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Our Humbugs Speaks / Humbug Honor Roll

The Humbug Speaks! The Humbug Speaks! The Humbug Speaks!


An Update from our Humbug, Al "Quackster" Price, XNGH
--- KISS --- Keep it short, stupid. So Stupid should keep it short.

Alan Price, XXNGH!

Words to live by My Brothers,

This year has kept me busy. Being Humbug is not for the faint of heart and I don't recommend it unless you are willing to put in the work. It's 10% Glory, 90% Elbows, and a whole lot of knee pads in between.

The year's activities started with Friday night dinner, February 3, 2023, at the Broken Yolk Café, the night before our 2023 Widders' Ball. Then on to Saturday's Widders' Ball at the Homewood Suites!

Widders Ball 2023

I consider that two good times in a row! Thanks to everyone, especially my Widder, Jayne, and Ptimbo's Widder, Judi Gillespie, for all their help with the Ball. To Dale "Top" Turner for his help with Friday night's dinner, and much thanks again to XNGH Jim Bailey for his generosity in lending us his facilities, at the Broken Yolk and at the Homewood, at no cost to the chapter.

Though I'd like to blame the weather, the Chapter turnout for the Whiskey Flat Days Parade in Kernville was disappointing. Only two Clampers, besides myself, and one Widder, showed up to march in the parade -- so we drove it in my Jeep instead. The barbeque at XXNGH Charles Toppings' house had to be cancelled. Due to the poor turn out, we don't plan on scheduling any more Whiskey Flat "marches" in the near future.

Spring Chow Line at Camp Hamilton!

The Spring Doin's was held once again at Camp Hamilton Veterans' Memorial Park. Like PXL, Camp Hamilton is a 501(c)(3) charity, though specifically dedicated to the memory of those who have served in our armed forces. The Brethren pitched-in with their individual donations and volunteer labor that allowed us to buy, assemble and dedicate three more picnic tables to the park.

Following our Spring Doin's, I attend ECV's Grand Council in May at Sonora, California. I reported on the Chapter's activities, all went well. Fort Tejon Announcement!

The Dates for the Fall Doin's are all set. A big thank you to XXNGH Mark "Pokey" Crawford, who was able to book us back into the Fort Tejon campground for Thursday, September 21 through Sunday, September 24, 2023. Please note my Brothers that Thursday is for the "set-up crew." If you show up on Thursday, you will be expected to pitch-in and help set up the cook shack, pop-ups, etc. --- NO EXCEPTIONS.

2005 Roads End Plaque

We were planning on holding the Road's End plaque rededication that same weekend, but the plaque site is north of Kernville in Tulare County, and it is a 2 1/2 to 3 hour drive one-way from Ft. Tejon. So the plaquing will be held separately at 11 am, on Saturday, Sept. 16th instead. Come join us if you can! No festivities, just the re-plaquing ceremony. Take the road on the far east side of Kernville --- about 15 miles north on Mountain Highway 99/Sierra Highway. The plaque site is at the turnout 0.8 miles past McNally's Store/lodges and Burger stand on Mountain 99.

Meeting Notice!

Our Annual business meeting is scheduled for Saturday, November 4, 2023, at our regular place, the La Sierra Mexican Restaurant (and Clamper Watering Hole) in Frazier Park. Our Meeting will begin as usual at 10 am. We hope to get in for breakfast at 8 am. We will keep you posted as to the agenda and if there are any changes, as the weather can be iffy in November.

Tarp and Pole Awning

On the good news side, we replaced our worn-out cook shack pop-ups with industrial grade pop-ups similar to those used at trade shows. This is our third generation of weather protection, and these awnings are even emblazoned with the PXL Rondelle. XXNGH Mark "Pokey" Crawford and XNGH Dale "Top" Turner researched the pop-ups which were funded through your donations to "Feed the Bear." So thanks to these Brothers and to everyone who has supported us through our volunteer fund.

Our chapter actually survived without much shade for many years. XNGHs Gene Duncker and Joe Zsot donated the sturdy "tarp and pipe" canopies in 1986, which served us well until we retired them and which were good enough to donate to the Copper Queen outpost in Yerington, Nevada to help the Brothers there assemble a proper kit. Those canopies were replaced by a generous donation from XNGH Jim Bailey in 2015, who saw the benefit of having something lightweight, that would require fewer men to set up. After a number of years of good service, we have finally retired those, as well.

New Gas Grill

Here's another problem. As much as we would rather cook our meats on charcoal, too many Clampsites no longer tolerate open flames due to drought conditions - including Fort Tejon. But again thanks to the Bear Fund, we have just purchased a new propane gas barbeque -- to be used for the first time at our Fall Doin's! Think of it as our Barbeque to the Stars. Thank you XXXNGH Ptomaine Timbo Gillespie, for helping us out once again as our Clamp Chef, and for taking the bull by the horns in suggesting, picking out, then ordering our new barbeque.

My Brothers, on a serious note, Ptimbo has only stepped in temporarily as our Clamp Chef to help us out this year --- but we need a permanent replacement for him, so he can at least try to enjoy his recent retirement! Please let me or any of your other officers know if you are interested in helping us out as Clamp Chef.

Though it's hard to believe that this Clamp year is almost over, we still have a lot of Clamping to do! Come on up to Fort Tejon, then join us at the Road's End plaque rededication on Saturday, September 16, 2023 at 11 am. Please carpool if you can as parking is limited. If you're not plaquing, you're not Clamping. See you there!

Email The Quackster.

XNGH Al 'The Quackster' Price, PXL #1866
    Noble Grand Humbug 2023
    (661) 867-2414


Our Graybeards

Honor Roll of X-Noble Grand Humbugs

  1. 1962 Ralph Kreiser*
  2. 1963 Walter Bowman*
  3. 1964 George Hewett*
  4. 1965 Frank Miller*
  5. 1966 Walter Stewart
  6. 1967 Howard deVilleroy*
  7. 1968 Ralph Myers *
  8. 1969 Karl Thurber *
  9. 1970 Tom Hagelstein* (X-proctor)
  10. 1971 Max G. Bowser*
  11. 1972 Jack G. Davis
  12. 1973 Richard Davis
  13. 1974 Robert E. J. O. Waite*
  14. 1975 Tom Hagelstein * (X-proctor)
  15. 1976 Gene Boultinghouse *
  16. 1977 Richard Francisco
  17. 1978 Sharkey Denman*
  18. 1979 John McAteer*
  19. 1980 Chris Brewer
  20. 1981 Bud Bradford *
  21. 1982 Charles Pomeroy*
  22. 1983 Tom Hagelstein* (X-proctor)
  23. 1984 William Cordes*
  24. 1985 Kenny Young*
  25. 1986 Robert E. J. O. Waite*
  26. 1987 Bob Newman
  27. 1988 Tony Panici
  28. 1989 Jim Adams*
  29. 1990 Jack Hogue *
  30. 1991 Don Rowe
  31. 1992 Bill Howard
  32. 1993 Dave Phillips*
  33. 1994 Gene Duncker (X-proctor)
  34. 1995 Wes Frisinger
  35. 1996 Joe Szot
  36. 1997 Bob Cordes
  37. 1998 Kent Holland
  38. 1999 Pat McGhee*
  39. 2000 Kenny Young*
  40. 2001 Wes Kutzner
  41. 2002 Al Eastin
  42. 2003 Steve Weaver
  43. 2004 Keith Fraser*
  44. 2005 Steve Born*
  45. 2006 Paul Weaver
  46. 2007 Don Johnson
  47. 2008 Bob Clemensson
  48. 2009 Dale Charter*
  49. 2010 Tim Gillespie
  50. 2011 Tim Gillespie
  51. 2012 Mike Ramirez-Mares
  52. 2013 Russ Chapman (Proctor)
  53. 2014 Charles Topping
  54. 2015 Jim Bailey
  55. 2016 Luis Bouza
  56. 2017 Dale Turner
  57. 2018 Myrl Wallace
  58. 2019 Al Price
  59. 2020 Mark Crawford (Service During Covid)
  60. 2021 Mark Crawford
  61. 2022 Tim Gillespie

*All Humbugs and Graybeards remain members of the Grand Council of E Clampus Vitus
until called by the Highest Authority to His diggin's in the Golden Hills.


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