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Cool Ride?

Just After Our Nov 13, 2013 Meeting


Posted - 11.6.13 - By MGM

Hello, Brothers! Two quick but very important reminders. On Sunday we are meeting in Frazier Park to select officers and discuss events for this coming Clampyear, as well as other very important administrative matters. You presence is urgently requested and very strongly encouraged, especially if you are ascendant in the Peter Lebeck disorganization. Failure to attend may result in your being named Humbug and having everybody in Clamperdom p*ssed-off at you for all of 2014.

If you are currently in the chairs, or are in line for a nomination, then attendance is mandatory. We will be meeting for brunch at 10:00 a.m., and our meeting will start promptly at 10:30 and last about an hour. Take Interstate 5 to the Frazier Park off-ramp, get off and drive west for 3.7 miles, then turn right up the hill into Frazier Park. The restaurant will be on your left in downtown Frazier Park. La Sierra Mexican Restaurant, 3500 Mount Pinos Way, Frazier Park, CA 93225. (866) 443-7719.

Also we will be presenting our Brother Timbo with a check and a get well card encapsulating your contributions to help with his medical expenses arising from his recent hospitalization. We came very close to losing our dear friend due to medical error. If you have yet to contribute, you are encouraged to either use the Paypal link to add to the kitty or you can give him something directly when you see him on Sunday. The idea is to help out a dear friend who has given much (and spent much) over the years to keep our chapter alive. No amount in appreciation is too large or too small given the circumstances.

To go to our special Timbo PayPal link just click on Timbo's smiling face on the left. We'll make sure to include your name in the get well card. To download Sunday's agenda, just go to the agenda icon embedded in the CLOG Post immediately below, where you'll also find the details about Tim's near brush with a permanent trip to the Golden Hills and how your contribution will help.

Email MGM.

MGM, XNGH -- "Recording No Cyber Before Its Time."
...and remember to Love us on Facebook




Posted - 10.20.13 - By MGM


Hello Cloggites, and welcome back to this special edition of the PXL CLOG! And while all of our CLOGS are special, this one is much more special than most so read up, and don't stop until you get to the end. Or as my friend Francesco would say, "Coppice?"

First up, by order of his Humbuggedness, Russ "Hole der 1st"Chapman, you and each of you are summoned to a chapter meeting in Frazier Park on Sunday, November 10, 2013, for a much needed discussion about old business and next year's plans for new business. All official members and anyone who considers himself a regular participant of our shenanigans is most welcome to attend. For all officers, functionaries, and would be officers and functionaries, this meeting is mandatory. You can download the agenda by clicking the mini-agenda icon you see here. This meeting will be short but important. If you expect to be in the chairs next year and you don't show-up, you may find yourself without a seat on next year's roster, so you don't want to miss this meeting.

Download the Agenda Here!

Our conclave will begin at 10:30 a.m. at La Sierra Mexican Restaurant, 3500 Mount Pinos Way, in downtown Frazier Park, CA 93225. (866) 443-7719. The management has been kind enough to make the backroom available to us, and I would encourage everyone to arrive early, say about 10:00 a.m. in order to take advantage of their full menu. The chiles relleños are the bomb, but you can order breakfast lunch or dinner. La Sierra also has a full bar, but if that is too early for you, keep in mind that after the meeting we will be adjourning next door to Sue's Tavern to pay our respects at our Official Peter Lebeck Watering Hole #1. Check Peter's Board for further details and discussion.

Next we have a second serious matter to talk about. Our beloved Brother, XXNGH Timbo Gillespie has been "man down" and needs our help. Due to a screw-up in his medication Timmy nearly died this past week when his heart rate dropped down to 30 beats per minutes and his blood pressure was almost non-existent. Tim spent three days in the hospital including two nights in intensive care. Tim is also self-employed, and due to pre-existing conditions, he is uninsurable until Obama care kicks in in January. This last little sojourn through the emergency room doors will cost him about $15,000. And that's on top of the medical bills he amassed when he was injured at the inaugural for the Snake River Chapter up in Idaho. He's a diehard Clamper, but the last thing we want is to see is to see him prove it.

Tim has sacrificed for our chapter for almost 20 years now, and has pulled our butts out of the fire more than once -- including after a Humbug quit midterm and Tim stepped-in to pick up the reigns for a second time. And as anyone who has been a Humbug will tell you, just occupying that chair is not cheap. So pitching-in to help him out should not even be a question in anybody's mind. It would certainly lighten his burden and show the love we have for this man. Ten, fifteen, twenty, fifty, a hundred dollars -- anything you can contribute would be great. No contribution too small (or too large) to take care of one of our own.

Timbo and his Brothers.

So with our Humbug's permission, we've created a Paypal Jar to help Tim with these hospitals bills. You can also send him a check directly. Just email me for his address, but the Paypal thing will also work. We'll cut a check and include your name.

Now in order to stay within our charter, I have to warn you that, with the exception of PayPal's 2% carrying charge, this is just like passing the hat at a Doin's to help a brother recover from a disaster. No part of your contribution goes to the chapter and no part of it is tax deductible. It's a gift to Tim, and all you have to do to get started is click on Timbo's smiling mug above on the right to bring up the special Paypal Portal that will let you help a brother out.

Timbo's other brothers.

Lastly, I wanted to mention both our photos and our Facebook Page. As of today our Facebook Group has 149 members, which puts us in sort of a "bi-curious" situation. Some chapters have given up on the idea of having an internet home page like ours and just use Facebook, others have a mostly pathetic internet presence with no idea what to do with a Facebook page. A lot of guys -- even important muckety-muck type guys -- won't go near Facebook for fear of compromising their privacy, and I can't really blame them. If I were climbing the business ladder the last thing I'd want to hear from my boss is questions about why I'm trading shots of Jack Daniels with the Pope, or playing the dozens with some brother in a redshirt who dresses funny and is covered with tattoos.

So lucky for you, I'm beyond that, and I'll do what I can to promote good ol' PXL, whether it's here on our traditional homepage or on our own Face Place in cyberspace. I think there is a good use for both sites, and I especially enjoy the interplay on Facebook between our members and members of other chapters who visit our Facebook Page.

Mikee's New Friend.

On the other hand, maintaining our own website here at still gives us the best control of our own history. In my opinion it's still the best place to catalog our plaques, personalities and events, and it gives us the best control of how our pictures are displayed and to whom. Things change, and this may not hold true in the future, but I think this is still very true for now.

So make sure you check out our latest offerings on Peter's Picture Pages. Photos from the Fall Doin's at Rankin Ranch have been posted. I started out with over 800 and whittled them down to 475, which includes a few stinkers but pretty much represents my best efforts. I'm still learning to use my new camera equipment, but don't b*tch 'cuz it's still free labor. If you are curious about the TRASH Trek, which was held in our territory recently, you can also check out those pictures on the Outties Page.

See you in Frazier Park, and peace out!

Email MGM.

MGM, XNGH -- "Recording No Cyber Before Its Time."




Posted - 10.02.13 - By Hole

Our HOCO had an extra special guest.

Greetings to all Brothers of the order, and thanks to those who made the pilgrimage to Rankin Ranch last weekend for our Fall 2013 Doin's. I apologize for the delay in communicating my appreciation to those who traveled the curvy and precipitous path to enlightenment, but the powers that be have had their way with my computer. I suspect it's a result of a bit of CQA which was not appreciated in Rome. There were more than a few of us who bought a ticket to hell posing with our special guest in a rather unorthodox fashion. But be assured we have evidence to support protection of our order in the form of photographic proof that his Holiness had just as good time as we. So check back in a few days to see what Mikee caught on camera.

You can't beat our MEAT!

All in all, I was taken aback by our guests and their patience. We had our challenges getting the meals out on time, but everyone seemed to agree it was worth the wait. THIS is testament to the skill and devotion of our cook crew. Luis, Kevin, and Timbo deserve a hoisting of the good stuff!


On the other end of things, the locals, led by Jim Bailey from Bakersfield and Charles Topping from Kernville, provided waste disposal. So much thanks to them as well.

We also had a challenge in having to evacuate camp by 10AM. We made it with nary a cigarette butt lying in waste, thanks to more local talent from Frazier Park in the form of Circus Masters Dave Staley and Fred Fenski, and help from each and every camp. During my Sunday morning walk-down I picked up a mere hand full of debris. Not too shabby my Brothers... thank you!

Our Rankin Ranch Doin's should pave the way for many plaques in the coming years at other major ranches in Kern County; and I have those who worked so hard to make it happen and those who attended to thank.

With this being the last Doin's of my tenure as NGH I can't say "thank you" enough to those who supported my efforts to make THIS doin's. It was a year in the making, and well worth it!

Email Hole.

Hole der 1st




Posted - 09.24.13 - By MGM

Dickhead the Weather Oracle!

Early registration is now closed, but it's not too late to sign-up for this weekend's doin's. You can still use Paypal, but even if you intend to pay at the door, please let us know you're coming by dropping us an email at We'd appreciate that very much. If you are paying for someone else, please include their name in the comments section.

Our favorite oratorical oracle, aka Dickhead Weather Central, is predicting sunny skies with a light breeze throughout the weekend. Day time highs should be 76° on Friday, warming to 86°on Sunday. Evening lows should be in the low to mid 50's, so bring a jacket and something to keep you warm -- but no girls and no dogs. Early arrival is available. Read down into the last post for other last minute details. See you there!

-- MGM

Posted - 09.20.13 - By MGM

Rankin Ranch.

Hello Cloggites! This is one of those elusive quick posts to update you on our upcoming Fall Doin's which starts this coming Friday, September 27. I'll be talking about prepays, early arrivals, the menu, planned activities and, of course, our Flying Circus. I'll even finish-up with a couple of quick new announcements from the Humbug, so keep reading or miss out.

PXL's Friday Night Parrillada

First up, Prepays! If you haven't mailed in your rub or sent in your dust using Paypal, well today is supposed to be your last day. If you're thinking, "Well I'll just pay the extra saw buck when I get there," just keep in mind that Friday Night's Argentine Parillada is based on availability, and prepays get priority. When we run out, we run out, and who wants to be eating those stale Cheetoes you found in the back of your rig - and pay $10 extra -- when you could be eating entraña, chorisos, chimichurri chicken and other Argentine delicacies fit for a Pope!

BYOB at PXL's Clampouts

So how good is Friday Dinner? Well in the past we've done pot roast, gumbo, chile verde, fresh steamed tamales with chile con carne, that guys are still talking about, and this promises to be the best so far. So don't miss out. Get the lead out and the rub in because nobody can beat our meat. And don't forget Timbo's one pound ribeyes on Saturday Night!

Lucky for those of you who haven't sent in your rub that PXL has a very generous Humbug. So by special edict of his Hole-ee-ness, Russ "Hole der 1st" Chapman, We have agreed to extend the prepay rate until Tuesday Noon. (Note: that's not my "we," but the Royal "We.") All you have to do is make sure that your rub is in our P.O. Box on Tuesday when Donny picks up the mail, or pay using Paypal before I update the website on Tuesday. After that you pay $10 more. No exceptions. We have to do this because the nearest supermarket is over an hour away. For the flyer and all the gruesome minutiae just go to the Fall Doin's Page, and don't miss the links at the top. Joe would be proud.

Dave 'Boulder' Staley invites you to join the Circus.

We'll be setting up our Clampsite Friday morning at 10 a.m. Brother Dave "Boulder" Staley will be in charge of Petey's Flying Circus on this trip so we encourage everyone present to check in with our favorite rock star and volunteer for the erection and dismantling of our Clampsite. If you've never joined the circus, it's a group effort and a lot of fun. You'll even earn a badge of honor that will single you out as PFC 1st Class.

If you'd like to get to the Clampsite on Thursday, we've made arrangements with the Rankins to do that. Officers and Clampfunctionaries will be allowed in from noon on, redshirts and their guests from 3 p.m. You'll be responsible for your own provisions until our official fooding activities are underway on Friday.

Carlos Lemus at the Clong Controls

Friday's after dinner nonsense will be our award whining CLOG SHOW and HOLE ROAST. Brother Carlos "Spinner" Lemus will once again be at the controls, but the humor is up to you. The CLONG SHOW is PXL's version of open mic night, so all redshirts are encouraged to defy the CLONG by taking center stage with a joke, song, poem or other performance. Along the way we'll be roasting the Humbug. It's our version of "F___ the HUMBUG!" so as part of the CLONG SHOW you'll want to interject a fictitious story, insult or other lie about our Master and Commander, Hole der 1st. In fact all PCBs will be required to make such an offering on behalf of their sponsor, such as, "My sponsor says that Hole is..." "A priest, a rabbi and a Hole walked into a bar and…" "Knock-knock. Who's there? Hole. Hole, who?" You get the idea.

Donut Sandwich is NOT on the Menu.

Saturday's Entertainment will include the Queen Califa Clampitheatre, which is made up of humorous video clips and sing-alongs projected on the big screen. We encourage you to download your favorite humorous shorts from Youtube or elsewhere, put them on a flash drive, and submit them to Hole when you get to the Clampsite. He'll compile them so they can be shared with the Brothers on Saturday evening.

Saturday's Graybeards's Potluck Breakfast is partially fueled by your contributions of breakfast meat so we do encourage your donations - but NO EGGS! If you have a contribution that needs to be kept on ice, see our Clampshostrix, Andy "Stagecoach" Vialpando, and he'll make sure to take it off your hands. We'll even make him wash his first. Similarly if you have donations for the raffle or for the woman's shelter, see Andy. The Clampshostrix is PXL's version of a general site manger. If you need to find him, inquire at the libations center. And please…don't run over him as you're parking your RV. A Stagecoach is a terrible thing to waste.

Andy 'Stagecoach' Vialpando, Clampshostrix.

Lastly here are two quick things from the Humbug. Hole has asked me to create a PXL Wish List Page. Now that we have a new trailer, we'd like to improve our kit, and it was Hole's thought that if our Brothers had the opportunity to make donations from an item specific "wish list," we just might get there sooner. For instance Hole has been talking for some time now about converting our kit over to low voltage lighting that would run off batteries instead of florescent fixtures and a noisy and expensive gasoline powered generator. Well if a roll of LED lights can be had for $40, or a sealed battery for $50, a brother who commits to buying one for good ol' PXL would get a cool tax write-off and a warm feeling all over. Larger items - like a large propane fired griddle -- could be divided into shares and individual donations earmarked for the purchase of that item.

Who knows? With Christmas, Chanukah and Kwanzaa just around the corner the chapter may do very well basking in the generosity of all our Brethren. And I hear the Japanese celebration of Sudoku is also a great time to give.

Last but not least, a Graybeards's Meeting to finalize officers and plans for next year followed by a General Meeting will be held Saturday, November 2, 2013, at a place to be announced. If you have anything for the agenda of either meeting, please submit it to Hole by October 11, 2013, to make sure your agenda item makes it into the official announcements.

I don't know about you, but I'm due for a Clampout. See you next week.

Email MGM.

MGM, XNGH -- "Recording No Cyber Before Its Time."
...and remember to Love us on Facebook




Urgent - 09.11.13 - By Hole


Hole-e-cow, the Fall Doin's is coming up faster than a tablespoon of cod liver oil! So, here's a short message to announce a pre-doin's telecom meeting:

I'm calling for a telecom meeting this coming Tuesday, 9/17/13, at 7PM for the purpose of ensuring we are ready for our doin's at Rankin Ranch. This meeting is open to any redshirt in good standing, but if you are a PXL Officer or Clampfunctionary you need to check-in or you'll have some 'splainin' to do.

  • Particulars of the agenda are:
  • - Who's doing what, and what's the status? (Toilets, food, water, entertainment...)
  • - What else do we need, and who's gonna do it?
  • - Is there anything else someone wants to throw in the mix?
NGH Hole der 1st!'
  • Please remember to use these phone meeting protocols so we can get through smoothly:
  • -Use your name to check in with the moderator whenever you join the meeting.
  • - Please refrain from greeting everyone who comes on-line after you. If everyone greets everyone, we'll burn up 15 minutes on just saying "Hi, how ya doin'!" to the last guy who calls in. Let the Humbug or Recorder do the greetings to assure the Recorder can do his job.
  • - Use the mute button on your phone if you don't have the floor. The background noise from each phone contributes to the noise on the line, so using your mute button, unless it's your turn, will lets us hear what's said.
  • - When you make a motion, or second a motion, please make it clear who you are. Example: "Second that motion… Jim Bailey."

Feel free to E-mail me at if there's anything we missed. Remember this meeting is about preparing for the upcoming doin's only. You can try calling too at (805) 423-1276, but expect to leave a message. Texting also works fine. I should get back to you that evening or the next day.

Anyway, that's all I have for now, we'll talk on Tuesday. Dial in no later than 7 p.m. to catch the start of the meeting. I'll be on line about ten minutes before the meeting starts if you want to say "Hi!" We should be able to get everything done in less than 90 minutes.

Here are the numbers. Please use the 916 (Sacramento) number if you have cell minutes to spare, otherwise feel free to use the toll free number. After dialing in, use the PIN Code to log onto the meeting.

Toll Dial-In Number: (916) 233-0790
Toll free Dial-in Number: (888) 861-1255
--Participant PIN: 480207

Email Hole.

Let's get 'er done,

Hole der 1st




URGENT - 9.05.13 -- Amended 9.08.13 -- By MGM


This is an URGENT AMENDMENT TO THIS POST: If you are reading this, then it is too late to mail or fax a letter to Sacramento. What is needed to keep the dream alive of naming the Bay Bridge after Emperor Norton is for you to show up at the State Capitol in Sacramento tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m.. We'll be gathering in front of Room 3191 which has a capacity of 80 people. Our best hope of gaining attention for our cause is to jamb the room to capacity. Don't expect to speak because time is limited and the game appears to be be rigged. Here's another curious thing. The "scheduled" meeting doesn't have to happen on time, so even if you can't make 9:00 a.m., call Tom Gray at (310) 493-1249, because your presence may still be needed. There's even a possibility that the meeting could be delayed until after the regular work day is over. To learn more skip directly below to the amended post by Brother Tom Gray. Credo Quia Absurdum!


Brother Tom Gray


We now know that on Monday, Sept. 9, at 9:30 a.m., the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee will hold a hearing in Room 3191 of the Capitol Building on ACR 65, the resolution to name the western span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge after Willie L. Brown, Jr.

The committee has scheduled the hearing for 9:30 a.m. so we need to be there by 9! The time alotted for this hearing is 30 minutes, so public comment will be extremely limited. Even if we get a chance to speak, my guess is that there will be a 2-5 minute limit on each speaker and that is after legislators and proponents have had a chance to speak. What is more important is that you be there and that we fill the room.

If you testify, YOU ABSOLUTELY SHOULD NOT READ PREPARED REMARKS! Have an outline so you don't forget major points, yes -- but read? No. John Lumea will be well-positioned to do some theater by "presenting" hard copy of the "signatures" for his petition.

I WOULD ALSO STRONGLY URGE ALL CLAMPERS WHO PLAN TO ATTEND TO ***NOT*** WEAR RED TEE SHIRTS. Yes, it will be September in Sacramento, and yes, it will be hotter than hell, but at a minimum go for a nice pair of slacks and a dress shirt, and if you can swing it, a suit and tie. We need to be taken seriously, and while we don't need to emulate (or even attempt to compete with) Willie's sartorial splendor, we need to look respectable. As there are some who hold ECV in low esteem, and as we don't want to make this an ECV "event", we want to present an appearance of NOT being a group whom some view askance but instead, individual concerned citizens. ALSO: you can attend and not testify, but your presence will be noticed (especially if they have sign in sheets). Your mere presence in the room will be a good thing.

I strongly suggest that anyone who wishes to testify before the committee make plans to do so. You need to contact the committee and ask to be put on the calendar, the people who will handle this are the Committee's assistants, Elvia Diaz and Jodi deVries (phone: (916) 651-4121, fax: (916) 445-2209).

Please pass this message along to your friends who support this effort.


Posted - 08.29.13 -- By MGM

LA Times Rim Fire Map Link

Happy Labor Day Weekend, Brother Cloggites! The end of summer is supposedly upon us, but for many down here in SoCal it seems that summer is just kicking in. For those of you up in NorCal, the fire has to be on your minds. In fact it's on all of our minds. The Rim Fire west of Yosemite has been on the national TV news almost every night since it got a foothold, and it's still about four weeks away from being contained. The possibility of polluting Hetch Hetchy, which supplies much of the fresh water to San Francisco, is alarming, and that's on top of the danger that the fire poses to the communities between Sonora and Yosemite National Park. If you're affected or potentially affected, please hang in there, please. Your Brothers down here at Peter Lebeck are thinking about you.


Widders Not In Labor, Aug29-Sept2

For the rest of you, or for that matter anyone looking to get away for the Labor Day Weekend, don't forget that our Humbug, Russ "Hole der 1st" Chapman is hosting the annual "Widders Not in Labor"family event at his place in Atascadero, California, starting today. If you want to know more, just scroll down into the next CLOG Post until you see Russ's smiling staring back at you.

For those of you who have never been, the object of the weekend is for the Widders to put their feet up and for the Redshirts to do all the work. In between, there are wineries, shopping and other attraction on the central California Coast. You'd be the guests of Russ and his Widder Cathy, and even though camping is the style of the weekend, amenities are available. So ladies, Start Your Blowdryers! And gentlemen, do the dishes! Send Russ an email if you are interested or just give him and his Widder a courtesy call at 805-423-1276, to let them know you are coming. This is not an official ECV event and admission is courtesy of the Chapmans.


Rankin Ranch!

The PXL Fall Doin's is also upon us. We'll be up at Rankin Ranch in Walker Basin in the Tehachapi Mountains from Friday through Sunday, September 27-29, 2013. The weather should be excellent and the camaraderie even better. Don't miss the shameless little movie at the top of the Clog to get yourself convinced.

If you are inclined to join us, now would be the best time to sign-up. You don't want to miss Friday night's festivities, especially the Argentine Parillada and the CLONG SHOW talent show extravaganza. Saturday's Graybeard's Examination will leave your sides sore from laughter for a week, and Timbo's one pound Rib Eyes and Magic Clamper Beans will have us all hearing the light. On Saturday we've also expecting a thank you visit from the Rankin Family; and we're even planning for a special guest who's promised to come on over and open a can of Whoop A--- on our Humbug for trademark infringement!

All of this can be yours if you pre-pay by September 20, 2013. After that American cheese on white bread may be your only option - even if you pay extra! To avoid such embarrassing consequences you'll want to read down into the next Clog Post to get the skinny, and then click on the picture of Rankin Ranch to become enlightened.


Go to Fans of Norton Bridge on Facebook

We also want to give you an update on the fight to name part of the bridge between San Francisco and Oakland for Emperor Norton I. If you've read the previous post then you are aware that there are two online petitions in favor of naming the bridge after Emperor Norton, but we weren't sure whether these petitions would have any effect on the actions of our state legislators up in Sacramento, so our Brother Tom Gray took it upon himself to call them up, and this is what he learned:

A concurrent resolution requiring that the bridge be named after former assembly speaker and San Francisco mayor, Willie Brown, has already passed the assembly and has been sent on to the senate for consideration. This is a special type of legislation that only needs the approval of both houses to become law, and if that happens with ACR 65, all hope of naming the historic part of the bridge after Emperor Norton will be lost; so the key for us now is to let the state senate know immediately and IN WRITING that we don't want this to happen.

We have also learned, from Tom's conversations with senate and assembly staffers, why our online efforts have been going nowhere. As it turns out, the assembly transportation committee acted as if our online petitions were spam and reported the bill to the full assembly as being without opposition. Without hard copy letters from constituents stating either an objection or a counter proposal seeking to name the bridge after Emperor Norton, none of what we had to say made any difference. Once again -- Our email petitions were treated as if they did not exist, and ACR 65 passed out of the assembly with overwelming approval.

Now that this resolution has moved on to the senate, the requirement for hard copy objections is even more critical, and Tom has written a really nifty letter to help us do that. His legal research has also uncovered that in passing the resolution, the assembly violated several of its own rules -- including one which requires that the honoree be dead! On that point, Norton has a sincere and unsullied reputation, Willie Brown does not.

Brother Tom Gray

Now staffers on the senate side have told Tom that the senate has its own similar rules and that for that reason the Willie Brown Bridge proposal probably wouldn't get very far, but that's not the point. To keep the bridge from being renamed we need to state our objections in writing, and we need to make it clear that there is a serious sh_t constituency for rechristening the main span as "The Emperor Norton Bridge."

So if you are in favor of seeing the Oakland Bridge named after Joshua Norton, then here is what you and your chapter need to do right away:

Download the letter objecting to passage of Assembly Concurrent Resolution 65, fill out your particulars, sign it, and mail it to the chairman of the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee. You should also print out multiple blank copies and take them with you to your next doin's or chapter meeting. Ask you Brothers to sign it. Ask your friends to sign it. Then send the completed versions either to the senate transportation chairman or to Tom Gray, who will ask to speak before the senate committee if the bill is calendared for consideration. You can call him at 310-493-1249. As Clampers we ought to be able to collect a few thousand signatures to make our views known.

Lastly, if you're on Facebook, join the open group Fans of the Emperor Norton Bridge, to keep track of progress on this issue. The group already has over 400 members. And while you are there, don't forget to sign-on to Peter Lebeck's own Facebook Group. Just knock, and we'll let you in. That's how exclusive we are.

Email MGM.

MGM, XNGH -- "Recording No Cyber Before Its Time."
...and remember to Love us on Facebook





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