Peter Lebeck Chapter #1866

The Kern County Chapter of E Clampus Vitus ®
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The Greybeards of PXL Invite You to Join
Our 54th Noble Grand Humbug Jim "NFD" Bailey
For Our Spring Doin's at Fort Tejon

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April 17-18, 2015 (6020 C.E.)

Peter lost the first round to the bear back in 1837: It was Bear 1 - Lebeck 0, if you're keeping score. And it's said that Lebeck knew going in that on some days you get to eat the bear. He was just a bit unclear on what was supposed to happen on the other days. But no worries, because at PXL we believe in second chances, and 178 years later isn't too late for Round 2. So please join us for "Rumble on the Ridge Route, part deux," to find out whether Peter finally gets his Bear. You'll find all you need to know by following these links. See you there!

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Rub and Registration!


Preregister and Save $10!

Register for Our Spring 2015 Doin's.

Brother, one of the best weekends to be had in all Clamperdom can be yours for as little as $55, plus $75 for your PBC, but your dust must be in our hands by April 12th! Use Paypal as late as April 12th, but snail mail applications must be postmarked no later than April 10th to take advantage of the prepay rate. After that it's $10 more, and we won't care if you're Sid, an XNGH or Joe Szot's dog peed on your Procs -- No exceptions!

Both your dust and an application form are required to secure our special rate. To register return our Infallible Fillable Flyer by snail or email, or use our handy dandy electronic doodad to get 'er done. Then mail or use Paypal to forward your dust. And remeber, regardless of how you sign-up, if your jackass gets sick, just call or email us at before the start of the weekend, and our GDR will make sure you're comped for next time.

ECV Brothers who are on Active Military Duty who preregister by the prepay deadline get in free. Just mention it on your registration form and make sure to bring proof, like a copy of an official email showing your current orders, along with your military ID.

All Chapter Hawkers are welcome to ply their goods. But be prepared to do some trading.

Sponsors should include a waiver form for each of their PBCs. Redshirts should include one for themselves if we don't already have one on file from a prior doin's. These waivers are an ECV wide policy imposed by Grand Council to help keep E Clampus Vitus in existence. Click here to read the waiver.

Are you a PBC paying separately from your Sponsor? No Problem! Just make sure to include your sponsor's name on the memo portion of your check or in the Paypal comment box. Postmark or Paypal by the deadline to get the early discount.


You can mail your application and rub to our Recorder/Assistant Gold Dust Receiver at:
Peter Lebeck #1866, c/o Dale Turner, 24415 Lisa Kelton Place, Newhall, CA 91321-2341,

You can also Email your application to,
and use our Paypal Portal by clicking -->Click Here for PayPal!<-- here.


Click Here to download a PDF copy of the Infallible Fillable Flyer.Click Here to Download a PDF Copy of the Infallible Fillable Flyer.

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Schedule of Events for the Rumble on the Ridge Route

It's Jim Bailey! It's Jim Bailey!



Fri, April 17: Relax and enjoy life at the Fort the PXL Way.

10:00 am: Gates open. Sorry no early arrivals this trip. Watch for civilians fleeing the Clampsite!

7:00 pm: : Jimbo and Timbo will provide pulled pork and Italian Beef for your colonic edification. So don't pull your own.

8:12 pm: All PBCs must present themselves to the Hangman for survival instruction along with their sponsors.

9:15 pm: : Another "Yucca-off" commences!! Followed by our 1st Annual Steve "B.I." Cox Aluminum Foil Haberdashery Contest.


Sat, April 18: It don't get any better than this...............

7:20 am: Potluck breakfast - We provide the EGGS! You bring sausage, ham, potatoes, tortillas, salsa, bacon, etc. Our XNGH cook team will prepare a meal guaranteed to turn your colon into a NASCAR Raceway.

8:11 am: PBC & sponsor check-in with our Hangman at the cookshack. PBCs will be Clean & Sober.

9:06 am : Redshirt check-in at the bar (No Grub-stub, no meals). No Kiddin'.

Noonish: Lunch at the cookshack -- A PXL lunch to reline your insides and make your next colonoscopy amusing.

2:33 pm: PBC interrogations, entertainment, bribes, presentations, tomfoolery, etc.

4:44 pm: Necrology Ceremony & Hall of Comparative Ovations.

6:01 pm: Dinner- steak a la Timbo, with his Clamper beans & other vittles for your enjoyment.

7:15 pm: Fireside fun - Raffles, stories, jokes, male bonding, pass the bottle and the usual BS.


Sun, April 19: The PXL version of "The Walking Dead."

7:00 am: A continental breakfast at the cook tent. Aspirin & Rolaids for those who survived.

8:09 am: Camp clean-up. Everybody helps, from XSNGH to XPBC!

10:06 am: Drive back to the orphans and widders. But do it SOBER!!

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PBC Handout and Instructions!


Special PBC Requirements



 Our Hangman.

All PBC's must check in with our Grand Imperturbable Hangman upon entering the Clampsite. On Friday night, at 8:12, all PBCs and sponsors present in camp must report to the cookshack for survival instructions from the Hangman.

Any infirmities that might affect your PBC's ability to do moderately physical tasks MUST be disclosed to the Hangman. Vertigo, bad knees, bad ticker, claustrophobia, diabetes, all that stuff counts. No Exceptions! Failure to disclose could result in sheepskin denial and suspension of the PBC's sponsor.

Our initiation is not an endurance test! If you have a friend who wants to join PXL but has health issues we will figure out a way to get him through the initiation, but a failure to disclose a PBC's health problems endangers your PBC, it endangers us, and is not appreciated by anyone.

ALL PBCs must have a bribe and a five minute historical presentation for our Board of Inquiry. Also PBCs may not wear RED until after completing their sacred ordeal. Finally, membership is open only to men 21 or older with good attitudes. These rules provide for the safety and fair treatment of your friend. As his sponsor it is your responsibility to make sure that he complies. Our initiation is a mind f**k. Do as you're told and no one gets hurt.



 Our Hangman.

That from the time of their arrival all PBCs are guests of the Brothers of Peter Lebeck, ECV and will be under the protection and control of our Hangman & his Vigilantes.

As is our custom at PXL, PBCs may fraternize with the Brethren on Friday but must show good attitude and submit to the directions of the Hangman from the time of their arrival, including being of service when so instructed by our Hangman.

All PBCs in Camp on Saturday Morning must report to the Cookshack at 6 a.m. for Kitchen Duty on pain of foregoing initiation. Last call for PBCs is 8:11 a.m. Saturday morning. PBCs must be knowledgeable of all educational materials provided to them, especially the Handbook, be prepared to stand and deliver before our Board of Inquiry, and remain sober throughout the initiation. No Exceptions!

The PXL PBC Handbook should be downloaded Here!

PXL adheres to all Grand Council Rules which will be strictly enforced. It will be a clean, but memorable initiation as befits our Honorable Order.

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Jim Bailey is Coming Home! ('Cuz he lost his fine tooth comb.)

These are the Rules--So Read 'em!

Clamper Bling!

RULES FOR THE WEEKEND- read & follow them: We are guests of Fort Tejon State Historical Park which has provided a very nice Clampsite for free because of the hard work donated by our members. Don't F#@K it up! Please, no parking on the lawns, no eating the deer, and no blocking the access road unless you're driving a fire truck and putting out a fire! We have parking for large rigs but be prepared to make room if asked. We were near capacity the last time we Clamped at the Fort so get your reservations in early! The Clampsite is within distance of a cell tower, and water is available on site. Fires are allowed only in containers or in the campfire ring. Civilians campers may still be packing up to leave on Friday morning, so please give them space.

DO BRING: Water, shade, firewood, burn barrels, raffle/auction prizes, stuff for Saturday's potluck breakfast (but not eggs), libations for yourselves and your Brothers, good PBCs, ideas for PBC games, trash bags. Please bring personal hygiene items for the ladies and toys for the kids at the women's shelter in Bakersfield.

DON'T BRING: Dope, firearms, explosives (including females), eggs, weaponry, anyone under 21, pissy PBCs or any of the usual No-Nos. Violation means expulsion without refund. So, don't risk it. This applies to EVERYONE!

ALL PBCs must have a bribe for the board and an historical presentation, as well as their dust. PBCs will submit to the authority of our Hangman upon entry to the Clampsite and remain under his control - retreads included! There will be absolutely NO PBC Harassment on Friday Night!

NOTE: This chapter respect and adheres to the rules of the Board of Proctors of E Clampus Vitus®, Inc.

REMEMBER - The PXL bar has snacks, sodas, iced tea and water. Want more? Bring it yourself.

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Clamper Directions Come Without Warranty!

So You Want Directions?

Fort Tejon is right off of Interstate 5, at the top of the Grapevine Pass about 5 miles north of the L.A.-Kern County line. Take the I-5 Freeway and exit at Ft. Tejon (Exit #210). Regardless of whether you are coming from the north or south, just continue down the road into the Fort Tejon parking lot. At the far end of the lot turn right into the service road. The campground is behind the parade grounds and historic buildings. The driveway will be on your left. Or, just follow all the other guys wearing red shirts. NO vehicles on the grass!

Contact the Guys who Pretend to Be in Charge!
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For more information contact:

Mark "Pokey" Crawford, NGH (661) 993-7907 or

Kevn "No Eye" Horton, VNGH (661) 472-0414 or

Al "The Quack" Price, Clampatriarch (661) 867-2414 or


Mike "MGM" Ramirez-Mares, Cyberrecorder (818) 517-8781 or

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