Peter Lebeck Chapter #1866

The Kern County Chapter of E Clampus Vitus ®
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For Our Humbugs

The Humbug Speaks!


Top 'n' Doc!

Greetings Brothers,

To all who attended the Peter Lebeck Spring Doin's at the Kern County Fair Grounds I give a large Thank You and SATISFACTORY! We had a number of Brethren from Slim Princess, including a PBC that they were initiating into our chapter, and quite a few from Squibob down San Diego way. I would especially like to thank Alphonso P. Hornblossom, the Sqibob Clampatriarch, for his attendance and his bribe to get into the place. Was quite tasty, as the Brothers will attest. We swelled our membership rolls by six new Suckers. As usual our PBCs were of questionable character and had to be prodded constantly to perform the Doin's Tasks in a Satisfactory manner. But they somehow prevailed and managed to make it through the trials and tribulations needed to earn their Red Shirts. We also brought in new associates from Squibob Chapter -- Brothers Mitch Barry, and Arnie Regalado, and one who has recently moved to Wasco, Brother Mike "Trainman" Ballou.

Spring 2018 PBCs!

The Plaquing of the Kern County Fair was a great success. Celebrating its hundred and third year this summer, it was time that it be recognized. Along with our Red Shirts and PBCs ---Paul "Ragman" Gleim, Mike "Trainwreck" Ramsey, Frank "Two Time" Webster, Mike "Fish" Fisher, Bryce "Badluck" Gendon and Alan "One Eye" Shemet--- a number of gun show participants observed our Plaque Ceremony.

Spring 2018 Plaque!

Upcoming for this year is the Three Way Candlelight Initiation in June. We will be participating with Platrix Chapter 2, and De La Guerra y Pacheco Chapter 1.5. Our PBC allotment has been filled, but we do still have a number of Red Shirt openings for the members who wish to attend. It is a very limited number for attendance at this initiation. Our Fall Doin's is laid on for Franklin Field in beautiful Taft, California. It will be 20 - 23 September. At this Doin's, we will be driving a few miles up the road to Plaque the McKittrick Hotel and Penny Bar. This will be shortly before lunch, so we all will be able to partake of the World Famous grub from the Penny Bar. We will have to have a number of Brothers of Sobriety to take charge of the vehicles to get us all there and back. We, of course will have our annual meeting in November and then try to survive until the Widders' Ball in January.


Myrl "Doc" Wallace
(805) 937-0156

PXL NGH #57 -- May 1, 2018


Our Graybeards

Honor Roll of X-Noble Grand Humbugs

  1. 1962 Ralph Kreiser*
  2. 1963 Walter Bowman*
  3. 1964 George Hewett*
  4. 1965 Frank Miller*
  5. 1966 Walter Stewart
  6. 1967 Howard deVilleroy
  7. 1968 Ralph Myers *
  8. 1969 Karl Thurber *
  9. 1970 Tom Hagelstein * (X-proctor)
  10. 1971 Max G. Bowser
  11. 1972 Jack G. Davis
  12. 1973 Richard Davis
  13. 1974 Robert E. J. O. Waite*
  14. 1975 Tom Hagelstein * (X-proctor)
  15. 1976 Gene Boultinghouse *
  16. 1977 Richard Francisco
  17. 1978 Sharkey Denman*
  18. 1979 John McAteer*
  19. 1980 Chris Brewer
  20. 1981 Bud Bradford *
  21. 1982 Charles Pomeroy*
  22. 1983 Tom Hagelstein* (X-proctor)
  23. 1984 William Cordes*
  24. 1985 Kenny Young*
  25. 1986 Robert E. J. O. Waite*
  26. 1987 Bob Newman
  27. 1988 Tony Panici
  28. 1989 Jim Adams
  29. 1990 Jack Hogue *
  30. 1991 Don Rowe
  31. 1992 Bill Howard
  32. 1993 Dave Phillips
  33. 1994 Gene Duncker (X-proctor)
  34. 1995 Wes Frisinger
  35. 1996 Joe Szot
  36. 1997 Bob Cordes
  37. 1998 Kent Holland
  38. 1999 Pat McGhee
  39. 2000 Kenny Young*
  40. 2001 Wes Kutzner
  41. 2002 Al Eastin
  42. 2003 Steve Weaver
  43. 2004 Keith Fraser
  44. 2005 Steve Born*
  45. 2006 Paul Weaver
  46. 2007 Don Johnson
  47. 2008 Bob Clemensson
  48. 2009 Dale Charter*
  49. 2010 Tim Gillespie
  50. 2011 Tim Gillespie
  51. 2012 Mike Ramirez-Mares
  52. 2013 Russ Chapman
  53. 2014 Charles Topping
  54. 2015 Jim Bailey
  55. 2016 Luis Bouza
  56. 2017 Dale Turner

*All Humbugs and Graybeards remain members of the Grand Council of E Clampus Vitus
until called by the Highest Authority to His diggin's in the Golden Hills.


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