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Cool Ride?

Before 2013's PortaPotty Project


Posted - 02.17.13 - By MGM

Fred and Dave Host the PortaPotty II workparty!

Greetings faithful Cloggites, and welcome back to the PXL CLOG! We have several things to jaw about, but first up is this Saturday's second installment of our Fort Tejon Porta-Potty Project. Some tasteless wags might even refer to it as installment "Number 2"-- though I certainly won't squat so low as to go there.

Anyway Dave Staley and Fred Fenski, who live close-by in Frazier Park, have offered to ramrod the project for us. Dave and Fred really are a couple of very nice, easy going guys, so I know you'll enjoy their camaraderie, plus we'll be doing our bit for the Fort. So please join them, starting next Saturday, February 23rd, at 8:00 a.m. Our objective is to finish the two sheds we began back in December, and what's left to do is mostly roofing and decorating the exterior sheathing with furring strips, then we'll build and attach a couple of doors, and that should do it.

Join Petey's Flying Circus!

So bring your screw gun, charger, hand tools and a short ladder if you have one. The park rangers can provide the big stuff. And even if construction isn't your thing, come on down anyway. The chapter will be providing lunch to everyone who comes out to help, and we'll need kitchen buddies to cook and get the guys fed. Widders are welcome, but we want to keep little ones out of the work area for safety reasons.

If you'd like a better idea of what is left to do Porta-Potty-wise, check out the photos from out last foray, you'll find them on Peter's Picture Pages. With ten guys we should easily be able to crank this out in a few hours. NGH Russ Chapman has set up a special message thread on Peter Board under "All Things Peter Lebeck" called "Support the Fort," so sign-in to the board and check out this thread for the most current details. If you have problems getting in or getting on, email or call me and I'll help you through it.

As for the continuing usefulness of Peter's Board, that brings up a broader topic that deserves some cybertime, but I'll leave that for last because we need to talk about our Spring Doin's first.

The Spring Doin's Flyer has arrived!

Our upcoming weekend Clampout at Fort Tejon is set for April 26-28. Everything that you will need to sign-up for our event is available on-line, right here, right now, on the PXL Website. Just use the '2013 Spring Doin's' link in the links box, or click on the flashing purple announcement at the top of this page to get started. You can download the flyer, the doin's application and even sacrifice your best plastic friend at the altar of Paypal. I've also added some new purdy blue links at the top of the page that will take you to other important pages about our chapter and our doin's. All of those pages are up with the exception of the erections page which should be up in a few days.

What I can tell you now is that Brother Hole is planning for a real doozy of a Clampout, with erections set for Friday, Saturday and Sunday starting with Friday afternoon's dedication of an official PXL Watering Hole in Frazier Park. Then Saturday we'll be resetting our 1972 vandalized plaque to Peter Lebeck, and Sunday afternoon we'll be headed up to Rankin Ranch to present a plaque to Bob and Glenda Rankin, whose historic families have been ranching Walker Basin for 150 years. Anyone interested in getting a sneaky peak at where we'll be Clamping in the fall is welcome to join us for a trek into the mountains. In the meantime, don't miss the page dedicated to Fort Tejon. I've posted an old video, which hopefully will make you laugh. It should give you an idea of what will be in store for you if you join us in April. We'd love to have your company, and don't forget to bring a friend.

Car Pool Lane!

Lastly, I'd like to address a few issues concerning what you see -- and what you can't see -- on this website. 2013 marks the eighth year for the PXL website. If websites were put together with spit and baling wire then this would be one of them. I've coded the site three times, and the first major rewrite took me over a month as I sat at home recovering from surgery. So it is a work of love - or stupidity - I'll leave it to you to decide which one. If you check out our source code you'll see a lot of amateurish mistakes, but with little time and expertise I've just force myself to live with much of the detritus because there are so many other things I want to get done and much of that work has yet to be completed.

PXL Keeps Rolling Along!

Early on I settled on several very important but very different purposes for our site. Most people just see it as a fat glossy advertisement and recruitment tool for our doin's, which truly are the site's most obvious functions. But if you dig a little deeper, you'll see that part of what we do here is advocate for a particular vision of what a Clamper Chapter should be and do: Brotherhood, sharing concern for our members and their families, community service, and preservation of local history.

Those are all worthy goals, but when I picked-up this "little project" it slowly dawned on me that I had become an advocate for an historical organization that had let its own history fade into memory. PXL has never had a brick and mortar office, no filing cabinets, none of that stuff; so there was no one place that I could turn to find our plaques, our past officers, or information about our past doin's. Much of it was lost and will always remain lost. That was pretty sad, so the last major goal for this site became and remains, documenting our own story.

Join Peter's Board!

All these things have to be done in the face of changing technology. When we started, 640 by 480 pixels, was the most common display size, and most people used a 15 inch cathode ray tube. Today my cell phone's resolution is bigger than that, and my home screen is 1920 by 1080 and flat. Fortunately, by dumb luck, I picked an oddball web design that displays pretty nicely on most new devices, but that hardly addresses the other major headaches, some of which are here now and others that are looming just off the horizon. For instance, Adobe Flash, which powers many of our graphics, such as the PXL Roudel at the top of our pages, our mast, most of our picture galleries and even our music, doesn't work on Macs, iPhones, iPads and the newest Android tablets and phones. Supposedly the workaround is the new HTML 5, but the technology is not yet ready for primetime, so now I find myself scrambling to go back to older technologies that I thought were obsolete, and rebuilding many pages that I thought were rock solid. And in case you were wondering, this site has about 240 active webpages at any given time.

PXL Keeps Rolling Along!

And that brings us back to Peter's Board. You may be asking, "Now that PXL has a Facebook page why even bother?" Well, I couldn't disagree more, at least for now. No doubt web bulletin boards are old fashioned, but they still do things that Facebook won't do. Web boards are very good at creating distinct message lists that don't get buried in the flood of stuff that comes from dozens of "friends." For instance Hole's thread about Saturday's work party at Fort Tejon has a distinct title and its own page, and brothers will read it or add to it only if they are interested. Another example is Brother Muleskinner's Clamperwide carpooling site. It's a bulletin board about carpooling to ECV functions, but its advantage is that you can create a distinct thread about a particular doin's, and to beg or offer a ride you don't have to wade through news about 50 other doin's.

So please continue to make use of our trusty, dusty Peter's Board. It remains an important resource. For the management here at PXL it gives us a way to go back and look at what we did right and where we were lacking. If you don't know how to log on, call me and I'll walk you through it.

Email MGM.

MGM, XNGH -- "Recording No Cyber Before Its Time."



Posted - 02.03.13 (As Amemded 02.04.13)

HOLE D 1st!

Greetings fellow PXL Brothers, I'm Russ "Hole der 1st" Chapman, the PXL Brother selected & elected to be our chapters Noble Grand Humbug for 2013 (that's 6018 in Clamper time). I've been a member of ECV now for over 13 years and originally came in at De la Guerra y Pacheco, ECV Chapter 1.5, over on the coast. I soon took to traveling around the state to attend as many chapters' doin's as I could to see for myself what each chapter is like.

It was at the 2010 Tri-Chapter that PXL's XNGH Joe Szot recruited me to bring my Queen Califa Cl'Ampitheater and Sinerama (my outdoor theater) to the PXL Fall Doin's at Tehachapi. Faster'n than you can say "Bob's your uncle," I was branded with a PXL Roundel and ended up working like a borrowed mule loading and unloading the trailer. It's not like PXL had to bulldog me to the ground or anything,… I fell in with the guys and it felt like home.

Hole Hawks at GC.

In the Clamp Year 6016 (2011) I was serving PXL as Hangman when PXL suffered the resignation of the Humbug, and the resignation of the Hawker and Treasurer. This left the chapter in a lurch, and caused the Graybeards to reconsider how we got there. The system of "going through the chairs" had failed them, so they looked around for PXL Brothers who could get things done.

Doc Charter stepped up to be our Hawker, Gene "DH" Dunker reluctantly stepped up to be our Treasurer, and the Board selected XNGH Timbo Gillespie to finish 6016 as Noble Grand Humbug. Timbo asked me to finish the year as his Hangman and to keep on maintaining the PXL kit trailer.

Hole Hawks at GC.

The chapter pulled things together in time to have a wonderful doin's at Camp Okihi in the fall to celebrate the restoration of our monument at Walker Pass. Apparently, Mikee liked my work as Hangman, my leading the work party at Walker Pass, and my keeping of the kit, because he asked me to be his Vice for 2012 (6017).

In April 2012, PXL got a second kick in the teeth when our Hawker, Doc Charter, suddenly passed on to the Golden Hills. Apart from the sadness of losing a good Brother like Doc, losing income from the store is no small matter. As Vice Humbug it fell to me to ensure that the chapter had a Hawker to pick up where Doc had left off. This kinda meant "either find another Brother, or do yourself." My efforts to find another Brother bore no fruit, so I took-up the torch and I've been Hawking for the chapter ever since. Having never been a sales-type person, I was surprised that I've enjoyed the experience.

I must've impressed the chapter Greybeards over these few years because here I am today, your Humbug for 2013 (6018). But… enough about me.


Charles Topping

I'm happy to report that the Greybeards also elected my selection of officers and functionaries who will see to the needs of our chapter. So let me introduce them:

To my right is my Vice NGH, Charles "Al VII" Topping, who is a man of experience and respect throughout Clamperdom. He earned his stripes as an early Humbug for De la Guerra y Pacheco, but has been a long time member of Peter Lebeck by choice and my resident anchor in Kern County.

Luis Bouza Kevin Oviatt

Luis "Vaquero" Bouza has traded in his Recorder's chair to be our new Gold Dust Receiver (Treasurer), and Kevin "The Yeti" Oviatt has moved from Hostrix up to Grand Noble Recorder to fill-in behind Luis. Both moves are in recognition of their dedication and hard work last year.

These moves also support a major objective of mine; allowing Gene "DH" Dunker to retire from GDR duties. Gene "took one" for the chapter when in 6016 reluctantly took the reins of chapter Treasurer, a job he didn't want or like. I for one extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to Gene. It's clampers like you that set the bar so high for those of us who follow.

I'm happy as a puppy sniffing a new leg that Tim "Ptomaine" Gillespie and Joe "Smalls" Rivera will continue providing our chapter with the best food in all of Clamperdom as Chef and Sous Chef.

Other Brothers who continue to carry on last year's duties will be me as Hawker, with the help of Tackles Ron Moen and Jim Bailey; Gene "DH" Duncker, PXP as Clamp Crier; and Mike "MGM" Ramirez-Mares as Cyberrecorder. Mikee is also this year's Clampatriarch by virtue of being our most recent outgoing Humbug.

We are introducing new blood into the ranks with a few Brothers who answered the call in 2012, and had the desire to participate in keeping our chapter alive & well:

Jim "Fury" Bailey (aka: Pokey) will be our new Grand Imperturbable Hangman.

Robert (Babbabooey) Hernandez Sr. will be our new Damnfool Doorkeeper.

Andy "Stagecoach" Vilapando will be our new Clamps Hostrix.


Join the Circus!

Also, we have a new Functionary title this year; "Petey's Flying Circus." Fred Fenski and Dave Staley have volunteered to be our ringmasters.

The Circus will organize the set-up and teardown of our canopies and bar at each chapter event. The emphasis here is "organize." The show must go on, but two carnies can't do it alone. So please Brother, break out your clown nose and your muscle shirt, and lend us your back at the start and at the end of each doin's.

Doc Gives Hole the Fingers.

2013 will be a busy year for PXL. We've already worked our tails off putting on a fantastic Widders Ball. Attendance was up near the 100 mark, and it was more fun than a barrel of PBC's. To fill out the rest of the year we've got our Spring and Fall Doin's, we are hosting the 40th TRASH Trek in our territory, and we're holding several work parties. Our biggest challenge has always been our work parties. These are especially difficult for PXL due to how far and wide our membership is spread throughout the state. That's OK, I have a plan.

I've traveled far and wide in Clamperdom, and I know enough to realize that being a Humbug while still working is going to be a huge challenge. A wise man once said in a gravelly voice to "the Dude," "Sometimes you eat the bear… and sometimes the bear eats you."

I'm feeling up to testing the bear because I've got great mentors and a great leadership team. However, we'll let you know who ate whom by this time next year.

Russ "Hole der 1st" Chapman, PXL NGH #52



Now a Few More Tidbits from Mikee...

Hole with Yeti and Vaquero.

I want to congratulate Hole on his steping into the barrel for 6018. I'm sure he's going to make a great Humbug. He just managed the best PXL Widders' Ball that I can remember, and it's just another good sign of the jump he's gotten on his coming 'Bug Year. He did a great job for me as Vice so I know quite well what he's capable of doing. That said, we need to give Hole the support he'll need to make this year a success. The most important change that the chapter has made in recent times is to put the Humbug firmly in charge of operations. Hole has ambitious plans for the year and they are solidly grounded, but we can't succeed as a chapter without your help. So please join Hole and your Brothers here at PXL for the most satisfying male bonding in "history." Go Hole!

Picture Card.

Before I go on to report on the Widders' Ball, I bet you are asking, "So where are the pictures from the Widders' Ball?" Well due to changing web technology, you get a choice. On the Clampdown page, you can watch the multi-definitional YouTube slide show. It's a fast moving and scrubbable 32 minutes. On Peter's Picture Pages you'll find an automated Flash Gallery; and for those of you with devices that can't do Flash, such as the iPhones, iPads and the latest Android operating system, you'll find an HTML version there just for you. I'll explain why I'm doing this some other time, but for now, just enjoy. Thanks to Hole; to Kevin Oviatt, our 6017 Clamps Hostrix; to Luis Bouza for his help behind the camera; and to Charles Topping and all the Brothers (and their Widders) who helped make the Widders' Ball a smashing success.

Jim Bailey, his wife and Hoss, Jim's Sponsor.

We received lots of compliments about this year's Widders' Ball, and much of it had to do with the new location where we held our soirée. Because of our Brother Jim Bailey who manages the Homewood Suites, we had the benefits of a spacious hospitality lounge, a comfortable outdoor area for our smokers, great rooms, and a marvelous staff. Brother DJ Carlos Lemus probably would have kept on playing past one a.m., were it not that the staff had to go home. A certain visiting ex-proctor even wanted to know why we were charging so little for such a premium event - especially with an open bar. So much thanks again to Jim, his staff, and his family for treating us like,

Marti Charter, NGW 2013.

This was also an emotional event for us. After dinner we honored several Widders for their service to the chapter over the past year: Jeannie Johnson for her Hawking of Widders' Goods at GC and her support of the Widders' Ball, and Pat Topping for her help installing the Joseph Walker plaque up on Walker Pass, were two. But Marti Charter was far and away this year's choice for Widder of the Year. I know that Marti doesn't feel like she did anything extraordinary to earn it, but that's only because Marti sees what she did for the chapter as more duty than service, and that makes it really hard for her to see it from our point of view.

Back in April, our Brother and Hawker, Doc Charter discovered rather suddenly that he had a ticket for the Golden Hills, and it was due to be punched in a just a few short days. Jesus said, "Whatever you do unto these, the least of my brethren, you do unto me." Now around here we feel the same way about Brethren and Brothers, and while Doc was hardly the least these, he was more Brother than we all deserved.

Joe and Lora Lee Custodio.

Upon learning the sad news, a lesser person than Marti would have shut down, but she did her best to help prepare Doc for his trip to the Golden Hills. It was something that as a group we couldn't have done for him ourselves, but she was there for Doc and she did it exceedingly well. What's more she didn't shut us out. Marti invited us into the Charter home so we could comfort our Brother even as he was passing. She was of great service to our Doc and to our Chapter, and we are grateful for it.

As for the Widders' Ball, Marti for her part wanted to make a presentation of some of Doc's things to PXL. She gave Hole a sculpture of a Miner and Jackass that Doc had intended for use at the store, and she also donated a complete set of the Bob Powers History collection so we would have it for our library. But the gift that evoked the most emotion was Doc's red and black wool capote, which she asked us to put up for auction.

Pati Nolens meet the Yeti.

Frankly I was overtaken by the spirited bidding, and I know there were several people who were disappointed at having been outbid. But the amount that it brought into the chapter would have brought our late Hawker much satisfaction. "Wild Bill" Davidson was our auctioneer. Congratulations and thank you to Lora Lee and Joe Custodio for their winning bid.

Our new raffle format showed much promise. It shortened things up quite a bit, we upped the quality of our prizes, and no one was caught snoring in the back rows. Despite what it cost the chapter to foot the $300 Widders' Prize, the Year of Comped Clamping for the winning Brother, the gift baskets and the handful of $20 Bills we handed out, we netted about as much as we usually do from our raffle. That's actually good news, because historically we've used that money to help defray the cost of our event. At PXL we want to make sure that anyone who wants to come to our Widders' Ball can afford it. At $35 a person the price is hard to beat. Cathy Chapman and Pati Nolen were the winners of the big prizes.

Pat Topping, Patrick Oliver, and Darlene Staley, our costume contest winners.

The traditional costume contest was held after dinner once we had moved to the disco. In order to encourage the Widders to dress in period costume we had the judges roam the floor to pick our winners rather than make the ladies get up and parade. Not so for the Dudes. The guys had to strut their stuff on the dance floor, and the Widder judges had to decide whose Brylcreem reigned supreme. That produced a tie for first and forced a dance-off between Gene "Dickhead" Duncker and Pat Oliver. Despite Dickhead's self-assurance, it was Pat who was ultimately declared PXL's Best Dressed Dude. Pat Topping and Darlene Staley won for Best Period and Saloon Girl costumes of 2013. Peggy Horn was our tie-breaker judge. To everyone else, better luck next time.

Lastly, I know that despite the best attendance we've had in many years, many a Brother and his Widder ended up staying home sick. T'is the season. Frankly I'm glad you did the right thing and stayed away but it was sad that you couldn't make it. That said, don't be strangers. We have a year's worth of wonderful stuff coming your way, and plenty of chances for the ladies to get their men off the couch and out of their way.

So Brothers, please mark your calendars, and don't miss our upcoming doin's and work parties - they don't call them "parties" for nothing. Just watch this space for our announcements. We'll be heading for Fort Tejon the last full weekend in April, but before that we'll be headed to Walker Basin to build a monument for the 150th Anniversary of Rankin Ranch. Won't you join us? And don't forget to friend us on Facebook. and keep an eye out for work party updates on Peter's Board.

Next time, Peter Lebeck, I'm taking the whole fridge.
Email MGM.

MGM, XNGH -- "Recording No Cyber Before Its Time."



Posted - 01.26.13

Can't find the handles on the football?

We may be dog tired, but we're also doggedly enthusiastic about our coming Clampyear. Much thanks to everybody who made it to the ball. We'll have a new post up shortly on the PXL CLOG including a greeting and run down of what's to come from our new Humbug, Russ "Hole" Chapman. You'll also get a report from me about the ball, and pictures, pictures, pictures: The good, the bad and the mercifully out of focus. So see you back in a few days, and enjoy the Superbowl!




Posted - 01.25.13 (amended 01.26.13)

Dickhead the Weather Oracle!

Hello, Cloggites! Yes, the Widders' Ball is finally here! Horspitality starts at 2 p.m., today, Saturday, January 26th. According to Dickhead Weather Central, the expected High for our most illustrious par-TAY in Bakersfield is a partly cloudy 62 degrees, with only a 20% chance of precipitation over the entire weekend. Bring a jacket if you expect to step outside during the evening, but I'm quite sure the scene inside will be hot, hot, hot - especially with Carlos Lemus spinning the platters during PXL's Super Soirée.

If your intended route takes you up and over the Grapevine, expect a 30% chance of showers Saturday morning, with the likelihood of precipitation diminishing into Sunday. As usual, you want to be careful driving thorough the passes, but whatever wind there might be will be negligible. And whatever rain washes your way is going to be warm, so don't be planning any detours to build snowmen at Mount Pinos because you'll end up playing in the mud. Instead drive straight to Bakersfield. We'll have something warm to heat you up.

See you at the Ball.

Email MGM.

--MGM, PXL NGH #51



Posted - 01.19.13

PXL Makes Great Flakes!

As of 2 p.m. today we still have seats available for our Widders' Ball so if you are still on the fence about this one don't miss your last best chance to show your bestest girl a great time.

New guys, old guys, prospective guys, and their guests over 21, male or female, are all encouraged to come. You won't be disappointed. So get your dust in by the end of the weekend. Either drop it in the mail (send it to: Peter Lebeck, PO Box 384,Bakersfield, CA 93302) or use our Paypal sign-up page, but hurry! We must have a drop dead count by Wednesday. Call me (Mike Ramirez) at (818) 517-8781, or send me an email if you have any questions. Read deeper into the CLOG for more juicy last minute details. See you there!

--MGM, PXL NGH #51


Posted - 01.16.13

Link to 2013 Widders' Ball Page!

Greetings, Cloggites! We've got a few new things to cover today, but chances are if you've found your way here you're probably looking for last minute information about our Widders' Ball which is Saturday, January 26, 2012, at the Homewood Suites in Bakersfield.

So far we still have space available, and you should also still be able to get a guest room at a discounted price, but you'd better act fast because we can't guarantee you a spot if you don't sign-up and send in your prepaid admission by this Friday, January 17th. But heck, so long as there's still room we'll even let you come if you drop your dust in the mail by the Sunday night or use our Paypal Portal to jump the line. Just keep in mind that space is limited. That may require you to start working with your mouse instead of just playing with it, but it will be an effort well worth your while. $35 for you and each of your guests covers the day's festivities including our hospitality room and our dinner dance which comes complete with an open bar. Even prospective redshirts are welcome to tag along with you so long as they clean up well, behave themselves and aren't wearing red.

Link to 2013 Widders' Ball Page!

Just head to the Widders' Ball Page by clicking on this link. While there you can download the flyer and link over to the Paypal Page for a little instant gratification. You'll also find instructions for how to send in your dust the old fashioned way. Priority will be given in the order envelopes are postmarked and received, so act NOW!

If you have never been to our Widders' Ball we especially want to encourage you to put on your dancing shoes and drop on by. And if you're shy and don't know what to expect, just check out the movie above and visit our Widders' Ball Page where you can download the flyer. I've included a copy of the latest Peter's Procs, where Yours Truly explains it all to you. So. Go. NOW. And if all that isn't enough for you, just call or email one of the guys listed on the flyer, including me, and we'll be glad to explain it even better.


Russ Chapman

And now for the rest of the story. I want to thank everybody who came up to Frazier Park to attend the Chapter's Annual corporate meeting. Brother Russ "Hole" Chapman was confirmed as our incoming Humbug and I'll be passing the staff to him in a brief ceremony come the Widders' Ball. Gene Duncker gave his last financial report as outgoing Gold Dust Receiver and Luis Bouza was appointed to replace Gene effective immediately. The board thanked Gene, and his predecessor, Joe Szot, for their hard, honest work in taking care of the chapter's money.

Luis Bouza

Financially the chapter remains in very good shape and what we have in the bank will give us plenty of resources for what Hole has planned for the coming year. I'll let Russ address that himself here in a few days when I change out our web pages to reflect the new humbug and his plans. For now suffice it to say that our Spring Clamping date of April 26-28, for Fort Tejon, and our Fall clamping date of September 27-29, for Rankin Ranch, are confirmed. You can also count on some plaquing, water holing and work partying in 2013, as Peter Lebeck continues its drive to become a "full service chapter," so check back here in a few days for details and Hole will explain it all to you.

Gene Duncker

The board also approved by acclamation Russ's entire slate of Officers and Clampfunctionaries. Just in case you didn't see the list, I've attached a copy to the online version of the Widders' Ball Flyer which you can download from the Widders' Ball Page. Knowing how Clampers are, you probably lost the flyer I sent you in the mail so you're gonna wanna download it anyway. Besides I know that real men don't ask for directions, so this will give you a face saving excuse to peek at the map that I've included with directions to the Ball. Remember, this year we'll be at the Homewood Suites and NOT at the Crystal Palace Best Western.


What comes in a Barrel?  Wack-a-Mikee, of course!

Lastly I want to thank everyone for putting up with my insufferable drivel this past year. Usually what I post comes to you without any sort of apology from me, but since you got a double dose of my bloviating and bad puns during 2012, due to my dual roles as Humbug and Cyberrecorder, I guess I should at least say I'm sorry. But I won't, or let me put it this way. I apologize for half of it. You deserved every bit of the rest of what you got. It was the least I could do for good ol' P-X-L.

Anyway things are going to change a bit around here. Hole has some excellent plans for the coming year, and I expect he won't be shy about telling you about them in his own words, whether it's here on the CLOG or on the Humbugs' Page, so you'll want to check both regularly. I look forward to sharing the duties with Hole of keeping you all informed, and of my normal role of speaking on behalf of the new head dude in charge.

But that hasn't happened yet, though it will very soon. So with that thought in mind I have one last thing to share with you. I've written a short essay about the high points and low point of my year as Humbug, along with my thanks to everyone who helped me stay above water. I would be grateful and appreciate it very much if you would spend the three or four minutes that it will take you to read it. I've posted it on the Humbug's Page. It will be up for a few days and then it will disappear. If you have problems reading it, hit the refresh button on your browser.

See you at the Widders' Ball.

Email MGM.

--MGM, PXL NGH #51



Posted - 1.8.13

Important Notice! Important Notice!

Hello, all. By now you should all have a copy of the flyer concerning this Sunday's annual corporate meeting either because you are on our mailing list or because you received an email with a PDF copy of the flyer. Whether you received the flyer or not, you can click on this link to download a complete copy of the end of the year flyer which includes the agenda for Sunday's meeting, a copy of Peter's Procs and the Widders' Ball announcement and sign-up form.

As for Sunday's meeting, consider it a chance for you to make suggestions and to express your concerns about the direction of the chapter. Event dates and officers will be announced, our GDR will give his financial report, and you'll have an opportunity to ask questions of the leadership. Check the flyer for the agenda.

PXL Makes Great Flakes!

Expect the weather on Sunday to be chilly in Frazier Park, but it should be dry and the Grapevine open for business. Remember that we are meeting in town so you have to drive up the road a bit and turn into Frazier Park. The directions are in the Procs. We'll be meeting at La Sierra Mexican Restaurant, 3500 Mt. Pinos Way, Frazier Park, CA 93225. (661) 245-3628. Graybeards meet at 9:30 a.m. to finalize officers and the schedule for the coming year, the General Membership Meeting Starts at 10:00. We'll meet in the back room, and you'll be able to buy anything on the menu including breakfast. The restaurant also has a full bar.

I don't want to give short shrift to the Widders' Ball being that it is less than three weeks away, so please, if you haven't signed-up yet make sure to pre-register as space is limited. You can click here to make your way to the Widders' Ball page where you can read all about it.

PXL Makes Great Flakes!

Our 2013 edition of the PXL Widders' Ball has been redesigned and streamlined to emphasize the needs of your widder. We've relocated the Ball to a much better, newer and safer hotel. Made arrangements for upgraded hotel rooms at comparable rate to those we used to get at the Best Western, and even added an open bar without raising our admission price -which we lowered last year-of $35 a person. We really want you to come, especially if you have never been, and we want you to invite friends who are prospective Clampers and their dates. It's going to be a GREAT evening!

So see you Sunday and see you at the Widders' Ball!

Email MGM.

--MGM, PXL NGH #51



Posted - 1.1.13 (New Year's Day -DUH!)

Happy New Year to one and all! A new message will be up shortly. In the meantime, enjoy the movie!


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Contact Info and Official ECV Chapter Website Links

For more information contact:

Al "The Quackster" Price, XNGH (661) 867-2414 or

Kelvin "Dr. Klapper" Swanson, VNGH (661) 252-9443 or

"Ptomaine Timbo" Gillespie, XXXNGH, Clampatriarch (714) 936-8650 or


Mike "MGM" Ramirez-Mares, Cyberrecorder (818) 517-8781 or

Click on the Shield to go ECV's Official Chapter Websites.

Cyber Whang -- Official Clamper Chapter Websites on the Net
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