Peter Lebeck Chapter #1866

The Kern County Chapter of E Clampus Vitus ®
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Come Friday, October 7, 2011,

The Brothers of PXL Invite You to Join Us

For a Weekend Clamp Beside the Kern River

As We Mark Our Return to Clamp Okihi!

Clamp Okihi!


See the Invite to PXL's Charter Doin's.

Camp Okihi lies on the northern banks of the Kern River about ten miles east of California Highway 99. The park-like setting is one that we believe should be appreciated by everyone who attends our 50h Anniversary Fall Doin's, and as a special treat we were able to reserve the entire Clampground for these special Shenanigans.

In fact we were there once before - 50 years ago - when we celebrated our Charter Night Doin's back on May 19, 1962. So you can say that this will be one of those nostalgic moments for all of us.

Owned by the Kern County Parks Department, Camp Okihi has two beautiful lawns, trees, picnic tables, barbeques and a large fire ring just the right size for swapping stories and telling lies. We'll be far enough away from civilians for you to let your hair down - assuming you have any - and while we discourage swimming without a life vest due to the Kern's notorious under currents, with the right gear and a fishing license, you can fish to your heart's content - and this time we promise not to drain the river before you get there!

Arial View of Camp Okihi.

The Clampsite has easy RV access, and these grounds are big enough to accommodate as many as 200 Clampers itching to party, so expect plenty of room to set up your tent or rig. We just ask that you not park your vehicle on the lawn and that you avoid running over the sprinklers.

Brothers, you won't regret this one. We've planned some very special stuff for this very special weekend, so this is one you will not want to miss. Experience great grub, our First "1st Annual Yucca-Off," and Clamping beneath the Space Alien Lounge, all with a bunch of great guys in one of the most peaceful and outstanding places you would ever want to Clamp in Kern County.

So reserve the weekend - October 7-9, 2011 - We'd be honored to have you join us.

To download a map and more detailed directions click here or go to the flyer page for PXL's 2011 Fall Doin's. To read about Clamping with Peter Lebeck, click here.

Hey, Pete? Now you gotta worry about plaque russlers!



Kern County is a big place and it covers all kinds of terrain: from the driest portions of the Mojave Desert, to the snowiest pine forests of the Sierra Nevada; from the oak woodlands of Walker Basin to the still wild grasslands of the San Joaquin Valley. Then of course there is Fort Tejon, Pine Mountain, the Kern River Valley, the Tehachapis, and…you get the drift. Kern County IS a BIG and interesting place.

Walker Basin Clampout.

And needless to say, we do try to get around. So if you are looking for something different, always make sure to look us up when you are planning your Clamping Calendar. If you've Clamped the desert, try the mountains. If you've Clamped the mountains, try the desert. But always make an effort check with us because we may be going someplace you'd really, really enjoy, and we do get around.

PXL Clampouts are not so large that you'll ever feel lost, and not so small that you'll ever feel like you're crashing someone's private party. Brothers visiting from other chapters are always made to feel welcome, and we especially encourage you to drop by if you live in Kern County or the adjoining areas of southern and central California.

Inyokern Clampout.

At Peter Lebeck we plan two, full-weekend Clampouts every year, one in the spring and the other in the fall, and we favor overnight outings because we believe it is the surest way to make sure that each of our Brothers makes it home safely. At Peter Lebeck we also believe that Clamping is as much about plaquing as it is about camping and camaraderie, so we try to mount at least one erection every year and we try to Clamp near by. So won't you join us for the adventure? We'll make sure you get an extra helping of Timbo's beans.


Fort Tejon.


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