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Cool Ride?

Post Summer Workparty 2013



Posted - 08.11.13 -- By MGM

Rankin Ranch!

Greetings Cloggites, and welcome back to the best pack of redshirted lies available anywhere on the internet. Yep, Brothers - we're liar-faces! …and we're really pretty good at it except for when the truth seeps into our truthy parts. So grab a seat, crack something cold, and begin reading the latest CLOG. There's news about our upcoming Fall Doin's at Rankin Ranch, the Atascadero Work Party, Widders Not in Labor Day, TRASH Trek XL, the Norton Bridge Campaign, plus a few sticky illogical scatological offallings of the worst kind. So get ready to decipher the truth for yourself because off we go!

Click for the Doin's Page!

The Fall Doin's webpages are finally here, and we are pleased to announce that we will be Clamping the Rankin Ranch the weekend of September 27-29, 2013. Regardless of whether you are on our snail mail list or have never met our jackass, any interested Brother can click the link to the Fall Doin's Page and read all about it. We've listed times, dates and particulars, and you can even download a PDF version of the flyer in living color. Print it out, fill it out and mail it in with your rub; or open it up as a PDF form, fill it in and send it back as an email attachment. If you register by email don't worry about signing the form. You can do it when you check-in, and no matter how you register we'll let you pay by Paypal or check. Ante your rub by September 20th and you're guaranteed the prepay rate of $50 for redshirts, $70 for PBCs.

Now what I don't want to do here is regurgitate in detail what's in the flyer or on our doin's pages. Our online offerings have plenty of details, and our flyer even has a two page insert with plenty more lies which are guaranteed to convince you that this is one doin's you will not want to miss. So read 'em -- but I still want to hit the highlights, give advice, and offer a few apologies -- so don't go there until you finish reading the CLOG.

Rankin Ranch is going to be one of those doin's where we do the extra stuff that keeps guys coming back to PXL for a good time. At 3,300 feet, Rankin has some of the best weather at the end of September anywhere in California. You're rub covers all your meals, including Friday Night's Argentine Barbeque, Saturday's ribeye dinner, and everything in between. The CLONG Show talent show is back on Friday Night with possible sightings of the Queen Califa Clampitheatre on Friday and Saturday...and did I mention the Pope?

No Fishing this time around!

We also want to make sure everybody who is bringing up an RV does so safely. There's three ways up to the ranch, but one route from the south is only advised for smaller vehicles so make sure to check the bottom of the Fall Doin's Page for more detailed directions.

Now for the mea culpas and "we f'd-ups." We allowed a prototype circular to circulate (which is what circulars tend to do), which mislabeled the price for our Doin's at $40 per prepaid redshirt. So our apologies if you got one of those. The price is still $50 and it hasn't been $40 since our Clampcrier was Humbug back in 1994. We'll have to attribute this mistake to age, flashbacks, male menopause or a bad batch of brownies, but in any case, it's still fifty bucks, even if you're the Humbug.

Neon ECV Sign at Sue's Tavern in Frazier Park.

This errant version of the flyer also suggested that there would be fishing. Well there is a pond, but there won't be any fishing due to separation issues. You see all Rankin fish when taken from the water are prone to anxiety attacks, so no fishing! However the pond does lend itself to both Zen moments and cow pie races. So get your OMMM on and make sure to ask our Humbug for directions to the PXL parimutuel window; but whatever you do don't ask for a "box" because we don't allow Widders at Clampouts.

Now a brief comment about the photo of the neon EVC sign and where it came from: This really cool sign has been happily hanging in the window of Sue's Tavern in Frazier Park since last spring, when we designated this awesome site as an official ECV Watering Hole. Many thanks to Fred "Flintstone" Fenski and Dave "Boulder" Staley for getting this sign made for us, for their help in plaquing Sue's, and for reinstalling the Peter Lebeck Plaque up at Fort Tejon. You guys are awesome.


Last weekend's Humbug-hosted work party to get the new cook trailer in shape for our upcoming doin's really showed the spirit of brotherhood that is at the core of ECV. For those of you who dodged ... er ... couldn't make it, here's what our NGH, Russ "Hole" Chapman had to say:


New Trailer inside!

For all you who missed it, you missed IT! The weather was great and we made a lot of headway getting the big things done. However, there's still more to do, and we need a cheaper source for angle iron. So if you can help out, please step-up. Thanks to Mikee, Timbo, Fred, Dave, Bob, and Charles for making the trip and working on the new trailer.

Mikee and Charles showed up Friday. We got a head start unloading the trailers to get a lay of the land. We had Hole chili, enjoyed the cool evening, and got a good night's sleep. Saturday morning I whipped-up some scrambled eggs & sausage.

Just as we were finishing-up, the rest of the crew started to trickled-in. We prepared the floor for new carpet, and built frames for table and pole racks. After we devoured a chicken lunch prepared by Mikee, we laid carpet, re-mounted floor cargo anchors, mounted racks, and moved the propane racks to the new trailer.

Timbo, when the steaks are high!

Mikee cooked up some flap steak & fixin's for dinner, we ate until we were full. Charles, Fred, and Dave stayed over for one more night. We got in a little work after dinner, but called it quits and built a fire. We we're all pretty beat, so after a few adult beverages we let the fire burn down to ashes and went to bed.

Sunday morning Charles, Fred, Dave, and I reloaded all the gear into the trailers and cleaned up the work area. I'm gonna do some little things in the evening when I can, and Fred & Dave are talking about another trip up to work on the trailer.

  • Now... for the PXL tool exchange program:
  • Tim, I've got your welding vice grips.
  • Mikee, I think Charles has your drill bit.
  • Someone... has my Bosch power screw driver.

I don't know of any other tools on summer vacation, but if you find an odd one, let the rest of us know so we can get it home.

-- Hole der 1st

Hole also took the picture of the trailer I've attached here. As you can see, even though our new trailer is not yet completely reloaded, we still have lots of space for things on our Clamping wish list: A bigger and meaner barbeque; a sound system, an oven for baking potatoes, rolls and prime rib; a built-in water tank, and a propane griddle for making lots and lots of pancakes. In fact one of my ambitions is to make 200 blueberry buttermilk pancakes Mikee-style for Saturday Morning's Graybeards' Potluck. That may be years off, but if any of you expect me to share you'd better get your tushes up to Hole's place the next time he asks for help or it's "No Pancakes FOR YOU!"


-- Speaking of Hole's Place, Hole and his Widder Cathy will be hosting the 2013 "Widders Not in Labor Day" Campout at their ranchette in Atascadero, Thursday, August 29th through Monday, September 2nd. This event is open to all redshirts, their Widders and their families, and the object is to get the widders to chill while the guys do all the work. Kids are welcome and there are also plenty of things to do in and around town. Here's the Hole Post:


Widders Not In Labor.

2013 Widders Not in Labor Day in Cushing, Ca. (Labor Day Weekend)

What better way for the brothers of absurdity to celebrate our Widders than to gather in a town that never was, but is still on the map to this day…Cushing, California.

Gather one and all to let the Widders worry about what to do, if everyone has enough to eat, and if the dishes are done. Why will they worry? Because the Redshirts have the duty this weekend!

The originators of this event, and the regulars, knew from the onset that WnILD was not just a Raymond, California event (as fine a center of history as Raymond is), but a Clamper-event to be shared. So, last year with attendance waning and the heat rising, we sought to take the show on the road. Somehow the Widders decided that the central coast would be a good idea…and my list of honey-do's got a whole lot bigger.

This year the schedule is more free-lance. We're trying to get access to the Santa Margarita Ranch as a history tour, but a trip to the Pozo Saloon may have to do. Other than that, here's the rough schedule:

-- Hole der 1st


Trash Group Photo on Walker Pass.

That talk of cooler coastal weather sounds really good, especially after the heat we've been experiencing of late in Kern County, but the guys who can speak firsthand about the 100+ degree heat are the 150+ Graybeards who made it up to the Kern River Valley for the 40th Edition of TRASH.

Now if you read my last post, then you got a taste of what TRASH is all about. It is a multi-day historical trek open only to Humbugs and ex-Humbugs of E Clampus Vitus. The guide for this event is called the "Head Litterbug," -- a senior Humbug who typically spends three years researching the various historical stops, writing a reference book and guide, and planning both the trek's itinerary and the logistics.

This year's Head Litterbug was our good Brother and PXL Supporter, Dave "Warthog" Otero, who received great accolades for the Satisfactory job he did putting this TRASH Trek together. He also earns a Double Mikee Satisfactory because the guy ahead of him decided he couldn't do it, and Warthog's prep time was shortened up by a year. We here at Peter Lebeck can certainly relate to that, so we wanted to do what we could for our friend, including feeding the troops on Thursday evening.

Dave 'Warthog' Otero is happy, happy, happy.

Anyway the theme for TRASH XL was "Walker Pass and the Kern River Valley," and that meant that a whole lot of Graybeards from throughout the western United States came into our territory and got to see some of PXL's best monuments. There was even a group photo surrounding the Walker Pass monument we refurbished last year commemorating the pass as a national historical landmark in 1961.

There were visits to the Ardis Walker House, the Kern Valley Museum, the Lake Isabella Dam, the Onyx Store and Freeman Junction where "The Beard of Knowledge," Mark Hall-Patton, gave a talk on Tiburcio Vasquez and "Robbers' Roost." Mike (our favorite molar mechanic) Johnson gave the Trek's culminating speech up on Walker Pass. Mike was the historian for our Randsberg 4-Way back in 1989.

The 'Beard of Knowledge' -- Mark Hall-Patton.

Anyway #2, you won't believe what happens once guys are exposed to successive days of 107 degree heat. I didn't get there until Friday afternoon, but by Saturday night, I was being exposed to quivering piles of man flesh -- though I can't swear to having seen any of it. All I know is that when I checked my camera on Sunday Morning I found this photo with a time stamp of 01:12 a.m.; and to be honest, the last thing I remember is someone walking over sometime after midnight with a jar of Apple Pie and a quart of moonshine that would strip the paint off a $2 W_____. Can't say I feel violated, can't say I'd remember, either.

Anyway #3, I took several hundred photos of the Trek, and Bob Clemensson gave me some more from the part of the Trek that I missed. I was half way done prepping them but had to break off because of the time needed to put get the Fall Doin's webpages on line. So if you'd like to see the Trek pictures, check back in a few days. They'll be posted on Peter's Picture Pages. My meager collection of work party photos should also be up by then.

Late Nite Man Flesh.

Lastly, I received a message from our Brother Mike "Saloon" Keough, he's from Yerba Buena #1, which covers the San Francisco Bay Area and is the mother chapter of the Redivius. They have a long standing effort to get the bridge between Oakland and San Francisco named for Joshua Norton, failed businessman and self-proclaimed "Norton I, Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico," who back in 1872 issued an "imperial decree" that such a bridge be erected to benefit the inhabitants of both sides of the bay. He even named the particular anchor points on which the bridge was to be eventually built. Clampers and Norton's contemporaries both celebrated the man as a visionary; someone ahead of his time -- but also quite nuts -- which if you think about it reflects the very spirit of the Bay Area. After all, San Francisco was built on the back-fill of ships abandoned in the harbor by men blinded by their thirst for gold.

Now the City and County of San Francisco are on record as being in support of YB-1's desire to have the bridge named after Norton, but the state legislature is currently considering a bill that would name the bridge after the late Assembly Speaker, and former Mayor of San Francisco, Willie Brown. But the bridge wasn't Willie's idea, and whether you're a fan of Willie or not, Norton needs to get his fair shot, so here is the SOS from YB-1:


Emperor Norton I

Brothers of Peter Lebeck Chapter #1866,

In the Heart of YB-1 Territory there has been efforts for many years to name the Western Span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge for Emperor Norton I, "Emperor of these United States, and Protector of Mexico."

Parts of these efforts are two on online petitions. Links to these petitions are included in this note for your use, but we also want you to cut and paste these links into your webpages, Facebook pages and emails so that you can ask your friends - redshirt and non-redshirt alike -- to join the cause. With these online petitions you won't have to mail a thing. Just fill 'em out, hit save and you're done.

YB-1's Mike Keough

Now being Historical Mooks, and this being Serious Sh*t, some of us think that this online stuff will not get all the results we will need to get the Bridge named after the Emperor, so we are also working on a hardcopy paper petition. This form will be sent to your Humbug before your Fall Doin's on September 27-29, and we are asking that you set up a manned table at your Doin's to actively collect signatures on behalf of the Emperor. We are asking that your chapter return these paper petitions to YB-1, and we'll do the job of sending them on to the proper state agencies. We are also asking that you make copies to send to your local state representatives. Our thanks to everyone who is willing to volunteer to get this done, may your efforts be Satisfactory!


Now we here at the CLOG don't expect this to be regarded as political. We aren't a political organization. We don't get anything out of this, and neither does Joshua Norton nor Willie Brown. They're both dead. But what's fair is fair, and we just need to speak-up for Josh who got there first. After all, both he and Willie were outrageous enough to be Clampers. Credo Quia Absurdum.

Email MGM.

MGM, XNGH -- "Recording No Cyber Before Its Time."
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Posted - 07.23.13 - Addendum

The New PXL Cook Trailer.

The main CLOG Post follows below. This is a special message to the officers and members of Peter Lebeck. Beginning this Friday through Sunday, we will be working on remodeling our newly acquired, bigger and better, Cook Trailer. We will be meeting at Hole's place in Atascadero at 15920 Chispa Rd, Atascadero, CA 93422, The chapter will be providing the main dishes for Friday night's barbeque dinner as well as for three meals on Saturday, so bring a side dish for ten if you can. You can find further details at the link mentioned by Hole, below.

Please reserve the last weekend of September, September 27-29, for the PXL Fall Doin's at Rankin Ranch. Details and Paypal links will be up with the next CLOG Post. We are expecting a special dignitary and lots of special stuff to eat.

Lastly I have over 350 photos from last weekend's TRASH Trek. I am going through them now and will post the best ones on the Peter's Picture Pages "Outties" page, just give me a few days to catch-up.


Posted - 07.17.13 - By Hole and MGM

NGH Hole der 1st!'

Greetings and blessings from Castel Gandolfo West on the central coast. It's been busy since the Spring Doin's at Ft. Tejon and the presentation of our monument to Rankin Ranch. Our efforts on the Rankin Ranch monument were recognized by the local, and ECV, press. The Tehachapi News covered it in an article called, "The Rankin Ranch 150 Years and Thriving". The June, Flatlander II recognized our Rankin Ranch plaque as "Plaque of the Month."

Our delegation to Grand Council (Gene Dunker, Don Johnson, and myself) made a fine showing for the chapter at Grand Council. I even had the honor of bearing the nation's colors while leading the Parade of Chapters. We drug our Widders along, and they had a fine time too. Special thanks goes out to Jeanie Johnson (and Donnie) for running the PXL Mercantile while I tended to Humbug duties.

Our Rankin Plaque is Plaque of the Month!'

After GC I left Mikee at the altar to run off to the 395 Doin's near Bishop, CA. They treated me well and just about cleaned out our store. ($ cha-ching! $)

Next up is the 2013 TRASH Trek coming to our territory July 18-21. As the host chapter, Gene, Myself, and few other PXL XNGH's will be cooking up a spaghetti dinner Thursday night for 180-200 XNGH's from all territories. Dave Otero has been working on this Trek for a long-long time, so I hope all that work pays off!

After the Trek, we'll be preparing the new chapter chuck wagon (i.e., the new trailer) for our fall doin's. The work party is July 26-28, at my place in Atascadero. For directions go to Peter's discussion board. Here's the link:,1094.msg8645.html#new

I hope to see you at the work party, but whether you can come or not, make sure to set aside the weekend of September 27-29, for the PXL Fall Doin's at Rankin Ranch.

Email Hole.

Happy trails, and thanks again for a prosperous year!

Hole der 1st




Mikee's new hat!'

Ok, your Cyberrecorder MGM here (aka "Mikee"), coming in to fill out the CLOG. First of all let me apologize for my absence. You see my youngest daughter got married three weeks ago and getting ready for the wedding has taken up all of my spare time for the last few months. As it turns out, aside from the benefits of having a beaming daughter, an awesome son in law and a skinnier bank account, the new in-laws bought me a really cool hat. So no more hat envy when I see Brother Hole with some striking new chapeau. The only downside is that until it's properly wrapped, the thing is about 12 feet long and doesn't come with an owner's manual. You know, there's always something, but at least I'm back.

4New Brothers with the Crew that Hung'em!'

We had a most pleasant and well attended Clampout in the spring, and we even made a few bucks. We had about 70 guys show up and we filled the parking lot at Fort Tejon. It made for a great party. We also had four brand new shiny Brothers join the Order, so I'd like to formally embarrass them by plastering their names on the CLOG. They are Todd Miller, Jeff Nelson, Mike Thorson and Stan Guillon. A hearty Lebeckian welcome to them and much thanks to their sponsors and to Jim "Fury" Bailey and his vigilantes for their good work. You might say they did a great job of wrapping this one up.

Also congratulations to Hole on the completion of the new monument at Rankin Ranch. The Rankin monument is the second Peter Lebeck Chapter plaque to be featured in the Flatlander II as plaque of the month, the first being our erection to historian Bob Powers in Kernville in 2007, under the administration of XNGH Don Johnson.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Flatlander II, it's the officially sanctioned ECV broadsheet which carries regular announcements and other what knots about Clamperdom. It's edited by Brother Mike "Smitty" Smith, from Billy Holcomb. If you'd like to subscribe, click on the Flatlander II icon in the left column underneath the links box above. That would be a really, really good thing.

I'd also like to encourage all of our Brothers to become more involved in the workings of the chapter. Projects like the Rankin Ranch Monument speak to our chapter's purpose. It's not that fun, frivolity and absurdity aren't the order of the Order, but the fund raising that we do through our Clampouts and Hawker's store are what pay for our historical monuments like the one erected at Rankin Ranch, so don't be shy as there is plenty to do.

Hawking is a good example. Our Hawker needs helpers (at PXL we call them "Hawk Tackles") whenever he takes out the store. It's a great way to contribute and to become familiar with other chapters. Hole's trip to the recent Doin's at 395, made us more than a few bucks, and the Brothers from Slim Princess are great fun.

Building monuments is another example. The Rankin Ranch monument was very much a rock, concrete and rebar kind of thing, but you don't need to have construction experience to participate. The Rankin monument also made us some new friends and hopefully is the first in a series of monuments celebrating the historic ranches of Kern County. Just as much on point is the fact that the good will that accrues to us when we erect awesome historical markers like the one celebrating Rankin's 150th Anniversary can earn us great places to Clamp which I'll elaborate on momentarily.

PXL's New Cook Trailer!'

A third way you can help out is to help with our new trailer. We had been talking about buying one for two seasons now, but Hole went shopping and we finally have it! Even Dickhead thinks it's cool. The new Clamptrailer is about twice as large as the old one, but it needs your participation to outfit it with shelves, racks and other devices that will accommodated an upgraded kitchen and supplies for larger and even better Clampouts. On our wish list are a bigger barbecue and a commercial grade oven that we can use to roast prime rib for Saturday night dinner. The old trailer also needs to be retrofitted for use by our Hawker, both as a place to lock up the store and to sleep in when he takes it to events around Clamperdom.

To get work started on the trailers, Hole has called for a work party at his place in Atascadero the last weekend of July: July 26th through the 28th. If you'd like to come up for a day or the weekend, that would be great. Hole's property can accommodate your tent or RV. See Hole's link to Peter's Board for details and directions. Our goal is to get enough done that we'll be able to use the new trailer for the Fall Doin's.

Hole also mentioned a TRASH Trek. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, TRASH stands for "Transierra Roisterous Alliance of Senior Humbugs." The Trek is an annual three day historical tour open only to ECV members who have served their chapters as Humbugs and X-Humbugs. This year's Trek is entitled "Walker Pass and the Kern River Valley," and was principally coordinated and researched by our good friend and thespian, Dave "Warthog" Otero, XNGH from Chief Truckee.

What that means for PXL is that about 200 Graybeard from all over the west will be Clamping in our territory this week and they will be celebrating Joseph Walker, whose monument we refurbished and replaqued last year. Also as a suitable bribe for coming into our territory, Thursday night's Spaghetti Dinner at TRASH will be a fundraiser for PXL. We'd like to thank our brother, Warthog for thinking of us and wish him the best of luck with this event.

The sadness represented by the Gold Star.

I do want to talk about our upcoming Doin's but since I didn't have time for a serious post for Memorial Day or the 4th of July, I first wanted to mention an ECV Group that thinks about veterans and their sacrifice 365 days of the year. It's called Gold Star Clampers.

The "gold star" in "Gold Star Clampers" comes from the little window banners given to the parents of American service members whose sons and daughter headed off to serve in World War II. The banner featured a red rectangle on a white field with a blue star in the middle. If the soldier, sailor or marine passed while in service to our country, the family would be presented with a similar banner, only this one would bear a gold star.

Brother Robert Walsh, of Gold Star Clampers describes the group's aim as raising enough money to erect a monument to our fallen veterans within the territory of every ECV Chapter. The monuments would be made of bronze, with a design featuring the boots, inverted rifle and helmet often seen at current memorials for members of the military who have died in service to our country. Each ECV Chapter would do their own presentation and dedication, but GSC would foot most of the estimated $3,500 that each monument would cost. So far, after nearly two years of hawking, Gold Star Clampers has raised about two-thirds of the money needed for their first erection. So the next time you are Clamping out and about, look for GSC's Hawker's table and either throw a few bucks in the kitty or buy a little something for the cause.

Francis's has his own Challenge coin!'

Now on to something a bit more light-hearted. One of the things that GSC sells is a challenge coin. We have our own, as do a lot of chapters. But I was disturbed to find a little package in the mail from some fellow calling himself "Francesco," and wanting to know where we got the nerve. I didn't quite understand the whole message, mainly because my Italian is a little rusty, but I think I got the gist of it. Also he had enclosed something labeled a "Sfida Moneta," which I think is Italian for "Challenge Coin." Like I really need to mess around with a guy who has his OWN CHALLENGE COIN?

Anyway it turns out he got a bit upset after he heard about some guy in Bakersfield wearing a pointy hat and referring to himself as "His Hole-e-ness," something about trade mark issues? He also wanted to know where this Castel Gandolfo Oeste was located so he could come on over and open up a cold can of whoop..something or other. I wasn't sure what that was. Maybe it's some kind of premium Italian Birra. Maybe he just wants to celebrate with us? I don't know. Anyway, I didn't think this was a guy we wanted to p-s off, so I took it upon myself to invite him to our Fall Doin's at the Rankin Ranch, September 27-29, in Walker Basin.

Now here's where our work at Rankin pays off. The Rankins have offered to let us Clamp in a meadow which has shade and plenty of room for RVs. There's a barbeque grill big enough to braise a wild boar, enough privacy to worry a PBC and there's even a pond. Plus the weather is the best in all of Kern County by the end of September.

Where's the beef?

But that doesn't solve our problem with Frankie, does it? Now some of our boys claim to have the inside track on this one. Rumor has it that Francesco really is a man of peace with a weakness for Argentine Grill - - known to the cognoscenti as a "Parillada" (pronounced PAR-ee-AH-dah). In fact one suspects that the Argentines don't have much use for Xanax because from the time that the gauchos got down to serious business on the pampas, the well-recognized Argentine solution to stress was to barbeque something, and that's good for us because parillada is a perfect fit for Friday Night Dinner at our Fall Clampout.

Hole has decided to leave Yeti and Vaquero in charge of this one, and I hope to have a better description for you soon, but if you miss this event you will be kicking yourself from now until the cows come home. This is going to be some serious gourmet eating ma'brotha', and we haven't even discussed Saturday night's Timeye Steaks!

So for now, I'll leave Francesco's sfida moneta on the barra, and we'll see who'll be buying the birra. This may even prove better than last year's Mesoamerican Pot Roast. More about the coming doin's in my next post. Stay Tooned.

And last, but not least! If you missed the Spring Doin's photos, you can view the HTML Gallery by going to Peter's Picture Pages. I've broken them into sets and numbered the photos from 1 to 467. As always, if you would like a digital copy that you can have printed at your local photo printer, just drop me an email with a return email address with the number of the picture that you would like and I will get back to you. This courtesy is free to anyone who attended our doin's. So, until next time, keep your ear upon the rail but always watch for the train.

Email MGM.

MGM, XNGH -- "Recording No Cyber Before Its Time."




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