Peter Lebeck Chapter #1866

The Kern County Chapter of E Clampus Vitus ®
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The Brothers of PXL Invite You to Join Us

On the Kern River, North of Bakersfield

For Clamp Okihi III -- October 9-11, 2015

"Redneck'ed Pirates on the Kernnibean!"

Slummin' at Okihi!


At PXL we believe that all of our Doin's should incorporate a lot of CQA, so when we heard rumors that the Crimson Pirate was making his way back up the Kern, we were determined not to be outdone. So won't you please join us for Clamp Okihi III, October 9-11, 2015 - Redneck'ed Pirates on the Kernibbean?

Our Humbug has given much thought to this one, and you won't be disappointed. Camp Okihi lies on the northern banks of the Kern River, just north of Bakersfield, about ten miles east of California Highway 99. It has easy RV access and is an excellent place to throw a party. Most of the park is lit for nighttime fun, and it has lawns, trees, picnic tables, barbeques and an amphitheater equipped with fire rings and benches. You can even cast a line assuming you have a fishing license.

Ask anyone who's been there. This is one of the best places in all of Clamperdom for group shenanigans, and our Humbug "Bulls Eye Jim" Bailey intends to take full advantage starting with Friday night's activities. Our Veterans Group, led by Clampcook Timbo Gillespie, will provide a hot pasta and meat ball dinner topped by Dale "Captain America" Turner's special secret sauce. While Cappy is a Marine (once a Marine always a Marine?), we're told that even old Navy men are familiar with this stuff. It's said to have love in every bite.

Following Dinner the Hillbilly will be totally happening. It begins with a proper slathering of contested lubrication. That means you're invited to submit your entry for judgment at Bull Eye Jim's Clamper Cocktail Emporium. It's more than a Yucca-Off, Brothers! Bring a jug or jar of your favorite homemade slippery concoction - be it a Yucca, Apple Pie, or whatever - and we'll see whose poteen reigns supreme. Naturally they'll be a prize for each category, but bring enough to share if you expect the audience to cheer you on.

Our first ever Redneck'ed T-Shirt contest is next so keep your shirt on. Bulls Eye is calling on every Brother to decorate a T-shirt and compete for the prize of most absurd Redneck themed garment. And while you're at it, don't forget to bring your Pirate regalia to add to the CQA, but leave the cutlass at home, please!

Then stick around for our mixed open mic with karaoke by Brother Carlos "Spinner" Lemos. Contribute to the communal campfire fun by reciting a poem, telling a joke or singing a song. You can even call for a group singalong if you dare.

Sunday morning starts with our traditional potluck breakfast, cooked up by our groggy-eyed PBCs and served by our crusty dusty crew of Graybeards. Bring your meat, potatoes, tortillas, etc. We provide plenty of eggs, freshly pilfered from Bulls Eye's Broken Yolk Café in Bakersfield. But that's just for starters. Your rub also entitles you to a hot lunch, and Brother Timbo's famous one pound Ribeye Dinner with all the fixxin's. At PXL, we may not provide the adult libations, but fer'sure no one is going to go away hungry. We'll even throw on some chicken for Brothers who don't eat red meat. Just ask for it when you sign-up.

At Peter Lebeck we bring in new Brothers right, with lots of history and a memorable HOCO. But we are also known for one of the best PBC Interrogations in all of Clamperdom. Just make sure your PBC comes prepared with a short historical presentation and a suitable bribe to mollify the assembled Brethren, because at Okihi, washouts who haven't already been sent home packing will be forced to walk the plank!

All this mirth and merriment can be yours for one low price. Just click on the flashing links above to connect to the registration page for further details and a chance to sign-up and pay electronically. Do it soon. Space is limited. The deadline of October 1st will be here sooner than you think. ARGGHHH!

To read about Clamping with Peter Lebeck in Kern County, just read on.


Hey, Pete? Now you gotta worry about plaque russlers!



Kern County is a big place and it covers all kinds of terrain: from the driest portions of the Mojave Desert, to the snowiest pine forests of the Sierra Nevada; from the oak woodlands of Walker Basin to the still wild grasslands of the San Joaquin Valley. Then of course there is Fort Tejon, Pine Mountain, the Kern River Valley, the Tehachapis, and…you get the drift. Kern County IS a BIG and interesting place.

Walker Basin Clampout.

And needless to say, we do try to get around. So if you are looking for something different, always make sure to look us up when you are planning your Clamping Calendar. If you've Clamped the desert, try the mountains. If you've Clamped the mountains, try the desert. But always make an effort check with us because we may be going someplace you'd really, really enjoy, and we do get around.

Inyokern Clampout.

PXL Clampouts are not so large that you'll ever feel lost, and not so small that you'll ever feel like you're crashing someone's private party. Brothers visiting from other chapters are always made to feel welcome, and we especially encourage you to drop by if you live in Kern County or the adjoining areas of southern and central California.

At Peter Lebeck we plan two, full-weekend Clampouts every year, one in the spring and the other in the fall, and we favor overnight outings because we believe it is the surest way to make sure that each of our Brothers makes it home safely. At Peter Lebeck we also believe that Clamping is as much about plaquing as it is about camping and camaraderie, so we try to mount at least one erection every year and we try to Clamp near by. So won't you join us for the adventure? We'll make sure you get an extra helping of Timbo's beans.


Rankin Ranch, Walker Basin.


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