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Cool Ride?

From Holloween 2010


Posted -- 10.31.10 (6015)

Happy Holloween!

Happy Halloween, Cloggites and welcome back! Well they were scary, and smelly, and extremely happy, and they were more than adequately dressed for this evening's activities. But we're not talking about Trick or Treaters, were talking about all the redshirted Brothers who attended PXL's Fall 2010 Doin's. From the bottom of our hearts, the Brothers of Peter Lebeck want to thank everyone who came on up or who in anyway supported our efforts to get back on our feet after the devastating fire that destroyed our Hawker Store.

Custom Bear Pin by Charles Topping.

In fact our Fall Doin's was one of those events where even the little things made a difference. Guys who couldn't make it were feeding the sick jackass, visiting Brothers were chipping in to become associates, and many an article was donated to our raffle and Hawker store. There were t-shirts, custom mugs, pins and even a shop vac. Brother Bee-Eye put up a $100 Bill as a raffle door prize. Charles Topping minted some really cool bear pins. And that Mexican hat that Dickhead ended up with after the raffle was so big that it even got him deported. Brothers, it was a great time, and with any luck we may even see Dickhead again sometime soon.

Glenn Thornhill and Timbo Gillespie.

Of course there were a few issues that we still had to overcome. Mid-October proved to be a busy corner of the Clamping calendar in Southern and Central California and we had to compete with at least four other chapters for the attention of the Brethren. But all in all we still had a very nice turnout, with more than 60 Redshirts in attendance, and a very successful doin's. We even had Sublime Noble Grand Humbug, Glenn Thornhill come on up and join us for the weekend. That's Glenn at the end of the "Thank you" video trying to row his way up to Lake Meade, and if you didn't see it, you really ought to scroll back up and have a look.

The Clamp Whitsett Clampsite is missing a lake.

And that of course brings up a subject of considerable embarrassment. You see the scouts assured us that we would have a lake. It certainly never occurred to me that we wouldn't have a lake, but, as it turns out, the scouts drain it every year at the end of summer to ensure that it doesn't get the yucky-pucks. In fact they told our Humbug Timbo Gillespie that they were two weeks away from draining the lake, but when we showed up, Lake Ida had absconded down the drain along with all the fish.

The Consolation Prize: 'Ultimate Fish Sticks.'

Actually that wasn't such a bad thing. We told the scouts that they owed us a lake and they gave us a small break on the camping fee. (Think of it as a "No Lake" discount.) But the rumor is that it was a serious inconvenience to the brothers who brought their fishing gear, particularly our newly minted Brother Dennis "Snort" Walstrom who bought a two-day California fishing permit. Well to Dennis and to the rest of you who shall remain nameless, I'm really very sorry. But I thought of the perfect way to make it up to you while wandering aimlessly through COSTCO last weekend - It's called "The Ultimate Fish Stick." And you get a choice: You can show up at my house for lunch, or you can send me a stamped, self-addressed envelope big enough to accommodate four of these puppies. They really are quite good you know.

Funning at Clamp Whitsett. Funning at Clamp Whitsett.

Anyway for those of you who want to see the elephant, our Vice, Ron Nauke has posted the 237 pictures we collected from the weekend's festivities. Again our apologies for being a bit late on these, we've had some serious technical difficulties, including crashy comupters and what-not. But like everything else around here it eventually gets done. Our thanks to Tom "Turkey" Tregeagle for his contribution to our photo collection which you can see here. We've also added about seven new mugs to our Mugz! Page. For those of you not familiar with this funky web feature, anyone who attends one of our doin's is entitled to get his portrait added to our Mugz! collection. If I missed you this time around, just catch me next time. I'm the big Mexican guy blinding everybody with the Speedlite.

Eli's Pattern on a Coffee Cup.

Brother Eli Carillo's art has proven to be a big hit, starting with the work he put into the Hawker T-shirt. If you didn't get one, we will be taking them to Grand Council in May, or you may be able to buy one from your own Chapter's Hawker as PXL Hawker Joe Szot goes about Clamperdom spreading good cheer. We've been asked, "How can I help PXL recover from the Hawker Fire?" Well buying a t-shirt is one way. So is buying one of Charles Toppings collectible pins assuming he'll make us some more.

Kevn Horton.

And then there was the surprise from Brother Kenv Horton. Kevn is using a sublimation printer to start a business making souvenirs for the tourist trade in Tehachapi where he lives. Anyway Kevn used the t-shirt artwork we posted here to make up some prototype coffee mugs using this pattern. As you can see from the illustration here, this has some real possibilities for us as well as for Kevn. Now what we'd like to see is Eli's "Smoking Hawker" on the outside of a black coffee mug. We think it has some real potential as a fundraiser, and it would give Kenv new business exposure amongst the other chapters. Check back for updates on this one.

Louie's Crew Charring Beast.

We also note that despite being Humbug, Timbo's still cooking at our Clampouts, and this year he introduced those one pound RIBEYES which just drip flavor after being introduced to the BAR-BEE. Man were they delicious! We continue to receive kudos on our spread, and the only "complaint" I've ever heard is that there is too much good food for the eating! Anyway we can't expect Timbo to always do it alone, and that is especially true when we are shorthanded on the PBC side of the equation as was true for this outing. But no worries. Luís Bouza and his crew stepped up to help, and they did a heck of a job on the grill (really). Louie, Yeti, Bababooey, D.C., Joe Smalls, and the Garibay Brothers, thanks for helping. You've got the touch, guys.

Turdstock VII Logo.

Lastly we'd like to report on Turdstock VII. It was held last weekend at Bolando Park, and proved to be very successful. Including proceeds and contributions from individual Brothers and ECV Chapters, the event raised over $3000 which will go the help Jim "IRJR" Reynolds care for his ailing wife, Sally. We wish them both well. To find the link to the Rally for Sally Fund, click here.

Click to see Zen Timbo.

Now I'm sure I've missed a whole lot of stuff, but you all can remind me later. I personally would like to congratulate Timbo on an excellent year as PXL Humbug. His presence on Peter's Board and particularly his witty sense of humor has been a pleasure and a valuable addition in making our presence known on the internet. His sonorous voiceovers have been second to none. He is also PXL's first "Video Humbug" gamely pitching our doin's and writing his own material. His "Humbug Falling in the Woods," is a Clamper classic. But I'm not done with him yet. I'm hoping to get a couple more videos out of him: One for a revised version of the "History of ECV" page, and another for our 50th Anniversary "Golden Widders' Ball."

So if you'll excuse me. There's quite a bit of work still to do getting our site ready for our next big event, but y'all have to do your part as well. So go on, get a big pencil. You know, the kind they still give out in Kindergarten, and block out your calendar for Saturday, January 29, 2011, for the PXL Widder's Ball. You'll want to join us in Bakersfield at the Crystal Palace Best Western for an afternoon and evening of dining, dancing and tomfoolery. This one's gonna be really special. Even if they decide to drain the pool.

Email MGM. --MGM

Short Post --Posted 10.19.10 (6015)

Now that's a button. Now that's a button.

For everyone who joined us for last weekend's Clampout at Camp Whitsett: Thank a Bunch! And a special thanks to those of you who contributed to our store and raffle as we continue to recover from the Hawker Fire. We hope to have a full report up soon, including pictures,but for now check out the short thank you video above. And remember, you know you've had a good time when you've seen the man in the boat.

Addendum --Posted 10.15.10 (6015)

Now that's a button.

Don't miss out! It's time to come on up and join the party. You can download the flyer and directions by clicking HERE.

PXP Gene Duncker

Dickhead Weather Central reports good weather for our weekend:

Friday: Partly cloudy. Highs in the low 80s and lows in the upper 40s.

Saturday: A few clouds. Highs in the low 70s and lows in the low 40s.

Sunday: Mix of sun and clouds. Highs in the mid 60s and lows in the low 40s.

Posted -- October 6, 6015

Clamp Whitsettand PXL Logo.

Welcome CLOGGITES! Now let me cut to the chase. The Peter Lebeck fall 2010 Clampout is 8 days away, meaning that you are about out of time to mail in your dust and proffer you RES-VEEP for our shindig at Clamp Whitsett. You'll still be able to pay at the door, but you'll forfeit your chance to earn a five dollar break on the rub for you and your PBC. So what are you waiting for? We know you won't want to miss this one, for as Timbo says, "We have lots of fun things for you to do."

That sed, here are a few last minute items before we pass on to other, more weighty, issues:

Lake Ida.

Lake Ida is one of Whitsett's most attractive features and we have been asked several questions about the lake. First of all, you are most welcome to fish, but you will need a license to dip your stick. One day fishing licenses are available at most chain sporting goods stores like Big 5, or check locally in Lake Isabella or Kernville, but you will not be able to buy a license on site.

We've also been asked about "human powered watercraft." And the answer is yes, you may float your boat. Just don't expect us to fish your brotherly butt out of the water if you fall in. There will be no life guard on duty so float with a buddy and bring a life vest. The water is very cold.

Special Hawker Fire Shirt.

We also want to apologize for not having a decent pre-sale option on the event T-shirts. As explained in earlier posts, we lost our entire store to the Leona Valley Fire and our regular T-shirt vendors to the economy. After much work Hawker Joe Szot has ordered the shirt seen here and will have them available for sale at the doin's. This shirt is more elaborate than the usual PXL offering and as a result will cost a bit more, but we expect it to be worth your dust. Plus if you can buy an event shirt it will show all of Clamperdom that you support PXL as we try to recover from the loss of our store.

Lake Ida Fire Circle.

As for the Clampout itself…don't forget to bring items for the raffle and your surplus, vintage pins and T-shirts to help restock our Hawker Store. If you have something special to contribute to the raffle, or have something you think should be auctioned off, don't be shy about that either. And keep in mind that dry goods for the women's shelter are always needed and appreciated.

Then there is fire wood, fire wood, fire wood! Whitsett has a nice, lakeside concrete deck, with benches and twin fire pits, perfect for building a pair of really nice communal fires. So bring what you got, it won't go to waste. Your brothers will thank you for it.

Dr. Samuel Gregg George.

We also want to thank NGH "Big John" Garay, for his permission to Clamp within his chapter's territory. Clamp Whitsett is actually in Tulare County, which puts it within the jurisdiction of Dr. Samuel Gregg George. DSGG is one of the chapters that puts on the Central Valley Tri-Chapter, where our attendance is always appreciated. If it weren't for the fact that Dr. Samuel Gregg George is having its own fall doin's the same weekend, we'd be seeing a whole lot of Tulare Brothers at Whitsett. Thanks Brothers, we'll miss you guys, and thanks for being such good sports.

So that's all on the doin's for now. Keep your eye on this site as we approach the kick-off date for weather updates and other last minute information. And now for the rest of the story. . .

XNGH Wes Kutzner.

Many of you have expressed concern for our Brother, XNGH Wes Kutzner and his Widder Janet. Well Wes and Janet are OK. Thanks to the hard work of the Kern County Fire Department, the Kutzler home and outbuildings survived the blaze though we can't say as much for most of Bald Eagle Ranch which burned up to the creek just west of the house. To make matters worse, Janet's dad passed away the weekend following the blaze, so the Kutzners are dealing with that as well. If you know the Kutzners, make sure to give them a call and offer your condolences. The phone lines are now back up.

Miner and Jackass, together again!

Now for news from the webgeekatorium. We want to welcome aboard our esteemed brother "Geographer Gil" Bostwick. If you have seen those nifty folding maps that display the boundaries of all our Clamper Chapters, then you are familiar with Gil's work. Anyway Gil has volunteered to help us with our new web project, which we have code named, "The Geography Page." Kind of original and catchy, wouldn't you say?

This is a pretty ambitious project. It's big. So big in fact that we expect that it could take as long as a year to get it on line, but it will be our loving contribution to Clamperdom as PXL Celebrates its Golden Jubilee in 2011. What's more we don't see this as strictly a PXL Project as it will require the cooperation of every chapter to realize the complete breath of this endeavor - the only one of its kind in all of ECV.

Hawker on Fire!

Our goal will be to create an online interactive map of modern Clamperdom, but instead of dividing it along chapter lines, the map will divide the western states into Clamping regions based on climate and terrain, with descriptions of what it is like to Clamp in each region. Each regional map will allow you to see how each chapter fits into that region. Then by clicking on the map you will be able to go a special page dedicated to each chapter, with a map, chapter description, photos and links.

Like we said this is a pretty ambitious project and our goal is to use our web resources to help make us more cohesive as a Brotherhood especially as we continue to spread out across the west, so if you'd care to volunteer, don't be shy. We can't do it alone, and everybody is invited to contribute. We are especially looking for guys who can do web animation and programming, but we also need guys who have the patience to gather the materials needed for the chapter pages, which we figure would be a great way to make friends around Clamperdom.

Now we go from happy-mappy to a couple of more serious items: One that will raise the hair on the back of your head, and the other that will make you both sad and mad.

Billy Holcomb Logo

First of all, our Brother Karl White, Storekeeper at Billy Holcomb, has informed us that Holcomb XNGH Jim "Gone-Postal" Jackson was tossed from his Harley while riding through Bakersfield on Monday September 27th, and suffered some pretty horrific injuries -- including third degree burns and multiple broken bones. Despite all that, J.J is expected to be home soon, but it sounds like he's in for a very long recuperation. Or in J.J.'s own words, "I am having 3rd degree burn skin graft surgery on Monday [October 4th] here at the Kern medical/trauma center in Bakersfield. I expect that Tuesday or Wednesday I will be transported to a medical facility closer to home for lengthy physical therapy. I have 3rd and 2nd degree burns, four fractured ribs -left side, broken clavicle same side, broken pelvis and multiple bruises over areas that weren't broken or were. My wife is with me and my spirits are good. I would like to thank those who have contacted me-that is very much appreciated. Sign of the sick jackass - JJ"

We wish JJ all the best, and if you know him and wish to contact him, I will be posting Karl's message, with J.J.'s cell number to Peter's Board.

IRJR in Better Days.

Next is the ongoing struggle of our Brother Jimmie "IRJR" Reynolds and his wife Sally. Many of you know JR as the Godfather of Computer Clamping. Back in the days of glitchy dial-up, Jim Reynolds saw the internet as a way to bring ECV closer together and into the 21st Century. And when certain well meaning brothers told him it couldn't (or shouldn't) be done, he did it anyway.

Quickly figuring out that he didn't have the programming chops to silence his critics, JR went back to school and acquired the IT skills needed to develop sophisticated sites like the ECV Sandbox, Gazette, Post Office, internet radio and chat rooms. And when that wasn't enough he offered free website parking to every chapter in ECV in order to encourage their presence on the internet. There is nary a Cyberrecorder in Clamperdom who doesn't look up to JR for his inspiration and the example that he has set in bringing Clampers closer together over cyberspace.

Sally Reynolds.

Anyway JR is in very big trouble. Two years ago he lost his right lung to cancer and has recently been given the bad news that the "Big C" has spread to his remaining lung. But despite all that, JR isn't so much worried about himself as he is about his wife, Sally, who has contracted Hepatitis C from a tainted blood transfusion. Sally Reynolds is in need of a liver transplant, but it turns out that holding on until it becomes available is a matter of money.

You see both Reynolds are now disabled, and their only income is from disability checks, and the checks aren't enough to cover medical insurance premiums and deductibles. Sally's former employer was kind enough to extend Sally's coverage for an entire year before dropping her, but the alternative has been COBRA, and COBRA is very expensive. At $2,200 a month the premiums are way more than the Reynolds can afford, but if they lose their COBRA lifeline Sally's chances for survival are ZERO.

IRJR Pleads for Sally on TV.

Sally and JR aren't the kind to ask, but if you can't turn to your Brothers, who can you turn to? For the insurance carrier Sally is just an item on the wrong side of the balance sheet, and while the free market must be served, for us Sally is our friend and JR is our benefactor. They are more than just statistics, and both of them need our help.

Brother Iggy Myers, XNGH of Yerba Buena #1, put it this way, "Any donation amount from $1 on up will be appreciated by the Reynolds family * * * So, if you can break out a little dust from yer pokes, not only will the Reynolds appreciate it, so will the ECV population and Cyber Whang. Here's how to send yer dust: Go to, where you can donate with Pay Pal, or get information from the "Contact Us" page, or make out a check or money order to Jimmie Reynolds and send to his diggins. Be sure to note it as an ECV donation. We can't 'stop the dam from bursting,' but we can try!"

So watch the video. And when you're done, you can send your dust to: Jimmie and Sally Reynolds, 114 Pine Street, Salinas, CA 93901

XNGH Don Johnson Flatlander II Names PXL 2007 Bob Powers Erection Plaque of the Month.

Lastly we want to end on a happy note. As most of you know, the Flatlander II scours all of Clamperdom for plaques of comparative ovation and features one every month on the back of this most prestigious Clamper publication. So it is with great fanfare that we are pleased to announce that XNGH Don "Sawdust" Johnson's 2007 "Bob Powers Plaque" has been selected as "Plaque of the Month" by the Flatlander II. This is the second year in a row that one of our erections has been featured in the Flatlander, and we are especially proud of this one. The monument to Mr. Powers stands in a small rose garden in front of the Kern Valley Museum. The next time you are in Kernville, drop by and see it. Beautiful plaque, great job. Well done, Don Johnson!

See you at Clamp Whitsett.

Email MGM. --MGM

Addendum Posted -- September 22, 6015

The Humbug lost his button.  Quite a spin, wouldn't you say?

Just a brief note to those who would like to pre-order an event T-Shirt. Our regular vendor has gone out of business and we are working with a new supplier, but are still hoping to have a shirt available for the doin's at a reasonable price. In the meantime, don't let that hold you up from sending in your pre-pay. If you would like to buy a shirt, just bring a few extra bucks and if they are available, we'll make sure you get one. We'll keep you posted, and we are sorry for the inconvenience. We also don't want to confuse you. The PXL Fall Clampsite is safe and unaffected by the recent fires. --MGM

Posted -- September 19, 6015

XNGH Wes Kutzner. Canyon Fire Perimeter.

Hello, Brother. If you found your way here expecting to find the latest news about the Peter Lebeck Spring Doin's then you'll find it right below this short CLOG Update. And if you are really impatient then go ahead and scroll down the page to get to it. But if you have the patience (and we suspect you do) then take a moment to read this latest post which contains items of interest to both PXL Members and to our brother from Greater Clamperlandía.

First off, our Brother, XNGH Wes "Preacher" Kutzner and his Widder Janet have had their tail feathers badly singed by the Canyon Fire, which has burned much of Bald Eagle Ranch where the Kutzners have hosted several recent PXL Doin's. While we believe that the Kutzner Home remains standing, the map put out by the Kern County Fire Department has the burn line running right through the middle of the house, and that causes us a whole lot of concern, especially since phone and cell lines continue to be down.

Canyon Fire Skirmish Line. Janet Kutzner.

The fire started last Sunday afternoon, just south of Highway 178, and continued to burn south into the canyons towards Havilah, eventually cresting Bald Eagle Mountain ridge and into the canyon behind the Kutzner home. The last person to hear from Wes and his wife was XNGH Don Johnson, who spoke to Janet early Tuesday afternoon just as the fire suppression crew arrived on the property to save the house.

We have high expectations that the Kutzners and their home are safe, but as of this evening we haven't heard from them. Our Clampatriarch, "Doc" Charter, who lives in Kernville, is checking into the situation for us and will report back soon. We wish Wes and Janet all the best and stand ready to come to their aid.

Linda and Stinky Enjoy the Moment. The Grug Gulch Wagon Celebrates Linda.

On a less dramatic but much happier note, Linda "Hazel" Johnson, wife of our late XXNGH and "Cookie Emeritus," Kenny Young, was the principal honoree for the "Widders Not in Labor" Day Parade, an unofficial event put on by Bill "Stinky" Williams and interested ECV brothers in Raymond, California. If you don't know it, Stinyk has acquired a most celebrated watering hole in Raymond, and is developing quite a reputation. Brother Russ "Hole" Chapman brought the big red bus and chauffeured participants from the Clampsite, down the parade route and to Brother Stinky's unofficial Grub Gulch Saloon. A great time was had by all.

Special Hawker Fire Shirt. Eli Carillo.

Next is progress on our fund raising efforts to recover from the "PXL Hawker Fire," that claimed the entire contents of our store to the tune of $10,000, less than two months ago. We are working on a T-Shirt and pin design that we can sell throughout Clamperdom to help us get back on or feet. Here is a shirt design that we were hoping to have ready in time to go out with our mailer and which we still hope to have available for pre-order if we can make it work price-wise. The principal graphic was created by our Brother Eli Carillo, who is quite a talented graphic artist. Keep in mind that we are hardly a megachapter, so if you have any kind of talent or resources that you think would be of help, don't hesitate to volunteer. You contributions are needed and appreciated. As to how you can help us immediately, make sure you continue to read on to the next post.

Mel's Gift -- a Keg Cooler. Mel Bergman.

Speaking of immediate help. Brother Mel Bergman took note of our distress and figured out that our Hawker Relief Fund could really use a beer. Or in this case, a beer dispenser. Hoping to see us get a head, Mel has donated his Jockey Box, which is a nifty device retailing for almost $350 and used to dispense the coldest suds from any keg of your favorite brew. Brothers, this is a serious gift, and we're still trying to figure out how best to use it to raise money for the chapter. But if you should get a chance to buy a raffle ticket for this one, we think you can't go wrong. Thanks, Mel.

Click to Go to the PXL History Board.

Peter's Board is next. We've decided to add a new "History Corner" to our message board offerings. After all, ECV is an historical organization, and it seemed incongruent for guys not to have an exclusive place to post items of historical interest. So feel free to post historical articles, plaquings and significant current events. We know of no other dedicated message board of this type in all of Clamperdom so why be deprived? All brothers in good standing are welcome regardless of chapter so don't be shy about highlighting your chapter's accomplishments. Feel free to post a pic and tell us all about it. Click on the 9-11 Tribute on the right to get to the History Board. Once you are there, clicking on the Forum Tab at the top of the page will take you to the main page of Peter's Board. Don't forget to bookmark it.

Click for Grub Gulch Doin's Flyer.

Lastly, we did promise that we'd highlight other chapter's doin's if the information was provided to us, and provided we could get to them in time. That said, if you can't make it down to our doin's the weekend of October 15th -- say, for instance, you get a flat tire while on the way to Clamp Whitsett, and it happens somewhere near the intersection of highways 41 and 49 -- then make sure to drop into Baker Ranch and visit our Brothers at Grub Gulch. They'll be having their fall Clampout the same weekend. You can follow this link to their website. They love us, and vice-versa. What can we say?

Make sure to keep reading or I guarantee you will lose Ten IQ Point and your dog will pee in your shoe.

Email MGM.




Posted -- September 6, 6015

Invitation to Clamp Whitsett.

Welcome Cloggites! By now it should be obvious that the PXL Fall Doin's is headed your way. If you haven't seen Timbo's Video Invitation, just shut the music off by clicking on the yellow hash marks on the music slider above and then click on Timbo's nose. Go ahead. You won't hurt him, we promise. But he will feel hurt and ultra-sensitive about the whole thing if you don't make it to our Fall Doin's the weekend of October 15th through 17th, 6015, when we've reserved a beautiful Clampsite in the Sequoia National Monument. Called "Camp Whitsett," it's perched in the Sierras about 35 miles north of Lake Isabella in the pine forests of the Sierra Nevada.

We have purposely peppered our web pages with all manner of information and reminders, so they'll be no excuses for not reading about our doin's and for not showing up. After all, we are in dire need of your help following the nasty fire that reduced our Hawker Store to an ash heap of Toxic Waste (YUCK!)


Dickhead Crashes Hindenberg.

Well, that is a bit of an exaggeration -- seeing as how no one was killed, maimed or wounded -- but a loss of $10,000 worth of inventory represents a good chunk of our chapter's net worth, and it really puts a damper on next year's Golden Anniversary Celebration. Yep, it seems like only yesterday that I was in Sister Mary Elephant's morning session Kindergarten at Santa Rosa Catholic School, dreaming that one day I'd grow up to be a member of the soon to be established Peter Lebeck Chapter of E Clampus Vitus and now look what's happened!

But why despair? After all, we come from a very large family: With bunches and bunches of funny looking Brothers in red shirts whom Mom always loved best. So there is NO WAY I'm giving up on this one because all you guys have to do is drop whatever you are doing, and show up at PXL's Fall Clampout the weekend of October 15th. Your support will help keep one of the original southern California chapters alive and in the black (that is even after we've wiped off all the smudge marks). And it's not like I'm begging because a) I know that as our Brother you are just dying to help out, and b) we've got a great Clampout in a great location lined up for your enjoyment.

Brothers With Tehachapi Monument.

So please look around. There are several ways into our Clampout related offerings. If you click on the Fall Doin's Link in the link box, you'll end up at the web version of our flyer and directions, where you can print out the flyer and forms and also get a map. Or if you just want the paperwork without the comedy, just click on the flashing purple sign above. Either way you'll get is a pdf form that you can print out in blank, or that can be filled out using your keyboard and which will make life a lot easier for our Gold Dust Receiver

We've also created a separate audio invite page from which you'll be able to access information about Camp Whitsett, Clamping with PXL and the Grand Council Rules. It's a link we encourage you to copy, paste and pass on to the next Brother. And while you are at it, don't miss the Clampdown Clock, and Dickhead's latest version of Peter's Procs.

Whoa!  A Button!

You say you are interested in helping but can't make our Fall Doin's? Then may I be so crass as to suggest feeding the sick jackass or buying an associate membership for a few bucks. We also will be putting out a pin dedicated to all the Brothers who pitch in as we recover from the loss of our store. So keep an eye out for that little bobble which will hopefully be coming to a hawker near you. We also expect to be printing a "Fire Recovery T-Shirt" which will be available starting with this doin's, and you'll be able to pre-order it just as soon as we can finalize the price.

If you are coming to the doin's then you can help us out by doing all of the following:

Dog Listens to PXL Humbug.

Preregister. We know you are a really, really special Brother but so are all the rest of your Brothers so show a little consideration. Early sign-up will take some of the stress off of Timbo and his cooking crew by ensuring an accurate count. So make sure to mail in your rub at least a week before the doin's. We're willing to give you a break on the rub for doing so.

Bring a PBC. This is the perfect time to hoodwink that special friend that you've always wanted to introduce to E Clampus Vitus, and PXL is a great place to bring him in. We won't dump him in the lake, cover him with noxious substances or make him wear a cow pie around his neck, but we do promise to hysterically humiliate him in a most satisfactory way. At Peter Lebeck every PBC gets the individual attention that he deserves, including a raucous solo examination before our graybeards and the fully assembled brethren. We're told it is one of the best shows in all of ECV.

Bring a Valuable Item to be Raffled or Auctioned on Saturday Night. Let's try to make this one special. It's time to dig in to your closet or garage and donate one of those items you've been saving for some special occasion that never quite seems to get here. Our store will benefit from your donation and we guarantee that you'll feel so much better about yourself on Sunday morning that you'll awake without a hangover. And let us know if you need a note for the IRS. We're a 501(c)(3) disorganization.

PXL Store Before the Fire.

Help Restock Our Store. If you have pins, hats, patches, shirts or other Clamper gear that you aren't using and are willing to part with, bring it with you and donate it to our store. Apparel that is pre-washed can be hung out immediately, to give our store a fluffy look, and will help wipe that look of despair off the face of our Hawker.

Bring Something for the Widders and Orphans. We help support a battered women's shelter in Bakersfield that provides emergency protection to victims of domestic violence in the greater Kern County Area. These are women and children often arrive with nothing more than the clothes on their backs and are in dire need of personal hygiene items. So when you come to the doin's bring a little something extra for them. See Peter's Procs for further details on what to bring.

Whoa! The Humbug Has an IDEA!

We are going to dispense with the usual humor on this go-round (meaning that our Brothers at Platrix get a pass this week). But we do want to draw your attention to a couple of items. First of all, we are still looking for a good slogan for our Hawker Fire Relief Fund. The winning slogan will likely be put on our T-Shirts and Pins commemorating the fire of 6015. So if you have any suggestions please post them ASAP to Peter's Board. And don't forget (like we'd let you) that the PXL message board is open to all Clampers in good standing for both comments and posting. Whether you have something to say or something to announce, Peter's Board is the place to do it. If you have any problems joining our message board or logging back on just email us by clicking on this link, and we'll fix you up as soon as possible.

US Flag.

We also have received several notices about doin's happening in and around Clamperdom. As soon as we get up to speed here we'll make sure they are added in some way to our site, most likely on Peter's Board. Our apologies for being a bit slow on this stuff. The flyer to the Bodie Doin's is now available for download on our amended CLOG post for July 2nd, 2010. And don't forget that you are always free to post your ECV chapter's doin's announcements on Peter's Board. We'd love to have you visit.

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