Peter Lebeck Chapter #1866

The Kern County Chapter of E Clampus Vitus ®
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E Clampus Vitus -- ClampYear 6026
C.E.2026 Officers for Peter Lebeck, Chapter #1866, Kern County

He's the BIG Banana Now!
Noble Grand Humbug
Mark "Pokey" Crawford
(661) 472-0414
Vice Noble Grand Humbug
Kevn "No Eye" Horton
Show him a Noble and he'll record it!
He's the BIG Banana Now!
Gold Dust Receiver
Al "The Quack" Price
Grand Noble Recorder
Mark "Scoop" Mutz
He likes to post fences!
He never skips rope!
Grand Imperturbable Hangman
Rick "Hard Luck" Veiga
(661) 298-8464
(661) 298-8464
Irascible Clamps Hostrixx
Matthew & Shane Veiga
Their Bar Stools are TITANIC!
He's the slammer in chief!
Damn Fool Doorkeeper
Greg "Prospector" Wilkerson
(661) 339-6264
(661) 472-0414
Kevn "No Eye" Horton
He put the Z in Sales!
He keeps his hands warm under center.
HawkTackle Left
Jim "Man Handles" Mann
(661) 296-4433
Hawk Tackle Right
Kenton "Airdale" Miller
He Heard a Who!
Trains Seals!
Petey's Flying Circus - Ring Master Left
Fred "Flintstone" Fenski
(661) 245-2286
(661) 245-0613
Petey's Flying Circus - Ring Master Right
Dave "Boulder" Staley
Trains Trains!
Eat me!
Kenton "Airdale" Miller
Wholly Waggin' Master
Guy "Guido" Cornell
He shakes it more than twice.
Too Bee or Knot Tube Bee?
Royal Clamps Thespian
Scott "Staples" Crawford
(818) 261-9396
Clamps Fire Captain
Lance "Hillbilly" Putnam
He puts out -- fires!
He loves to count!
Assistant to the GDR
Mark "Scoop" Mutz
Consulting Clampstorian
Mike "MGM" Ramirez
Older than stuff!
Knows alot about old stuff.
Consulting Clampstorian Emeritus
Chris "Professor" Brewer
2010 Governor's Historical Preservation Award Winner
Clamp Crier
Dale "Top" Turner
Announcy and Bouncy!
Speaks in Code.
Cyber Recorder
Mike "MGM" Ramirez-Mares
Assistant to the CR
Kenton "Airdale" Miller
He wants to speak in CODE!
He's the BIG Banana Now!
Al "The Quack" Price


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