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Cool Ride?

From Independence Day 2013


Posted - 07.04.13 - By MGM

Long May it wave!

Greetings Brothers, and Happy Birthday to the U.S.A. and a Happy 4th of July to you all! I hope to have a new post up in a few days as we have some very important stuff to discuss. In the meantime enjoy this little musical divot. As this is more of an intermission than a real post I was going to put up the YouTube version of the Boston Pops doing the 1812 Overture, but instead I found this indoor version by the Leningrad Philharmonic which I like a lot. It has Yuri Temirkanov conducting, along with Yo-yo Ma, Itzhak Perlman, and it even has Howitzers! I'm sure Joe is gonna be tweaked, but it's also an opportunity for a little oddball history Clamper style, so here goes.

The 1812 Overture was written by a guy named Pete -- Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, to be exact - and the reference is not to our war of 1812 but to the European war of 1812, in which France invaded Russia. The music has unmistakable Russian and French themes including "La Marseillaise," Russian folk and even a Tsarist hymn, and celebrates the Russian triumph over the French invaders at the end of the war.

Boston Pops!

So how did this piece come to be a 4th of July favorite? Well it turn out that back in the early 70's the Boston Pops, who play in an outdoor shell much like the L.A. Phil does at the Hollywood Bowl, needed something to boost attendance for their annual 4th of July concert, so longtime Pops conductor Arthur Fiedler decided to play the 1812. He liked the big public festival-like quality of the piece, the audacity of the cannons and the fact that he could also incorporate the nearby church bells. It's been a real American 4th of July favorite ever since, and I invite you to click on the link above if you'd like to hear more about it.

So why play the Leningrad Philharmonic, instead of the Pops? Well the easy answer is that you'll do much better watching the Pops play it "live" tonight on TV than by watching them on Youtube. But I do have another answer, and that is that this music celebrates the universality of what it means to be free.

During World War II, Leningrad, Peter the Great's western looking city on the Baltic, today once again known as St. Petersburg, and famously hated by Stalin, suffered under a German siege for almost three years. It was cut off from the rest of the country except for an ice road that only materialized in the cold of winter. The city starved, people dropped dead in the streets, and parents guarded their children for fear of cannibalism.

The great Russian composer Dimity Shostakovich, who was a resident of Leningrad, wrote his famous 7th Symphony during 1941. From its opening measures, which echo the approaching German armies, you can feel his rail against the siege. American Historian and New York Times war correspondent Harrison Salisbury recounted that when the symphony premiered in August of 1942, there were so few professional musicians left in the city that to fill out the orchestra Shostakovich had to recruit anyone in Leningrad who could play an instrument; so it was a most satisfactory "in your face Nazis" moment when the sounds of the 7th and the Leningrad Radio Orchestra filled the airwaves and encouraged the people to hold.

Just a little reminder on this most American of holidays that the desire to be free is universal but that freedom isn't free. So a thanks to all who protect our freedom now and who have protected it in the past, living or beyond the pale, the debt is ours. May they always be in our prayers and memories.


Posted - 05.10.13 - By Hole

PXL Keeps Rolling Along!

Greetings and blessings from Castel Gandolfo West, on the central coast.

We had a fine Spring Doin's at Ft. Tejon, and thank you to all for your support. Your attendance is key to filling the chapter coffers, your rub funds the erection of our monuments to history around Kern County. While admission to our doin's is pretty cheap for a weekend of camping and the fine grub, you were also very generous by making a LOT of purchases at our store. Thank you!

As far as fun… we had some… and some more. Our Hangman and crew continued the tradition of creativity. There are pictures, but someone bribed Mikee not to make them public. I sent a counter-bribe; let's see if it was enough.

After the doin's Gene Dunker provided me transport to the Rankin Ranch and back to present our monument to the ranch in time for its 150th anniversary. Our Clampatriarch, Mikee; Vice Humbug, Charles Topping; and two fairly new redshirts, Bob Nolen and Jim Filkins; also made the trip to Rankin Ranch. There was speechifying, history was told, and some got verklempt as Gene told our history and why we do what we do. All were impressed and thankful for our dedication and work on this project, and we were honored to be a part of marking this milestone for the ranch. One of the Rankins' latest generation, a little girl about 5 years old, placed a horse shoe in the monument during its erection and will have something to share with her grandkids.

And if we continue our dedication to keeping this chapter alive for the next 50 years, that Rankin girl will be able to share her story of the horseshoe buried deep in the monument with the next generation of PXL brothers when they erect our 200th anniversary monument to the Rankin Ranch.

Email Hole.

Hole der 1st




Posted - 04.29.13 - By MGM

PXL Keeps Rolling Along!

Congratulations to Humbug Russ "Hole" Chapman and his officers, and thanks to all who made it to our Spring Doin's at Fort Tejon. It was a most satisfactory weekend, starting with our dedication at Sue's Tavern in nearby Frazier Park, to our dedication of our new monument at Rakin Ranch in Walker Basin. In between the weather was great and we filled the parking area at Fort Tejon, so you no longer have to imagine a sold out PXL Doin's. We finally done it. Cookie would have been proud.

Give me a few days to put together a more thorough report and to get the pictures together. I've got way more stinkers than usual because I'm actually trying to learn how to use my camera the good ol' fashioned way, plus I've got a 'hole lot more ugliness to deal with. Not sure I can do much about that, but in the meantime, please drop by Peter's Board and leave your comments about our event. It will be very much appreciated.


Posted - 04.25.13 - By MGM

Dickhead the Weather Oracle!

Last minute flash update! As of Thursday morning Dickhead Weather Central is predicting great weather for this weekend's doin's. Sunny all weekend, with 0% chance of precipitation. (That's fancy talk for no snow, sleet, hail, fog or rain.) So take Friday off and come on up and join us for the weekend! Friday's high is expected to be 75, with a nighttime low of 55. Saturday's high is expected to be 81, with a nighttime low of 57. Sunday's weather will be similar. Winds should be negligible all weekend.

Here are the thumbnail directions to the Clampsite.

Take Interstate 5 to Fort Tejon Exit 210. From the north, the exit will put you near the service road at the south end of the public parking lot. From the south, continue down the street, over the bridge and then accross the public parking lot. At the south end of the parking lot turn up the service road. It will take you behind the historic buildings. The campground will be on your left. To protect the sprinkler system please do not park on the lawns. See you there!

Posted - 04.23.13 - By MGM

Sue's Tavern -- ECV Watering Hole!

Just a few last minute notes for Tuesday before the Doin's. If you are coming up to Fort Tejon and haven't prepaid, you should RSVP to Vaquero, our Gold Dust Receiver at, so he can add you to the count. Or call him at (626) 358-3380. You'll still pay $60, but you'll get priority on food ahead of anyone who just drops in at the gate.

If you can make it up early on Friday, please join Flintstone, Boulder and the rest of Petey's Flying Circus and help the chapter set up camp. It's always good to have multiple hands when we're unloading the trailer and putting up the awnings. We're shooting for 10:00 a.m., but we'll accept your help anytime, especially when we break Clamp on Sunday. Brotherhood is a group effort, and we know we can count on you.

As is our custom, PBCs will not begin their ordeal until Saturday Morning but all PBCs will be expected to pitch-in as needed from the time they arrive until the time they leave. PBCs will be permitted to fraternize with the Brothers on Friday, but must be turned over to the Hangman when they first arrive. There will be absolutely NO PBC harassment on Friday, and a PBC must be sober and report promptly for his initiation -- no exceptions.

Friday's festivities begin at 4:03 p.m. with our Watering Hole dedication at Sue's Tavern, 3440 Mount Pinos Way, Frazier Park, CA 93225. Take the Frazier Park off ramp and go west on Frazier Mountain Park RD, or from Fort Tejon, go south on I-5 and take the Lebec off ramp. Follow the road until it intersects with Frazier Mountain Park Rd and turn right (west). The entrance to the town of Frazier Park will be on about 3.7 miles west of the freeway. Turn right up the hill, the street will become Mount Pinos Way. Sue's will be on your left.

Sue's Tavern -- ECV Watering Hole!

Sue's has a distinctive rock facade, and was a speak easy and road house during prohibition. It features tunnels that were often used to hide hooch from the revenuers and which provided patrons easy access to what was once a neighboring (and neighborly) house of ill-fame. An interesting history, indeed.

Just a reminder to those not familiar with our Doin's and with the Grapevine area. The chapter does not provide a big or little slippery, so you are responsible for your own adult libations. The chapter's "hospitality central" has complimentary sodas and snacks. There is also a CHP headquarters directly across I-5 from Fort Tejon, so you'll want to keep that in mind when traveling to and from Frazier Park. We do want to see you make it back from Sue's in time for Hole's Full Moon VooDoo Chili and the rest of the evening's entertainment. So seemly (and inconspicuous) decorum are advised.

Lastly the weather is continuing to look even better as the weekend approaches, so I know this one's going to be great. We're talking high 70's during the day and low 60's at night. For more information about our Spring Doin's continue reading down the CLOG. See you at the Fort.

-- MGM

Posted - 04.22.13 - By MGM

The Completed Rankin Monument!

Thanks to all who signed up for this weekend's Spring Doin's at Fort Tejon. If you didn't postmark by Sunday or prepay by Paypal before the price went up, we still have room for you but we would appreciate at least an email to let us know you are coming. Of course you'll have to pay ten dollars more at the gate, but we'll still be glad to see you.

If you want to know why we are not fond of people just thinking that they can pay at the door, well it's because at PXL we want to be known for our great food, and that extra $10 really doesn't cover our grief, especially when we are far away from a butcher or supermarket. For instance those juicy "Timeye" steaks are hand dressed, and each center-cut slab of prime rib costs us over $120 at wholesale prices. So if we suddenly find ourselves short of steaks because someone didn't preregister, you know who is going to go without, and you don't want it to be you. That may cause hard feelings, but you'll only have yourself to blame. FYI.

Join Petey's Flying Circus!

Weather for our outing remains in flux, but this is shaping up to be an unusually warm spring so you can definitely leave your mummy bag at home. The elevation at Fort Tejon is about 4,000 feet, but as of a few days ago daytime highs were projected to be in the low 90's -- which would have been record highs for the Grapevine Pass at the end of April. As of now, Dickhead Weather Central is predicting daytime highs in the low 70's and nighttime lows in the high 40's, with negligible winds. So keep an eye on the weather but expect pleasant Clamping with no rain.

We plan to start assembling our kit at 10 am. Friday morning. So if you can join us then, you can join the circus - Petey's Flying Circus, that is. We'll have a small memento of the day for everyone who comes early and helps out, or stays at the end and helps us pack-up. Once again, Fred "Flintstone" Fenski and Dave "Mr. Boulder" Staley will rock our world.

Pati Nolen, Winner of the Grand Clamper Prize!

Our Humbug also reports that the Rankin Ranch Monument is now complete and ready for it's dedication Sunday, April 28, 2013, at 1 p.m. All are encouraged to head up to Walker Basin after the Spring Doin's to participate in the celebration. Allow an hour and a half for the ride to Walker Basin from Fort Tejon. Thanks to all who helped our NGH Russ Chapman with his erection. A real Hole in One this one is, and there's nothing like a group effort. So thanks again, Bob Nolen, Schnappsy Moen, VNGH Charles "Al VII" Topping, and PXL X's, Bob Clemmenson, Gene Duncker, and Joe Szot. Y'all dun gud. (I mostly just got to take pictures and drink beer).

If you can recall the Widders' Ball back in January, we offered a first time "Grand Clamper Prize" to anyone who would buy into this special but spectacular raffle. For a measly saw-buck, some lucky Clamper would earn admission to all of our Doin's for the year, including a pass for two to our 2014 Widders' Ball. That could be worth over $200 depending on whether or not we have a summer event.

Well both I and the Clampcrier were busy at the time and neither of us took names. For months I had no idea who had walked away with the prize. Out of necessity I actually left a blank slot on the CLOG for the name of the winner hoping to find out which redshirt needed to be congratulated.

PXL Keeps Rolling Along!

As it turns out, on the night of the Widders' Ball, I had surrendered my camera to GDR Luis Bouza, who snapped a photo of Pati Nolen with incoming Grand Noble Recorder, Kevin "The Yeti" Oviatt. When I posted the pic I thought it was just an elegant photo of Pati in period dress which made a nice illustration for the CLOG. And it was double kudos to her, because her husband Bob Nolen was in the Midwest on business and Pati had come staggette.

Then I found out that what I had was a picture of Patti after she had just won the Grand Clamper Prize…won the Grand Clamper Prize…won the Grand Clamper Prize. Doesn't a Clamper have to have…um...yeah, and not…um…um, you know, those? So what's a Chapter to do? Well as outgoing Salmon it was left to me to send the following condolence letter:

Pati gets the bad news.

See you Friday. And if you get there early, we'll let you join the Flying Circus...whether or not our Brother Bob has taken out the garbage.

Email MGM.

MGM, XNGH -- "Recording No Cyber Before Its Time."



Posted - 04.17.13 - By MGM

NGH Hole der 1st!'

NO. Dickhead has not been turned into a Zombie, at least not yet, but you won't get to find out how this one ends if you don't attend the Peter Lebeck Spring Doin's at Fort Tejon, April 26-28. But hurry, because our Doin's is less than ten days away and time is running out! The prepay deadline is this Friday, April 19th, but we'll even extend this special rate if you post mark or Paypal your dust by Sunday night. After that you'll be suffering the consequences. It's $10 more at the door, and that's assuming that we'll let you in without begging, pinkie swearing, wearing your widder's chonies and offering us a bribe.

Hairless Brother tries the Full Moon Chili.

So don't miss out, because at PXL we're known for our hospitality; and if you're not one of us, you'll likely become one of our own by the end of the weekend, especially once you've partaken of Hole's secret recipe: Friday Night's "FULL MOON VOODOO CHILI." Now I'm not about to tell you what's in it (eye of Newt, horn of Barack, shreds from a certain Kenyan birth certificate?), but I've heard tell that if eaten when the moon is full, this unique concoction will spur hair to migrate from chest to pate, and cause the male anatomy to broaden, elongate and tergify with startling and lasting effects!

Spend the entire weekend with us and we guarantee your widder will thank us.

Francis says,' Eat well, Live well!'Plus you'll continue to partake of the legendary Peter Lebeck cuisine which resumes Saturday morning with our Graybeards' Potluck Breakfast. Bring us your meat and tortillas, and we'll provide the eggs and beverages. Then come back later for lunch, then twice again for a one pound Ribeye Dinner with Super Beans and all the fixxin's and a continental breakfast on Sunday. Stuff a whole lot of camaraderie in between, including our hilarious group activities, and it's the best $50 you'll spend this side of the Vatican - just make sure you prepay and tell our Damn Fool Doorkeeper that, "Francis sent me."

Don't become the Hawker's Pin Cushion!'

By the way we did invite a certain high level prelate to our Doin's, but ever since the College of Cardinals took away his red shirt, he's had some pretty busy weekends - something about not being able to come because he promised the Swiss Guard he'd be teaching them the finer points of Argentine grilling.

So Francis may have to send his regrets, but you don't have to. Just pop on over to our sign-up page to read all about Fort Tejon, and to get the flyer and directions. You'll even find a Paypal portal worthy of Mr. Scott. And if you're bringing a PBC, scroll down the Doin's Page to find our "Do's and Donuts" and a handy link to the PBC Handbook, which will provide you with all the resources you'll need to get your candidate into shape for his ordeal. But whatever you do, don't put this off! Or you'll find yourself on the wrong end of our Hawker's "Marie Laveau Commemorative Pin" collection.

New Rankin pedestal is ready for its plaque.

One final reminder. We'll be celebrating THREE dedications on our Spring Doin's weekend. The first will be at Sue's Place in Frazier Park on Friday afternoon, to designate this historic tavern as an official ECV Watering Hole. The second will be on Saturday in the Fort Tejon parking lot to rededicate our plaque commemorating Peter Lebeck; and the third will be on Sunday afternoon up in Walker Basin to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Rankin Ranch. Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend all three events, just keep in mind that civilians will be present and seemly decorum is required. All three plaquings are important to the future of our chapter, and Rankin Ranch in particular is key to our future ability to Clamp the breadth of our territory, so we encourage you to stick around and attend.

Work Party admires its handy work at Rankin Ranch.

And for those of you who missed the Rankin Ranch Monument work party on April 6th, I've put together a Youtube slideshow to commemorate what we did and how we did it. I've posted it on the Clampdown Page. If it doesn't come up hit the refresh button on your web browser. The show is eleven minutes long, and you could regard it as an instructional video but for the very beautiful images of Walker Basin and its surroundings. It's definitely worth your time especially if you didn't even consider getting out of your comfort zone and joining us for this most satisfying event.

I have to agree with Dickhead. If all our EXEs lived in Texas, we'd be screwed. Clamping isn't just about drinking beer. The younger guys -- especially the officers and would be officers -- need to get their hands dirty and learn how real Clampers commemorate history. This is the first rock and mortar pedestal monument PXL has built since 1980, and if you didn't come-up, you missed out.

Lastly we will be having an after Friday Dinner "Hole-joke-a-thon," so think of something funny, and in the best Clamper tradition, the Humbug -- especially any "HOLE" Humbug -- is fair game. So think of your best Hole Joke, and then, "Let the sucker have it!" We also want to remind you that we will be having the traditional raffle on Saturday Night, so if you have something you'd like to add to the cache of goodies your donation will be appreciated. I know some guys brought contributions to the Widders' Ball, but we limited ourselves that night to just a few special items in order to quickly get the Widders to the dance floor. If you donated something to the chapter back in January, we will be including it in the Spring Sortéo. We just wanted to let you know that we haven't forgotten your generosity, and thanks again.

See you at Fort Tejon.

Email MGM.

MGM, XNGH -- "Recording No Cyber Before Its Time."



Posted - 04.4.13 - By MGM

PXL Keeps Rolling Along!

Just a quick post... You don't want to miss this Saturday's workparty at Rankin Ranch. We'll be buttering blocks and stacking rocks, and topping them off with a nice new shiny brass plaque in honor of Rankin's 150th Anniversary. If you don't like beer, still come; but if you do, bring some. We'll be getting started at 9:30 a.m., and we have all the tools and materials we'll need to get the job done -- though you may want to bring some gloves, a trowel, a towel and a bucket, plus a strong back.

PXL Keeps Rolling Along!

Mrs. Rankin will be fixing lunch, but if you have thoughts of camping over you should email Hole at so we know to expect you for dinner. The weather on Saturday is predicted to be splendid, with a daytime high of 79, and a nighttime low of 49, but expect some wind. For details and additioal directions, read down into the CLOG.

Last, but hardly least, there's a new Hole Post! You'll find it on The Humbugs Page. Hole wants to encourage everyone to go Clamping, and not just at PXL. You'll also want to check out the Holey approved Vimeo video on Malloy's and the annual Norton Day celebration. And don' forget to listen to Radio ECV.

-- MGM

Posted - 03.31.13 (April Fool's) - By MGM

PXL Egg by Fabregé!

Happy Easter and Happy Passover to you and your families, dear Cloggites, and welcome back to the PXL CLOG! Ironically this is supposed to be the season for reflection, but no doubt you've had plenty to do to get ready to meet the demands of the holiday. In my case that comes down to spiffifying the place inside and out to get it ready for family headed our way for Easter Dinner -- which some time ago became Easter Brunch - which now features lox, bagels with a shmear, plus the traditional ham. I'm not sure how that happened or even why anyone would think that appropriate, but it seems to work around here. Besides no one goes away hungry, especially after dessert. So chocolate bunnies beware.

But enough about that. April is here and it's time to focus on our upcoming Clamping events, but first a little Easter History. The House of Fabregé remains famous for the bejeweled eggs it produced for the Royal Family of Russia prior to the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. Recently the Hermitage, that famous St. Petersburg museum, which houses many of Russia's historic artifacts, uncovered this long lost Fabregé egg which bear the cryptic lettering "PXL."

Nikki 'Not My Yob' Romanov! The Clamper formerly known as 'Czarevich.'

The Russians are actually pretty gaga when it comes to Easter, so this discovery has caused quite a stir all across the country, and there has been much speculation in the Russian Press about what this might mean; especially since the lettering isn't in Cyrillic but in Roman script.

Well we here at the CLOG think we've solved the riddle of the PXL Frabregé Egg. Delving into our archives we recently uncovered this oil painting of Czar Nicholas II bearing the PXL emblem, and we are now free to confirm that he was in fact a member of Peter Lebeck.

Yes, it turn out that Nikki "Not My Yob" Romanov, was a member of the Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus, as were so many notables of that period. How he secretly made it out of Moscow to Bakersfield for his initiations is to this day a mystery. What we do know is that Czar Nicholas wore the PXL insignia prominently up until the time of the revolution, and then ditched it, most likely to prevent an international incident between the insurgent Soviet Government and the citizens of Bakersfield.

We'll always be grateful for that, Nikki, and it's even been said that when you faced that Bolshevik firing squad you flashed the sign of the well jackass. Satisfactory, Bro' … and so it goes.

Fort Tejon in Spring.

Next up. If you haven't signed-up for our Spring Doin's, I just gotta ask you -WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Our Doin's is four weeks away and you don't want to miss out on this one. Fort Tejon in the spring is one of the most pleasant places to Clamp in all of California. The hillsides are green; the wild flowers are in bloom, and the deer come down to the canyon floor to check us out because they think Clampers are weirder than deer that think Clampers are strange for checking out the deer.

Plus no one who ever signs on to one of our doin's ever goes hungry. You get the benefit of Sunday's continental breakfast plus four full meals, including Friday Night's Bonus Super Supper of beef and pork ribs à la Mama Timbo, plus Saturday's famous one pound "Tim Eye" steaks with all the fixin's, including Timbo's multi award winning Super Beans.

Full Moon!

And if that isn't enough, Friday and Saturday Nights will feature a full moon - so feel free to walk the parade grounds in the moonlight, chill on the porch of the historic officers' quarters, and savor the nighttime natural beauty of one of the most historic locations that central and southern California has to offer -- all for one low, low price.

And getting there is a cinch. Fort Tejon is right off Interstate 5, and the campground is yards behind the historic areas, and includes enough meadow to stake your tent, plus a parking lot with plenty of room to station your RV or bus. The Brothers of Branciforte, whose territory occupies one of the most scenic areas of northern California, were so impressed with Fort Tejon that they brought their annual Coyote Howling to the fort in 2010, and guys are still talking about it. So is it a special place? Yeah, it is. And we're sure that you won't be disappointed. Just go to our Spring Doin's Pages to start your adventure, and sign-up before April 19th to save $10 each for you and your PBC.

Russ Chapman, NGH, and Bill Rankin.

Next up is our spring work party this coming Saturday, April 6th, at 9:30 a.m. We'll be meeting up at Rankin Ranch in Walker Basin to complete the monument to be unveiled to the public on Sunday afternoon, April 29, 2013. We'll have the necessary tools and materials so all we should need are a few strong backs. Directions to the site can be had by reading down into the CLOG where you'll find a link to Google Maps that will get you to the intersection of the Caliente-Bodfish and Walker Basin Roads.

As things stand right now, the Rankins will be providing lunch. Camping is available, so if you'd like to spend the night please let NGH HOLE know so we can provide dinner. You'll find the Humbug's contact information below in the last post. Keep in mind that it gets cold up in Walker Basin in the spring so if you think you might stay over, pack accordingly.

Last but not least, I'd like to give a shoutout to Muleskinner of Grug Gulch for his most excellent ECV Radio Station. I've added a link to the column on the left which provides for easy access. Muley's "internet only" mix provides the best 70's Rock and old school Country music to be found anywhere but the radio. Enjoy.

See you at Fort Tejon.

Email MGM.

MGM, XNGH -- "Recording No Cyber Before Its Time."



Posted - 03.09.13 - By Hole (amended 03.16.13)

Hole Sez 'COME ON DOWN!'!

Spring is in the air, and it's time to start thinking about your Clamp-year. As we approach our Spring Doin's on April 26-28 at Fort Tejon, we will have a work party on April 6th to support our Fall Doin's. I know ... I know ... It looks like a typo but it's not. Our Fall Doin's will be at Rankin Ranch in Walker Basin, but we need to get our plaque mounted in time for the big celebration of the 150th Anniversary of Rankin Ranch, which happens the same weekend as our Spring Doin's. The Rankin Family wants to show off our monument and plaque to their peers in the ranching community, and that will provide us the exposure we need to plaque the other eight Kern County ranches which are over 100 years old.

Rankin's 150th celebration is expected to draw a couple hundred people and some will be camping there all weekend. After hearing how large this celebration will be, we decided that having our doin's at the ranch that weekend would overcrowd the area, and place us waayyy too close to the public. So the Hole Plan is we mount the plaque and unveil it at the ranch on April 28th at 1PM, and then clamp there in the fall when the weather is much nicer.

Rankin Ranch in the Fall.

This project, and the timing, is very important to our chapter. If this plaque, our unveiling, and our doin's impress the other historic Kern County ranches, our work will pay off with new opportunities for plaques and Clampin' Grounds throughout Kern County for years to come.

On April 26th, the Friday of our Spring Doin's, we will be dedicating Sue's Tavern in Frazier Park as an official ECV Watering Hole. This Tavern was built in 1928, and was a grocery store for a while. It has hidden tunnels, had a history of being frequented by women of ill repute, and was a source of "the real stuff" during prohibition. What else could a clamper ask for in a historic watering Hole?

Sues Tavern, Frazier Park.

After we've had our way with Sue's, it's back to Fort Tejon to enjoy the culinary creations of Timbo, and to enjoy tall tales of the guy wearing a red shirt that shrunk a bit in the wash.

On Saturday, in addition to the usual chicanery at PBC University, Timbo will mount our original plaque to Peter Lebeck from 1972 (you can watch if you want, but no snickering), that Timbo repaired after it was damaged by vandals trying to steal it. Then in the afternoon we'll rededicate the plaque to Fort Tejon.

The head ranger at the Fort, Stephen Byers, is comp'ing PXL's use of the campground in appreciation for our work on the outhouse covers. We had one work party late last year which got us off to a good start. Then on February 23rd, Flintstone, Boulder, and a few helpers from Bedrock, uh-er… Frazier Park, held work party #2. They've been sneaking up there when they can and the three covers we started are almost complete. The guys say shingles and doors is all's that's left to do. But, we haven't even started on the 4th cover, which is an even larger rustic disguise to go around a handicap-sized outhouse. Remember, we committed to Fort Tejon that we would finish the project by June, so we'll be recruiting to see if we can squeeze out a few more volunteers at the Spring Doin's to get'er done!

Russ "Hole der 1st" Chapman, PXL NGH #52



Now a Few More Tidbits from Mikee...

OK, Guys. Mikee, here. So here's what's up between now and April 28, 2013.

Click for Rankin Ranch Google Map.

April 6, 2013. NGH Hole der 1st has called for a work party to build the Rankin Ranch monument at the crossing of the Caliente-Bodfish and Walker Basin Roads. That's a Saturday, and while we don't need a lot of guys to do this, we want to encourage our Brothers from Kern County and especially our new members from the Bakersfield Area to participate, but all are welcome. Building monuments is the most important thing that we do as Clampers so you really need to get your hands dirty. Bring snacks, but the chapter will provide something to eat for both lunch and dinner, and overnight camping will be available. We discourage drinking and driving, but if you're staying over you are welcome to bring a warming libation. Keep in mind that spring evenings in the mountains can get pretty cold so if you plan to stay over pack accordingly and be prepared for some serious camaraderie.

Rankin Ranch is about an hour from Bakersfield, and about 15 miles north of Highway 58 by way of the Caliente-Bodfish Road, so if you live in or near Bakersfield it's easy for you to come on up and spend the day helping out. If you click on the graphic on your right it will take you to Google Maps. I've also included a link to the Youtube slideshow of our work party at Walker Pass from the Spring 2012, to give you an idea of what we are talking about. Just click here.

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If you are coming, or are even thinking about it, please don't hesitate. Email Hole right away at, or call him on his cell at (805) 423-1276. This type of thing takes planning. You can also join the conversation on Peter's Board or Facebook. If you are having problems accessing either page please give me a call at (818) 517-8781.

April 12-14, 2013, is the weekend of the Sierra Valley Tri-Chapter put on by the mountain chapters just north of Kern County. This is the 15th Year for the Tri-Chapter, and while we are not one of its sponsors, we consider PXL to be an important supporter because it brings major camaraderie and hijinx close to home. Clampcrier Gene Dunker has established a Tri-Chapter Link on Peter's Board so if you are going, or are interested in going, please make sure to check in so we can plan to hang together. Attending events like the Tri-Chapter is a big deal, and that's especially true if you'd like to advance in Clamperdom because you really need to get around and savor other chapters. Click on the red graphic on your left to go the Tri-Chapter Homepage for sign-up information. While you're there you may also want to check out the Grub Gulch Homepage maintained by our good friend, Brother Muleskinner. He does a great job.

April 26-28, 2013, is the weekend of our own Spring Doin's at Fort Tejon. What I really like about Fort Tejon is that it is one of the most convenient, as well as historic, Clamping locations in all of Clamperdom. It sits on the edge of Interstate 5, and has its own off ramp. The campground is situated behind the parade grounds of a restored 19th Century Army Base in an oak studded canyon, and the Clamping Area can accommodate everything from tents to RVs, and even a bus or two -- and even the deer wandering through the canyon agree that it's a great place to hang out with your dear relations. The Spring Doin's pages includes a write-up on Fort Tejon and a slide show, so you'll want to check that out.

If you haven't been to one of our Clampouts before, or if you haven't been in a long time, I think you are going to be really impressed. Aside from the fact that no one else in Clamperdom has Timbo Gillespie and Joe "Smalls" Rivera to cook for them, this is going to be a "three-fer" for us.

Flintstone and Boulder at Sues Tavern, Frazier Park.

On Friday afternoon, April 26th, his HOLE-EE-NESS, Hole der 1st, has decreed that Sue's Tavern be designated an official ECV Watering HOLE. It has a neat-o history, but the real clincher is that it has that warm pub-like quality that says "Clampers Welcome Anytime." It will be an event to remember.

On Saturday afternoon, April 27th, we'll be meeting in the Fort Tejon visitors' parking lot to rededicate our 1972 plaque commemorating our Clampatriarch, Peter Lebeck. Last year, thieves made off with one of the other brass plaques in the parking lot and nearly made off with Pete's before they gave up and drove away. All I can say is, "Pete, we're not about to let you down, Bro', so here we come!"

On Sunday afternoon, April 28th, after we break Clamp at Fort Tejon, all are invited to join us up at Rankin Ranch for the dedication of our monument to 150 years of ranching by the Rankin Family in Walker Basin. This will be a historically significant event with press and civilians present so all are invited to attend. Seemly decorum requested...but you knew that already.

Click to read Rankin Plaque!

And that's it for now. I hope you can make it out to our Spring Doin's. Keep your eye on this page for more shameless self-promotion and plenty of unself-conscious whining. In the meantime, make sure to check out the Spring Doin's page. I've tried to make it as convenient as possible, but whatever you do, make sure to sign-up soon to save yourself a few bucks and to keep us from taking your name in vain. You can use any combination of methods to register and pre-pay, and remember, we're guys. We'll take it any way we can get it.

Just mail your rub and registration to "Peter Lebeck -- E Clampus Vitus, Box 384, Bakersfield, CA 93302." Having problems with the downloadable form and you don't want to use the mail? You can send it back to us by email at, and we'll even accept a fax at (818) 366-9484. So don't wait. We want you to join us for some serious male bonding at Fort Tejon.

Email MGM.

MGM, XNGH -- "Recording No Cyber Before Its Time."



Posted - 02.27.13 - By MGM

Hole's Donuts!


Thanks to Ringmasters Fred and Dave, and their PBC Mike Thorson for their help at Fort Tejon last weekend. For those of you who couldn't make it, stay tuned because there is more to do and more to come. Aside from finishing up at Fort Tejon, your help may be needed at Walker Basin to do some monument related work at the Rankin Ranch before our Spring Doin's, so stay 'tooned.

Today's is a short post, but check out our Clampdown page. There's a new, short (3 minute) welcome video featuring our own Gene "D*ckhead" Duncker. Gene, who is also our Clampcrier, agreed to do this one for our "History of ECV" page, but I've also included it temporarily on the Clampdown, so all can marvel at Gene's acting chops. This video replaces the previous welcome video that featured XSNGH Tom Tompkins. Don't miss the tag at the end of the new vid shilling for our Spring Doin's.

-- MGM

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