Peter Lebeck Chapter #1866

The Kern County Chapter of E Clampus Vitus ®
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Doc Wallace and his Brothers invite you to the Fair!

My Brethren!

Here we are in the first part of this fine year. The Widders' Ball has been had. The Staff of Relief has been passed. And we are coming up on the Spring Doin's of 6023.

I was asked by one of our Brothers if there was a possibility of having the Doin's somewhat closer than they have been held before. I knew what he was driving at, so, I checked with the Kern County Fair Grounds. They said YES! Not only are we having the Doin's there, but the Grounds have never been plaqued. We will take care of that situation on Saturday morning.

We are going to be Clamping behind the Grand Stands in their RV area. It is flat and grassy. Every site has its own trash can. We have indoor restrooms with porcelain! One of these fine accommodations even has two showers. I know that is not a concern to much of the brethren, but it possibly should be.

There is never an extra charge for RVs, but if you have a rig and want running water and electricity, optional hookups can be had for $25.00 per night, plus a dollar more if you use PayPal. Dry camping is always acceptable whether or not you have a rig, and there is plenty of room for tents.

The fairgrounds allows fire pits with the only restriction being that they must be off the ground. All of the normal admonitions apply. Bring food, water, and whatever else you may need. There is of course very good cell service, so each of the brethren can call the Widder for their nite nite story.

If you have a Poor Blind Candidate, be sure to get his name in early and download the PBC Handbook from the PXL Website. Get it to him right away so he can prepare, and make doubly sure he has a good bribe that will make you look good. A smart Redshirt would let his PBC know that the Humbug is fond of a good brandy or cognac - VSOP or better. Remember that entry to our Order is greased in mysterious ways.

So, get yer gold dust put together and sent to the Recorder for the second weekend in April.

Hope to see you then!


Your Noble Grand Humbug
Myrl "Doc" Wallace, PXL 1866

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OK, Pete! Time to get ready to PAR-TEE!
The Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus®