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Posted 4.8.23 -- By NGH Al "The Quackster" Price

It's Warthog!

Unless you are the Sublime (or our proctor-advisor, who happens to be the same guy), registration for our Spring Doin's at Camp Hamilton is now closed. It is important to have an accurate count for the food, giveaways, etc., so yes, we do have a cutoff date.

If you told us you were coming, filled out and submitted the registration and liability forms, but didn't get your rub in by the cutoff, then we will charge the additional $15.00. But get your rub in pronto because we don't handle cash at the gate. We purposely want to keep things as simple and fair as possible, so no walk-ins or late registrations.

And I'm sure you are aware that we haven't allowed retreads ever since 2017. At PXL we want all of our new guys to have a quality experience, and retreads often ruin things for the new PBCs.

I hope that answers your questions. See you at the Doin's!

Email Quackster.

Al "The Quackster" Price, XNGH
Your Noble Grand Humbug



Posted 3.29.23 -- By XNGH Dale "Top" Turner, Clamp Crier

Greetings Brother of ECV,

It's Klapper and Clapping!

This Saturday, April 1st 2023 is our monthly Red Shirt Get Away, NO FOOLIN'. So won't you join us for a hot dog and a brew? Rick "Hardluck" Veiga, GNR, and myself, will be on hand at the Santa Clarita Elks Lodge to sign brothers up for the Spring Clampout at Camp Hamilton. This will also be the last day for PBC's to sign up and the last day to order and pay for an event shirt.

Also don't forget to sign up and pay for the Spring Doin's by April 7th, because PXL doesn't take walk-ins.

The door to the Santa Clarita Elks Lodge bar opens at Noon. All redshirts in Good Standing are Welcome, noon until 3 p.m.

Santa Clarita Elks Lodge #2379
    17766 Sierra Highway
    Santa Clarita, CA 91351

Our Vice Humbug Kelvin "Dr. Klapper" Swanson is planning to bring our three new EZ Ups and set them up. Believe me when I say you need to see them to believe how good they look. Also, the 2023 Feed The Bear hangers are in ( $50.00 Dollar Annual donation).

NOTE: Parking may a little tight due to a boutique that will be held in the dining area of the Lodge from 0900 to 1500. You're all welcome to come early and check out the items for sale. I understand that there will be some great Easter items and gifts for sale.

NOTE-NOTE: "MGM" finally posted the photos from the Widders' Ball. You can find them in Peter's Picture pages, you just need to know the secret words to get in. Thanks to Max Felser for his work at the Ball!

Hope to see you all on Saturday.


Dale "Top" Turner, XNGH/GDR
     Clamp Crier


NGH Al Price

Posted 3.7.23 -- By NGH Al "The Quackster" Price

Oh Wait ---- That was 2017, back at Clamp Okihi, and we haven't seen a pirate since. In fact there's a lot of thing we don't see anymore. Many of the best Clampsites, like Okihi, are gone or have become extremely restrictive.

It's Camp Hamilton Clamping!

That's why Camp Hamilton is so special, and why you won't want to miss our 2023 Spring Doin's, I'm calling it, "Freedom Isn't Free." It starts on Friday morning, April 14th and runs through Sunday morning, April 16th in one of the most beautiful settings in all of Kern County. It's an ideal place for our lucky Brethren to decompress. Camp Hamilton has easy access from the main highway, with plenty of space for RVs in an immediately adjacent parking area, and shaded lawns for anyone looking to pitch a tent. If you're not yet convinced, just check out the photos from our spring Doin's in 2022. Much thanks to Dale "Top" Turner for appearing before the Camp Hamilton board of directors to secure us this weekend.

So what is Camp Hamilton, you ask? Well it's a "Veterans' Memorial Park," but it isn't a cemetery. Its grounds are literally an ever expanding forest planted in honor of the men and women who have served in our country's military; with over 350 individual trees so far, each tree has a memorial plaque with the name of a friend or relative who is no longer with us.

Like many of you, I also served, and I recognize some of the names in this park. I was a combat journalist and photographer with the U.S. Army's 173rd Airborne Brigade (Paratroopers) in Viet Nam from May of '65 until June of '66, which is why I chose the theme, "FREEDOM ISN'T FREE!"

It's Camp Hamilton Clamping!

BECAUSE IT ISN'T --- SOMEBODY PAID -- DEARLY! So if there are any objections or complaints --- see me!

So you all need to come on down in April and to bring a PBC. We'll take good care of him. We'll make sure he get a whole lot of history, and we'll make sure both of you are fed. XXXNGH "Ptomaine Timbo" Gillespie has volunteered to cook for this Doin's. His goal is to make sure everyone eats "gud," upholding PXL's reputation as having some of the best victuals in all of Clamperdom, from Friday night's road kill, all the way through Sunday morning's antacids.

Check out the registration page and flyer for details. Ptimbo's promising some wonderful surprises. I'm kinda hoping for his "'possum au ju," but you can certainly count on his one pound ribeyes on Saturday night if you are so inclined.

Ptimbo has cooked for us now for many, many years, and he's looking for a volunteer replacement. If you are interested in taking over, don't be bashful, Ptimbo says, "It's so easy a chimpanzee can do it." That leaves me out! But you just might fit the description.

It's Camp Hamilton Clamping!

Due to Covid, we remain behind on our plaquing, but I will be meeting with the folks at Famoso Raceway, and I hope to be able to plaque it later this year, or set it up for early next year, if it fits in with our current Vice-Humbug, Kelvin "Dr. Klapper" Swanson's schedule. I also want to thank XNGH Donny "Sawdust" Johnson for helping me get in contact with the right people at Famoso!

That said, I don't want to leave anybody out, because several of our Brothers have pitched-in and donated several top notch, red and black picnic tables to Camp Hamilton, and we'll be dedicating them on Saturday. So let's get ready for a good time in April at Camp Hamilton! Bring lots of PBC's, but make sure they are vetted and prepared or the joke will be on you. So get your dust in by April 7th, because we don't accept walk-ins or retreads. If you want to buy your PBC an event shirt, the deadline for ordering it is April 1st. See the Flyer or registration page for details.

Remember my Brothers; nobody leaves the Clampsite early without helping to clean up. Everybody helps, from XSNGH to any redshirt present. Any former PBC who leaves early WILL NOT RECEIVE A MEMBERSHIP CARD OR SHEEPSKIN --- AND WILL HAVE TO DO THIS ALL OVER AGAIN --- AND I MEAN IT!

I'll be there to greet you. Let's have some fun!

Email Quackster.

Al "The Quackster" Price, XNGH
Your Noble Grand Humbug




Posted 3.7.23 -- By Mike "MGM" Ramirez, CR

Mike Mazzetti.

Hail, Cloggites. Just a few short notes to catch you up. First off, the electronic sign-up pages are now online for our Spring Doin's weekend, April 14th through 16th. This is one you don't want to miss. Registration closes April 7th, and remember, we don't take walk-ins. Event shirts are available only until April 1st, so if you want one for yourself or your PBC make sure to order it by then. Mike "12 Volt" Mazzetti is our new Hawker, and he's thoroughly amped up about the job (sorry, I couldn't resist -OHM, - - groan, again), but Mike is concentrating on pins and other small stuff and won't be carrying much in the way of shirts to this Doin's.

Scoop and Mrs Scoop.

It looks like the crew had a real fun time at the Widders' Ball. I missed it, but from what I heard and from the pictures that Max "The Flash" Felser took, I can say that you all looked splendiferous. I can't recall the last time I saw so many of us so nicely decked out in our Red and Black. I'm still going through Max's pictures, but I should have them up shortly. Thanks, Max.

We didn't have a great turn out for Kernville's Whiskey Flat Parade. Truth be known it was pretty cold that weekend, and we had but half a handful of Lebeckians to march our flag down the street. So instead, our Humbug, making a command decision, emblazoned the front of his Jeep with our banner, piled our crew aboard, and encouraged all to wave as PXL "marched" in the parade. Hey, never say never. CQA. . . and no, we didn't win the prize for "Best Walking Group" this year.

Lastly, a small correction. Jim Adams passed on the Golden Hills on Wednesday, February 22nd. There are no immediate plans for a memorial services. Apart from his wife, Phoebe, Jim's family mostly lives outside of California. As for us, the Clamper Necrology ceremony shall be recited in Jim's honor at our upcoming Doin's. - - MGM.


Jim Adams, his wife, Phoebe and their daughter.

Posted 2.26.23 -- By Mike "MGM" Ramirez, CR

SAD NEWS. Normally you wouldn't be getting the next CLOG update until the website has been updated and the Spring Doin's announcements are ready for publication, but this is not one of those times.

Jim Adams, early 1980's.

XNGH Bob Clemensson informs us that our friend, XNGH Jim Adams left us for the Golden Hills this past Thursday, February 23rd, 2023. Jim served as Humbug of Peter Lebeck in 1989, and seldom missed a Doin's until his health would no longer permit. On behalf of the chapter, our sincerest condolences to his wife, Phoebe, Jim's family, and to all of Jim's friends. His hail was sincere to all who were fortunate to receive it. He was in many ways what a Clamper should aspire to be, and his kindness was felt by all who knew him during the over 40 years he was a member of our chapter and of ECV. Jim, you will be missed.

Here is a short biography from a few years ago . . .

  • Our 1989 Humbug, Jim Adams is an educator who has devoted much of his life to the progress of the young people of Kern County. Jim grew up in San Francisco but migrated to Kern in 1964 along with his new bride, Phoebe. They established their home in Bakersfield and raised two daughters as Jim pursued his life-long love and study of history. To this day Jim and Phoebe remain a devoted couple.

  • Until retirement, our XNGH taught history for 34 years at Arvin High School and served as Social Studies Department Chair at Arvin, as well as at the night division of Bakersfield College. He holds a Master's Degree from Northern Arizona University.

  • Jim Adams has been entitled to wear a redshirt for [over 40] years. Sponsored by friend and educational colleague, Don Burkett, Jim became enlightened at our 1980 Doin's in Tehachapi, and was demoted to Humbug nine years later in 1989. During his tenure Jim presided over two Doin's: our spring Clampout in Frazier Park and the fall Four-Way Doin's and erection at Randsburg, described here on our plaquing page.

  • Now living on the central coast of San Luis Obispo County, Jim remains an active member of Peter Lebeck, but also proudly claims Charter membership in De La Guerra y Pacheco, Chapter 1.5 of San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties; Branciforte, Chapter 1797 of Santa Cruz County; and our newest ECV California branch, Lassen-Loomis, Chapter 1914 of Tehama County.

  • While living in Bakersfield Jim was also a member for many years of the Fort Tejon Historical Association, which is instrumental in putting on living history programs and mock Civil War battle reenactments for the public. All things clampsidered, a most satisfactory kind of guy.

Final arrangements are pending. I'll post here and on Facebook when I learn more. In the meantime here are a couple of quick announcements.


Hamilton Shirt Design.

Registration for our Spring Doin's at Camp Hamilton Memorial Park is open. While you can't yet do it on line, you can download a copy of the "Infallible Fillable Flyer" by clicking on this link. Your dust can be remitted either by Zelle or the old fashioned way, using stamps and an agent of the federal government.

You can also sign-up at next Saturday's "Red Shirt Getaway," at the Santa Clarita Elks Lodge. Doors open at noon and it goes until about three. So join us for an inexpensive hot dog and a brew. All red shirts in good standing are welcome regardless of chapter. And, as usual, you can bring along a prospective PBC so we can get a good look at him.

We are in the process of reorganizing the store and principal Hawker Mike "Twelve Volt" Mazzetti will be there to sell tchotchkes and to take orders. More on that later, but from now on our store will be on a diet until further notice, so if you want an event shirt for yourself or for your PBC, make sure to include it in your pre-pay. Sizes up to 4X are $25, but only if you pay by April 1st.

Come back soon for additional updates.

Email MGM.

MGM, XNGH -- "Recording No Cyber Before Its Time."
...and remember to Love us on Facebook




Posted 2.6.23 -- By Mike "MGM" Ramirez, CR

US Flag.

Hello Cloggites! Before we get into the new Humbug's welcome message, our Quackster wanted me to let you know how much he's looking forward to seeing our chapter strut it's stuff at Kernville's Whiskey Flat Parade. So come on up! It's a a week from this coming Saturday. The parade route is only about a mile, but for the Widders, and for those who can't walk, we'll likely have a truck to aid the progress of our crimson entourage.

The parade starts at 10 am, so we must be in the staging area no later than 9:30. Just follow Burlando Rd over the river bridge and into town. The parade stages at the T-intersection with Sierra Highway. Wear Clamper attire, but dress warmly. Morning temperatures in the mountains have been between 23 to 33 degrees lately, though it warms up to about 48 to 58 degrees in the afternoon.

Lastly, the Toppings will not be able to host the previously advertised BBQ at their house, but there are plenty of places to eat and wet your whistle in town. Download the flyer from the links on the left. Hope to see you there! -- MGM


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