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For Our Humbugs

The Humbug Speaks!


The Quack, NGH!

Thank you for your vote of confidence in choosing me as your Humbug for the next year, 6024 (2019). (Yeah, right you say. We weren't even asked!) OK, OK, well then, you're stuck with me for the next year anyway. DOC is going to be a hard act to follow.

I remember reading that E Clampus Vitus was started as a joke but quickly gained in popularity. Why? I think it was because it was a way to get away from the norm and have some fun --- and my Brothers and Widders, THAT'S WHAT I WANT TO DO THIS YEAR ---- LET'S HAVE SOME FUN!


Noble Grand Widder 2019!

I think we started off in the right direction --- The Widders' Ball was really for the Widders this year, and it sure looked like they had a great time --- I hope so. Sharron Wallace won our Widder of the Year award. Thanks for putting up with us, Sharron. You can have Doc back now, mostly.

My Widder Jayne and I have already heard many compliments from many of the other Redshirts and Widders in attendance. We gave out money prizes this year rather than cheese or wine baskets. Plus, Brother, and XNGH Jim Bailey who was again kind enough to loan us his place for the ball, donated $100 worth of gift coupons for his Broken Yolk Cafés. You've really missed something if you haven't been to either one of Bailey's Broken Yolks, and believe me when I say, you better be hungry when you go there --- the portions are very generous, and very good!

Here are a few things that I have planned for us over the next 12 months.

Whiskey Flat Parade 2012!

First, it has been a long time, well, several years anyway, since we have marched in the Whiskey Flat Days parade. So here's the FLYER! A couple of our greybeards approached me early last year and asked if maybe we could get involved in that event again in 2019. Little did they know, but I had already started planning on doing just that. Do you remember the stories about the old Clampers during the Gold Rush Days, who made fun of the other groups who were marching in the parades back then? The Masons, Odd Fellows, or other such groups would march, in step, all decked out in their suits and jewels of their particular station --- and the Clampers followed along behind them, out of step, wearing their red long johns, and decked out with their home made "badges of tin"? Well, we'd probably get arrested if we came to the parade in only our long johns, but, let's have some fun this year. The Whiskey Flat (NOT Whisky Flats) parade is always held on the Saturday of President's Day weekend, and in 2019 that will be on Saturday, February 16th. XNGH Don "Sawdust" Johnson has offered to make his truck available to drive the Widder's around during the parade. In the past the Widders dressed up in period costume, and that's what we'd like to see again, but even if you don't want to dress up like that, PLEASE COME ANYWAY! Another thing I'd like to do is put some more fun back into this event. Years ago, the PXL had a Clamper Band. We haven't had one for many years. Like I said, let's have some fun! I bought 20 metal KAZOO'S, and want to start up another PXL "Band" ---- but, with a couple of requirements:

AL and Jayne.

1. You can't know how to read or play a note of music! And,


My Widder Jayne and I are ready for this, ARE YOU? I've already submitted the paperwork for joining this parade. Last year's paperwork says "Do NOT get there before 8 a.m. 'cuz we won't be there, but pre-parade judging will take place at 9:30 am SHARP. We plan to assemble along "Mountain 99" just at the end of the street, the other side of the bridge on the east side of Kernville. The parade starts at 10 am.

Whiskey Flat Parade 2012!

This is just a one-day event for us, and most, if not all of the local hotel rooms will be booked by parade goer's and/or vendors. Not many of the camp grounds will be open at that time of the year either. It takes an hour to get to Kernville from our ranch, but Jayne and I will make our land available for you if you'd like to bring a tent or a trailer up if you're tough enough. You'll be roughing it though, no running water, no restrooms or trash service. Pack it in, take it out. Because we're also Ham Radio Operators, my Widder and I keep track of daily temperatures, rain prospects, and snow possibilities. Our records show it was 51° during the day two years ago and 30° in the morning, then last year on parade day it was 67°at parade time and it was 31°in the early morning, so it will require some hearty souls. Hey, it'll take you an hour to get up to Kernville from Bakersfield, so what's the difference, except we aren't going to charge anything, and you probably won't be able to find a motel room close by. Ranch address: 20325 Redstone Ave., Caliente, CA 93518.

W. Harland Boyd, 1951.

Our first Plaquing will happen a week ahead of our Spring Doin's. We will be honoring Dr. William Harland Boyd, at Bakersfield College on Saturday, April 27th, at 11 am at the entrance to the Humanities Bldg. Dr. Boyd was many things, a History professor at B.C. for 27 years, head of the History Dept., one of the co-founders of the Kern County Historical Society and Museum, and their newsletter editor for over 40 years. Plus, he authored or co-authored approximately 15 books on local Kern County history. Too busy to do anything else? Nope, Dr. Boyd sang in the Choir at his church for over 50 years, was a member of the retired teachers Assn, Kern County Division, the Sierra Club, The Writers of Kern County Assn., The Western History Assn., the Kern County Genealogical Society, Tulare County Historical Society, American Historical Assn., Friends of the Kern County Library, CA Alumni Assn., Friends of the Bancroft Library, AND OH YEAH, HE WAS A MEMBER OF THE PETER LEBECK CHAPTER 1866 OF E CLAMPUS VITUS (according to our Historian Emeritus, Chris Brewer)!

Bakersfield College.

Dr. Boyd went by his middle name, Harland, or W. Harland Boyd) most of the time, probably so as not to be confused with the other Bill Boyd, Hopalong Cassidy! He was at least one of our XNGH's teacher at Bakersfield College (Wes "Preacher" Kutzner). Many of you know that I am also President of the Havilah Historical Society (H.H.S.), and that Havilah was the very first County Seat for the newly established Kern County 1866 - 1874. Well, Dr. Boyd's daughter, Barbara Boyd Voltmer, also a writer, is a friend, and member of the H.H.S. I met with members of the Board at Bakersfield and got their approval to let us install a wall plaque on the brick wall, just inside the doors to the Humanities Bldg. Again, the dedication to be held at 11 am, Saturday, April 27, 2019. BE THERE!

Sh*t Howdy Ranch.

Our Spring Doin's will be back at our "Sh*t Houdy Ranch" in Walker Basin, 20325 Redstone Ave., Caliente, CA, May 3, 4, & 5, 2019. This is Cinco de Mayo weekend, so let's celebrate with a Mexican theme. We'll break out the Margarita's and the chips & Salsa. You break out the Sombrero's and/or anything else (within reason) you can think of that will help us with the celebration.

I'm told Grand Council will be held May 17th & 18th this year up in Sonora, CA. We had a very good turnout last year, and I hope we can have an even better one this year. But, as of Feb 2, 2019, the firm dates have not been posted on the Grand Council website.

Fall Doin's, Sept 20, 21 & 22, 2019: We will be plaquing an Indian Village site in the Golden Hills Community of Tehachapi. Two years ago, when Dale "Top" Turner was NGH, I went to the Golden Hills Community Services District Board Meeting, to get permission for "Top" to plaque Constable Thomas Godwin's grave at the Old Tehachapi/Shield's Cemetery, but at the same time asked them for "tentative approval" to plaque the ancient Kawaiisu/Nuwa Indian Village site, called Tehechita, (most likely the namesake of Tehachapi), it is only about a mile west from where the Godwin plaque was placed.

La Sierra, ECV!

I was going to try to use the Brite Lake RV Campground again, but when I went to their office I was told, "We have a new District Manager and he doesn't allow group camping on the grass any longer. Each camper, RV, or tent must be in a numbered space." She also told me that their dump station and restrooms are out of service. No Eye has scouted out another campground near Brite Lake, but they say they are in a valley, and not bothered by as much wind, plus they have water, toilets, and trash receptacles already at the camp ground. GNR No-Eye Horton will do a walk-thru shortly, as they are currently closed for the season, and there is snow on the ground, the owners are on vacation. It sounds pretty good, so I'm looking forward to No-Eye checking it out for us.

Then of course, we will have our Annual Business Meeting November 16, 2019 at the La Sierra Mexican Restaurant & ECV Watering Hole in Frazier Park (next to another Watering Hole, Sue's Tavern).

Busy, but hopefully a really FUN YEAR! Please join in and have some fun with us!

------ Satisfactory?

Al "The Quack" Price
    (661) 867-2414

PXL NGH #58 -- February 3, 2019


Our Graybeards

Honor Roll of X-Noble Grand Humbugs

  1. 1962 Ralph Kreiser*
  2. 1963 Walter Bowman*
  3. 1964 George Hewett*
  4. 1965 Frank Miller*
  5. 1966 Walter Stewart
  6. 1967 Howard deVilleroy
  7. 1968 Ralph Myers *
  8. 1969 Karl Thurber *
  9. 1970 Tom Hagelstein * (X-proctor)
  10. 1971 Max G. Bowser
  11. 1972 Jack G. Davis
  12. 1973 Richard Davis
  13. 1974 Robert E. J. O. Waite*
  14. 1975 Tom Hagelstein * (X-proctor)
  15. 1976 Gene Boultinghouse *
  16. 1977 Richard Francisco
  17. 1978 Sharkey Denman*
  18. 1979 John McAteer*
  19. 1980 Chris Brewer
  20. 1981 Bud Bradford *
  21. 1982 Charles Pomeroy*
  22. 1983 Tom Hagelstein* (X-proctor)
  23. 1984 William Cordes*
  24. 1985 Kenny Young*
  25. 1986 Robert E. J. O. Waite*
  26. 1987 Bob Newman
  27. 1988 Tony Panici
  28. 1989 Jim Adams
  29. 1990 Jack Hogue *
  30. 1991 Don Rowe
  31. 1992 Bill Howard
  32. 1993 Dave Phillips*
  33. 1994 Gene Duncker (X-proctor)
  34. 1995 Wes Frisinger
  35. 1996 Joe Szot
  36. 1997 Bob Cordes
  37. 1998 Kent Holland
  38. 1999 Pat McGhee*
  39. 2000 Kenny Young*
  40. 2001 Wes Kutzner
  41. 2002 Al Eastin
  42. 2003 Steve Weaver
  43. 2004 Keith Fraser*
  44. 2005 Steve Born*
  45. 2006 Paul Weaver
  46. 2007 Don Johnson
  47. 2008 Bob Clemensson
  48. 2009 Dale Charter*
  49. 2010 Tim Gillespie
  50. 2011 Tim Gillespie
  51. 2012 Mike Ramirez-Mares
  52. 2013 Russ Chapman (Proctor)
  53. 2014 Charles Topping
  54. 2015 Jim Bailey
  55. 2016 Luis Bouza
  56. 2017 Dale Turner
  57. 2018 Myrl Wallace
  58. 2019 Al Price

*All Humbugs and Graybeards remain members of the Grand Council of E Clampus Vitus
until called by the Highest Authority to His diggin's in the Golden Hills.


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