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Sp2022 Group photo.

Posted 6.26.22 - - By NGH "Ptomaine Ptimbo" Gillespie, XXNGH

Joel's Magic Hat

Welcome back to the CLOG, My Brothers! I just got back from Spokane, Washington and a most satisfactory Charter Doin's for Irish Kate #1858, one of ECV's newest chapters. As you can see from the pic above, this is a great bunch of guys, and I would encourage anyone headed up to the Spokane area, if you have time to visit, to contact one or two of them through the Irish Kate website or their chapter's Facebook page. The Spokane Brothers would love to see us Lebeckians at any of their Doin's.

Irish Kate Charter Fire Pit

I was mighty proud to be able to present the new chapter with a spiffy new stainless steel fire pit from us as a welcome gift to our Ancient and Honorable Order. It has a see through outline of the ECV Miner and Jackass, with the names and number of our two chapters on either side. Unfortunately, even after a few days of really hard rain, a propane-only rule was in effect, so we've yet to see this lovely thing in all of its blazing glory. But the Brothers did promise to send us a pic when they do finally get to fire it up.

I also had a great time talking with all of the Sublime officers and Proctors. SNGH Dave "Warthog" Otero congratulated us for representing our chapter and, in his words, thought our fire pit gift "really awesome." He is sending a letter commending us. I have to say again how proud I am to represent a bunch of guys who understand brotherhood and forging ties.

Signing the Irish Kate Charter.

Their HOCO and Chartering went great. They've put a lot of work into their community over the last nine years and have fostered ties with appropriate organizations. They've earned their place as an ECV chapter, so congratulations to the Brothers from Irish Kate.

I also want to make clear that none of this came out of chapter funds. The trip was on me as part of my Humbuggery, and the fire pit is a gift from our guys to those guys. So if you didn't get a chance to contribute towards the barrel and want to throw in a few bucks for that, see Rick "Hard Luck" Vega at the next "Red Shirt Getaway," It starts at noon, Saturday, July 2, at the Elks Lodge in Santa Clarita. So far we've collected about half the cost of the barrel, which was about $400.

We are still chewing on a venue for our Fall Doin's, but we hope to announce soon so keep an eye on this space. Also make sure to check out the latest edition of XNGH "Top" Turner's "Bear Feeder News," to see how our Camp Hamilton picnic table donation has worked out. But whatever you do, come back often to check for updates of upcoming events and opportunities. Same Clamp time, same Clamp channel!

Email Timbo.

Your Clampbastardly Ambassador,




Sp2022 Group photo.

Posted 6.5.22 - - By XNGH Mike "MGM" Ramirez, CR

Pine Cone Squirrel

Time to spiffify your white shoes and take your seer sucker out of moth balls as summer is just around the corner. But before you let spring breezes waft you away into the fragrances of Summer's Eve, check out the photos from our Spring Doin's. I've even snuck in a few photos of Ptimbo at Grand Council. All of it is now posted to Peter's Picture pages for your enjoyment. And if you don't know the password, next time pay attention, and don't worry. I've burned all the embarrassing pics Max and I took at the Doin's. What else is digital for?

Click the little pic above to see the group shot, and you can also get a good look at our latest plaque by going to the Clampdown page. If you don't see the current offering, just make sure to refresh your browser to keep up.

- - MGM

Posted 5.29.22 - - By NGH "Ptomaine Ptimbo" Gillespie, XXNGH; and XNGH Mike "MGM" Ramirez, CR

Otero and Ptimbo

Hail, Brethren! Your Humbug, Tim "Ptomaine Ptimbo" Gillespie, here. XNGH "Medium Green Mike" Ramirez-Mares and I just returned from Grand Council, which was a most satisfactory event. We gave a concise report of our Chapter activities and Doin's, got to mingle with a lot of Brothers we hadn't seen in a few years, and generally spread the bonhomie of Peter Lebeck through the Diggin's. Our Proctor-Advisor, Dave "Warthog" Otero is the new Sublime Noble Grand Humbug, and we are glad to have him. Loren Wilson was voted Clamper of the Year.

Grand Conclave

It was also heartening to see several Outposts become full-fledged chapters, including Copper Queen in Nevada, with which we have a connection. MGM will fill you in on that one.

It was also inspiring to hear about the marvelous community and charity work done by many an ECV Chapter. I'd sure like to step up our community profile and contribution by doing something for a worthwhile cause in Kern County. Please put on your thinking beanies and let me know if you have any idears.

Wall of Comparative Ovations

The Wall of Comparative Ovations in Murphy's is in great shape, but a couple of the museums, including the Old Timers' Museum, have closed and the fate of their collections is being debated. Some items are now at the non-profit Angels Camp City Museum, while others remain in storage. Grand Council and local Chapters are doing their best to help preserve the contents of these museums and keep them available to those who appreciate Western history and lore.

In other news, our Fall Doins has not yet been set, but we are looking at several different options. While we do have some places we can usually go, I'm doing my best to find somewhere new and exciting to have our next bacchanal. Wherever it may be, fun times will be had.

I hope everyone enjoyed the last Doin's at Camp Hamilton. It was our first spring outing in a couple of years, and we may have been a bit rusty on a thing or two, but overall, everyone seemed to have a good time.

Stay tuned for updates, and keep those emails coming! Now over to MGM!

HOCO Committee

Mikee here to fill in a few details. Ptimbo has asked me to keep the number of words to a minimum, but we'll see about that.

Our Spring Doin's was a most satisfactory affair. The weather was great, the venue shady and lush, and our attendance was as large as I've seen it for one of our single chapter Doin's. We eliminated the hassle of walk-ins and still had 77 guys sign-up ahead of time. We also took in six new Brothers. We'll likely continue doing pre-pay registration exclusively because it cuts down on waste and helps keep our rub reasonable. Despite two years of Covid-19 we remain financially healthy, and this Doin's made that more so. So thanks you!

Red Table Donations

Camp Hamilton Memorial Park is a non-profit charity, and is one of those places we will return to on occasion. The association's board has honored us by dedicating an area next to our plaque in the name of E Clampus Vitus, and it will soon have three weather resistant, metal, black and red picnic tables for the use of park visitors: One donated by several of our X-Humbugs, a second by our PXL Brothers from Santa Clarita, and a third by the Peter Lebeck general fund.

As for Grand Council, I can report that our band of brothers continues to grow with over 50 chapters and outposts currently in existence. Each chapter is an independent corporation, with the right under its charter to use the name, signs, symbols and style of the order. Which means that the umbrella organization, E Clampus Vitus, Inc. (sometimes referred to as Grand Council, "GC," or the Board of Proctors) , is powerless to direct the day to day working of any chapter, including Peter Lebeck.

Spring 2022-21 Plaque

Never the less, there are standards, and unless we live up to them we are in danger of becoming a mere party crew, and worse, being seen by the public as just a bunch of drunks. It's good to have fun, and we're famous for that, but we are at heart a service organization. Our mission is to preserve and teach history, and to do whatever other good deeds will benefit our community. We aren't the Masons or the Elks, but our reputation is no less important.

To that end I recommend that all read our long-time friend Dave Otero's inaugural speech to Grand Council. I've posted it here because it is an important perspective and provides direction for where we should be going as an organization.

That isn't to say that we are not on track, Dave says we are, and so do I.

Gene Duncker

Speaking of on track. Congratulations to Copper Queen Outpost #1915, of Yerington, Nevada, on being granted Chapter status. While it was sponsored by Julia C. Bulette of Virginia City, our Brother, XNGH Gene "Dickhead" Duncker PxP, did have something to do with it.

The story goes that once Dickhead left PXL for his new retirement home in Nevada, he went to a formation meeting for the would-be outpost. When asked if he wanted to be on the steering committee Gene politely declined, but his bladder made the mistake of ordering Gene to the men's room. By the time they both got back, Gene had been volunteered in his absence and voted unanimously into office. (One can suspect that Gene's bladder was likely in on the conspiracy and was thereafter roundly congratulated by all - - except Gene.)

Jim Bailey

But you need resources to start an outpost, and, other than red shirts, Copper Queen had very little of its own. But our Dickhead remembered that PXL had shade and kitchen equipment it could spare.

Jim Bailey

During his year as Humbug, XNGH Jim Bailey had proposed trying to lighten our kit. He donated large pop-ups which allowed us to retire the metal tubed canopies we had been using for years, and which had been donated by Gene and XNGH Joe Szot. We had also put aside a large, wheeled, multi-burner stovetop, which we had replaced with light-weight camp stoves. Add in a few surplus pot and pans, and our donation was enough to get the outpost Clamping. So check back here for details. I expect some of us will be going to Copper Queen's Charter Doin's sometime soon.

PXL also now has a steering committee made up of our Humbug and a few recent 'bugs who've been most active. The purpose is not to override the authority of the Humbug but to provide oversight, offer advice as to expenditures, and to be the Humbug's eyes and ears on the ground -- so watch where you step. My suggestion was that they be dubbed the "Magnificent Malefactors," but I think they wanted something more decorous. Seemly, for sure.

Max Felser

I've started to work on the pictures, which will take me a few days. Aside from what I took, we still have the good fortune of having Max Felser roaming the Doin's and shooting as well. Thank him when you see him. He's one of the good guys.

This coming Saturday, June 4, 2022, is the unofficial "Red Shirt Get-away," at the Santa Clarita Elks Lodge, 17766 Sierra Highway, Santa Clarita CA 91351. It starts at 12 noon and is open to all ECV members in good standing regardless of chapter. So come on out for an inexpensive dog and a brew, it happens every first Saturday of the month, beginning at 12 noon until about 3 p.m.

US Flag.

Lastly, this Monday is Memorial Day, so regardless of where you are or what you are doing, take a moment to honor the memory of those who gave their all for our country. Our freedom was hard earned and their sacrifice should never be forgotten. You may also want to take a few minutes to read this meditation on American sacrifice and the meaning of Memorial Day by Teodore Johnson, Commander, USN, Ret. Peace to all.


- - MGM

Pine Cone Banner.

Posted 4.24.22 - - By XNGH Mike "MGM" Ramirez, CR

Pine Cone Squirrel

Sad to say, registration is now closed. If you missed it, we'll miss you, but we won't be without company. Seventy-seven guys have signed-up for our frolic so it's going to be a bit cozy. If you feel that you have been unfairly excluded (or merely were too lazy to do the right thing and sign-up by the deadline), you'll have to beg the Humbug directly because walk-ins will be turned away at the gate.

The weather is holding steady, with the highs dropping a bit on Thursday and Friday into the mid-70's. No rain is expected, though you will want to bring a jacket for evenings hovering around 50 degrees.

Pine Cone Squirrel

Saturday morning we will be having a plaque dedication and possibly an on-site "fallen veteran's" tree ceremony. All are invited and encouraged to attend as we would like to include you in the group photo.

Once again, we are close enough to civilization to have cell service but far enough away to make shopping inconvenient, so plan accordingly. Gates open at noon on Thursday. For more details, read on, and see you there.

- - MGM

Posted 4.21.22 - - By XNGH Mike "MGM" Ramirez, CR

Timbo Enrobed

Hail, Clampers! Your favorite Cloggologist here, with an urgent reminder from our most illustrious Humbug, Ptomaine Ptimbo Gillespie. If you expect to attend next week's Doin's at Camp Hamilton, don't come unless you register by tomorrow, Friday, April 22, 2022. This is a "prepay only" event, and even if the "Czech is in the male" - or in our case, the Frenchman -- if you're not registered by Friday, expect to be turned away at the gate. So if you haven't done it yet, do it now, before it's too late. Use our handy registration form on our Spring Doin's page to get the job done, but do it pronto.

While you're there, you can also use the Spring Doin's page to download a copy of the flyer, get directions and other useful stuff.

If you have a PBC, make sure he has his presentation, bribe and a copy of the Handbook. You can download it from (you guessed it!) the Spring Doin's page, just use the link or scroll down to find it, and don't forget to read the rules. Private harassment of PBCs is prohibited (we have our own app for that).

Pine Cone Squirrel

Gates open at 12 noon on Thursday, April 28th, but remember the feed bag doesn't go on until Friday afternoon, so plan accordingly. RVs are welcome, as are burn barrels, but you'll need to use them in the designated areas. A broad, flat space adjacent to the green zone is available for parking RVs. Tents are welcome on the grass, but no vehicles or burn barrels, please! Put wheels or cinders on the grass and you can expect a Clint Eastwood look alike to show up and ask you to get off of his lawn. We're expecting about 70 Clampers this weekend, so please make your friendly acquaintance and don't hesitate to move over as needed.

Dickhead Weather Central!

Dickhead Weather Central is so far predicting good Clamping conditions. Those foolish enough to rely upon our trusty oracle should expect partly sunny skies without precipitation, with daytime highs about 80° and nighttime lows about 50°. Everybody else, dress accordingly.

PXL Doin's are BYOB. We maintain a bar with free sodas and snacks, and liquid contributions are always welcome, but the chapter does not provide alcohol. This outing we will also have the use of the Camp Hamilton "Crow Bar." You are welcome to any libations you find there, but respect tradition and either leave a tip or an in-kind donation.

Lastly, while ours is the only event scheduled during our time at Camp Hamilton, please remember that it is a veterans' memorial park. Civilians at times will be present. Please give them a wide berth and proper respect.

So come on up for a most Satisfactory time! Drive safely, and see you at the Doin's.

Email MGM.

MGM, XNGH -- "Recording No Cyber Before Its Time."
...and remember to Love us on Facebook




Posted 3.13.22 - - By Ptomaine Ptimbo Gillespie, XXNGH

Timbo in Chair

What Ho, Redshirts,your Noble Grand Humbug here! Now that this virus to tire us is fading into many unpleasant memories, let's get back to doing what we do best - Plaquein' and Clampin'!

We have a bang-up (no anvils, please) get together planned for PXL's Fall 4-Day Clampout, Thursday, April 28th thru Sunday May 1, 2022. Operation Pine Cone will take place at Camp Hamilton in Bakersfield at a privately owned site dedicated to our fallen heroes. PXL already has a great presence with the Camp, having donated a bench and our plaque, and we will continue to be part of their family, helping as we can. Your PBCs will look great picking up pinecones and doing other squirrelly chores, so hook and book your candidates now. Do be aware that there may be widders or children of some of the memorialized around, so please maintain seemly decorum if you should see any of the public.

Pine Cone Squirrel

This has all of the hallmarks of a great Doin's. Our Grand Council friend whose Office Shall Remain Nameless is slated to attend, and we are getting lots of interest from the Redshirt Getaways at the Santa Clarita Elks. A goodly crowd is shaping up, so don't be a Limper, be a Clamper! We have more good stuff than you could possibly need! Live amusement with PBCs, a great place to gather, a built-in bar and more too numerous to list. Well, maybe not too numerous, I'm just lazy.

Pine Cone Squirrel

Cuisine, you ask? C'mon, man, who's driving this bus? No more of this catering baloney. You'll get authentic Ptomaine Ptimbo beans, great steaks or chicken, and a Friday night surprise meal that will make you wanna slap the Humbug. But if you do that, better make the first one count!

PXL flag

Since we have had some setbacks and some inactivity, we have taken the opportunity to clean out and do a lot of maintenance on the store, but we aren't ready to put it back into action yet. We will do our best to have what we can available.

All seriousness aside, let's get together and make this one for the books. Come out and make light out of what used to be only darkness. Or maybe that was my home office. Everyone has been cooped up long enough that all of y'all oughta have plenty of Clamper ready to come out. Bring whatever you have that is weird to share. We can start at noon on Thursday, so everyone ought to have their pumps primed for a good old-fashioned hoot-n-holler, have a yucca, "One more short one, please," weekend.

Having spake my piece, I now pass my scepter of authority, aka 4 lb. dead blow hammer, in benediction, wishing you a rapid, safe, and fun journey (with a sober driver) to the Clampout.

I'll be waiting for you. Click here to sign-up But hurry. It's prepay only and sign-up closes April 22nd!

  Ptomiane Timbo, XXNGHEmail Timbo.
       PXL - - NGH 2022

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