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Cool Ride?

PXL's Humbug Resigns


Addendum Posted - 6.14.11 (6016)

The Humbug lost his button.  Quite a spin, wouldn't you say?

About Thursday Night's 7 o'clock teleconference where everybody is invited who'd like to help out, someone asked me today, "What's a teleconference?" Well it's a phone call where everybody is on the same phone call at the same time. The call toll is free to anybody who calls in from anywhere.

The Humbug lost his button.  Quite a spin, wouldn't you say?

Someone else asked if it was OK to call-in if they were "only an associate?" Heck yeah. If you came in at PXL, are an associate or just clamp with us and want to help out, you're welcome to dial into Thursday Night's "Big Phone Call." So stop being silly. When have we ever not treated you as one of our own brothers? Your own mother would think we were related.

For more details about the teleconference and the Frazier Park Graybeards' Meeting on June 26th, read on! And don't forget to check Peter's Board for updates. --MGM

Posted - 6.12.11 (6016)

Important Notice! Important Notice!

OK, so this isn't a regular CLOG either. It seems that just as I'm getting ready to post something to fall asleep over something happens to wake everybody up, only this time it's something serious and decidedly unfunny.

As you can see by the headline we've lost our Humbug. Ron "Inspector" Naucke resigned from his post and from his membership in our chapter, effective this last Friday, June 10, 2011. I won't stoop to criticize him here. Rightly or wrongly, he had his reasons. We should just wish him the best, hope that we can patch things up somewhere down the road if we can, and move on. Besides we have a more pressing issue - finding his replacement.

The Humbug lost his button.  Quite a spin, wouldn't you say?

Ron's resignation means we have little time to waste finding someone who can pick-up where our former Humbug left off. For under our rules our chapter can't run without a Humbug. He's the supervising authority, chief executive officer and president of the corporation. In the Mexican parts of Bakersfield they call him the "mero chingón," but around here we just call him whatever we feel like calling him, and calling him "Humbug" isn't always the worst of it. You might say it's kind of a dangerous job.

Notice of Meeting!

Fortunately a group of our Ex-Humbugs has called a Graybeards' Meeting to appoint a replacement, after which they will discuss our current situation and plans for the rest of the Clampyear. All interested redshirts are invited to attend, and you are certainly welcome to read the letter which sets out the meeting's agenda and calls the Graybeards to order. You'll find it on the Humbugs' Page. You can also download a copy here.

If you don't have the patience to read it, just make sure you show up on Sunday, June 26, 2011, at 1:00 p.m., at La Sierra Mexican Restaurant, 3500 Mount Pinos Way, Frazier Park, CA 93225. (866) 443-7719. It's in the town of Frazier Park and it's the same place we've held our last two meetings.

The PXL Bylaws require two weeks' notice for a Graybeards' Meeting, and normally I'd say that we have two weeks to ruminate, but prior to Ron's leaving he did give me permission to put together a 2012 Steering Committee and I advised him that I would attempt the first meeting by teleconference. While it may sound really official in a scary kind of way, it really isn't. The idea was to give me as this year's Vice-Humbug a head start on next year's planning, and it was my intention to invite anybody to the meeting who might be interested in helping out. And note that I'm not just talking about potential officers for 2012. If you're willing to flip burgers, make phone calls, take pictures, write webpages, do historical research or even make something up that I haven't thought of yet, I'd want you to dial in. If you've helped out in the kitchen or with the initiation, I'm talking to you.

Important Notice! Important Notice!

Well I think having that teleconference this week would be a good way to save the Graybeards some time taking stock on the health of our chapter as we go into the rest of our 50th Anniversary Year. Luís Bouza was kind enough to help me out with this. He has set up a Toll Free "bridge" that we can all use to have one big fat phone meeting and that will happen this Thursday evening after work.

So please dial in this Thursday, June 16th, prior to 7 p.m. The meeting will start promptly at seven, so grab a bite and a cold beverage, find a quiet spot, and join us. This is a bit of an experiment, but I hope to be able to report back to the Graybeards regardless of whom they choose as Humbug about what we can count on in the way of volunteer help. I know some of you have wanted to get more involved and this is your opportunity. If you want to learn more, I will be opening a link on Peter's Board and posting an agenda by Monday night, so check the board and comment if you want to add something to the list of discussion topics.

The Humbug lost his button.  Quite a spin, wouldn't you say?

To access the Teleconference, this is what you have to do: Dial (877) 888-4443. The system will says, "If you do not have an AT&T User ID, press the pound sign (#)." After pressing pound (#) you will have to enter the participant code which is: 5178723. That's all there is to it. I'll be on line by 6:45 p.m., so don't be afraid to check in. It's me (and hopefully a whole lot of your brothers who care).

Email MGM.




Posted - 5.30.11 (6016)

US Flag.

This not being our regular CLOG Post, we'd like to take few moments of your time for more than the usual chapter nonsense. This weekend marks the beginning of the summer season. It's a weekend best spent with family, charring some critter and quaffing a few suds. But it is also a time that deserves a bit of reflection.

Back when I was a kid, I was brought up Catholic, and I learned from the good sisters that there were seven days of Holy Obligation, that is seven days besides Sundays, when a good Catholic was not supposed to miss mass. So I always wondered how come my mother thought there were nine, the other two being Veterans' Day and Memorial Day.

Flag Draped Casket.

Memorial Day didn't get you a sleep-in when I was twelve. It meant getting dressed up and headed for the cemetery where mass was celebrated outdoors among the graves. My mother had worked hard at Lockheed during the war, assembling war birds; and she had six brothers who had served in World War II. All of them returned beaten-up, but alive; though I'm sure that my mom had friends that never made it home. There was also the knowledge that those powerful airplanes she had built at Lockheed weren't the magic machines of Hollywood war films. Too many young, would be, pilots had been killed almost every day in the nearby skies while trying to qualify for carrier duty. She knew it. Everybody on the assembly line knew it and lived with it everyday.

These are unpleasant thoughts, but sacrifice is often like that. Perhaps those Memorial Day masses were as much about atonement as they were about remembrance. And while I think hers was a tough generation, I don't think sacrifices like theirs should be so extraordinary a thing but rather something we should be prepared to have in common. But until that time comes the very least we can do is remember.


John 'Vortex' Haggelstein -- Off to the Golden Hills.

We were saddened to learn this week that our friend and brother, John "Vortex" Haggelstein made off for the Golden Hills a week ago Saturday, May 21, 2011. Vortex was one of my favorite curmudgeons. He always lamented the loss of the chapter sponsored slipperies -- especially our little slippery -- 'cuz John loved beer. He made up stickers that read "No Beer, No Doin's." He was also in favor of selecting chapter officers by popular vote, and was very vocal about it. And who knows, John? You may even get your wish one of these days if the Bylaws Committee ever finishes working on the bylaws revision.

Anyway John was most proud of being the son of our XNGH Ton Haggelstein, the only PXL member other than Gene Duncker to have attained the rank of Proctor. That's Vortex and his dad's hat in the picture on the right. John was also proud of having been a Navy man, and he claimed to have helped erect some of our stone and mortar monuments when he was still a boy, long before heading off to the service. We'll miss you Vortex. You were a good man and Clamper through and through.


Finally this last thought is passed along to us by our Brother XNGH "Big John" Garay of Samuel Gregg George. It's an excerpt from an op-ed by columnist Mark Alexander.

Grave Marker with US Flag.

"Memorial Day was first observed as Decoration Day to commemorate those who died in the War Between the States. It is a day set aside in deference to American Patriots who pledged and delivered their lives to Support and Defend the Rule of Law enshrined in our Constitution.

"Since our nation's founding, more than one million American Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen have paid the ultimate price in defense of our nation, and it is their final sacrifice that we honor with solemn reverence.

"Our Founders clearly understood that the burden of sustaining Liberty would be calculated in human sacrifice. As John Adams noted, "I am well aware of the toil and blood and treasure that it will cost to maintain this Declaration, and support and defend these States." So, on this last Monday in May, millions of American Patriots will honor the service and sacrifice of these uniformed Patriots by participating in respectful commemorations across the nation.

"Who were these brave souls?

Douglas MacArthur

"On 12 May 1962, Gen. Douglas MacArthur addressed the cadets at the U.S. Military Academy, offering this description: 'Their story is known to all of you. It is the story of the American man at arms. My estimate of him was formed on the battlefields many, many years ago and has never changed. I regarded him then, as I regard him now, as one of the world's noblest figures -- not only as one of the finest military characters, but also as one of the most stainless. His name and fame are the birthright of every American citizen. In his youth and strength, his love and loyalty, he gave all that mortality can give. He needs no eulogy from me, or from any other man. He has written his own history and written it in red on his enemy's breast.'

Clamper David Moore honors son Cody, who died last year.

"Gen. MacArthur continued: "In twenty campaigns, on a hundred battlefields, around a thousand campfires, I have witnessed that enduring fortitude, that patriotic self-abnegation and that invincible determination which have carved his stature in the hearts of his people. From one end of the world to the other, he has drained deep the chalice of courage. As I listened to those songs in memory's eye, I could see those staggering columns of the First World War, bending under soggy packs on many a weary march, from dripping dusk to drizzling dawn, slogging ankle deep through mire of shell-pocked roads; to form grimly for the attack, blue-lipped, covered with sludge and mud, chilled by the wind and rain, driving home to their objective, and for many, to the judgment seat of God. I do not know the dignity of their birth, but I do know the glory of their death. They died unquestioning, uncomplaining, with faith in their hearts, and on their lips the hope that we would go on to victory. Always for them: duty, honor, country. Always their blood, and sweat, and tears, as they saw the way and the light.'"

Something to keep in mind the next time some politician equates sacrifice with buying something at the mall.

Email MGM.




Posted - 5.16.11 (6016)

Kenny Young.

Hello Clogites, and Welcome back to the latest edition of the PXL CLOG. This is a big week for E Clampus Vitus as this Friday, May 20, is Grand Council weekend. The Graybeards of ECV will be gathering at the Fairgrounds in Sonora, California to receive the pontifications of the Sublimes and Proctors who are our disorganizations grand muckety-mucks, so stay tuned. Several of us will be headed up on Thursday. Joe Szot will be Hawking all weekend, and Friday night we'll be hosting our annual, complimentary, Kenny Young Memorial Spaghetti Feed. So if you are around on Friday night, please drop by. You'll eat for free, and you can reminisce with us as we toast our late Brother Kenny "Cookie" Young who headed off to the Golden Hills in May 2008, right after Grand Council. If he were still here, Kenny would be feeding you the spaghetti himself. He knew you all were cheap dates.

Speaking of Joe Szot, he's still busily working away at helping us recover from the loss of our Hawker Store last summer. As you can see above, we also are getting a little help from our brother Steve Schermerhorn, "Muleskinner" of Grub-Gulch, who made the little movie about our Peter Lebeck Coffee Cups. Muley is absolutely right, coffee tastes better in a PXL coffee cup. I even put beer in mine if I'm out of coffee.

Ron, Joe, Yellow Cup Talk.

The cups themselves have even generated controversy. Despite my dire warnings, there were not enough 50th Anniversary Yellow Coffee Cups to sell to all the brothers who wanted to buy one at our recent spring doin's. Most of the blame can be laid squarely on the coffee tables of those brothers who just resist the pre-pay; but then there is Joe's resistance to our Yellow Cup. He just doesn't like the homely little things, he ran out, and it caused a kerfuffle amongst the brothers at our recent Spring Doin's. (For those that don't know what a kerfuffle is, just think of it as a tempest in a coffee pot).

There is even talk amongst our guys of starting their own ECV Cult of the Yellow Cup. Perhaps a "Society of the Spice Warmed Cup Tale"? But of course, they are going to have to convince Joe not to leave their money on the table. After all, "no cuppie, no culty," as they say. I guess there really are times that our money is no good, even for Joe.

Hawker Fire Poster.

But Joe will have a second chance to make good this weekend. He'll have plenty of cups (even if no yellow ones), hat bands, license plate frames and most importantly - Hawker Fire Relief Pins. The Hawker Fire Pin is extremely important for our chapter this weekend because it will give senior members of ECV a chance to pitch in and help us recover from the last summer's Leona Valley fire which swept through Joe's property and destroyed our entire Hawker Store. Other chapters in similar circumstances who have done this have benefited greatly from the generosity of our brothers attending Grand Council, and we hope that we can do the same.

Each Hawker Fire Relief pin comes with an official certificate designating its purchase as a tax deductible contribution to Peter Lebeck. The suggested donation is $20, and at our Spring Doin's both Sublime Noble Grand Humbug Glenn Thornhill and Proctor Bill Davidson weren't shy about wearing theirs. Hopefully Joe will be able to work his magic this weekend and sell out this one time issue pin. Its sales could take us a long way towards recovery from the fire.

Brothers Looking for Peter's Grave.

Now for a little catching-up. April 15th was a most superb weekend for our 50th Anniversary Spring Doin's. The weather was excellent and the company stupendous for a splendiferous outing at Fort Tejón. We were a bit disappointed that only about 50 brothers came by to celebrate with us, but given our top-notch location, food and hospitality, all we can figure is that rising gas prices and the ongoing recession continue to hurt attendance.

Stagecoach Meets History.

As most of you are aware Fort Tejón is where our namesake, Peter Lebeck, is buried beneath an ancient oak, and we strongly suspect that he's still there despite the efforts of several of our brethren to try and rouse him from the grave on Friday Night. While our intrepid band of redshirts was unsuccessful, this truly was high adventure for them.

You see they expected to have the entire park to themselves, but as the little group approached the parade grounds, they spotted a bivouac behind the old officers' quarters. They also found the back door to the ancient building wide open and the glow of kerosene lamps coming from within. As our redshirts wandered in, they were met by a group of Confederate irregulars, who greeted our little troupe and warned them about the ghosts that were out and about. Too bad that Peter was not among them, but there was more than enough to get their redshirted juices flowing.

Jim Bailey with Hole.

On Saturday we greeted Jim "Fury" Bailey to the brotherhood of ECV. Jim (formerly known as "Pokey") was sponsored by Kyle (don't call me Gumby) Calloway. We think that Hoss made a great choice. Our Grand Imperturbable Hangman, Russ "Hole" Chapman put Jim through all the paces. Including what looked like a rerun of Monty Python's Greatest Hits, but no luck, by the time the HOCO was over Hole was spent and Fury had cheated the Hangman. A red shirt well earned, if I do say so myself.

Later that evening the party continued. Now I'll be the first to admit that most raffles leave a lot to be desired. I once won a bottle of Ripple that someone had thrown back into the pile (not bad if you're desperate). But our brother Steve "Bee Eye" Cox made this raffle much more interesting by contributing a likeness of a certain Mr. Franklin which became the subject of our last lucky ticket.

The PXL Yeti.

Our final winner was none other than Kevin "The Yeti" Oviatt. For those of you who don't know our Yeti, he is tall, has very big feet and is one of the nicest guys you'll ever want to meet. He has also been generously with us in the kitchen often spending time helping out at the grill. You might say he has a "steak" in the success of our chapter. Congratulations, Kevin!

One thing that I'm often asked after a doin's is, "Where's the pictures?" And it's not usually, "Would you please put up the pictures, Mike?" Or "Can I help you with the pictures?" Instead the request usually comes in the form of a grunt by someone who didn't even bother to bring his camera.

Now I don't want you to think I'm bitter, but I am strapped for time. Some of us still have to work, you know? But in any event, and in the interest of those who remain interested, I turned over 300+ photos last week to our Humbug, Ron Naucke, who should have them up shortly on Peter's Picture Pages. Ron will also post about 70 additional photos left over from the Widders Ball that somehow got over looked. Who says that good things don't come to those who wait?

George 'Gawje' Peabody.

In the meantime I've been experimenting with a program called "Adobe Lightroom 3.4," and was able to create a YouTube video which you'll find posted for now on the Clampdown page. The pictures zoom by rather fast mainly because YouTube videos are limited to 15 minutes total, and this is a whole lot of pictures. I also haven't figured out how to rearrange the order so if a few of them are out of place -- live with it. Also don't let the little display fool you. If you click on the bar at the bottom of the frame you can watch the slide show in full screen HD mode, which I highly recommend. The only thing you can't do is download individual photos you can print at Walgreens like you can on the regular picture pages.

Spring Doin's Before Breakfast.

Anyway we'd like to thank George Peabody for pitching in with his camera. He is an XNGH and a long time photo hobbyist who added some very nice shots to our collection, especially as to the care and training of our lone PBC. George was also generous in sharing some valuable photographic knowledge with yours truly. And hey! Those high panoramas of the Clampsite from the south rim of the canyon? They are all due to George's leg work and steady hand.

George also got wind of the fact that we are working on modernizing our governance and turned us on to a valuable on line resource that will be helpful to our Bylaws Revision Committee. That work continues, in fact instead of partying our committee spent four hours on Saturday doing some serious slogging through the issues presented by the current governance. We hope to have something concrete to present to the membership by fall.

Glenn and Friends from Plarix.

We also want to thank Sublime Noble Grand Humbug, Glenn Thornhill, and the brothers from Platrix for dropping by and lending their support. Glenn has always been a strong backer of PXL, and we congratulate him on what must have been a very challenging year given the antics of the former ECV Chapters that have gone rogue. Glenn's turn in the bucket ends with this weekend's Grand Council.

We are also reminded that next year marks 49 years since Peter Lebeck Chapter erected its first plaque, something we did in conjunction with our brothers at Platrix. In 1963 the U.S. Government designated Walker Pass as a National Historic Landmark. Our two chapters marked the occasion by erecting a plaque commemorating Joseph Walker, which graced the top of Walker Pass for many years, that is, until someone pried the plaque loose and sent it off to the smelter. With a little luck and hard work PXL hopes to replace our missing plaque next year, and while we aren't planning a joint doin's, our brothers from Platrix will certainly be welcome to join us for the weekend and for any commemoration.

Ray 'Bare' Bunn.

Now for the Clampers in distress portions of the CLOG. Our Brother Ray "Bare" Bunn, XNGH and proponent and Hawker of the John A. Sutter Outpost, is home after undergoing cancer surgery. We're told by his wife that he is doing well. Bare is a longtime friend and supporter of PXL. He was diagnosed with colon cancer and underwent a resection last week. It appears that the cancer has not spread and that the docs were able to get all of it. Prayers for Bare's speedy recovery are requested.

Brother Karl White, Storekeeper at Billy Holcomb, informs us that Jimmy Holley, one of our retreads from the CalNevAri 4-Way, was burned in a fire that destroyed his home and all his belongings. Jeff Goff from Bodie posted the following notice:

Fellow Brothers,

Jimmy Holley.

The day after Thanksgiving, Jimmy "Blue" Holley was devastated by a house fire. Jimmy was badly burned and lost all of his belongings. He has nothing left. Jimmy has since been released from the hospital and is well on his way to recovery. Jimmy is a fun-loving retread that puts a smile on everyone's face. He has puked 21 chapters and looks forward to getting' DURTY every time. Jimmy desperately needs our help. My Widder and I have recently set up a "Wish List" through Wal-Mart, where we hope to help get Jimmy back on his feet. The list contains clothing and household items that Jimmy is in need of. To access the list online, go to At the top of the home page, you can click on "Registry" and select "Wish List" underneath. Look up the Wish List under Jimmy Holley. If you choose to order online, the items can be shipped directly to Jimmy's mother's house. You can also print out the wish list and take it to any Wal-Mart store to shop for the items. A third option is to go to a Wal-Mart store. At the Jewelry counter there is a registry kiosk you can use to look up the list. If you want to ship items yourself, please ship to: Jimmy Holley 711 Day Lane Wellington, NV 89444. If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to email me at Thank you all and Happy Holidays, Don Goff Bodie Chapter 64.

The Flag at Ft. Tejón.

I also have a sad note about Fort Tejón, which is not technically a Clamper, but for these purposes I'm saying that she is. Sadly we learned on Friday that the governor has announced that Fort Tejón is one of the 70 state parks scheduled to be closes by July 2012 as a result of the budget deficit. While we do not advocate any political position or party, if you care about the old fort now would be a good time to contact your state legislators as well as the governor.

Now to go onto something more mundane. My pre-Memorial Day Spring Website cleaning is well under way. One pesky item, what to do with all those old CLOG posts which just keep accumulating? As of this post I estimate that we are getting close to a total of 60,000 words worth of accumulated CLOG, and I can't just keep tacking the new stuff on to the front page of the website without eventually slowing down your computer. Besides the last thing I want to do is throw away such shameless PXL Boosterism.

PXL Flag.

My answer was to finally create a new "Ol' CLOG Page," which is now the final resting place for our oldest CLOG posts going back to 2007. The way it works is that as I move the older material off of the main CLOG Page, that stuff becomes CLOG Minus 1, and the old Minus 1 becomes CLOG Minus 2, and so on down the line until it all ends up on the Ol' CLOG Page. I never throw anything away, and if you don't believe me, you should see my garage. Anyway, bear with me as I sort through and fine tune all of this stuff.

I always try to end on a funny note, but this one is more like funny strange. Brother Walter "Mangler" Stowe tells us that sometime during the 1970's he became a demigod of German minimalist electronica, a musical form known as "Krautrock." Something like Kraftwerk, but you might call this Waltwerk. To top it off Walt had no idea.

It turns out that back in 1980, Walt and his buds had a band named "Hidden Agenda" that dabbled in electronica. They went so far as to cut a demo album, but couldn't find a label interested in signing them. So they put the old acetates away, and went on to other things, never suspecting that a guy who had sat in with them for a short time had made off with copies of the tapes.

Walter 'Mangler' Stowe.

Long story short, Walt still plays, and sometime last year he created a Facebook Page for the newly revived Hidden Agenda. Suddenly the page began getting hits from the band's fans in GERMANY. A few posts later and Walt had discovered that people had danced to their music in European discos throughout the 80's, particularly two cuts that had been woven into a compilation of Krautrock-style German Electronica. Walt's music had become standard fare in the bars and nightclubs of the period. In short, Walt's music had FANS. People not only danced to it, they also followed each other home, put Walt on their turn tables, and did unspeakable things to his music. For lo and behold, that guy who had made off with the demo tapes hadn't just stashed them in his backpack, he had taken the recordings to Europe where he sold them to a record label without ever telling the guys back home.

So could a tour of Germany be next? You know, we've been calling this guy "Mangler." I wonder how you say that in Deutsche?

Email MGM.




Posted -- 5.13.11 (6016)

We're headed for Grand Council in a few days. Thanks to all who made it to the Spring Doin's. It was both time and gas well worth wasting. A new CLOG will be up shortly so keep an eye out. (Or better yet. Leave it in. You look disgusting with only one eye).

Posted -- 4.11.11 (6016)

The Secret of Dickhead Weather Central.  Quite a spin, wouldn't you say?

Hello fellow Clogites! We're hoping you can all make it to our Spring Clapout this weekend at Fort Tejón. The weather and the camaraderie are expected to be MAH-VEL-US! The Clampronostication from Dickhead Weather Central is for sunny skies and day time highs in the low 70's and evening lows of about 50 degrees. That's prime Spring Clamping weather, Brothers, and you couldn't expect much better for Fort Tejón this time of year. The local wild flowers are in bloom and the hillsides surrounding the pass should be a riot of color -- all in all, a beautiful setting for Peter Lebeck's 50th Anniversary Spring Doin's.

Timbo GIllespie, PXL Humbug #49.

We'll be there from Friday morning on, so don't be shy about coming early, we'd love to have your company, and if you haven't prepaid please do us the courtesy of RSVP'ing to our Clampchef Timbo Gillespie at by Wednesday morning or you will likely find yourself with the skinny steak from Albertson's instead of one of the hand cut ribeyes PXL is noted for. We've struggled with this issue, and frankly the next doin's may see the gate fee go up as much $20 just to make sure we get a good count. So please, show a little courtesy. If you haven't pre-paid send Timbo an email by Wednesday morning so he can make an accurate food purchase. We hate wasting food more than we hate jacking up the price of admission, so if you intend to come please help us out and let us know you're on your way.

PXL 2011 Humbug, Ron 'Inspector' Naucke.

If you are interested in coming - or even if you are on the fence -- all the information you'll need can be accessed off of our Spring Doin's Invite Page, the one with Humbug "Inspector" Ron's happy smiling face beaming out at you in triplicate. From there you should be able to access pages about Fort Tejón and Clamping with PXL. You should also be able to get the flyer, directions, GC Rules and instructions about the care and nurturing of PBCs. We even have a new PBC Handbook available for immediate download. Giving it to your PBC will help him out immensely. The last thing we'd like is for him to embarrass you and the last thing you need is to find yourself having to take his place amongst the PBCs, so don't retread, go to the Spring Invite Page and read all about it before it's too late!

The Humbug lost his button.  Quite a spin, wouldn't you say?

Our April 3rd Meeting at Frazier Park was small but got most of the job done. We finalized arrangements for the spring doings and addressed other issues left unresolved from our Annual General Membership Meeting from last January. We have moved closer to acquiring Officers and Directors insurance, but cost will be in part dictated by modernizing our governance, especially reconfiguring our board of directors. To that end it was decided that the Bylaws Revision Committee will meet at the Fort Tejón doin's at 10 a.m. Saturday Morning at Don Johnson's Rig. All committee members are required to attend but interested redshirts are welcome to observe and contribute. If you do not have a copy of the Bylaws you are encouraged to download them here.

The Humbug lost his button.  Quite a spin, wouldn't you say?

I want to pass our congratulations and thanks to our brothers who put on the Central Valley Trichapter this last weekend. Those of us who attended had a great time and we're hoping that many of you can reciprocate and join us this weekend at Fort Tejón. We'll be celebrating the ol' piss po' bar wrassler his self and we know you wouldn't want to miss that.

On a sad note we reiterate the passing of our dear Brother Jimmie Reynolds, better known as "IRJR" on April 7, 2011. Read on to the next post for our tribute to JR. All of us wish him peace as he travels through the Golden Hills.

See you at the Doin's!

Email MGM.




Posted -- 4.8.11 (6016)

The Humbug lost his button.  Quite a spin, wouldn't you say? IRJR in Happier Days.

We weren't planning a CLOG update until the end of this weekend, once the guys would be back from the Central Valley Tri-Chapter. But this announcement, posted last night by our Brother Dickhead could not be put off:

"XNGH and King of Cyberwhang, Jim Reynolds, tonight breathed his last and joined many other fine Brothers in the Golden Hills. I was proud to present Jim with the Clamper of the Year medallion several years ago. He made it possible to go clamping every day through the internet. What a tremendous loss! But, at least his pain and suffering are over. Rest in peace, my dearest Brother. I'll find it difficult to visit the Sandbox, the ECV Gazette or any of the other cyber-wonders you created without being saddened by your loss."

For anyone who has not followed the CLOG or who was not familiar with JR's predicament, Jim had been suffering from cancer for several years. He had one lung removed only to be told later that the disease had spread to the other and that his days were more firmly numbered. His most fervent wish was to survive to see his wife receive a liver transplant. That wish was granted and how our brother can finally rest in peace as he travels through the Golden Hills. So long, Brother. It was good to know you.


-- MGM

Posted -- 3.30.11 (6016)

Important Notice! Important Notice!

The weather for Sunday's meeting in Frazier Park is predicted to be great, so bring yourself and your best ideas to the meeting. The directions and particulars are set out below so keep reading. As for the spring doin's, don't miss the prepay deadlines, and if you are coming to Frazier Park on Sunday you can save yourself a stamp and hand your rub directly to our GDR, Joe Szot.

If you have opinions concerning the bylaws revision, bring them with you on Sunday. You can download a Word version of the current rules suitable for editing from the links on Peter's Board.

As for the website...the electronic flyer page is up, as is a new page that allows you to add you name to the PXL CLOG email list. So if you aren't on it, make sure to click on the little brown envelope in the left hand column and sign up!

See you Sunday!

-- MGM

Posted -- 3.24.11 (6016)

Ron Announces Postponement of Meeting!

This Saturday's General Meeting at Fort Tejón has been cancelled. So assuming you show up with your enchilada money in hand, you're likely to be eating alone. Or put another way, don't expect the Humbug to be buying, or as he put it this morning on Peter's Board:

OK guys due to the great warm weather we have been having at Frasier Park, I have decided to postpone the meeting until April 3rd. This is a Sunday. The time will be 12:00 like before. I am having Mike send an email blast letting all know. I would have it on April 2nd but my wife is racing that day so I can't be there. Please let me know if this is OK. If not, too bad. lol.


That's our Humbug for you. But don't fret none, the fact is that the Frazier Park area and the Grapevine have been pounded this week with several feet of snow; and even though the restaurant is open, the lights are on and the parking lot is plowed, there is no way to predict what will happen Friday when rain and snow showers are expected for much of the day. It could be easy-peasy for the guys from L.A. but a long way around for the guys from Bakersfield (though I hear Tehachapi is nice this time of year).

Important Notice! Important Notice!

Anyway better weather is expected for next week so with a little help from the Great Clamper in the Sky we should be able to finally have our get-together a week from Sunday at the same place: La Sierra Mexican Restaurant, 3500 Mt. Pinos Way, Frazier Pk., CA. (866) 443-7719. Take I-5 to the Frazier Park Exit. Then take Frazier Mountain Park Road for a few miles until you get to Mt. Pinos Way and then turn right into town. The restaurant will be on your left.

In the meantime enjoy the movie and contemplate the various discussions going on on Peter's Board.

The Humbug lost his button.  Quite a spin, wouldn't you say?

So what else is going on? Well I've posted the "fillable flyer" on the Spring Doin's links, and I should have the Spring Doin's pages up by the end of the weekend with information about Fort Tejón and other details of import to you and your PBC, so make sure to check back soon.

Click to Download the Fillable Flyer.

Also if you haven't visited the CLOG since the last eblast make sure to read you way down at least a couple of posts. You'll find the agenda for the old meeting which coincidentally is the agenda for the new meeting. You can also admire the purdy 50th Anniversary Mugs which you can order with your pre-pay. Send your dust in by March 31st to guarantee availability. I've even added a color page to the fillable flyer to make ordering easier.

As for the "fillable flyer." This is something that we hope every brother who is coming to Fort Tejón will take advantage of. It will make your life easier as well as ours. Why is that you say? Well it's because the fillable flyer is a PDF registration form that lets you type in everything except your signature. Frankly we're tired of handwriting that we can't read and half-baked addresses that keep us from sending you the snail mail and email updates that you paid for.

Rick 'Nimrod' Hatch, GNR.

So this year's eagle-eyed Grand Noble Recorder, our own Rick "Nimrod" Hatch, is just hide bound and determinated that no one is going to get away with it. And frankly he doesn't give a damn whether Szot already has your dust; Nimrod ain't letting you into the doin's if you don't present a legible application that will let us contact you in the future. After all, we're your brothers, and if you ever got lost in a snow storm who else would even think of going out to look for you? (Not that we necessarily would, mind you, but they say it's the thought that really counts).

So don't subject yourself to the long line. Fill out the "fillable flyer," get in the short line and get yourself Clamping ASAP!

See you Sunday, April 3rd at the Frazier Park Meeting. You can buy me an enchilada.

Email MGM.




Posted -- 3.20.11 (6016)

Mug: Celebrating 50 Years

Just a brief reminder about the General Meeting called for this Saturday, March 26, 2011, at noon. Assuming we all haven't drowned or floated away by then, we'll be meeting at La Sierra Mexican Restaurant in Frazier Park. See the last CLOG Post immediately below for details.

Mug: 50 Years of Clamping

You are also urged to mail in your dust by the last day of March to help PXL get a good count for our April 15th Spring Doin's. As a bonus you can reserve your 50th Anniversary Cloffee Mug if you send in your pre-pay no later than March 31st. You have your choice of designs for this one. Choose the "Celebrating 50 Years" design featured in Inspector Ron's video or the "50 Years of Clamping" design pictured here, or buy both.

Mug: Quench My Thirst!

In either case, the opposite side of the mug has the trademarked Miner and Jackass logo and the words "Peter Lebeck #1866, emblazoned on the horizon. You get your choice for a mere extra $12. But don't delay, and don't forget to indicate on your registration form your choice of mugs. We can't guarantee availability unless you reserve yours by the deadline.

To check out the other available designs see the thread on Peter's Board called "50th Anniversary Coffee Mug" listed on the "PXL'S 2011 Spring Doin's" sub-board. (How's that for confusing?) If you want one of those instead or in addition to a 50th Anniversary mug, just add it to your reservation form and include the requisite dust. They are all for sale at the same price. And did I mention that these specially designed mugs are RED inside? Much thanks to Brother Kevn Horton for his work on these.

Mug: Quench My Thirst!

And speaking of the spring doin's sub-board, don't forget that Peter's Board is a good place to link with other brothers who are interested in attending PXL Clampouts and other doin's across Clamperdom. The Central Valley Tri-Chapter is coming up, as is Grand Council, but there are plenty of interesting places to go and brothers to see throughout Clamperdom, and if you are interested in going you can bet that there may be someone else within webshot who may also want to go. And if you forgot your password, no worries. Just click on my face below to send me an email with you board name and I'll reset your password and send you the update.

Joe asked me to remind you that 50th Anniversary t-shirts are available for $18 at sizes up to 3X. Anyone who even tries to order a shirt smaller than large will immediately be forced to eat three of Timbo's ribeyes. See you at the meeting and at Fort Tejón.

One last point. For some unknown reason guys are always asking me where to sent their dust. It's always listed at the top of the website at the end of the annimated mast. It's also listed on the flyer. Just click on the links above for the download. And if all else fails, just send your checkbook, or credit or debit cards, along with the pin numbers to: Peter Lebeck ECV #1866, P.O.Box 384, Bakersfield, CA 93302.

Email MGM.




Posted -- 3.12.11 (6016)

Welcome back Cloggites! This will be a semi-short but significant post so batten down your hatches for the brew that is true!

Important Notice! Important Notice!

Our Clampcrier, the infamous Gene "Dickhead" Duncker, Esq., has announced that "Noble Grand Humbug, Ron "Inspector" Naucke, has called a meeting of all greybeards, officers and other interested members in preparation for the Spring Doin's. It will be at noon on Saturday, March 26, 2011. The location is at La Sierra Mexican restaurant, 3500 Mt. Pinos Way, Frazier Pk., CA. (866) 443-7719, the same place we had the last meeting. This is NOT the Mexican restaurant that is just off the I-5 at Frazier Mtn. Park Road. Instead, you take I-5 to Frazier Mtn. Park Road. Then, go for a few miles until you get to Mt. Pinos Way, turn right until you hit the restaurant. It will be on your left.

"All Brothers are invited to come and participate. Bring your ideas, suggestions, plans, gripes and volunteer spirit to the meeting. Also, bring some money if you want to eat and drink. It's not Timbo's cooking, but it's pretty good anyhow."

Personally I like the Chiles Rellenos, but what do I know? Anyway Ron does have an agenda, but if there is anything you'd like to add to it let him know ASAP. This is what's on his to do list:

  • Minutes of the last general meeting. Have a Ball!
  • Final planning for the April 15th Spring Doin's. Have a Ball!
  • Report on E&O and D&O insurance quotes. Have a Ball!
  • Report on the 2010 Audit. Have a Ball!
  • Report on the bylaws revision. Have a Ball!
  • Report on the 50th Anniversary Plaquing. Have a Ball!
  • Report on the ECV Cyberrecorder Project. Have a Ball!

To add to this list contact Ron at (661) 837-1901, by March 15, 2011.

US Flag.

Speaking of our Clampcrier, Dickhead has posted the spring edition of Peter's Procs which I have cleverly squirreled away, but you can find it by clicking on the link entitled Peter's Procs. Just don't sprain your wrist doing it. You'll need it to be in good shape for Fort Tejón.

Dale and Marti Charter.

We also came away winners from last month's Annual Whiskey Flat Days Parade. Presidents' Day weekend in Kernville wasn't looking too promising, with DH Weather Central predicting an 80% chance of rain, and the other 20% likely to be snow flurries. But it turned out to be a beautiful day with the parade starting right on time and our little band of intrepid Redshirts and their Widders garnering 1st Prize in the walking division. Kernville did pick-up a little snow later in the evening but not before XNGH Doc Charter and his Widder Marti rolled out the red carpet and once again showed us their hospitality. Thanks again Dale and Marti for letting us shine! PXL is on the move!

The Humbug lost his button.  Quite a spin, wouldn't you say?

On a more serious note, controversy continues in the Halls of Clamperdom. I've posted the just released Board of Proctor minutes from their January 7th, Norton Day Meeting, and all is not right in the land of the Redshirt. Chapter #86, formerly known as Growlersberg, has officially lost its charter. And while it would be tempting to say that 86 was 86'd, it was more like they decided to take a hike.

The Humbug lost his button.  Quite a spin, wouldn't you say?

As most of you should know, the Board of Proctors has been trying to clean up operations in the chapters for some years now, concerned not only about our reputations, but about the safety of the brothers and new candidates entering the order at ECV Clampouts. Up until the Norton Day Meeting three chapters had already lost their charters due to disagreements over the administration of their doin's. In at least one case involving apparent negligence, one brother tripped and fell in a fire pit, was badly burned, and eventually died of his injuries.

The Growlersberg case was different in that the chapter decided that it had no obligation to submit to the authority of Grand Council. Representatives of Growlersberg appeared before the board and refused in person to provide dues, proof of insurance and the other things required of ECV Chapters by Grand Council. What happened next was really more of a formality than anything else, bringing the number of renegade chapters up to four.

The Humbug lost his button.  Quite a spin, wouldn't you say?

On a legal level this simmering dispute is about whether Grand Council has the power to decide if a chapter has the right to call itself "E Clampus Vitus." Notice I didn't say call itself "a part of E Clampus Vitus," because the disaffected chapters' claim is that there is more than one ECV. The self-proclaimed "4-Skins" argue that the early years of the revival lead to the creation of many wholly independent chapters, all of which have the right to call themselves E Clampus Vitus and to carry on business as they see fit. These dissafected brethren point to the fact that some chapters are older than the formal establishment of a Grand Council and that chapters' articles of incorporation do not always require a chapter to dissolve if it loses its charter from the umbrella organization, which is something typical of service clubs like the Elks or Moose.

The Humbug lost his button.  Quite a spin, wouldn't you say?

The supporters of Grand Council, on the other hand, see our Board of Proctors as the legal successor to the revivers of ECV, who between themselves and the corporation established in 1915, held exclusive rights to the trade and service marks of our organization (See "To All Proctors & XNGHs" by Tom Barry, XSNGH). Or to put it another way, being chartered by ECV, Inc. is the only thing that gives a chapter the rights to use the "signs and symbols of our Ancient and Honorable Order" including the use of the name E Clampus Vitus. That means that whether or not Grand Council can dissolve a given chapter's corporate status isn't the only thing that matters because Grand Council can still revoke a chapter's ECV Charter. Without a charter guys from a former chapter can still get together all they want, but they have no legal right to call their club "E Clampus Vitus." Stay tuned for this one. It's going to get pretty hot.

The Humbug lost his button.  Quite a spin, wouldn't you say?

Also of note is that the Board of Proctors has unanimously granted a license to a guy named Matthew Simpson to make and sell Clamper items, though it is unclear from the minutes which marks the board think it has a right to license. I suspect nearly everybody who is a member of CARP (the ECV Hawkers' association) is likely to be very opposed to this decision regardless of how broad this license actually is. BOP is talking about raising our chapter dues to create a legal defense fund and yet they want to let someone use the logos our Hawkers rely on to bring in a little extra dust?

The PXL Fridge Magnet.

To make matters worse the rumor is that Simpson thinks anything Clamper is fair game. So what happens to the exclusivity of our designs if this turns out to be true? For instance PXL has been using our beloved red fridge magnet ever since the early 60's when XNGH Walt Stewart created and donated it to Peter Lebeck. I doubt he would have ever considered it BOP's right to give it away to anyone. It may be that the words "E Clampus Vitus" can only be used with the permission of ECV Inc. but that only gives BOP the right to order us not to use those words as part of our design. It does not give the board the power to license our logo without our permission.

Hopefully that isn't what's going on here, but regardless of how broad the new Simpson's license may be, this is just the kind of thing that could cost GC support at a time when it is most needed. That's a criticism I make despite being a strong supporter of Grand Council's efforts to reform ECV practices, but this was a decision that could have benefitted from a serious heart-to-heart with all parties that are likely to be affected financially.

Anyway, there's some other juicy stuff in these minutes so take a few minutes and read them.

Fort Tejón.

Now for a quick flyer into our first overnight Clampout of the year. On April 15th we'll be going back to Fort Tejón State Historical Park for our 50th Anniversary Spring Doin's. It's been three years since we were last there, and it's about time we went back. The place has a lot to recommend it, and while you can find places that are much more rustic, secluded and just plain inaccessible, Fort Tejón has history, nature and easy RV access.

In fact I think those are the reasons that we had such a good turnout the last time we were there. Situated in an oak studded canyon, the park is on the site of a 19th Century Army Base which has had many of its best features beautifully restored. It is a place that oozes history. The former parade grounds, which are in the center of the public area, have been turned into a lawn surrounded by trees and historic buildings that once housed the dragoons that stood watch over this part of California.

Yellow 50th Anniversary Design.

Best of all Fort Tejón is situated at the top of the Grapevine right next to the western edge of Interstate 5. The park has its own off-ramp, so you can't get lost, and the Clampsite itself is directly behind the historic portions of the park, with plenty of room for your car, truck, RV or even bus. The Clampground parking lot is flat and wide, and there is plenty of room to pitch a tent under the oaks or just park your rig in the lot and open your EZ UP. The Clampsite includes a picnic area with benches, shade and water, and the potties are well maintained. Fort Tejón is a most satisfactory place to Clamp for the weekend.

Black 50th Anniversary Design.

Anyway, we do want to encourage all of you to sign-up early, and if you do you can reserve your 50th Anniversary Cloffee Mug for just $12. These are limited edition items, and while I designed both of them, Hawker Joe Szot says he doesn't like the yellow one, so if you want the one with the gold highlights make sure to ask for a yellow mug when you pre-pay or they may end up on the side of the road somewhere between Bakersfield and San Diego. But seriously, if you want one or both of these designs specify your preference when you pre-pay because we can't guarantee availability if your dust isn't postmarked by March 31, 2011.

Joe also asked me to let you know that he will have 50th Anniversary T-Shirts available in sizes L though 3X for $18, which can also be preordered, plus 50th Anniversary Pins, and also our Hawker Fire Recovery Pins for those who would like to make an extra contribution to the chapter to help it recover from last year's Hawker Store Fire.

The Humbug lost his button.  Quite a spin, wouldn't you say?

I also want to make a correction. The last post incorrectly stated that we would be selling 50th Anniversary Beer Mugs. That was a mistake and I apologize to anyone that was misled. We are working on a beer mug which we hope might still be ready for the Spring Doin's but we are having problems coming up with a design that will look good on frosted glass. When we do have these available they will sell for around $20. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Russ 'Hole' Chapman, GNIH.

Now you know that I have to leave you with a smile so pardon me for leaving the best for last. This year's Grand Imperturbable Hangman is none other than the irrepressible Russ "Hole" Chapman, also known as "HoleDer1st." Now we have no idea what would happen next if he ever actually caught up to her, but we do know that Russ has something special planned for your PBC. You might even say he is "well invested." That's Russ on You Tube getting ready to flash all of us. So if you have a buddy who needs enlightenment now is the best time to get him to the doin's. Tejón is a great place to learn a little history and have a lot of fun. We're even planning a very special ceremony in honor of our Clampatriarch Peter Lebeck who is buried at Fort Tejón, and if your PBC is really, really special we'll even let him do all the digging.

For more keep your eye on these pages, and always make sure to check Peter's Board, where you can go Clamping each and every day.

Email MGM.





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