascadero, Kern County and points elsewhere on chapter business, and is fully committed to the direction that Timbo Gillespie and I have blazed for the chapter's growth and renewal. Russ is also deeply involved in setting up a plaquing scheme that if successful could take us years into the future. Russ is currently lining up his officers for 2013, and will be presenting his plan for the 2013 Clamp Year at an upcoming Graybeards Meeting, so stay tuned.

Fenski and Staley are the crew that is true!

I also want to thank Fred Fenski and Dave Staley for volunteering to supervise loading and unloading our trailer and assembling our kit. They'll be looking for regular volunteers who are willing to help set-up and teardown our camping equipment at the start and end of each doin's. We need to come up with a suitable name for these guys like, "The Flintstone Wrecking Company," or "The Masters of the Stuff." I guess I'll probably leave that to them, but I'm willing to take suggestions, particularly if you are willing to volunteer to join them.

Humbugs 'Medium Green Mike' and Ray 'The Sutler' Fox enjoy the photo op.

Just a reminder that we also have a Facebook Page. Now I'm not getting rid of the message board, and the CLOG is still the best place to post these long, insufferable messages about the chapter, along with our Doin's announcements. But a lot of our Brothers who are used to being wired to the Internet all day long do do Facebook, so if that includes you, please drop in and post. You'll need permission to get in, but just ask and either Tom Gray or I will give you the double secret handshake just as soon as we spot your request. You'll also find other ECV Chapters on Facebook along with notices about their Doin's. To find PXL on FB just use their search box or copy and paste this link into your browser. And Don't forget to "friend" the CLOG!

Lastly I'd like to thank Platrix Chapter for both their contributions and their hospitality in 2012. In fact I, Russ, Gene Duncker and Jim Bailey spent this last weekend at the Platrix Fall Trek as guests of Platrix, where Peter Lebeck Chapter was honored and acknowledged before the Brethren for allowing Platrix to Clamp in our territory. Also when the Platrix leadership heard that we intended to rededicate the monument at Walker Pass, which had been our first plaque and a joint project between our chapters in 1963, they committed to donating half the cost of the plaque and materials, and have made good on their commitments which came to roughly $1,000.

As you will see by clicking on the plaque below, our project is now complete, and it's quite a beauty. Much thanks to Charles Topping for gluing and grouting the new plaque into the monument in the weeks before our Fall Doin's.


So I now I need you all to listen up.

Having fun with Platrix.

I'm not fully aware of what went on in the past that caused gripes between our two chapters, Platrix and Lebeck. Some of the noise I recall hearing seemed more a cultural thing than anything else, but the truth is that our chapters have more in common, especially now, than Peter Lebeck has with the vast majority of chapters in Clamperdom.

First of all it was the brothers from Platrix who were generous enough to cleave off a piece of their territory, and then to lobby GC, so that Peter Lebeck might come into existence. And secondly, Platrix represents our ties to Carl Wheat and the other patriarchs of the redivivus, so that to disrespect our ties to Platrix is to disrespect our own history.

Where the whole stupid dispute had its origins was with Platrix failing to reserve the right to Clamp in Kern County "at will" when we were chartered back in 1961. Frankly I doubt that anybody even thought about it or even considered it necessary back then. Aside from the prevailing spirit of brotherly optimism, back in 1961 Pacoima and Pomona still had more cows than people, and there were plenty of places to Clamp in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. But none of that is true now.

Walker Pass Plaque.

So where I think that things got off on the wrong foot was that after years of being away, Platrix came into Kern County with a residual sense of historical propriety, joined us for a joint erection at the loop, and then continued to Clamp in our territory without asking permission; and that has left many of our guys feeling disrespected.

It got so bad that a few years back we even brought "suit" against Platrix at Grand Council and were awarded (TBA) raffle proceeds and $18.66 in damages in our favor; however, in my opinion, that only helped to trivialize matters when what we should have been doing was sitting down with our Brothers from Platrix and having a loud and serious discussion.

But that was then, and this is now. Platrix is trying hard to remedy any bad feelings, and my thought is that if we can formalize some kind of reciprocal procedure or ritual, so that panties aren't forever being bunched tightly into our nether regions, then it would go a long ways towards avoiding any hurt feelings. There isn't anybody over here that isn't aware of how hard it is to find a suitable place to Clamp in Platrix Territory, or to put it bluntly in Doc Speak, "We're Brothers, aren't we?"

So what I'm asking you all to consider is a "Reciprocal Clamping Agreement" that would allow Platrix to Clamp in Kern County with prior notice and a suitable "bribe" or "rent" or whatever it makes sense to call it, and vice-versa. And by "suitable" I'm not talking extortion. I'm thinking something in the range of a friendly gesture that would strengthen the bonds between our chapters forever.

Think about it and get back to me.


(BTW- For those of you using Internet Explorer who can see the Five Space Shuttles flying at the top of this page, they were: Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, Atlantis and Endeavor).

Email MGM.

--MGM, PXL NGH #51





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