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You've been waiting for it all year - so here it is, our 53rd Annual Peter Lebeck Widders' Ball -- -- Saturday, January 25, 2014 -- the weekend before Superbowl. So grab your dancing shoes and get ready to head into Bakersfield for a celebration that you and your Widder are never going to forget.

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Once again we've upped our game by moving our Widders' Ball to the Homewood Suites, and we've put together a party with more of what the ladies crave, including an improved menu and an open bar. Our 53rd Widders' Ball will be the kind of experience from which memories are made -- More dancing, less raffle, and all for a very reasonable price. Couples will be welcome at $70. Guest admission is $35 each, and while individual Redshirts pay $40, any Brother who brings a friend who's considering joining our order qualifies the both of you for the couples rate of $70, plus $35 for each additional guest.

So Brother, now's the time to treat your lady to one of the best times available in all of Clamperdom, and to invite your prospective Clamper and his Widder for a great fun filled afternoon and evening with PXL. But hurry because space is limited to the first 100 ball goers, and we can't guarantee that you'll get in if you show up without an RSVP.

We also want you and your guests to complete your experience by spending the night. We need Brothers, not statistics, and peace of mind means staying off the road after a party like this. So with the help of our Brother Jim Bailey, who operates the Homewood Suites Hotel, we've secured a "friends and family" rate which will get you a room for about half of what you'd expect to pay for a comparable accommodation.

Each room is a mini-suite, with a full kitchen, free Wi-Fi and an extra plush and comfy king sized bed maintained to Hilton's exacting standards and made for more than just a good night's sleep (if you know what I mean-heck, you're Clampers, you get the drift!). Most rooms even have a pull out sofa bed if you'd like to double up. A standard room goes for $79 a night, and an upgraded room goes for $89, plus tax. Reserve your room by calling Homewood Suites at 661-664-0400, and ask for Nicole or Stacy. Mention that you're with Peter Lebeck to secure these special rates. After our last doin's we got raves for this one … but we never kiss and tell.

Joining our soirée also means starting your afternoon in traditional Lebeckian Style with a Hospitality Lounge that begins at 2 p.m. So come find us in the Homewood reception room where the snacks and the adult libations will be on us. Visit with old friends and get acquainted with new ones. Chat and view the year's photos on the big screen TV, or step outside onto the patio and visit in the open air, or lounge under the gazebo by the pool.

Your host for the day's festivities will be our incoming Noble Grand Humbug, Charles "Gotta Get 'im a New Name" Topping, and his lovely Widder Pat. We'll be passing the hat for you to secretly submit a new name for the new Humbug. You'll also be the guest of PXL Brother Jim Bailey, who operates the Homewood Suites. Jim is our incoming Vice Noble Grand Humbug and worked extra special hard to make our last Widders' Ball a great success, and with this new offering he's shows no signs of stopping.

Following the reception there will be enough of a break for you and your Widder to get dolled up. Period dress for our Ball is always optional but encouraged, so if you're up for the swank, it will only add to your fun. Awards will be handed out for the best dressed Widder and Clamper, along with Widder of the Year.

Dinner will be in the main room at 7 p.m. The dinner entrée will be "Sizzling Santa Fe," with your choice of chicken or beef fajitas or a veggie platter, complimented with sides, dessert and an open bar to get you set for the rest of the evening. Jim is even donating two kegs of beer to help keep the party simmering.

Because we want to emphasize that this is a celebration in honor of our Widders. We'll be shortening up the time spent on passing of the Staff of Relief and other chapter business; but by far the most important change will be our raffle. No more fifty prizes in a hundred and fifty minutes, or trinkets that we've purchased from Harbor Freight. I know good Clamper Etiquette is to bring a gift for the raffle, especially if you are a visiting Clamper, but we ask that you bring your housewarming gifts to the Spring Clampout, and not be offended if we hold your donations over to raffle them in the Spring (though if you have something extra special for the Widders, don't be shy about telling us).

This year's drawing will be first and foremost a Widders' Raffle with a limited number of special prizes. We'll also have two separate grand prizes -- one for the men and one for the women -- at $10 a chance, but will be definitely worth your while. To the lucky man, we'll be giving away a full year's worth of Clamping with PXL. If you win, you'll get a complimentary pass to our upcoming Spring and Fall Doin's, as well as free admission to next year's Widders' Ball for your Widder and the partner of her choice. To the lucky lady, we'll be giving away a very special prize well in excess of that $10 ticket, and well worth your while to buy her one or more chances.

Following our Dining Room activities, we'll retire to the dance floor for the hottest space in all of B-K -- "Disco P-X-L." Stir to the new grooves of Brother Carlos "Spinner" Lemus as he works his magic for an evening of fun, mirth and romance. Carlos has promised to play something for everyone, so you won't be disappointed. Take to the dance floor, or grab a drink to watch the action from the bistro style seating. Step out onto the nearby patio for a breather, or step into the nearby lobby to enjoy the fire and have a quiet, memorable conversation with friends. It can all be yours when you come to the 2014 edition of the PXL Widders' Ball.

But all of this will only be a "could of been" if you put off your registration. Our Widders' Ball is limited to the first 100 guests so you'll want to prepay and RSVP or you may miss out. Get your dust in soon because we can't guarantee you a place if you show up at the door without a reservation.

You can sign-up by snail mail. Just make sure to postmark by Saturday, January 18, 2014, at the latest. Send your RSVP along with your dust to ""ECV -- Peter Lebeck Chapter #1866, P.O. Box 384, Bakersfield, Ca 93302." If you don't have the form you can download it by clicking here.

Or you can do an end run around the Brothers using snail-mail by sign-up using our handy electronic registration and pay Paypal Page. Just click here to get started.


Looking forward to seeing you at the Ball,


MGM, XNGH -- "Recording No Cyber Before Its Time."
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Main Dining Room at Homewood Suites.
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